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  1. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Making the canopy is going to be the biggest job on this boat, quite looking forward to it as its a new thing for me, If it doesnt work out at least i can fun trying. If tis a mess i best get saving for a new one. One bonus is the frame will be made as they charge an arm an leg for that.
  2. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    It has made me wonder for a while why it is such a thing of concern with canopy on boats and the run off or slope of the canopies, only as boats are not known to be level and rock even in the wind slightly so not always level. Unless its a bad canopy with a big sag in the middle. Probably me just seeing it wrong though.
  3. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Oh the rear panel you mean, that will be at 90 deg vertical, it doesnt look it n the pic but it is or will be, i was meaning the top panel that will be sloping towards the rear.
  4. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    It still gives full headroom with it that bit lower, Well just under six foot at the rear most. Still i can and will try it out and make it a bit higher to see how it is by altering angles
  5. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    I have now thanks for that, I think watching Mads and also Travels With Geordie on Youtube has got me motivated a bit. Not been to keen as of late due to wanting to get the hull and exterior work done and not able to in time now and just........well Andy ( Cheshire cat ) came around a few week back and helped out sanding the hull while i did the easier work of patching a few holes. BIG thanks Andy, since then i have got a load more holes/damage filled, should be done now i hope but for a few dozen small cracks that need filling, but i need to get the rest of the sanding done to see where it all is at. I had ago myself this weekend but only for half hour as started to suffer a bit to much. Si sod that, i need to do something that is going to get me motivated. I am still struggling to download pictures as I can only do one at a time and it is a long process to do it so as filling and sanding pics are boring I will show an exciting part I am at. Not only that but as I have slacked such a lot on the boat and there is no point now in hurrying in getting the outside done to paint with the weather and all I will do what I can elsewhere.So canopy time BIG job ahead and looking forward to it, I made a table last week for the sewing machine o make it easier for such a large job.I had to clear out the spare room for the sewing table, a job in itself. Just knocked up out off 18mm MDF and an old scaffolding frame i had lying around. image: https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/43952777_10217835851712820_2941070192710516736_n.jpg?_nc_cat=109&oh=9cfdcaa4a0c8f1c3682cbd3ef9dec92d&oe=5C40A644 I was so busy and then could not be bothered I didnt manage to get some steel from the local stockist to make the mock up/design for the canopy frame, therefore it was to the local DIY store yesterday for some 22x72mm timber, Ripped it down to three lengths of roughly 22x22 so similar size to the 22mm SS tube i will be using for the frame. Before we go any further i am not fixed on this design and working on it.Frame set up image: https://i.postimg.cc/WbxJyK7C/20181028-133147-1.jpg image: https://i.postimg.cc/VN80fCpF/20181028-133121-1.jpg Then folded downThis was the first time but i decided that the back upright is a little to out of proportion and high. image: https://i.postimg.cc/P54vqxHs/20181028-131320-1.jpg So dropped it by 100mm and looks better and gives a better fall as it will now slope down more to the back. image: https://i.postimg.cc/wjfxPsHv/20181028-132816-1.jpg To fold it all down it will need the sides at least removing then the top folds down as a backrest maybe for the seats. Held up with chains or strap which i think will be better.I am going to practice all this on the trailer and making a cover for it on a low frame just to see if i can do it first and get a good fit. Lets see if i can keep motivated for the next few weeks as this week i will get a sheet of 5mm ply and do a bit on the interior and lightweight mosaic tile sheets for the galley. That is what i have decided to do on the galley unit as after thoughts it will hopefully look good and easier than laminating over the ply base it has at the minute in one sheet. Just being picky but i dont like the idea of laminating the unit in a few sections.So any thoughts on the canopy frame please tell
  6. W+T

    Thank You Whoever You Are

    good on the para`s It didnt sound urgent for them to have to walk for so far and so long not to bothered about the dog, it could of be left on its own for a long time.. I would of asked to take care or watch over it or something. I would of been as concerned for the dog in that situation.
  7. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Thanks Paul and Mike for the interest in this old sod who is need of in help. As mentioned its only sanding the hull below water line. These are the recent pics i have just taken of where i have got upto, it looks a lot done but only a little is sanded really and more on the rear end is needed to be ground out and filled, along with what has been filled maybe more sanding once sanded back has been done, the usual fill sand fill sand etc. I caked the filler on good so maybe be one session on the sander will do the job without more filling. Thats all really that i need help with. I feel a bit daft needing help but the so called mates are busy....fancy that. I have been doing this bit in the pics for weeks as its to pan full in the end. Stop start every minute then even more agony for days after. I know its not the most exciting of jobs so i understand if are not keen on it. Feel bad enough asking for help as if i can do things myself i do so. I am happy to work on your boats in exchange, obviously no sanding like this laying on my back though. If anybody can help i really appreciate it very much. Wayne
  8. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Lest stat with the good news hey Had a great holiday and enjoyed the rest very much thanks. That about as far as the good new gets i think lol. Now the bad news For the first time in my lie i am going to have to admit defeat on this project, never have i had to ask for help before, only asking for help not giving in on the boat, nah chance.. This being i am in a lot of pain and often constant and have been so for a good time now with what i think is an old rugger wound from many years ago catching me up. I near broke my neck and now the pain is constant and from neck through shoulder and arm. So this sanding lark is not doing me any good at all so i am struggling to get it done. I am off to the docs soon to see if they can help. physio maybe. Cant live on Tramadol anymore lol. No not addicted. So there we are i need help, so if anybody can help i will do exchange work on there boat or even car mechanical work. Oh yes and i was just waiting for this and expected it sooner,but some may remember the rear deck i had to replace some time ago when i used a crap plywood from Wicks, Well the rest of it i made the locker tops, yes that has no failed and will need redoing again. Not big deal really, will make solid GRP tops now.
  9. W+T

    Looking for a carpenter

    I reckon it will do the job and look neat Yes i am still around and alive ( i think ) and kicking .
  10. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Hi Rach. As soon as i get home then i will sort some pics out. Stuck here is sunny Lanzarote for another wwek. Its taking some doing thia fillong and samding. I am now wishing i did a full sheath over. Oh yes. But it is as expected so no big shock. Iy all shown up after a sand blast even more once piat had all gone. And nice vid Tony. Not a job i like now but kwwen to come home and do some. Had enoufh over here now.
  11. W+T

    Houdini Hatch

    I agree with Sam, no point in bothering, also been there and done that, Creeping crack worked for a while though. What i did was build a dam around around the leaking edge and filled it with Creeping Crack and left it for a while to fill any gaps/cracks. Here is a Houdini 55 thats not bad price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Houdini-Super-500-Deck-Hatch-Yacht-Motorhome-Skylight-Boat-Sailing-Free-Sealer/142682168564?epid=1805473903&amp;hash=item2138851cf4:g:jIAAAOxyeR9TFuXm
  12. Should there not be more concern on the beams being level with each other to avoid twisting of the shell. Thay was my maon concern when i craned my 36 footer out.
  13. W+T

    A Wee one to start again.

    Shocking isn it, and annoying for me as well I can tell you. I want it done so much now and not a great deal to do just time now to finish it. I have ordered some canvas to do a little more practice sewing again. The canopy is going to be heck of a job for me to do as never done it before, well as you have been a follower you will know that. I have been tied up with my full time job and Wayne Boat Work Services. Just hasnt been enough hours in the week. And after a 13hr day its hard to get motivated to do grinding/sanding GRP. Saying that though I got some work done on the hull again today just having a break, sanded back and looking better, still a fair bit to do but it is killing my arms and elbows, have bad elbows and rest is just out of sanding upside down practice, its a killer of a job. I have tomorrow and next weekend to work on it before I go away for two weeks for much needed rest then we will see where i can get bits done. I can get pics again but then its just a hull getting whiter and whiter. And thank you for following me, along with all the other, i will get my backside in gear asap. Wayne
  14. W+T

    Narrowboat handymen

    Oh i do travel, been on a few jobs to Southampton and Essex not long ago, most jobs in fact have all been a few hours south of Manchester. Thanks for the heads up by PM Yep that bloke is me, either Waynes World over there or W+T here @SarahT If you click on the link below it will take you to my face book page for you to see what I do. All my details are on there, let me know if I can help out. Or PM me on here. I dont mind travelling but distance does matter on the time scale of the job, I will travel your distance for a minimum weekends work for instance. Wayne
  15. W+T

    Cost of Rubbing Strakes

    Sorry if i have missed it but at work having a minute. Why not try Rivet Nuts or known as Rivnuts to traders. No welding involved. Could be worth a try if using a M8 size .

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