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  1. There's permanent moorings advertised right outside the Titanic Hotel and they are filling up just past the old Tobacco Warehouse, I presume the Titanic will have details, cant remember if there was a contact details board up when I went past in October!
  2. Again....There is only 1 type of Thermotop C...its a water heating boiler! Your post 11 clearly shows you dont know what you're on about... To quote Tom Jones...'its not unusual!' So again....Its really not that difficult! ?
  3. It clearly states a ' Webasto Thermo top C' in the title which is a water heater, not a Webasto air top which is a warm air heater.. Its really not that difficult!
  4. 'Should boats not displaying a current licence be named and shamed?' Where has the OP implied that boat is unlicensed?
  5. andyberg


    Su's known in both The Farmers & The Slipway pub, where she moors between as being ' not the brightest' when it comes to living on a boat! ? This thread proves that!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1407105596036513/permalink/1722259847854418/
  7. Came across thes whist browsing anold mag..
  8. andyberg


    And again tonight.. Road blocked / cars forced to turn around due to barriers in down position!
  9. andyberg


    Work going on ground around the control room today, barriers erected etc, just possibly a larger feed being run? Couldnt stop to enquire as I drove by, had traffic behind.
  10. Heres a few pics from a boat just down the Jetty from you Peter, RH 2YDA.
  11. I went to the Hallmark disposal auctions when they went bust at thier workshops in Deeside about 15 years ago.... it was reminiscent of a 'MFI reject / returns' warehouse, they barely gave the stuff away and rightly so, they were sh**e with a capital S!
  12. I was talking about real, commercial boating folk from the 1800's not folk playing at it recently!
  13. Sounds like a normal working day in 'times gone by' for the traditional carrying boatmen & their families. I'm all for keeping the early boating traditions alive, collarless shirts & waistcoats, ribboned plates, scumbling, chimney chains and fighting on the towpath at mooring up times!!
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