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Justin Smith

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    Swimming, boating, TV/radio transmission, railways and my family, not necessarily in that order.

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  1. So I`ve heard Boris Johnson is going to try and force through a no deal Brexit whilst effectively a caretaker PM (when he shouldn`t be enacting any controversial legislation), when there`s no majority in parliament, and, crucially, none in the country either. Even the most blinkered Brexiteer surely could not honestly say Leave would have won in 2016 (it was 52/48 remember) had the voters known there`d be no deal, and, just as important, I thought polls indicated well under 50% support for a no deal exit now, and that`s excluding "don`t knows" ! And that`s democracy, apparently. I can say with 100% certainty I NEVER heard Leave say, during the referendum campaign, we`d be leaving with no deal (or its equivalent). Far from it they said, at every opportunity, "the EU will give us everything we want because we buy more from them than they buy from us". Some particularly dishonest and/or blinkered Brexiteers are STILL saying that now......
  2. But how would the above method work if there are no bollards or mooring rings ? A situation common on the cut...... When we go on the Broads, the only boating we do in rivers with a current I find it very much easier to moor going upstream, you can usually come in almost parallel if you get it right.
  3. I`ve just realised it should have read going through immigration, and it was the immigration official who annoyed me ! I can remember another thing she said "we`re just trying to protect our borders sir". Yeah, sorry for coming over there and spending thousands of pounds ! And I`m told it`s even worse going to many countries, particularly the USA, and even more now with Trump in charge. Don`t let this put you off going to NZ though, it`s a fabulous place and almost everyone is VERY friendly (apart from some of the immigration officials.....). The picture above was taken at a sheep station where the farmer let us stop over night, having taken us to some Maori war pole on her Quad bike earlier ! I`d say NZ was as friendly as Shetland, and that`s saying something ! ! Oh yes, Shetland voted Remain didn`t they ? Any co-incidence there ?
  4. I found many of the foreign waterways very interesting and, in fact, have hiring a boat in France on our list of stuff we want to do. We went to Argentina about 10 years ago and whilst there went up to Tigre so it was fascinating to watch Tim & Pru going up the same river, somewhere relatively few Britains have ever gone to. Not that we were in a boat, we just went for a day trip from Buenos Aires by train !
  5. On the contrary, two close family members have dementia.
  6. I agree with you, but my wife isn`t so sure, her theory is most of the people watching Great Canal Journeys are actually already boaters (of varying degrees of frequency) already ! She may be right, or the truth may be somewhere between the two. Whatever the truth, I love the series. Surely the imperfect boat handling skills on the show are one of the biggest sellers of boating holidays. Many of those I tell of our boating holidays are a bit intimidated about having to handle a "big boat". They learn that every boater makes mistakes, the great majority really are something and nothing with no damage done, thus seeing it on the TV may reduce their intimidation and increase the chances they`ll hire. And make no mistake, the more boaters there are, including hirers, the better for the canal system.
  7. Surely it`s all relative, I`m forgetting loads of stuff I used to know (or thought I did......) many is the time I just cannot think of the word I need to use.
  8. TBH she doesn't seem that bad, we always find it slightly amusing when Tim starts going on about Pru`s dementia, compared to a few we know she`s sharp as a pin. When we hire a boat with a steering wheel the first essential step, is to ascertain exactly where dead ahead is, then mark the wheel with a piece of insulation tape ! Interestingly it`s not actually that easy to find where dead ahead is because of side winds and/or currents.
  9. I was mentioning camper vans on another thread, and it reminded me when we went to New Zealand and hired one : What has this got to do with Brexit ? Well it reminded me of this : When we went to NZ on holiday back in 2012 I was surprised, and a not a little annoyed, at how probing the customs officer was with us when we were going through security at Auckland airport. Basically I was made to feel that the customs official was doing me a favour letting me into NZ and it rather wound me up. One of the things that I love about being in the EU is one doesn`t get that travelling to EU countries, we have a right to be there. It upsets me deeply that will go when we leave / if we leave. Worse, the fact we`re "leaving on lies" on a close result makes me angry. Anger and upset together are powerful and will ensure that for many people they won`t "just get over it and unite".
  10. We went to Shetland, well twice actually, and that seemed like the kind of place to go wild camping, safe, sparsely populated, and very very friendly.
  11. The fact is that Brexit, as advertised by Leave, has never existed.
  12. Yes, to me that`s one of the great attractions of boating, you can moor up anywhere miles from anyone, absolute quiet and peace. When we hired a camper van in NZ that was what I wanted to do most of the time (wild camping is more or less legal over there, though a local said it`s safer and easier in the South Island), though the wife was keener on stopping in a site.
  13. I can see if one own`s the boat and doesn`t want to use one`s own loo or shower, plus charging the batteries is using one`s own fuel, then paying a relatively small amount for overnight mooring might make more sense. But if you`re in a hire boat, particularly one with no shore power facility, and indeed the fuel might be included anyway, then paying to moor up makes less sense. Given the choice I`d rather moor up miles away from anywhere anyway, the equivalent of "wild camping" (as it was referred to when we hired a camper van in NZ), though I accept that if one wants to visit the town, for an Indian in this case - that doesn't really work !
  14. When we`re down the local pools with him other parents frequently say he`s like a fish isn`t he ? Actually I`d say like an otter.....
  15. Funnily enough, whilst going south through the Hillmorton locks on the morning of the day our lad went in, we got briefly chatting to a boater going the other way, and he said he`d been boating 50 odd years and had fallen in a few weeks previously for the first time. He said it was wet and his foot was on the edge of the gunwhale (where it isn`t grippy), he wasn`t concentrating and in he went.
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