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  1. Thanks for the ideas, I’m hopefully at boat next week as allowed for work. I can’t weld yet but that would be my longterm goal ( I had vents in bow locker welded up previously ) I can if I take apart a lot of internal furniture structure get to the inside but will see if the butterfly idea works first. Time to get rid of the cork
  2. Many moons ago the previous owner to my boat had a air con unit, the unit had a vent and drain hole through the cabin wall. I removed the power hungry beast and converted the vent to a closeable air vent but just put a cork in the small drain hole (1 inch). I want to do something a bit more permanent but don’t have access easily to the inside of the hole. Any ideas on good ways to seal it off. i want it to look better from outside and since being away from the boat so much would like the small hole plugged well as it’s amazing how imagination works and I’ve convinced myself ducks
  3. After nearly a year of shielding away at my family farm like Dominic Cummings I’m itching to get back to my boat home. It grates me that this is the same boat caught doing the same thing. Morons either selfish or greedy
  4. Covid-19: Man held and 26 fined over canal-boat party https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56053229 Another canal party party but this time boat was taken
  5. I lived in farnborough for 4 years then Guildford before London, the only place I found was Farncombe boathouse, Godolming, no residential moorings but keep your head down non residential. But this was in 2004 when I needed a base in Surrey as work was dunsfold based.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. That’s what I use on boat, it works well of inverter and in summer solar more than copes. I store it under bed then it sits in bath and I use shower to fill with warm water. One thing is liquid detergent is better as powder can still remain in small flecks after wash.
  8. Great toilet, do you have the manual or electric flush, mine is in red, manual and wondering if worth upgrading to electric flush. Haven’t located spare cassette but the floor mount is great
  9. The one that was on George Clark’s spaces was murdoch. You can google it. I used to have all the plans and layout drawings from when I was researching as one of the old lifeboats from home that was up for sale. I thought it would be a good broads boat. I thought many of the ideas would help but an rnli boat was to different to a drop boat and the plan and boat slipped away. They handle like crap as prop and rudder system are designed for open water
  10. Do you think lock keepers have their own secret forum where they chat but also read this and if so 1) trying to put any level or responsibilities on the keeper may come back to haunt them 2) I’ve always found lockies a friendly helpful lot especially when single handing and they should be given awards thats me covered
  11. This is not the correct way to use a rope ladder in water
  12. Simple answer is no. Yes you can, may well do and probably won’t have police knocking at your door but then you have to accept that your putting yourself in the same group as the people that have to do something that’s not essential. If your lucky then you won’t come into contact with covid or pass it on but statistically if everyone pushes the guidance the it will break. Someone’s car will breakdown, someone will get asymptomatic infection. Someone will take up a bed in hospital that could have been avoided. Not a rant at you personally but I’ve been locked away from March to September was ou
  13. Think of podcasts and YouTube like being in the pub while someone tells you what is what according to them. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s wrong, sometimes it’s infuriating you can listen or not across the bar but as soon as they ask me contribute money/buy them a beer so I can keep listening to it I turn away.
  14. During the big storm last year my boat was rocking and bubble fire stayed in, drawers didn’t, plates didn’t. I was on memory foam mattress so managed too. I’ve got fuel line to pump then splits after filter to fire and line to engine. 250+l tank. Something is not happy with your set up
  15. First topic in a while where I’ve really been set to think about my boat. I’ve got a external stair case of three steps down then three steps internally, the last outer step is a steel plate hinged so lifts up to look at engine, only good for looking as cruiser stern and boards up to work, I’d never thought of the step design as a bulge water drain away, I rarely get water on stern unless cruising in rain as I have a sliding steel roof section that seals it off. I’m 6’5 so often swing in the door rather than shuffle hence fitted many tfl grab bars to my bathroom. I’ve never had issue with fall
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