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  1. Here we gooooo Today at last engines are out I had to widen the gantry first to got it around the boat as it was about 50mm to narrow. but doing this also made it higher, so now able to move the gantry over the boat instead of around which would of been a pain in the arse. .To make it easy to do i used U bolts to hold one end and then welded the other end then slid the U bolted end to the end of the new too RHS beam. then plated the sides to beef it up more and welded in two lengths of 50x6mm bar to make the trolley track It didnt take to long to get them out but if we first had the correct angle on the first engine it would of been quicker.I am still shocked that they are held in place with just six M8 bolts around and no engine mounts but just through the transom. This is a mate that gave me a hand as still struggling so that was very much appreciated I have made a couple of engine stands aswell for them. I started to strip down the dodgy engine so i could sort eh stand mounting hole pattern, and found this in the drive plates. Think i need to replace these Ill finish tomorrow the stands and then get stripping this one down.Hey i have a mooring incentive now BIG TIME
  2. Time for an update here i think. Now then that transom plate. I think its aluminium. At the minute its part or a transom repair. It has been done well but not properly or thery wouldnt of plated it if it a repair. It has been donw a while ago i reckon, has been resined over aswell. On the inside you can see where it has been sort of done. Original gussets kept inplace. Still not the best repair IMO for this kind f boat. I dont know why but for a soggy back end has been replaced some time. The repair is solid from i have found up to now. I think they have cut out the bad and added new and then instead of laminating over the repair on the outside they have plated it. or done both to save doing a good finish.That will be found out once the drives are off and i remove the plate to see behind as to what has been done.The windows i am looking forward to doing,They are trimmed on the inside with a hardwood frame that the all frames bolt to. I hope i can save the curved section as save me steaming more frames up.I think its just a matter as other windows i have done, strip back clean reseal then stick um back in, Only pain is if the screws on the frame brackets are seized. aslong as i can get the screws out be reat, i can make new brackets.Soo full steam ahead Ok i think i have decided first steps on this project.I need the engines out first, then to lift the boat off the trailer. I built this gantry last year for something and as it goes its about 50mm to narrow to get over the stern of the boat. I cant expect anything less hey. So plan, widen it by 600mm this will give enough room to also lift the boat after engines are out. I say lift as in stern first and chock and prop then the 3/4 way down to the bow. and same as And well, i ma still struggling to do things but bit by bit i am doing stuff. Plan is to get he engines out first but i need to widen the gantry first to get it over the stern to lift them out. I was going t o mod the gantry today but not doing good so i started on these props for when its lifted.Easy enough. I used some old large axle stands and got mini Acro`s along with some fittings we make at work that are scrappers. so bin diving it was in t he works scrap bin.[ Trim here and there Thes eare the fittings i got out the scrap bin, slight modification of the base plate and weld it back up. Just slit it with a laser cutting blade Then these go in the end of a tube welded onto the axle stand to create apivot. .Then ply pad yet to be covered. And there we go. Ill do the others as and when but i really want to get the engines out next.so going slow but atleast its keeping me going Now i am not one for bodging but with how things are i was tempted to use a wood hardener to fix some rotten areas. So after work today i though i should go in with a screw driver and chisel in hand and see what we are looking at close up.And to my joy its not as bad first thought. The main bulkhead is rotten though and will be coming out and replacing with either new ply or GRP one.The rest is all but for a few square inch which is rotten at bottom of a cupboard.this is the bulkhead, rotten through also at the bottom Now the rest you will see is just the top veneer that has come away where the condensation has got to it. Once the veneer was removed Feel real motivated now Me and T will see what we can get done now asap. if i could get the starter motors off i would try the engines in situ but to painfull so they are defo coming out to be set up and sorted.bring on 2022 I got the drives off this weekend. i didnt get many pics sorry as struggling.I wanted to run the engines with drives fitted but as one engine is locked and the other i just couldnt be bothered i just removed the drives in time to remove the engines asap.Drives feel good, select gear easy and no play to be found in them.Although these are in not bad nick but for the flaps they will be replaced with new as all other stuff.Up to now all bolts come out easy...ish. I have a shopping list here for all new engine bits n bobs for these Fury engines but first i will be getting the Merc OM636 running and selling that on in running order now. Sick of folk asking about it and offering scrap money. So if i sell that then that will fund the rebuild of the AQ130`s.
  3. there is actually one on there that i was going to buy but its been ruined with an outboard conversion to a 15hp yammy.
  4. Its my MiniGin ha ha ha i have sooo many available appointments now no longer self employed, its great lol. feel free
  5. Ill try the damp proofing ideas i used when going swamping off road cars in the past lol. One being a marigold over the dizzy cap lol.
  6. As a few are interested here we go on anew thread of my new project it got a few month ago.Its a1975 MK2 Fairline Fury. running twin VP AQ130`s and 270 drives. Good performance aswell from this size boat i reckon. I know fuel econmy, well there is no economy at 20mph guzzling 12GPH, but then wher do you fly aroud at them speeds every time you go out. Max speeds are 35mpg at 16GHP. I bought myself a Shpgun as the tow car due to plans is to have it in different areas each season. Tows it well and with the train weight being 5569kg they boat weighs in at around 2200kg a sin the pics. Its new resting place untill i hope summer 2022 while we do the work on it.Bonus as boat came on a SDS 3500 trailer. I just love the set out of these boats, good size front twin or double berth and small loo. nice size galley with good eating chill out area. All the with a semi flybridge aswell with seating for two. and along side bathing area.Cider hatch from galley up to the bridge Since we have had it we havnt done a great deal. Started to remove the deck fittings to be re chromed and last week had ago at the engines.Once the starters were removed and one fixed i got the Now P side turning over fine. but the ST side is free anti clockwise but no so free clockwise in the direction these engines run. It lock up solid with no boince back at all. After some faffing about i think its jamming between the UJ and the G box. So maybe this weekend i will start looking at removing the drive or atleast disconnecting it frmt he engine to see how it goes then. Very odd how it hand cranks one way but not the other unless T is at the helm and twitching th remote back and forth. This give a slight clockwise smooth movement.Oh i have found some good news and time money saving on the interior as i did plan or rippig out and a complete refit. But now
  7. If you are just using the PIR as a box with no inner or outer lining then wrap it in duct tape and inside use aluminum foil tape for the corners. job done, no need to glue the joints.
  8. if you dont like GRP boats then why ask about one for god sake.
  9. Yep i got one many years ago, bloody hell you got a better memory than me. Mine had a petrol inboard under the cabin seat SB side on shaft.. I did like the lay out. seemed very a solid boat. I did have a plan for the slide back roof to reduce the draughtyness. This mite give a better idea https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/37487-dalescraft-bit-scarce-i-see/
  10. You called So what do you want to know, what materials or how to do it Lucy.
  11. Ah well that's what I waa expecting. I was thinking on using o e of these https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F402309488370 Mite just have to go with a gulper. The ballast i need to remove is very little and you couldn't tell. Thanks kida ?
  12. I am fitting a wetroom in a NB and instead of cutting a test hole thought I would first ask here. It is a 38 foot NB and was wondering what the height would be if it is a standard under the ply floor ? ?
  13. Form research this one will do around 5gph which isnt bad at 30knots.
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