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  1. Maybe, but I cba to wade through several pages of irrelevant questions.
  2. Depends how much you use your computer during the day and what its energy use is while idle. Certainly turning off saves electricity but probably reduces the life of the various components. Some computers also do their automated maintenance and cleanup while idle and turning off at every opportunity prevents this. My desktop iMac is 11 years old and gets turned off while we're away for more than 24 hours. This is quite profligate since it uses about 100W when idle. A neighbour has a newer machine that uses 24W, much more economical. My laptop has a 30W charger and lasts several days on a single charge. Never is an absolute word so I cannot say it never gets turned off... I have seen data that suggests that turning a car engine off for even 7 seconds saves fuel; I couldn't say whether that also applies to boats but it will certainly affect the charging cycle for domestic batteries. Sadly I'm not an expert so cannot whether this would be good or bad.
  3. My response (by email to the market research company) I’m very sorry but the format of your questionnaire isn’t going to get a meaningful response from me. Too many questions; most not really relevant. My feedback is I got a fast response which told me the matter was in hand. No timescales, no indication of what other reports had been received. As a boater I want the infrastructure to be useable and reliable, routine maintenance needs to be planned to prevent failures from occurring and when failures do unfortunately occur they need to be repaired so that another failure at the same location will not result in an unplanned stoppage. Unfortunately CRT do not always achieve this which results in justified criticism from the boating community.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. conbert + autokorrekt = con be set?
  6. I think a VPN would stop the Chinese government monitoring you so effectively. Of course, you have to be certain that your VPN isn't provided (or monitored) by an equally unpleasant government.
  7. While looking for information about local boarding kennels I happened across this: About 15 years ago (2002) the late Joe Green of this village asked me to undertake research into his claim that he witnessed the passage of a mini submarine on the river Aire somewhere in Methley . I did make some in depth enquiries at the time but I was unable to confirm such a journey. Joe always furthered the subject when we met, I suspect to overcome the disbelief of his claim by some of his tap room cynics, but again, no luck with the enquiries. He was however, able to tell me that it was called the ‘Sprat’. Enquiries did reveal that there had been some five such vessels tied up in Hull docks in the 1950’s but no report of any inland waterway journeys. In September this year (2017) quite by chance in Normanton library I came across the attached photograph in a book covering local canals where it was reported that the vessel was en route from Wakefield to Leeds and navigated on the surface of the canal for clearance purposes. The book was unable to confirm the date. At this stage a conversation with Vera Garland at the weekly Archives gathering enabled me to call Joe’s daughter Joan in Lofthouse and relate the find to her. Joan was able to add more to the story claiming that as a young girl she also saw the vessel along with her father and others from the village watching it negotiating Kippax Locks. Joan also added that the Rothwell Record had since reported the story and offered to provide me with a copy of their coverage. Sorry Joe it’s all a bit late! https://www.methley-village.co.uk/joe-green-midget-submarine It seems scarcely believable.
  8. Some. Most are mineral oil based. I think (crude) petroleum rather than mineral oil.
  9. The gasometer is no longer there, of course. It's a moot point whether the HNC offers a round trip route...
  10. Which means what, exactly, in term of plastics? I'll accept that many things ARE biodegradable unless the material it's made from isn't plant based. Otherwise we just have to decide whether we believe the manufacturer, many of whom will say anything if they think it will help them gain a sale.
  11. How can we possibly know they stick around in the environment for centuries?
  12. I don't wish to dampen your spirits but the forecast for Melbourne looks no worse than weather I have witnessed in the UK at this time of year. Though tbh, you'd be very unlucky for that to last more than a week.
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