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George and Dragon

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  1. George and Dragon

    Fly control

    Tautology. But I understand your meaning
  2. George and Dragon

    Chimney sweeping

    That's a serious bit of kit 🤤
  3. George and Dragon

    Chimney sweeping

    Fortunately not. But a salutary tale nevertheless. Sounds promising. I should be able to make some kind of jig to attach it to a cordless drill
  4. George and Dragon

    Chimney sweeping

    I'm sure this will have been asked and answered countless times already: how should I clean the chimney from the solid fuel stove? It's only about 1.5 metres with two annoying little bends at either end so that it leaves perpendicular to the top of the stove and similarly exits the roof.
  5. George and Dragon

    Pumping water out of a water tank

    I have a Pela which I bought for oil changes on my car. Worked perfectly. The downside was the design of the dipstick tube on the side of the block rather than straight through into the sump so it couldn't do what I wanted (completely empty the engine oil). It's now on the boat and will be used to empty the bilges instead.
  6. George and Dragon

    Which one?

    I'd certainly expect there to be more traffic away from Crick in either direction on Tuesday/Wednesday. Our trip has had to be postponed so we're likely to be avoiding travelling through Braunston the weekend of 23/24 June for the same reasons.
  7. George and Dragon

    Ultraflex throttle control part

    Thanks Martyn, looks like a useful link I'd be tempted to try making one with Sugru. https://sugru.com
  8. George and Dragon

    Back boilers in solid fuel burning stoves

    Indeed. We have a Morso Squirrel (no back boiler) in the middle of the boat and Webasto running the rads. Open the doors and point the fan towards the bedroom is perfectly adequate even when it's -8C outside. The walk to the stern to start the Webasto first thing isn't such fun.
  9. George and Dragon

    Cheap Generator

  10. George and Dragon

    Cruiser stern "dodger"

    From where I'm sitting Halesowen is definitely down south
  11. George and Dragon

    Bank Holiday tied up and secure!!

    This might be known as the eBay process... except that there seem to be very few auctions on eBay these days :{
  12. George and Dragon

    Which one?

    Thank you
  13. George and Dragon

    Dog Friendly Pubs on the Trent and Soar

    Great stuff. Have a greenie. Oh. I can't yet
  14. George and Dragon

    Which one?

    We're about to do the Leicester ring starting in a week or so. Because of Crick we'll be getting that part out of the way first since we'd otherwise be coming through during the boat show. Is mooring in Leicester still as bad as posts on the forum from 2012 suggest? I've seen more recent posts that claim it's much improved.

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