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  1. Ferndale passed my mooring a short while ago so must be now outward bound on the Ouse as we speak.
  2. Joe Bourke

    A Horn

    Stebel Nautilus
  3. Louis & Joshua was on number 101 when the owner Mike Lewis died and the firm closed. They had also done re-fits etc on barges such as Sobriety. Over in the Netherlands a star on the bow denotes that the craft is free of any finance, so being a bit of a nerd i put some on.
  4. Well there is a document entitled "Great Heck Mining Subsidence Remediation Works Environmental Impact Assessment", complete with maps etc. Would that be adequate? Apparently Kellingley Colliery was mining below there. I also believe there was at one time a move by the CBOA and British Waterways to get compensation from British Coal regarding subsidence issues but I don't know what the outcome was.
  5. Farndale H is loaded and moored in Goole ready to go inland to Knostrop I presume on Monday.
  6. Maurice Hirst was based in Knottingley, Yorkshire. He had a working yard and slipway. It's still there but under new ownership and combined with Harkers next door. There is a Facebook group, Hirst Boatbuilders.
  7. The last time I had any decent whiskey YOU ended up with it.
  8. I've just messaged Clare, it would be great to see Don. We have another French & Peel vessel as a neighbour, Humbrian Sea, just gone on sale as it happens.
  9. Just remember that when the Red Mist descends there's probably a smart phone ready and waiting to capture it in all its glory. Perhaps seeing the smart phone deterred the skipper of the cruiser from doing something even worse, who knows. It is also worth bearing in mind that another "innocent" craft might have been approaching that bend and put in a very dangerous situation. Remember there are more paddleboarders, kayakers, and personal watercraft users than ever before on the waterways. Seeing footage like this has made ME less likely to feature in a future "You've Been Framed" episode. Hopefully. 😁
  10. I am sorry Duncan i missed this post. I only saw it because someone mentioned it on your query about going up the Trent. Of course this response might well be way way too late. If I couldn't get work done on my boat on the Ancholme i would consider Hull Marina and the 2 Goole marinas first. All are easier to get to than Thorne. If you are intending to get onto the main canal system anyway, I would probably go to Goole and then onwards, but of course Stanilands Marina at Thorne via Keadby is the other option. All the afore mentioned marinas have blacking facilities. As for stern gland packing and welding of mounts both can be done in the water where you are. Leaving the Ancholme is a daunting task, but not insurmountable. Get someone experienced to lend a hand. South Ferriby to Hull, Keadby, or Goole are only short trips, and very pleasant in the right weather, and correctly planned.
  11. I've just dug out my ships log book. We had come up the Humber from Spurn and locked in at South Ferriby and the River Ancholme for a couple of days before proceeding inland, ultimately to Nottingham. It was July, 2013. We turned North (to Port) along the bank to get around the island and onto the correct channel. We locked out of S. Ferribly at 1320. HW predicted at 1602. Passed Apex (Trent Falls) 1415 Keadby. 1515 W. Stockwith. 1638 Arrived Torksey. 1825 I must emphasise that we had up to date ABP Charts, we were always navigating on a rising tide, and had depth finder, vhf, etc. As already mentioned ships may well be maneuvering at the various wharves up the Trent at that state of the tide. They weren't that day, maybe it was a little early on the tide. We were always on the relevant VHF Channels and had contacted VTS. We passed some groups of narrowboats further up the Trent that had left Keadby and W.Stockwith so that confirmed to us we were right in our timings. We aren't a great deal faster than a narrowboat being heavy displacement. We have a 4ft draught.
  12. Some trying to come, but because no-one is leaving there is no room at the inn. 😁
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