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  1. Doesn’t look like that much work done to boat, just found the broker video https://www.facebook.com/norburywharfltd/videos/frodsham-castle/2321012878214282/
  2. More interesting is if you want to drive it you must make it a round trip? How does she hold the space to bring it back to?
  3. Good luck on the boat search. I was living in London and seeing my money go down the rent hole and searched to find a boat. 15 Years of hire cruising around country experience so Eventually I bought a project which was being sold via broker for probate so no chance to talk to previous owner but fell for the boat and if it’s not steel or engine work required it’s a easy change to do (eventually) I got a survey ( took three weeks ) and then bought it. This was December 5 years ago. Moved to marina in the January, I live in a marina in London. It’s great and I’m paying half as much as I was to rent in London. I am paying about the same out each year but I’m investing in my boat. This is all my experience, marina life is great and safe, if the hull and engine are good and you have a heat source so your warm, woodwork, plumbing, electrics are all things to learn and in doing so you get a grasp of what is where, again I couldn’t ask the last owner but he did leave lots of receipts and photos. So keep looking and get a piece of paper and draw out your perfect layout and wish list. Then when you look at boats you can compare them to your dream boat idea. I spent first 6 months on camp bed with just fire for company, 5 years later and much gutting and woodwork if finally got a bathroom (it was my tool room for 4.5 years) I’ve got a double bed and saloon all done. Marina life meant I could totally rip out a room and have not bathroom for so long (thetford cartidge toilet in tool store). Good luck and keep positive, I saw so many stinker boats before I realised that I wouldn’t find my perfect boat but I could find the foundation. For reference I’ve got a 40ft cruiser stern, perfect 1 person boat.
  4. I’ve got a bath on my narrow boat, it’s a 1200mm long cast iron roll top so comfortably fits me sat up or cross legs (it’s 750mm wide) or legs out full body under (I’m 6’5”). Water tank takes water from the cut and filters. It’s heated by a bubble diesel stove. I can isolate underfloor heating or radiators or cali, so I can heat bath water up while boat is warm then switch so rads don’t go cold. From cold I can have a hot bath ready in about 6 hours and once it’s heated it takes less to boost heat again. I love having the bath as it means even on the wettest day I can get warm through. The cast iron heats up so whole room is warm too. Only down side is no matter how relaxing the bath, 10-15 minutes of whale gulper after break the relaxing mood. Always have bubble bath!
  5. I’ve got one tank and a diesel stove, I thought it would be a one pump at marina and a declaration at time of purchase of what % is propulsion and what is heating and taxes paid appropriately then. It’s how I do it now and tax man isn’t loosing out. I thought anything that goes to engine regardless if it to turn prop or charge batteries means it’s engine=propulsion, stove= heating
  6. So I work in tv as a cameraman and live on a boat, I normally don’t like to bring work home with me but all this talk of vlogs got me thinking. How about high production value tv show in vlog form that everyone on forum can get teeth into. I was thinking a “we are the champions” style show where teams finally settle the age old arguments through the medium of inflatable races on the cut. Show 1, team cassette, team pump out and team compost. Show 2, team traditional, team semi and team cruiser Show 3, team wood burner, team diesel stove and team espatcher. Then grand final two teams to finally decide. Team stove fan v team no fan it’s a load of tripe. Any early subs will get front row seats, all feedback welcome. Note it’s not a real idea but it’s better than some of the prime time crud I’ve been filming and also I don’t have a channel but thanks to everyone that does contribute as I’m sure a tiny amount of tv licence finds its way into my pocket. Also I’ve never done “great canal journeys “ I won’t be blamed
  7. If you already have a good battery drill then the screw splitters are good and I e yet to hurt myself with one yet.
  8. I walk to the nearest Tesco from my boat but use click and collect so it’s all waiting for me but I could take the boat for an hour and pull up right outside a big Tesco but I’d still click collect. Use a trolly to save on your arms
  9. No pictures but I did roasted lamb breast and parsnips today on bubble stove in le cruet pot
  10. Close I’m stern bathroom bedroom kitchen living room now Maps are in already, district line as I used to live at Turnham Green. All parts of bathroom purchased no trains missing parts
  11. On Saturday nights there is a pissed up bloke sitting slumped over
  12. I’ve got a shower seat to make it easy to shower, whale gulper and pipe work in cupboard with cleaning gear
  13. Traditional in sense that it’s got a bath, shower, sink and toilet but I fancied something a bit different.
  14. So it’s taken a while but I’ve almost finished my bathroom, just waiting or the bath surround trim.
  15. I grew up there and had great fun kayaking, we often came across hire boats that had failed to fathom the term non navigational.
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