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  1. Thanks kida, was about to look as not long been home. ah well CRT know about it so if they close then nothing can be done .
  2. It is yes. It may well need a shit load of weight at the bottom if the hull is 2mm thick lol.
  3. I priced up steel in 3mm and it was around £2k, i am gong to put that to her and see what she wants to do. few ways to go with it. Its best as we know but down to the customer. Thing is there i can weld but never built a steel NB. I could tack it all up in place and get a qualified welder in or swat up more with my welding.. Only thing i will have to watch is distortion really.
  4. Much the same as a cabin cruiser with single skin. Some you can some you cant. In true sandwich construction ( laminated both sides ) though there is more strength in it. And as the roof is often curved on a NB then then that adds strength and ona curved roof you can laminate one side and still keep strength. and to add more, even if flat roofed then more laminations will do the job. For this curved roof i would go three lam`s of 450grm. If a flat roof maybe three 600grm that would give a thickness of around 5.5mm. There will be the frame timbers inside also.
  5. From a quick look they do a max of i think 3.5m, although when i used to deliver to a fridge van companies they had sheets a dam site bigger for the whole wagon side. worth looking into they
  6. Oh yes its a lot of work, but in the end the outer skin will be much the same as if i replaced in ply and then laminated to get a polished finish. There would be a frame work of 2x2 treated timber to mount the ply lining for the interior. and end of the day its a complete new build so all need a lot of planning. At the end of the day it could be cheaper and better to replace will steel. I havnt priced up steel sheet for some time. So more ballast needed, well thinking, not great deal more as the only part missing is the ply top. about 26kg per 8x4 18mm sheet.....so, oh i will work that out if needed in time lol. Like this company https://www.scomp.co.uk/grp-product-range/grp-sandwich-panels/ I could make my own sandwich sheets but tha will depend on time and cost, but then it will have a smooth side and then joined.
  7. Hi all Now then, sat here pondering like i do. I have a boat ( customers ) that is in need of the ply/GRP super structure being replaced. I have an idea that i have not thgought about fully as just thought of it but it works in other structures so why not a NB. ? Idea, is instead of timber and GRP ( yes steel which i am pricing up as trying to help keep cost down ) then in one go this will insulate and build in one the superstructure from PIR foam sheets and laminate it instead of ply GRP. Thoughts Cpatin Faffer ( Waynes Boat Works )
  8. Yes o though ti was but this morning i checked and it said nothing on the Wigan Flight about closures. ill check again. no big rush though. Oh yes, its shows on the map not text. will wait and see what happens and hope for rain lol.
  9. All sorted folks, thanks for the help. Just got it in at Hesford marina down Lymm so its a few days cruise down as soon as i can well going to get it running big job ahead.,, needs atleast the wooden / GRP top replacing. Captain Faffer
  10. Go as in on the boat or cruising . I guess then on the boat at all.
  11. So therefore then as folk can drive a lot further in a car than a boat in a short time then i cant see why we cant cruise again.
  12. Not from what i get, it was CRT
  13. There was no comment on not being allowed to travel on the boats, thats to do with CRT advising us under GUV guide lines, but going there you can as long as you use common sense for leisure. CRT will decide tomorrow or in a day or so if they advise us not to cruise or even be on our boats. Its all common sense isnt it.
  14. Not a problem, i though they had boats in being work on long term but last time i was up it was a good few years back. infact 8 if not more.. Botany Bay is full from what somebody on there said today, though they had a boat there and thats all. I cant get hold of anybody at the Bay to confirm it. I will still keep trying but maybe shut now. I was going to pop in today as i was working in Garstang today and to tired on way home to pop in.
  15. Ah well, this boat is going nowhere for a good while. Thanks all for the help. much a i expected really but had to ask incase i missed anywhere. Oh and @Ianws i called Wheelton, they only do short term standings. Captain Faffer
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