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  1. For a pair of vloggers who don’t take criticism well they are more than happy to slag off a marina without actually providing evidence all under the safety blanket of “not naming it” but showing loads of identification via aerial shots and location info. No skill and obviously lots of cash to keep buying kit for boat while feeding of patrons. (in east anglia we have lots of families with money who pay to ship off idiot sons and daughters away from family). Glad to see the original vloggers got the Boat floated and doing the work, knowing every screw in a build and the run of wires etc means your part of the boat, blood sweat and tears. Or just get another 50k off daddy buy another boat that you know nothing about
  2. For commercial use an operator need Public liability insurance and if pilot is using video footage commercially than despite a drone being under 250g then it can’t be classed as a toy and ergo must have Operational Authorisation.
  3. Anyone can use a drone as long as you have the correct licence and if you are using it to make content that has a financial value then the licence needs to Ben commercial. Doesn’t need matter if you’re 50 or 15. The CAA are cracking down on unlicensed YouTube drone operators since its an easy fine admission the proof is posted online for all to see. If anyone has the right licence and PLI then they are fine. If not expect CAA to catch up soon. Regs tightened in January and the delay due to covid and tracking down nomadic boats won’t keep the CAA away for long.
  4. Not sure but I know the CAA are investigating several vloggers (aforementioned included)who derive income from youtube and who use drones to film without a commercial licence. Big fines as they see the behaviour as very dangerous and very few flight plans submitted. All the toys and no responsibility will catch up soon.
  5. You tube keeps sending me notifications to their videos, I’m not logged in but as I watch Robbie Cumming boat diary on YouTube I guess some algorithm thinks I want to watch them bang on about how they are not “rich by any means” while answering none of the questions about earning money or how one minute a boats too expensive to fix and then having top of the range budgets within a fought-night. Also if I remember ALevel psychology 101 then I’d someone blinks, looks down to the left while making a statement it shows they are accessing the part of the brain that is emotion centric and is used in forming a falsehood. No link to video as not one to drive traffic but does anyone no how to purge a YouTube algorithm
  6. I hired a boat from Clifton a few years back now, took my brother and his family, 4 adults 2 kids and a dog, we did the Warwickshire ring in 7 days. People told me I couldn’t be done but we did it. 7-8 chugging hours per day. Enough spare time to go sledging at snow dome and in and out of Birmingham in one day. This was in the first week of October.
  7. I pulled out the car stereo and put a blue tooth receiver amp in https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WALL-AMPLIFIER-Wall-Plate-amplifier-Bluetooth-Transrceiver-NIF-BINAMP-/253476576266?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Then then I can play from my phone or stream from tv and I have a vinyl deck with Bluetooth so looks and sounds great
  8. I got the excellence in red, good size loo and tank. It’s got a good look. I got the floor mount so it really secure
  9. They are using NPR in my bit of North Norfolk just wait for a ping that a car is out of county, stopped a lot of cars at Blickling and sent them back the other way. Looking for second homers on coast. I’m off to my boat in London on Sunday as you can use a boat as a residence for work and I’ve got a week of work in city so I will be doing a few boaty jobs of an evening. But will head back after work finishes, and not leave home after for 10 days not even to the post box.
  10. Thanks for the ideas, I’m hopefully at boat next week as allowed for work. I can’t weld yet but that would be my longterm goal ( I had vents in bow locker welded up previously ) I can if I take apart a lot of internal furniture structure get to the inside but will see if the butterfly idea works first. Time to get rid of the cork
  11. Many moons ago the previous owner to my boat had a air con unit, the unit had a vent and drain hole through the cabin wall. I removed the power hungry beast and converted the vent to a closeable air vent but just put a cork in the small drain hole (1 inch). I want to do something a bit more permanent but don’t have access easily to the inside of the hole. Any ideas on good ways to seal it off. i want it to look better from outside and since being away from the boat so much would like the small hole plugged well as it’s amazing how imagination works and I’ve convinced myself ducks have pulled cork and are pouring water in. Its steel hull Cheers D
  12. After nearly a year of shielding away at my family farm like Dominic Cummings I’m itching to get back to my boat home. It grates me that this is the same boat caught doing the same thing. Morons either selfish or greedy
  13. Covid-19: Man held and 26 fined over canal-boat party https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56053229 Another canal party party but this time boat was taken
  14. I lived in farnborough for 4 years then Guildford before London, the only place I found was Farncombe boathouse, Godolming, no residential moorings but keep your head down non residential. But this was in 2004 when I needed a base in Surrey as work was dunsfold based.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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