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  1. I have a diesel stove with back boiler that feeds the cali, it has a deprecate loop that feeds two radiators and another loop of 15mm that goes under the floor for length of boat and is in metal guides, it took me a while but now I can get on the boat cold, close of the cal and just heat rads up then slowly heat up hot water finally open last valve and heat underfloor, it makes a big difference as floor is warmed up but if I just had all 3 loops open it takes hours to heat up as inevitably a lot of heat is leached into hull but once hot tank full and rads scorching then it seems to work fine, I've a little 12v cheap pump to help with gravity move me and it works great.
  2. As a new update to my original post, I had the boards up all day as my exploratory examination of the calirifer meant digging under the bed and size 13 goon I am stood on a pipe and cracked a elbow, water everywhere in floor frames but now fixed and on positive note the amount of black shit that came out of pipes means my bathroom rad is now 500x hotter. Lesson is if you want to sort heating for summer, leave it till summer!
  3. big d

    BBC news

    Slow news to some but she was a work colleague to me so sad news. Wish it didn't need to be news.
  4. I did it in a week, with my brother and his wife two small kids and a dog. From Rugby clockwise, although I considered it leisurely we were going 6+ hours a day. The boating was the fun part but we did stop at warick cathedral, 50p to climb tower better than £70 for warrick castle.
  5. Always thought about it for mine, only ever seen this picture of one
  6. That's may boat! Yes, I removed wiring as it was suspect but the fuel line is blanked off but still there although I wielded over the vent. the previous "owner" was the relative of the guy that built it, also the reason it was left neglected for so long. A lot of stuff including batteries were taken from boat after I'd put an offer in with broker after mates were allowed to take it from boat. Ive been gradually getting the boat to where it suits me. The solar is great, I can't have spent £100 on shore electric and fridge I still 12v so summer sun keeps the ice cream cool and when solar drops off ice a cold pantry in bow that Keeps milk cool in winter. I removed composting toilet and full bath. Also it had full set of white goods, dish washer, washing machine, fridge and freezer plus aircon unit, had gone from full offgrid to house on water. All removed as I didn't need Ive learnt as Ive gone with the bubble, it's on all winter and keeps boat and water hot, no roof wood or coal required. I can do coffee pot on it and many a stew has spent the day perfecting on it. Underfloor heating and rads can be switched off in summer and when cruising bubble will do water heat while not overheating cabin while when on home mooring hookup can do immersion hopefully, it's a balancing act to get it to suit me. not going to mess with gas as don't have it and don't feel I need it.
  7. The guy that built the boat wanted to live off grid, originally there was a diesel genny in bow, its wasn't designed to have a tv and kettle and any electric draw really except 12v pumps etc. When he stopped living off grid it went to a home mooring where it was on mains and had domestic white goods added and air con so one extreme to another, now I am trying to find a balance, I removed some stuff, added others. Been ok for the time I've had it and happy when off mooring as I don't roast a dinner and have a bath on same day. Thank you for concearn but the starter batterys are isolated cranking batterys from the rest so never drawn by anything except engine. I'm happy without gas as in winter diesels better, I just wanted ideas for hot water while on mooring in summer and the option to have when off mooring. As I originally said I don't care about judgement but thanks for putting stuff in bold capitals it really helps me read turns out that also charges my batteries like disbelief, judgement and righteousness
  8. The boat is old, no alternator on engine, resurrection of boat was done in the 90s so hoping I can fit a immersion if not new calirifier
  9. That's the route I will go down, I like to use as much free power from the sun as possible but the time factor for me sold the 240 1kw immersion. Right now in summer all I have is cold water so a timer and mains means when I need it in morning the water will be hot as needs, if when out cruising I can strain bats or just run bubble as when cruising the through air keeps cabin cool. Thank for brain picking, as always saves me coming up with 15 different solutions before getting right one
  10. Years ago while working on tv show, we dropped off air when studio went dark, turns out the lighting crew had switched on a kettle, the show required a large ice rink and 15 plus cameras and full rig. One kettle on the wrong ring was the straw!
  11. Inverter only used for cooker and ceramic hob, vaccume or kettle if I've forgotten to top up shore power, also the water pump system is 240v (water reclamation filtration) except that I'm all 12v. But think the time factor plays as 12v could be on all day off solar in summer but the ability to turn on 240 and have water faster plus wiring much easier I would think, right time to dig out the build files and if I can't find specs then it's a torch and a good dig arround
  12. I know it would take the same amount of energy, my point was efficiency, would a 12v running of batteries and solar be more efficient than a 240v running off inverter or shore power. There's pros and cons to both
  13. Is your immersion 12v or 240v ?
  14. In summer once I had system set up happy I could sell it back to the grid, if only all devices were 12v
  15. Coming up to 4 years, very abused boat as hadn't been left on cut for a year almost abandoned, when I bought it I had to go throughout all systems and wiring with a fine tooth comb (multimeter and ammeter) as families of rodents had made it home. Took a year to get all the solar (21) 70w panels and system happy. New inverter, endless woodwork, strip and clean bilges and metalwork, wielding and then normal care so only now getting around to improving on design.
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