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  1. W+T

    Do you liveabroad? Show us your digs

    But my boat isnt called Faffer I see pics all over of interiors of boats from the outside as well as inside. If a gob shite sees a nice boat on here then they will just think that there could well be something worth nicking wouldnt they.
  2. W+T

    Do you liveabroad? Show us your digs

    I get what you mean but we all see insides of boats all over the net and on here. How can they tell what boat is what?
  3. W+T

    Do you liveabroad? Show us your digs

    Nice one, very much envious, about living on a boat bit. just curious but as you say `kitting it out` with £3k. Not going to get you far unless you want real basic. It will be over £2k for the heating of water and cabin heating. Hope it all works out Captain Faffer
  4. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Dd i get your hopes up for something exciting Tony, sorry lol. Well this week, First off got a mooring all sorted and paid for as of today Found it last week and finalised it today. It on the Lancaster a Cabus Nook. Cheap as chips and as i like them. Quiet. Work on the boat, well i got a xmas pressie just in time to make this job easier, no pics as it is boring, it is a Makita Multi tool. that could be the last tool i need ( who am i trying to kid )but for a mobile table saw maybe. I have trimmed back the edges of the ply lining ready to be plined out so just now needs a quick sand over and get rid of all the dust to do so. First though it will be varnished inside. I fettled the canopy frame so its good to go, well the welds need to be neatened up a bit , Still not easy to Tig weld with bad fingers and elbows, now the welding mas is on its way out. I made a few Iroko risers for the front canopy mounts but these will be replaced with either SS or Ally when i get around to it. Its not a priority to launch. So when folded down the frame all lies down level. Also i moved the riser mount further back so this gives a better access to get on and off the boat. Now you see this area, i have made and yet to fit in place once i get the weather. 90 deg angles to get a better contact for the canopy to fit to instead of the steep angle for the turn button to attach on to. I got a length of 65mm square down pipe and used that as a mould. I used some basting tape that arrived for making the canopy ( fine double sided tape ) and used tinfoil for releasing. Blending combo matting together as using off cuts, feather edges to get a more level finish. Can barley see the join That job a said will be done soon enough, but asap as i need it done for the canopy patterns to be made. And as we speak look what arrived at last :):) 8m of Top Gun canvas and windows with size 10 zips, and 1oz 450m of V69 thread. So time to practice my sewing on this. Will be `trying` to make a canopy for this with cheaper but same weight canvas. I knocked up this frame up Friday morning. Now i wish i didnt, but doing corners are a pain in the arse to sew but atleast there will not be any on the boat canopy. 20mm SHS 1.6 wall and a dozen slits and it bent just nice. And there we go, one thing, well another, i should of painted it first but weather was against me. Darn masking tape would not stick to well to the rusty frame so when i went to amend the pattern the masking tape come away with the basting tape on the pattern material. So 25mm masking tape then 10mm basting tape. etc etc All that was easy enough to do, And would of been easier if i didnt rush it and think more of how i wanted the thing to be finished. As in hems and joins and wot not. Sooooo my sewing. Its ok could do neater lock stitch`s but this is the first panel, and ok the corners are a mess here. Enjoying it though. This cheap canvas at £6pm towards the Top Gun at £25pm, no way am i going to waste that on this practice. I am over the moon with the sewing machine, easy to set up and use and can do seven layers of this canvas with ease, front trailer cover panel done. The rear will have a zipped door roll up type. Atleast these corners will not be seen, but then the top and sides will need to be better as these will come around the corners to overlap these. Piggin nora...why did i do a radius I have done a few more small jobs like faff with the engine lid and look for materials for this and that. All boat related stuff is a step ahead. Captain Faffer :):)
  5. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Burr with. I was just trying something. Now taking a break from sewing....OooOooo what could i be doing I'll be back 😎😎😎
  6. W+T

    Boat Building Dimensions

    Hi Nikkie. To make it easier to how much floor area you will get from each design then just work out the square meter of floor area of cabin space. Ask each boat builder the floor area. If you are unsure of what they mean by a term say a snow a `wrap around bow` its best to ask them for what they are suggesting.
  7. W+T

    Boat Building Dimensions

    Yes but a bath tub with character and style as towards a NB or WB. love that Bee. Wayne
  8. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Yes, i would like to be down there but its the minimum 2hr drive after work. You never know may get down one day. even for a few week visit. Well the mooring owner didnt mention that god dam it. Still sorted it out today and its still fine and the best priced on the Lancaster from what we know. CRT start at near £600 for a towpath mooring. Wont start paying CRT until we launch anyway so no dead money. On hunt for some second hand scaff planks now. Have a few scaffolding companies around, see if they have any out of commission going cheap.
  9. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Hi Rach, not totally as we have put our name down but from what i spoke to a few folk and we will be lucky to get one. And no tow path either from CRT, but them i rather better security. Found a good one in Skipton but again tow path. Found a good few inc the Fozydyke but bit far to get to for a Fridat aftnoon. a good few all over but anyway, we have found one near Cabus on the Lancaster, a farm mooring so better security and cheap at under £200 per year. Going up this weekend to arrange it.
  10. W+T

    Lancaster mooring ?

    A good chap pointed me in the direction of a farm mooring near Cabus, dirt cheap as i like them. No facilities but for the money i am not going to grumble, will be checking it out this weekend and if as good as it sounds i will take it now. Cant hang around. The marinas are nice but dam expensive, even looked at Glasson docks, i was told its a good price there towards other places, not exactly, well good spot but a lot to moor as more i pay the less for the next project
  11. W+T

    Lancaster mooring ?

    I `think` we have decided on a spot, Skipton was good but then after much thought nah without going into details.I found a mooring at Hest Bank but a tow path and rather better security.So a though on as i like sea fishing and no locks ( T`s idea as she is lock`y lol ) Anywhere north of Gastang so then its a half day cruise to Hest Bank and Morcombe/Lancaster. I will be calling Bridge house and Garstang Marina tomorrow to see what the mooring rates are and see if anything is available or upcoming.Any opinions s on these Marinas ?Wayne PS happy to look elsewhere nearby a si have googled mapped for ages and see a lot about but no info.
  12. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Well plan is set to be in Stanley Ferry for end June, maybe mid July. Looked and its a seven day cruise ( Canal plan AC) to get there but will do it over weekends. Your was filthy, this one looks like when i got it lol. You off on a winter cruise then i guess ?
  13. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    It has a 10hp yammy but if i went sea, ( not now ) then a 30-40hp.

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