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  1. There is a boat that is often at the markets at Alvecote marina, cant remember the name of them though, they sell lots of tiller pins.. Maybe someone else will remember?
  2. What a horrible thread this turned into..
  3. I would go to Coventry basin first, have a bit of city cruising, Friday night at Hawkesbury, Saturday night in the basin, Sunday night Ansty. Then head south after that, the first few miles of the Ashby are a bit dull and you wont get much further than Hinckley, unless you put in very long days.
  4. I wouldn't get too bothered about being non residential, unless the marina spells it out that you must not spend X amount of time sleeping on the boat, and yelvertoft is not like that.. Even CRT moorings get a blind eye turned, just keep your head down and you will be ok.
  5. Give CRT more money and they will just waste more money, take work off them to save money and they will waste that money also.. A trend has been set, waste money and get away with it.
  6. all good thanks, not on here much, more lurking, prefer the other channel. Dave
  7. but but but you must always slow down to a snails pace.
  8. Yes, its right next to the canal by bridge 23a.. Guess some people miss though..
  9. Lock 9 is playing up, short pound between low on water all year, now draining very quickly down through 9, top and bottom gates need work...
  10. My Alde also heats water and rads, but Its different to others I believe as I leave the boiler running and it heats nothing, if I flick a switch on the wall it runs hot water around my calorifier heating the hot water, if I want the rads hot I turn up the wall thermostat, I don't need to use any valves to split between the two and both can run together or independently. Take about 15 minutes to heat water enough for a hot shower.
  11. Yes passed a few weeks ago, so is the marina run by Rothens then I wonder, someone mentioned it was owned by Barry Hawkins in the original thread..
  12. Depends on the examiner, I have a good chunk of wires through the bulkhead, a few are not protected apart from being taped to the protection of the protected ones... if you get me. Passed no problem.
  13. You should try Hatton. On the hottest day of 2019. Whilst running out fuel half way down and having to walk to the petrol station and back carrying 20L of fuel.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I would go for Atherstone, top of the locks, quick walk down to lock four and you are at the train station, dog walking better, shops if you need them close by and no polish fishing next your boat all night like the basin, or sitting on the bench drinking...
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