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  1. Holyhead Marina has taken a Beating

    Yes its the foam blocks ,they have had volunteers up there bagging it all up ,Its going to be a huge clean up job..
  2. Holyhead Marina has taken a Beating

    http://www.northwaleschronicle.co.uk/news/16061627.Staff__risking_life_and_limb__as_Storm_Emma_sinks_boats_at_Holyhead_Marina/ Bit more info there, its still blowing a gale up here now..
  3. Cool box needed.

    Wayne I have an Outwell Ecocool 24ltr one that we are no longer using ,its a 240v/12v one
  4. If you don't give it a go Wayne you may live to regret it later on in life, if it doesn't work out you could always go back to being an employee..
  5. Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    Glad to hear you have got it sussed, I may have a few questions to ask when mine turns up.
  6. Just about to purchase one of the above but wanted to check if it is possible to remove the oven door handle or the complete door easily enough without drilling rivots out?? Sizes quoted are slightly too large to fit through the cabin door without a bit of woodwork modification which I would rather avoid if possible..
  7. Cruiser heads design ?

    Mine is the same ,I have half an inch gap between the toilet wall and the window so I do have to be careful where i point the shower, on the lookout for something suitable to seal it off with ,one of many jobs on the list..
  8. Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    How are you getting on with it now you have had it a few days? I've just ordered one to have a fiddle with, did it come with a usb cable if so how long was it and is it a std size usb both ends?
  9. I'll second that, even our boat that was in good condition is still an ongoing project, gas locker relocation, diesel tank for the eberspacher, new whale gulper for the shower, led lights, and I'm now in the process of making new steps to make access easier, plus the little jobs like ,tunnel light tripping its breaker ,canopy leaking through the seams, windscreen crazed, its a never ending list of jobs that will keep you busy
  10. Jason why can't you just buy something to get you both out on the water, forget about the big ideas just buy something you can use, we bought ours knowing we would only have maybe a couple of seasons use out of it, turns out things got worse quicker than we hoped so have now moved it closer to home on the Llangollen, we have had nothing but negative comments since we moved it, but its what we have and I will ignore all of them ,as long as we have next spring/summer to enjoy days and weekends out then I will be happy, just get out there on whatever you can afford, plenty out there for a couple of grand just go for something simple ,a GRP with a four stroke outboard is cheap to buy and cheap to run, far better than the vr goggle nonsense, do the right thing and get her afloat asap...
  11. Anyone passing in the future can be assured its now clear of junk, passed through earlier today and heard a clatter and engine stalled, after clearing the tunnel and mooring up I chucked a magnet in and pulled out this sign
  12. Smallest room in the house

    Its better than it looks now, been using it regularly for the last few months , the second hand water heater is doing a great job, and the gulper pumps out the water faster than it comes in so happy days
  13. Ellesmere tunnel prop foul

    Have to keep an eye out for you and say hello when I'm passing, the blackwater day boat didn't sound in the best of health when it was at the wharf, smelled a bit hot too
  14. Smallest room in the house

    Sounds like a plan,,has it ever had a shower installed? or are starting from scratch??.
  15. Ellesmere tunnel prop foul

    Were you there earlier about 3.30, popped into tesco on the way back down for wine supplies, pretty quiet at the wharf
  16. Smallest room in the house

    Have you got anymore pictures of the boat since you purchased it?? Been following your adventure from the start.
  17. Smallest room in the house

    Yeah why not ,number two and a shower at the same time, it saves a lot of time
  18. Ellesmere tunnel prop foul

    I'll give you a wave I'm moored up just down stream
  19. Smallest room in the house

    I have managed to get another 3 inches after removing the step since that picture was taken Headroom is about 5,8 now
  20. Smallest room in the house

    Same in my Viking ,the shower is lined in the pvc panels that were cut to size,water is supplied from a paloma , the drain is taken care of by a whale gulper, head room is a bit of an issue but its fine for the shorter person (the wife) but its better than no shower, i did remove the step the toilet sat on to make more room,you do have to remember to remove the loo roll first though, pretty sure I have a picture, I'll try and dig it out.
  21. My viking has a four piece folding windscreen, two of the four sections have gone cloudy and crazed in certain areas, I did try and polish these when I bought the boat and then did come up pretty good but now they are looking worse than before, what is the best thing to replace them with ? Heard about Lexan, perspex, acrylic , is lexan another name for perspex? aparantly one is better and more resistant to weathering but unsure if its acrylic or perspex ??
  22. Boat moving cost

    Cheers Richard sent you a pm to explain the situation, really appriciate the offer though, gutted that we had to leave the Lancaster as the bits we had managed to visit were truly stunning, hopefully we will be back one day .
  23. Boat moving cost

    Just after a rough idea of moving a 24ft boat by road from the Lancaster to closer to home ,possibly the Llangollen,Shropie,or Bridgewater, as I don't have a confirmed mooring/location yet I can't get an exact quote but just wondering a ball park figure??, the couple of companies I have asked for a quote to the Llangollen have yet to reply, I've never done this before so no idea of costs involved, any idea of a rough price or any recommended moving firms would be a great help..
  24. Boat moving cost

    Unfortunately not, pretty dissapointed that we didn't spend more time up there but the wife's health meant that we needed to move it closer to home, cheers for the offer and sorry I didn't get back to you to update you on the situation , it took almost 4 months to get a bss test ,after a disastrous failure and unable to get the guy back to check it again after the work was done..
  25. Cheers thanks for that..