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  1. I just got a vernier on my welded type box (spanner type) windlass, also "Walshes", and can confirm it is tapered. More accurately the smaller box is tapered, the larger one not so, just like the skeleton open frame type in fact.
  2. I agree with you but it`s very difficult when the "customer" is telling you to list what he needs so he can order it for a job which has to be done in the next few days. What can one do ? Basically if people want to rip off your time there isn`t really much you can do about it, but what makes it even more unforgiveable is all the information he needed (and a shed load else) is all on our website anyway, he just couldn`t be arsed to look for it ! At the end of the day, morally, all of us should spend our money where we get our information (or vice verse), it`s that simple.
  3. Funnily enough I`ve just been onto the supplier, and she says they actually sell them to the CRT, so, one would have thought, they can`t be that bad !
  4. It was actually bought from Britmarine aka Sawley Marina, I may phone them for Walshes phone number. Speaking from experience, I run a business supplying by mail order (amongst other things) and we get a bit frustrated at people phoning us up for info when they haven`t, and don`t intend to, buy anything off us ! One guy was on the phone to me for 35 soddin` minutes picking my brains the other day, and still didn`t buy anything, thirty five minutes ! I can usually tell when people are time wasting but he knew just how to keep me on supplying all the possible info he needed for his supposedly urgent job. My thoughts on him are unprintable.......
  5. I agree, hence me wanting to check with Walshes Implements that the windlass wasn`t manufactured incorrectly.
  6. If they are tapered (including the welded type which are possibly more common ? ) then obviously the contact surface area would be much greater. That said, many people use open ended spanners and for most things they`re OK, particularly for square nuts much torque can be safely used. Ring spanners are capable of accepting even more torque without damaging the nut, and that`s a hexagonal nut don`t forget. The open frame type windlass is effectively two ring spanners one above the other, i.e. double the contact area of a plain ring spanner.
  7. As regards doing possible damage to the spindles (because the frame type windlasses allegedly don`t spread the load onto the spindle), surely, unless the box spanner type windlasses are tapered, only the non handle end of the box spanner is actually making contact with the tapered spindle ? Is that not correct ? If it is correct it may well be the frame type are actually making just as much contact (surface area wise) as the box spanner type ?
  8. I have just received my 4 hole windlass for my birthday (! ? !). I did check to see if the holes were different sizes (on either side of the frame I mean) so as to account for the tapered spindle and give a better fit and therefore, as you say, less damage to either the windlass or the spindle. A few minutes with a vernier gave the following rather bizarre results : Smaller holes : non handle side 26.3mm square, handle side 24.0mm square, i.e. 2.3mm smaller - as one would expect Larger holes : non handle side 30.8mm square, handle side 31.2mm square, i.e. 0.4mm larger - ? ! ? How can that be ? One would expect the holes on the handle side to be slightly smaller to compensate for the taper of the spindle, as indeed the smaller holes are. But for the larger holes the handle side ones are actually larger ! Has the windlass been made correctly or have I missed something ? If the former has anyone got Walsh Implements phone number for me to check with them ?
  9. As we stated on an alternative thread, the charge for Amethyst Light during the school holidays was astronomical, so we rented a cottage in Norfolk * and hired a day boat from Herbert Woods. It cost £107 ("high season"...…), we picked it up at just before 10.00AM and returned it at 5.00PM. We did about 18 miles and got to West Somerton, the end of the Martham Ferry stub, Hickling and the (ex) Brograve wind pump along the Waxham cut. I was a bit disappointed we didn`t make the end of navigation on the Waxham cut but we ran out of time...…. Though isn`t Brograve wind pump the destination for the IWA silver propeller challenge ? ! ? Not that we own a boat to put it on anyway ! * A three bedroom / two bathroom cottage for £700 a week. As far as I remember Amethyst Light was £1000 for 4 nights or £1500 for a week (for the same week) !
  10. We were at Herbert Woods boatyard yesterday and noticed they were charging £1.20 per litre for diesel. Significantly cheaper than Alpha Craft`s £1.45, but still pretty pricey, JD boats charged us 96p/L only about 6 weeks ago.
  11. I asked the bloke form the hire company about gas heating and he said there was "all sorts of safety implications about it and that was why it wasn`t fitted to hire boats any more". Whether that`s true or not, the cynic in me says if you were a hire company and could hire a boat out where the customers paid for the heating (rather than you), what would you do ? ! ?
  12. As I understand it the grill was being used as a space heater whilst the men were sleeping. That`s obviously more risky, but, one would like to know, did the grill involved have a gas shut off for no flame ? If so was it working ? And the boat did not have a carbon monoxide detector...... As a side point one could argue that, if safety at all costs was the number one priority and cookers heat was deemed dangerous, hire companies should be including the fuel as part of the hire charges because to not do so is obviously going to encourage people to use the ("free") heat from the cooker as a heater.
  13. AFAIK carbon monoxide is marginally lighter than air, carbon dioxide is heavier than air. On this subject, I though all boats had carbon monoxide alarms ? The last boat we hired certainly did.
  14. Under what circumstances would it be inadvisable ? We`re assuming the hob has working thermocouples to turn off the gas should the flame go out and the boat has ventilators in the ceiling (for the carbon monoxide), but I thought these were both legal requirements ? If the aforementioned thermocouples aren`t working one would think it`s also inadvisable to use the hob for cooking. A hob gives off heat as a by product of cooking, why is it OK to use that heat as a by product of cooking, but not on its own ?
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