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  1. Not sure they had the getsapo running the locks with limited hours 150 years ago...
  2. Just open a booking system on the web for the busy flights in summer months. Not really hard is it.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. The owners of the boat let artists paint it, then they paint it plain and let another artist have a go.
  5. When you say nearer, were they blocking any boats path if coming out the marina, i guess at 11pm no boats would be leaving?
  6. 11 locks, marina is between locks 5 and 6, so not halfway i would say, halfway would be halfway up/down lock 5. Nice and cheap, but nightmare getting in and out, have you seen the volume of boats stuffed in there!
  7. Would steer away from marinas if possible, will be paying for a full pontoon, so £200/month or there abouts, the one listed on the waterside moorings back a few posts back is a good shout as you only pay for 23ft, less than £70/month, the moorings there are nice and rural and plenty of boaters live there so will keep an eye on your boat, only issue is having to cruise half a day to get off the Ashby. Or Tamworth cruising club is one that hasn't been mentioned. Tamworth Cruising Club
  8. Another day boat option, boot wharf in Nuneaton, could make it half way down the Atherstone flight and back in a day.. Canal Boat Hire Nuneaton, Coventry Canal – Boot Wharf Boats Nuneaton (boot-wharf-boats.co.uk)
  9. Was leaking terribly a couple of weeks ago when i came through, isnt it the lock that blown the seal last year? if no boats have come through you have to let water down through lock 8 to get out of lock 9.
  10. I agree with what Alan said, when I moved on my boat, ex hire with no fire, I used a bottle a week, but I was at work all day and spent two nights off the boat, I had the heater on 7 and thermostat on 20, due to the boat being an ex hire boat it wasn't really built with deepest winter in mind, so the alde struggled to get/keep the boat above 18c when it was sub 0 outside, I fear if I had been on the boat 7 nights a week and really wanted the whole boat toasty then I wuld have used up two bottles with ease. Spring and Autumn was where it shines. Now days I only use it with all rads off except the bedroom.
  11. And if you are cruising, nobody is going to pull you over and ask for receipts for your tank of diesel.
  12. Who is going to know you are running a boat on diesel that has not had the relevant duty paid? Crack on I say
  13. Lets look at it this way, if Boris was on Twitter and posted all his day you would look and more than likely complain about what he was up to, just like your post on TB about calling the police on him and have him turned around at the Scottish border, pot kettle and all that.
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