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  1. Pour it down the local CRT elsan ...Hopefully it'll lubricate & shift the composting bog contents blocking it!
  2. I bought one as a spare to keep in the cupboard for my Thermo-top setup which I hadn't used and then bought another to fix a job on a pals unit which had a faulty pump. Upon trying the 1st Chinese one on his kit, it fired pretty much straight away but put no heat out, as if it was only running on 'tickover', tried my spare which gave same symptoms. Tried them both on my 'known' working setup, same again, running but not enough to give out any heat.! Ended up buying a used genuine Webasto one off ebay to fix his fault, worked as should straight away I presume they don
  3. Did you use one of the cheapo Chinese 2-5kw fuel pumps off Ebay priced between £9 to around £30 to fix your prior issues? The cheapo's don't supply the required fuel to run a Webasto Thermo-top at any sort of power / heat output, just enough to get it to start up and tick over!!
  4. Theres ‘actual help & advice’ available to you over on the ‘other side’ without all the general waffle available here! ? ? http://thunderboat.boards.net/thread/5627/perkins-l4-query-on-
  5. There's permanent moorings advertised right outside the Titanic Hotel and they are filling up just past the old Tobacco Warehouse, I presume the Titanic will have details, cant remember if there was a contact details board up when I went past in October!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Again....There is only 1 type of Thermotop C...its a water heating boiler! Your post 11 clearly shows you dont know what you're on about... To quote Tom Jones...'its not unusual!' So again....Its really not that difficult! ?
  8. It clearly states a ' Webasto Thermo top C' in the title which is a water heater, not a Webasto air top which is a warm air heater.. Its really not that difficult!
  9. 'Should boats not displaying a current licence be named and shamed?' Where has the OP implied that boat is unlicensed?
  10. Su's known in both The Farmers & The Slipway pub, where she moors between as being ' not the brightest' when it comes to living on a boat! ? This thread proves that!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1407105596036513/permalink/1722259847854418/
  12. Came across thes whist browsing anold mag..
  13. andyberg


    And again tonight.. Road blocked / cars forced to turn around due to barriers in down position!
  14. andyberg


    Work going on ground around the control room today, barriers erected etc, just possibly a larger feed being run? Couldnt stop to enquire as I drove by, had traffic behind.
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