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  1. How the hell are you, hey i havnt forgot i ow you a length of copper pipe I think i have just got myself a mooring at Menai Bridge need to sort my sea legs out asap haha
  2. You still dont know me hahaha. I already have plans to faffing. Only add moor leisure batteries and new cooker, Solar Fish finder. and a few alterations T is wanting on decor. just some of the cushion covers. I have a mooring on Blackleach for winter only as we can atleast us it over winter and get to the sea buy Glasson Dock a few good days to get our sea legs. I do want it home a few weeks before sea launch for a few weeks to fit a rear platform for boarding at the mooring down Wales and the Sonar. Lanky is nice but rubbish at same time. to shallow and full of moaners.and folk that wont do anything but moan. I have offered to help build a weed dredger and asked for folk to help some folk willing to but most are ignorant. i dont even use the bloody canal but love it. if folk are not botered then leave them to it. Thats the short of it. So will be winter inland and summer at sea Defo, keep and enjoy it. mite be me getting lazy or just seen a dam good bargain, bit of both maybe. Other is for sale, if it dont ill do more work to make it useable to help sell it easier. not decided on if to fit the rebuilt engines i have done or keep the ones from this boat. And i next few years we are after a liveaboard so who ever buys this house i hope they like boats as there digging up a lot Oh yes a diesel cab heater will be fitted. And a fridge, all usual stuff i guess to get it as you want. Need to keep the Cider cold
  3. For those of you following, betetr let you know its no longer going to be done this one. Reason i got an offer i couldnt say no to due to crazy price. being not much more tan a new canopy for this boat. and this canopy is only 10 month old. Same boat but a MK1 and all ready to go. same engines but AQ115 not the AQ130, but i will keep them and may fit them at a later date as they are rebuit. along with the drives as the new boat has the smaller AQ drives. so all off boating again soon, will be collecting this in four weeks, and cant bloody wait
  4. I wouldnt fancy that as a liveaboard Rach. for that money aswell i could find more suitable boats for a livaboard.
  5. Yes i was talking of DC as in NB cruisers. still not long enough, nice boats though there are plenty out there to look for. i always keep and eye open on my travels when working out and about the yards and marinas ?????
  6. its what is wanted though, no point going second best. if we dont find a 40+ Aquafibre or similar broads cruiser then it will be another type of boat.
  7. i would be getting atleast a 40 footer with 10 foot beam, preferable 12 foot, which i think all the 40-44 footer are 12 anyway. I am not into DC either and also all narrow beam.
  8. I have been trying to find tat out Tony. I like the look of the Aquafibre 44 but unable to see any pictures or info. so tanks for that. When i have a few weekends free ill go out and look at a few on the dry if i can find some. O my struggle also at it seems not many around for my 10-15k budget.
  9. Dont see as trouble, i see it as fun then haha. Trying to decide on drive now, shaft is good but less control than OD ond IB.
  10. exactly my point, i am building this boat for canals and rivers so be daft not to make a weed hatch while i can . i have been in a few times while working and wasnt pleasant.
  11. I like to think common sense will prevail as in the weed hatch situation. If anybody was to build a boat or get one built to be used on a canal common sense would say fit a weed hatch. Why not if done properly ? I would rater and i am sure anybody would rather use a weed hatch than scuba gear or poke around wit luck wit a pole. Canals are dumping grounds even more nowadays. so to make a cruise more of a joy then you need to make it so. It doesnt matter if a boat didnt have this ort that when it was built. If the owner wants an addition to make thigs better then why not.
  12. for the cost tough to get somebody to come out to remove a plastic bag seems daft wen you can do it yourself with a weed hatch. and amount of time we have had prop fouled is ridiculous. thats on the L&L and Lancaster.
  13. So how is prop fouling sorted Main thing for me to keep and inboard is power for charging and calorifier. I am just talking about wat pops in my head lol. all sorts, it scares me still haha I would defo add one if i got one tat needed it.
  14. we would want min 40 footer. sliding top on that i would make fixed and extend to make a larger wheel house. Atleast there about when it comes. poss next year, depends on when we diced to start it. got this boat to finish and enjoy first. see a couple that cheap, but only 35 footers. i get you though. still should get a shell for £10-£15k Like i do all this control is bad with shaft drive in reverse etc etc. but good on outdrives both ways just risky with outdrives Maybe convert to outboard-inboard. So like some Dawncraft, Outboard fitted inside the transom. could do that easy enough.
  15. just mooching and found this, almost prefect project for me. and price https://www.rightboat.com/boats-for-sale/bourne/40-2dfdb695-19bf-43dd-9896-01a3474069be/rb477999
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