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  1. I have seen these and know a few use them, unsure if any good to stay lit overnight though. https://www.kuranda.co.uk/dickinson-heating-cooking/dickinson-solid-fuel-heaters/newport-solid-fuel-heater-kit-kmd00-newsf-dickinson it was worded wrong maybe but the thing that burns the fuel. as i shown what i found in last post on the Dickinson
  2. O with making out plans for the new boat now. I am onto cabin heating for water and heating options for a twin cabin cruiser, with a front berths/heads cabin being 16 foot long and rear main cabin with galley being 18 foot. I know the usual ways as in stove/back boiler and diesel heaters but was wondering if there are any new fangled ways that have come on the scene or suppliers etc tc. I do like a stove and thats my first choice at the minute with back boiler for two 600mm radiators in the berth cabin. How water maybe a calorifier a si have plenty of space either side of the engine bay for two 60l tanks with more room to spare. Any thoughts then on new ideas if any? Captain Faffer
  3. MMmmm maybe i could be finished with this one i started this weekend, ill crack on and get in touch see what they think.
  4. This would of been better if the cockpit wasnt covered, just my liking for CC boats. https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/Cabin-cruiser-for-sale/norman-cruisers-32ft-norman-cruiser/268994# Mmm better https://boats-from.co.uk/not-specified/norman-32ft-centre-cockpit-river-cruiser-canal-boat-100577 Just fed up now lol
  5. They dont usually have Antifoul applied on canals and can be pressure washed down every few years if needs be, yes Anodes can be fitted. And yep, a bit pricey to say it needs a bit of work and no BSS.
  6. You sound like you know the crack fella, and been told all the good and bad of you project and still ok with it. even after all the negatives you have. So crack on and join me in the nut house of the boating world, best boat house you will ever find Do a blog though on here not many about nowadays but for the three i see, i dont think any NB`s Good luck
  7. Either way it needs replacing. if these are that bad to get damaged easy, or when it happend just unlucky to hit a solid object, it could be worth carrying one.
  8. Hi y`all.Thought i should not sit around and crack on a bit. Only few bits, ripped out the remainder of whats left, very little left, took me about half an hour so i decided to get the engine ready to be lifted out. Again another half hour job once i found my sockets i needed, not the tidiest of workers.SoooooI made a video for Youtube and started a channel. So those who use youtube take a lookhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6WT91e2llKxtu2yukGMnWw?view_as=subscriberSo as of today, ripped out and faffed with the outdrive. well well well, this was the problem of a little wobble i bet lol. I have to thank my mate for helping me out, dont like to use a grinder with one eye and this n that.It needs a new prop as its twisted and a few mm out of true. hope there isn tto mich more damage.I wish now i got the on ei found ages ago for spares, could of had it for £50 aswell..First rid of the rudder Then have a look at the prop/shaftAnd eewwwwmy giddy aunt That is compacted fishing line, string, wire and inner tube. And lets do the twist, like i did last summer Ooooo ( though i dont think it was me that did this ) For those that dont do Youbtube, i have cleaned out the pound/work area, this is for when i have fenced off the drive for the boat extension i have much more room and easier access to the extension area.So now i have two workshops and a good size work area. Lucky boy Captain Faffer ( as on Youtube )
  9. Bill Highams are good but expensive. You can get a good Honda for half the price. I recently picked up a 1998 Honda 15hp, elecy start remotes for £750. Has charge output but no cop at i think 6amp....could be 8amp. One thing that has always got me wondering, why DC fitted timber keels and bolted them through the hull. I guess they have last a good 40 years though on some boats, some not. I am about to replace a set in GRP for a customer as the ones on his DC25 which are barley there. Good to hear you ridding of the strakes, more the lower one as they are prone to leaks being so close to the water line. Its low cost in materials to build a canopy in GRP, this is a top screen and canopy i built for my last boat, but fixed but much the same to slide back if hinged. I plan on doing one for my Norman this year that slides back..or forward, not decided yet. Admiral Faffer
  10. Hi kida, well thats another idea, and as an add on at a later date if things are difficult. It may be worht looking at.
  11. Thats the one main reason i was thinking as it will be very light towards a NB.
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