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  1. EEwwwwww you can leave there there.
  2. I was off work today as i had to go to the hospital so as it was a nice day fro once i grabbed the chance to start the canopy patterns. What pain in the arse that was, just the two rear hardtop corners to get a nice curve to the canvas.The Material i got for the patterns is spot on ( Fibretex ) flexible and no stretch at all. This is the corners that proved difficult o get it how i wanted. All sorted now though. image: https://i.postimg.cc/yN38h78H/20190320-114414.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/HndWC54Y/20190320-114418.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/qv57CN0w/20190320-114411.jpg So then it was mark it all up time for the top section. image: https://i.postimg.cc/bJXN34Z2/20190320-134512.jpg Then i made a full rear section although this will done in smaller sections. So the top trim to go all around the top section dropping down by 6 inch. Rear section will have a rear window which can be rolled up or removed all together leaving corner upstands about 6 inch down the sides and rear. to leave all open i we want. image: https://i.postimg.cc/cHN0QYzR/20190320-155948.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/LsPmYvx4/20190320-152628.jpg I have gone with Lift the Dot fittings all around and the rest will be Zips fro material to material for detachable sides and rear. I lowered a bit more the hoop to hope to get a better run off. If not i have aspring loaded bar that can slot in the canopy top when not on board to give a more support. Looking again at these pics it doesnt look to taught but its better than the pics, i cant remember if i took these be for i give it fettle more. Saying that if it works i will be amazed lol Captain Faffer
  3. That was my thoughts as all it can be. Bit daft really not to and no reason not to but to be awkward and avoiding something.
  4. My god what is the problem with showing licences and names/numbers ? I just dont get the problem doing so.
  5. I dont mind, and in no stress over it being there as i am not there yet, but its ignorance i cant understand as it has not paid mooring fees, as we think it has a licence BSS unsure. All that i dont care about myself, if the boat was bought from the owner who has gained the over due mooring fees then surely you would see about the mooring and not just moor up. But then folk are a bit dim nowadays. All i want to do is find the owner so i can tell him whats going on. If the boat is still there in a month or so when i hope to get there then i will either move it somewhere, either on the a ghost mooring or towpath side if there is room as dont want to make navigation hard for other boaters. Or as it is a long mooring and my boat is 21 foot and that 23 foot then i can keep both boats there until the owner turns up as the next mooring along is a ghost mooring and the Freeman can extend onto that one with the stern on my mooring for access. As this is a big forum i hope somebody may see this thread and know of the owner. Captain Faffer
  6. i just dont why folk are so awkward when it come to this, God sake display the details, no reason not to at all.
  7. You know at the end of the day its on my mooring which is paid for by for Bohemian and that boat isnt . So either way its going to be shifted somewhere unless things change. There are a few more ghost mooring available but need a pontoon building which i dont intent to do so Lark Rise owners can do that. It could be one get out of jail card for the original owner and state they sold it, who knows. all a bit weird and i cant be doing with the hassle.
  8. I was about to say i ddint notice one today as its the first time i have seen it up close. and i was in a rush as skiving off work I hope to check it tomorrow.
  9. only of it was done correctly i would. but then i have recovered boats in the past that way.
  10. I will put it to her, although she does seem the not liking to get involved in this kid of thing person. I would buy it of her and make a few quid to clear her fees owed.
  11. OOoo yes and funds for my next project few grand there No worries thanks for looking. Yes i will be doing that if its still there when i get there. Just want to give the owner a chance that its needs moving.
  12. Tried it lol. CRT said no we, as in me or the landowner cant. I am not sure how on the ball Lancaster inspectors are, but it seems not to much unless its been on dry land. Thinking i could call local boat yards/marinas if they have had it in. Hang on a minute, why the hell should i be doing any of that.
  13. If its there when i get there with no reply from them then i will no longer be the nice me and the wind will take far far away.
  14. Hi Gierge It was three years in arrears with rent when the mooring owner logged it as abandoned a sshe was etting no luck with contacting the owner. and same time roughly when it got tagged by CRT and then vanished for around 12 months. I got the mooring in January when in Feb it arrived back on my mooring. The mooring is mine as paid for. She says which i agree with as not to move it yet as they will likely move it back if my boat isnt there. I should be there by June. If your boat is on a mooring you are charged rent so the reason i guess for three years in arrears. The owner may of been a bit slow on catch up. Who knows.
  15. So its been a few months now and this boat has been and gone a few times. It is back on my mooring asof the other day and nobody knows who owns it. The landowner has it down as abandoned and has rent arrears of minimum three years. Licence in window three years out. It has been seen moved from my mooring to the end of the line for a mechanic to work on and a chap spoke to him last week and the `owner` of the boat said that my mooring is his and was adamant on that. Landowner called the last contact and a rude chap said it wasnt his or new anything about it. Now all we know is nothing on who owns it or can catch the chap who is dealing with the mechanic, i will be trying to find this mechanic as and when. CRT have been notified but they dont rush as i believe it was tagged over a year ago by them a sit wasnt licenced either. It is moored at Cabus Nook on the Lancaster canal and itis called Lark Rise. So if anyone knows of it or the owner please tell then to get in touch. I have left a mooring sign of my boats name and my number for them on the mooring or can be contacted here.. Thanks Captain Faffer
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