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  1. Brotherly Love?

    I was talking about real, commercial boating folk from the 1800's not folk playing at it recently!
  2. Brotherly Love?

    Sounds like a normal working day in 'times gone by' for the traditional carrying boatmen & their families. I'm all for keeping the early boating traditions alive, collarless shirts & waistcoats, ribboned plates, scumbling, chimney chains and fighting on the towpath at mooring up times!!
  3. Oops! - Twice!

    He pulled in St Mary's on the Rufford branch yesterday for diesel, seemed 'all a little too much' mooring at the diesel point. He tried backing in at hi revs and resulted it another crash into the bank! Dont think he had an overly successful trip overall!
  4. Stretching a boat

    No shit Sherlock! No
  5. Liverpool Link

    Yes they do the first bridge 9 at 09.30 and guide you thro so perfect place to stop.... I'm there this Saturday eve for passage thro Sunday for a week!
  6. Liverpool Link

    There's the Bootle Arms, a short walk up the lane at the swing bridge (no10 I think) before Wango Lane. I always stop there then a 5 minute cruise the next morning to your CRT meet place! 2for 1 menu, it's good food too....Recommended http://www.bootlearmspub.co.uk/
  7. Booking Ribble Link

    Perhaps call CRT offices and ask them since it's them You will be booking with!

    What a strange & hypocritical analogy posted by someone who has gone on a forum as a guest yet judge it all,on another 'safe' forum, by one thread they have read!

    It's a big bad world out there ya know! How have you managed to keep them safe from nasty swear words? Theres far worse than an odd F word freely available direct from google!!

    I'm intrigued as to why there has been no comment from anyone 'In Power' as to this comment, that's a pretty scathing observation posted and something that I would of thought would need to be rectified! Quite probably why this site boasts so many 'members' but actually, has so few 'active' contributors!
  11. Asking price vs. sale price

    jumping through hoops? What declaring you've 'sold your boat' when they ask where you got all that cash?
  12. Eberspacher / Webasto / MV recommendation?

    Seen this blower on offer which looks like it would be ideal to fit in my rear cabin...but are they right with the 4.25KW rating? , surely that would heat a full boat on full chat? https://www.butlertechnik.com/installation-accessories-c63/water-heater-matrices-c116/kuba-4-25kw-water-heat-exchanger-12v-12018041-p1356
  13. Eberspacher / Webasto / MV recommendation?

    Much appreciated, thank you..email sent!
  14. Eberspacher / Webasto / MV recommendation?

    Anyone know the water pipe diameter from a Webasco Thermo top as I'll be connecting to 22mm copper plus what size copper is required for the fuel feed? Pricing / working out exactly what's needed!!
  15. I'm going to fit a water heater in spring, ahydronic / thermotop 5kw kit setup I'm looking to purchase over next month or so, Any recommendations as to the best/ most reliable? Any worthwhile differences / advantages / disadvantages between them? Cheers