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  1. Just been out and done 90 second test on all lines individually and all together and no bubbles at all. Maybe he first tie i did it tonight i didnt pressurise the system properly, who knows and i dont care as its fine now at long bloody last. BSS time Thanks all for the help as it was real bugging me that one. Just never thought a new reg would fail so quickly with hardy any use. Captain Faffer
  2. Well that did/didnt work Fitted new cylinder reg and it was fine for a first bubble test but then it has done the same and just one bubble then nothing until you lift the tester button again and press then another bubble appears again then noting. So i am going to make a manometer asap. Oh and i am going to go and test it now again but leave it for 2 mins.
  3. Going to get a reg tomorrow so fingers crossed.
  4. I agree, but, as always with me lol. How come the bubble tester dont bubble when the valves are closed the gas can get to the valve body? Is it the lines that are longer to take more pressure/gas so makes the first bubbles ?
  5. Okey dokey Here goes. All i did was fit a test nipple on the valve body so before the valves/taps themselves. I tested for that to see if leaking and all good Now i tested the lines, dont know why but i thought i would see whats happening now. As said before the bubbles in the tester do change. When i open each line there is a bubble straight away but nothing for over a minute. The same when i open all three lines/valves together. One bubble then nothing for over a minute. I checked the cylinder regulator for bubbles in the small release hole on top, nothing either. So guys n gals what does that mean. Either a dodgy bubble tester or maybe reg ? all i can think of. I am getting manometer this weekend and see what that does. Captain Faffer
  6. Hi Mike, its just for peace on mind to get a monometer to rid the thought of a dodgy Bubble tester. I know its just going through all i can before i bloody rip it ll out and star again lol..
  7. No its a blob or primer. It was new when i fitted everything aswell.
  8. I have always used Jotun. Always been a good paint and good prices. I reckon a lot of others are well over priced. Either Jotun or Flag for me. Prices hardly changed for years, well not noticeable.
  9. I was going to but decided aginst only for the reason is that with the extra length withe gauge ii would of been concerned if to much strain with the hose being be to much against the locker wall. So just got a standard one again. If the bubbke gauge is not gaulty. Which i will be surprised if it is then that is a good enoigh quick test for me. Reason i fitted one really.
  10. Oh yes sorry forgot to answer that but the valves stems came with compression olives.
  11. I have got oncoming in the next day or so. I am just getting prepared for the next check if the reg does not fit. Like to be ready for thenext step Ah good point i overlooked. Yes i checked them, every joint there is. What i have done know is use my phone for a close up video of the joints just to rule out me not seeing the leak, and cant get any closer up then that. Ill update either later today or tomorrow when the reg arrives. Yes i am an online shopper 🙄
  12. For the price will this do the job ? https://www.toolstation.com/gas-test-gauge/p85691?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyAQynr0YSXP0J7uwNJTSkmE9P3vVCmt_bTQ7HlIVgQdNksxqC2w6qTQaArphEALw_wcB
  13. I have a 19mm pipe bender but it wont work. U channel is only 10mm x 10mm. I could make a proper former, but it is a tight radius aswell I have a plan on getting some more Hockey stick profile as that will bend easier. I just dont have enough left.
  14. While some talk of a Manometer is going on. Ant suggestion on which i could buy?
  15. Well the gas leak aside i decided to chill out and fit the hatch i made a year or so ago from the half and locking handles from a Houdini 500 a sit just would not seal and i didnt want to go spending near £300 on an new one. This cost about £25 i think so i like that Made new hinge knuckles Neoprene seal between plate and polycarbonate . I did try and form some ally channel to finish of the window edge but it kept on kinking. I may do something at a later date
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