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  1. Either way chaps there is nothing i can do but send it away to be fixed. I mite remove it next eek as have a 5 day cruise planned.
  2. Yes some folk are like that and complains to others if they cant fix it but after many years of fixing things and the item i replaced did not fix the fault have i ever gone back and returned the item or comained as i know there can be faults misleading / leading to the actual fault. But i get your point, its just the pain in the arse of a job and trouble removing it to return it. And in the hope it does not cost a fortune to fix as said when its not been used much.
  3. Got thay desperate i did the red resets button earlier on. Cant see it needing more than the 12.6v its getting as it can run as low as 10v. Ill need to get the charger from gome and genny to try it out with more volts next week. It just .makes me ot want it at all if they fail this easy and not repairable by myself for a simple PCB or something.
  4. Well not impressed one bit woth it. Not just with having to remove it to get it fixed when i could easy do it myself with out removingi bet. But a new unit fired up less than half a dozen times. Meant to be good units these, reason i got one. Ah well. Thanks Mike for the help.
  5. Yes, and done all the other checks. Supplies.
  6. Thanks Mike So i need to return the unit to Propex for them to fix it by fitting a new PCB. What a pain in yhe arse. And hardly used it.
  7. Ok, the gas valve is opening. I turned off the gas at cylinder. Turned off the heater and heard the thermocouple spark and no 'woosh ' sound of a flame. I turned on the gas again and turned on the heater and as before i heard the 'woosh' sound. So gas is getting there and a litte ingniting. Checked power to the unit and 12.56v to the PCB
  8. I thought you meant an actual code umber lime with a car diag code. Just trying to work out how to check if the gas valve is opening. I also have the propex cab heater and thats been great upto know. Hope to God i dont have to send it back.
  9. The manual i have witht the heater does not give any codes.
  10. Anybody up on the Malaga 5 water heater. Before i faff emailing Propex does anyone know of this problem. Its been fitted from new for about 2 years now and always worked great when used, not very often though. Now it wont fire up. There is 12.6v, full gas cylinder, water tank is full and will not fire up. You can hear it sparking and a sound like the flame has lite. But then after the three attempts the red light flashes and have to resett it. I have reset it a good dozen times but still nothing. It did this last visit but then the day after it fired up, now nothing. The red light flashes every 3 seconds. Any ideas ?
  11. All easy to make for it what i cant buy
  12. Got it home and soaked it for a few days in wd40. Took some loosening but managed it. Grate bars are good which i good great Pan is shot though. No biggy. As you can see the flue wasn't welded as thought So time for a clean up. Fire it up and repaint it. I thought the walls would be thicker. I made a few stoves in the past and used 8mm plate. Hope to get a new tray but easy to make one if i can't.
  13. Oh dam. First sorry as the beast was a joke. Its a full on project. I thought you would of noticed by the pic the state its in. That is what The Biscuits was talking of for a joke as a spare boat. The smaller boat is good though. Newly rebuilt. Small though but still all you need.
  14. Oh yrs near Garstang. I have two if you fancy either a rather small 2 brrth white cruiser or a bigger 10 berth beast and just been launched. Mite need a sleeping bag though. If you want the beast i will fetch you a hot brew in the morning. Happy for a swap 😉😎
  15. Well spotted, the boat was sank for a time and resting that side at an angle. .
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