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  1. Mark E Smith

    Its not my thing, nor is rap and a lot of other genres, but i respect the person making the music, i.e the musician...
  2. Mark E Smith

    He wasnt a musician?
  3. Interesting Boaty Business Up For Sale

    Not quite right, it was built elsewhere and dropped in at Boot wharf, then moved up the canal. Upon finishing last year it was then moved back to boot wharf and lifted out. I might be able to find some photos of it being lifted out. I am told it just passes through the bridge holes, although the wheel house had to be removed.
  4. 3/8 or 10mm gas pipe??

    I dont think you have a clue what you are saying.
  5. Known canal bottlenecks where, when, why

    Sounds right...
  6. Known canal bottlenecks where, when, why

    Another point on the Staffs and Worcs, cant remember the name of it now though, goes really thin with a few passing points.
  7. Brewing tea

    Yeah me too, to be fair i usually boil the kettle then open the lid and leave for 30 seconds, then pour straight onto tea leaves/ground coffee.
  8. Change of scene or lifestyle? Try this!!

    Anyone else think its looks crap? £42k....
  9. Holding Tank Decommission

    I sealed off my second tank, didnt bother with all the faff, just pump out and left the cap off to vent for a while, then when the toilet was removed just sealed up the hole. Never had any stink from it.
  10. Brewing tea

    https://www.johnlewis.com/sage-by-heston-blumenthal-the-smart-kettle/p489130 No need to faff with milk/water first.
  11. Camper Van

    Not really, we went away in it once, used it for a few days for work then the clutch went, sold it not long after. I think we spent around £600 in total, sold it for about £400. Enjoyed doing it though.
  12. Camper Van

    I converted an old LDV minibus into a motorhome a few years ago, on a budget, worked out quite well i thought. http://ldv400conversion.blogspot.co.uk/
  13. Blacking

    Springwood haven? Had mine done last year, top service! Think i paid about £600 but i had a the weed hatch repaired and sealed also, they even filled up the greaser for free.
  14. wild night.

    No, towards Leicester.
  15. wild night.

    Tree down on marston lane this morning... Another one on the way to work had took out a bus shelter, hopefully nobody was waiting for a bus!