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  1. What size 12v cable?

    I reckon 3mm or better still 4mm. Have a look here. All three is to know and need. https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/
  2. Bolts through transom

    I agree ^^^ great link that.
  3. Powder coating is as good as the company that dose it. Main concern is that no damp/water can get under it. If it doesnt it will last a life time. Any box section needs capping off and coating etc but then the company doing it will advise that. A whole lot better than painting.
  4. I made a Hatch I have been meaning to get it done for over a year now. Just needs to trim the edge with ally channel Just made it from a leaky Houdini.
  5. Highbridge Crusader- Free Spirit

    Yes please do keep us updated, very few projects on here nowadays. I do love the Highbridge boats
  6. A Wee one to start again.

    google waterways and loads come up with that in it. I would think that any name is in another companies name some where. Same as `boat work/s `
  7. A Wee one to start again.

    Not as afr as i know, domain is free and nothing on google search. I loved that film its a marmite film i reckon. Oh yes the cabin lining material arrived the other day
  8. A Wee one to start again.

    Yes but there is nothing boat`y in there, that is my old login name on here and is at the minute on other some forums. `Waynes World of boat works` bit long though.
  9. A Wee one to start again.

    ;):) Always alive and kicking in one way or another. I have been busy with work ( employed ) mainly being stuck in the traffic with the weather over here in the last week. Also doing a few jobs that have come in for `waynes boat work` venture, that is the name now. I have sorted some business cards which i was going to post up a sample that i have gone with but i think its against rules as it will be classed as advertising on here. I am looking forward to picking my car up that i got a week or so ago to fit out and sign write. Its an old one but in fair nick and ready to go. Here it is when my brother picked it up for me and took it to his house for now as i am out of room now until i sell my Mitsubishi FTO Citroen Berlingo Multispace 1.9D, chose this as a good cheap car to run and at £450 cant grumble. I will get a full on test when i pick it up as its a 130 mile drive home. image: https://s5.postimg.org/ev0oyhv5j/tn_IMG-20180224-_WA0012.jpg Lets see now on Faffer, what has been done. To start off i had ago at my own mosaic tiles from the off cuts of Sapele veneer, this didnt go to plan due to so many folk passing by and talking and my blood sugars dropped so i stopped for 20 mins like i do. The glue i was using was setting so it all went a little wonky as i was rushing before i stopped. Spot the mistake image: http://www.ybw.com/forums/images/smilies/rolleyes.png image: https://s5.postimg.org/gcqqnn4nr/tn_20180219_173604.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/mqftqvu47/tn_20180219_173556.jpg That has been binned now and i have been cutting up the rest of the Iroko into 50mm tiles 5mm thick. At least this way i can sand it back smooth and treat. This is for the top of the cool box cupboard and also the cabin table. Thought it mite look good so lets hope so. Lest go back in time now on a job i started about a year ago That blinking Houdini hatch, some mite remember i rebuilt it as this was the third Houdini i have had that has leaked around the usual areas for these hatches, the glass seal perishes. I have used Creeping Crack which did work for a short time, a very short time and in the end i didnt any leaks at all Not wanting to splash out around £280 on a new Houdini or other hatchs yet Here is what i started to do and near finished off now. I used the lower Houdini frame and made my own top. 8mm thick plastic, cant remember which type now, either Acrylic or perspex or the other type. image: https://s5.postimg.org/hcdzz0g93/tn_20170806_151219.jpg I used a bottle of water with a small hole drilled into the side a few inch`s above the job to trickle water over the cutting line to help the cut which works a treat to keep the cutting line clear and aid the smoother cut for clogging, which is easy done with out the correct blade which i didnt have. image: https://s5.postimg.org/ghw1qpxs7/tn_20170806_153209.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/p1ffoh64n/tn_20170806_154140.jpg Once all cut to size i got on with the hinges. I had to rebate for the screw heads to sit in the plastic as it will be touching the lower frame which is not good. image: https://s5.postimg.org/kcm5uz687/tn_20170813_173555.jpg These are the knuckles i made to raise the hinge center by 5.5mm. image: https://s5.postimg.org/7rstitkk7/tn_20180304_133911.jpg Like i do i used the original locking handles off the Houdini. Here i have made thick spacers from Iroko, i cam make all one sat a later date if need be these should be fine though, the original ones sat to low. Here we have M5x10 Interscrews and SS M5 coutersunk screws. image: https://s5.postimg.org/5ah2bjsxz/tn_20180304_114339.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/n0iqwjgsn/tn_20180304_114522.jpg These are the outer plate made from 25mm x 3mm aluminium, backed with 2mm Neoprene to help keep water out. Once all finished there will be Sikaflex 291i used in the thread and around the Interscrews. image: https://s5.postimg.org/4xpo5cft3/tn_20180304_124504.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/k6flj4ox3/tn_20180304_133017.jpg All done but for the edge trim which i need to make a jig to form 12mmx12mmx2mm aluminium channel around. I have a spare sheet of 8mm plastic which i will be using to do this. Then once that is made and fitted i will decide on which profile seal to use. How can i forget but it will also be cleaned back, MMmmm polished maybe like the window frames are. image: https://s5.postimg.org/mnrcqfbef/tn_20180304_133929.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/bber8muzr/tn_20180304_133920.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/vvjl74xw7/tn_20180304_134031.jpg image: https://s5.postimg.org/486vt14zr/tn_20180304_133955.jpg I am tempted to fit the bars across the screen as the Houdini have, still not decided on that, still an easy and quick job to do if i decide to later. Now as it is spring time......not that you would think so, i am looking forward in the next month or so to get stuck into the hull and get t repaired. I am going to repair with epoxy filler instead of a full hull over sheath. From research epoxy filling will be as good as an over sheath with poly resin. All best folks Wayne
  10. Carbon Monoxide alarms for boats

    sounds like another rip for boat owners.
  11. Carbon Monoxide alarms for boats

    i was about to ask the exact same thing.
  12. Yes i know it upsets me that i keeping knocked of number1 top spot with all the questions lol And dont worry i have plans for a bigger boat next once i am settled in with the new boat`y venture
  13. I have been meaning to ask this for some time and while i have a minute to spare i mat aswell it now.j ( just while a wait for a good film to come on) Has anybody noticed that this section is as busy if not as busier as the `Boat building & maintenance` section when this is for blogs. This forum used to so up on having threads deleted or moved when in the wrong section. Most posts are not exactly any boat building blogs going on. Why is this ? Is there a bit of slacking going on nowadays ?
  14. Kids on phones.

    Not long ago i went out on the town and to my old haunt not been to for a few years. What a load of sad gits they are. Dance floor was like looking at a load of zombies huddled together with there face light up. Folk sat at tables doing the same. And they paid to get in to do that. I reckon the future does belong to robots, they will make better use of it than they way the brain dead society are going to at this rate.
  15. Cool box needed.

    Could this be used to make a cooling unit for me making my own cool/fridge box ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Fan-LED-CPU-Cooler-Freezer-Liquid-Water-Cooling-For-LGA-775-115X-1366-2011/173059261154?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649