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  1. We could be lucky and have zero infections by the end of 2022. That's about the same time frame as for Spanish flu. I think that's a bit optimistic unless we also have an effective vaccine by the middle of next year.
  2. If I was a betting man I'd say that steelwork is there to stop the lock collapsing. Though it could just be a pergola
  3. Well, of course you could go, get your drink, neck it and leave in a matter of just a few minutes. Not sure if it's worth bothering then, though.
  4. You did. And I will continue to maintain that some (a very small number, admittedly) did set out to make the world worse. I don't know about Stalin or Pol Pot. How about John Tyndall? Indeed
  5. It's that word 'nobody'. It's so absolute. A very small number of people are prepared to do the most unspeakable things to gain and hold on to power; a larger number are prepared to follow for whatever reason. Does Arthur really mean nobody ever set out to make the world a worse place?
  6. To be fair there could be all sorts of other reasons: all the repair facilities might have been at capacity (which isn't DIRECTLY caused by lack of money)
  7. Because that's why we go to the pub. If we weren't going to meet people we might as well stay home with a mug of cocoa.
  8. I'd like to think that's true...
  9. Perhaps we should have another referendum? :tonguefirmlyincheek:
  10. The same in Bradford. In fact things were so bad that they introduced fortnightly signing.
  11. Point of order Mr Chairman: the Callaghan Government introduced YOP (1978); Thatcher expanded it (1980) and then replaced it with YTS (1983). The idea was to massage the unemployment figures. Didn't work, everyone knew exactly what was going on. Some parts of the country there wasn't any realistic prospect of getting paid employment. Times were hard, industries were shutting down. And where there was work it was too often temporary contracts which invariably led to a spell on the dole before the next one came along.
  12. 'Twas between Napton and Braunston 3 years ago. A year later further up the North Oxford but I forget the exact location.
  13. And you have evidence to the contrary?
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