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  1. W+T

    Cost of Rubbing Strakes

    Sorry if i have missed it but at work having a minute. Why not try Rivet Nuts or known as Rivnuts to traders. No welding involved. Could be worth a try if using a M8 size .
  2. W+T

    Painting new phenolic ply

    I wouldnt know about painting it, unless you dont like the colour but if left as is it will last years, well mine has. I have made two large boxs from the it and left out side for over 5 years untreated all over even edges and still good. the worktop roof also all unteated and the felt ripped off about 4 years ago and still good. one thing i would do now though if used again just to lengthen the life even more for the sake of a few quid more is treat the edges with a good sealant like epoxy.
  3. W+T

    GRP Transom Repair

    Sod off Tony, you know how it is lol. the way its going its going to be another 12 months lol. hey i did a bit more this week
  4. W+T

    GRP Transom Repair

    I cant comment on what you cold do as not seeing it is difficult to make an appropriate suggestion.. But this is what i did this to my boat a while ago. You can use poly resin or epoxy resin, if poly then a good few coats of a decent waterproof primer will be good or a topcoat added as epoxy is crazy money. . think this is the correct page
  5. W+T

    Spray foam insulation

    It will be fine with Celotex or the likes and cans of expanding foam. What you could try is line it out with 4mm or 6mm ply but behind use the celotex, and leave a few winches around the celotx and then drill holes in the ply around the egdes and pump foam into the cavity to give a fully seald area behind the board. I would not leave foam bare.
  6. Thanks Paul, it should be ok know they have my details.
  7. Cant see where to edit unless it has been to long now and not allowed. Yes the edit bow has been removed as just edited this post. time limit to edit,thought there was when i was looking for it.
  8. Just letting you guys now that she has received the PM, newbies must be able to nowadays.
  9. You called Sounds interesting and local for a change. I will PM you MaryBeth Wayne
  10. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Hi Mike Still at it yes when i can, i have just finished full time work for the day and i need to get the axle for the car out the back of the van some how, not easy or light on your own. So its either fit that so i can get rid of the old car once its MOTed ( cant wait to collect the new `Boatworks` one this weekend :):) ) or do more filling on the boat. Just having a brew quick before T and i will decide. Trouble is both jobs need good weather which it is, more the boat really. i can fit an axle in the rain but no use Epoxy. Still on the go anyway you cruising yet
  11. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Bit slow Rach but for what has been done already, I have been down Bath/Bradford on Avon looking at a job and a few more in between this weekend and more to do for the next week months. I am going to see if i can do some after work in the next week or so to get a little further ahead with it. Next weekend i pick up my business vehicle and then to Birmingham to trial fit a job on the Sunday Saturday will be day for a chill put for a change and treat T to a meal out in the new car. T`s orders n all.
  12. W+T

    Buying a Diesel Car

    I was considering an Auto for the DM flywheel are dam expensive but then i am not mad on autos as i like to actually drive and feel the car more. Autos are good for stuck in traffic thats about it for me. I would of loved the 4WD version but fuel is a big player for me here. will be doing some long trips in it. I doubt i would of got a Jag if it wasnt Ford underneath as the parts would of been daft money. And thanks Peter, i hope it will be a good one, i would be doing all the work i can myself, never took a car to a garage ever and done all wok myself, but this as said is new stuff to me so may only be servicing it. My wifes car is covered by AA garage cover on her policy so i will see if i can get in on that, they usually only have cars newer than ten years old on though. They did let me add my 20 year old FTO on a few years back which was odd. Ill see what they say.
  13. W+T

    Buying a Diesel Car

    Well i aint boved about getting a diesel car as said earlier. I got one a nice IMO 2.2D Jag X Type for the `Waynes BoatWork Services` business i am trying out. I am not a modern car person at all and has taken me a while to choose one and found this in the end. Pick it up next weekend and cant wait. Just need to make a full size boot liner to keep my tools in it now
  14. W+T

    Buying a Diesel Car

    I was looking at a 08=09 plate Jag X type or Volvo V50-V70 estates , even a BMW, and all diesel, would like V6 petrol but fuel is that bad thing theer for me a si need a good economy runner. These cars are as cheap to run as the 05 1.9D Berlingo i have, cheaper on road tax aswell and same insurance. I can pick one of the above cars up fro around 3%k fro a good one, but if i go 3 years older i can get the same car so sod finance and going in cash and saving around £2k. Now they will not loose any money much butt he newer 09 plate will do. So cheaper is best for the same car I am thinking ahead here also, a sif the GUV want to rid all these older cars then they will have to do another scrappage scheme and i will have a better chance to get a good amount back from what i paid the , £2k for one . The GUV cant just take and ban all diesle cars from us. Yes in cities maybe but then park and ride.
  15. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Its been a cracking weekend for weather so I managed to get some repair work done on the hull. I was meant to be working today but that didnt go to plan so i worked on the boat a bit more. done along with the hatch surround. I didnt get as much done as i wanted though as my elbows havnt been keeping up on the sanding upside down. I just paced myself and got some done. This is fraction of what neeeds to be done. There are so many tiny cracks that need grinding back and filling with the epoxy, bit by bit it will get done. This is the set up i used. As before i got the West Coast Epoxy and filler, for mixing pots i went to the bargain shop in town and got a dozen small plastic pots with lids, the lids canbe used for mixing in as well for smaller quantities. £1 for four tubs and some wooden skewers from Tesco for the mixing sticks, these have little paddles on the end to help the mixing and then application of the filler. I did start with doweling to mix but ran out of them. Mixed to a good filling consistency, as said on the tub peanut butter. This is perfect for all applications of filling as it sticks like...... Then slap it on once the patches have been ground back and then been primed with straight epoxy. Tool of choice for grinding back. Then filled Bow needed a fettle and yet still need to do the hole,i will be using epoxy for this, just out of matting for it. So as said slowly but getting there with it, i was getting tired of this so i went onto the hatch surround. Again using Iroko and did this up to now, Using epoxy as i have it to hand, tinfoil so it doesnt stick to the hatch aperture. It will be sanded back and trimmed to shape once done then treated to many coats of Le Tonk. It doesnt look much done but i have done a fair bit actually. Just a lot to do on the filling before i can pint it. Still undecided on colour and still on blue hull white top, just the blue will show up a more undesirables. It will still be having two lower strakes 3/4 way down the sides though.

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