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  1. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    No, although personally I like the use the abbreviation 'eu' to reflect its lower status to that of sovereign countries. Anyway, only 44 days to go until we can have our curved bananas back.
  2. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/brexit/nigel-farage-claims-35000-people-have-pledged-support-for-the-brexit-party/ar-BBTsye4?li=BBoPWjQ I have not seen WV post for a day or two, but Nigel says thanks for joining the team.
  3. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    You are right about this being a once in a lifetime opportunity, the establishment made a mistake giving us a public vote about leaving the eu and you can be sure that if we don't leave, we will never be given that option again. Indeed the eu see referendums as a threat to their very existence, which is one reason why they want to outlaw them.
  4. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    I'm sorry but I do have to address this eu army nonsense, because quite frankly it's for the birds. NATO is the defender of Europe. The US pays a staggering 71% of the total NATO defence budget, the remaining members are responsible for paying the other 29%. To do this, they are meant to pay 2% of their GDP to meet those costs, which barring a very few exceptions, the U.K. being one, they routinely fail to do. Now, imagine the US contribution being removed, and the eu having to fund the shortfall. It's pie in the sky. The eu army is a vanity project, which even with the UK involved would be seriously lacking compared to existing arrangements. Without the UK the only serious military power in the eu is France. They don't have a good record defending Europe.
  5. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    Yet more psycobabble nonsense for our snowflakes. Having said that, I have checked out the healthy tension chart at the bottom, and I am pleased to announce that I fall well within the amber zone.
  6. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    There is absolutely no doubt at all, that meddling remainers have been trotting in to see the eu, with little tips on how to undermine the negotiations, in the hope of reversing the decision. I think Tusk's exasperated comments, were a reflection of the fact, that it seems to have failed,currently. As for Corbyn et al, on the Labour front bench, they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into supporting another vote. The last thing they want is Brexit stopped. It is a shame that it has taken until this late in the day, for Labour supporters who want to remain to realise it. Even now, I think some are clinging to a forlorn hope Corbyn will ride to the rescue. He won't unless he is forced to. There does seem to be a development afoot, which could deliver another vote, and that is a possible amendment to the PM's deal which will say, parliament will support the deal, on the condition it is ratified by a public vote. If she can't get sufficient changes to the deal, this may end up as the only way to proceed. It is certainly high stakes, as it would mean a delay to our exit by up to a year, and Nigel's new party will wipe out the others at the eu elections. There is also the danger, that UKIP's newest member may get elected, in one of the more brexity areas. This would horrify the establishment, having to acknowledge Tommy Robinson MEP. It wouldn't be a good advert for the country either.
  7. Phil.

    Six Nations

    So, only Italy now stand between England and Grand Slam glory.
  8. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    Don't panic Mr Mainwaring, there will be no rationing, no shortages, no sea and air blockades, no war and famine, it will all be ok. The government have already stated that in the event of no deal, lorries arriving from the eu from existing suppliers carrying the goods they have always done, will not be stopped, impounded or otherwise delayed. So barring a few minor hiccups, there is no reason why you still won't be able to buy your Prosecco, your Camembert or your Bratwurst. So unless remainers are now saying that because we are leaving the eu, European suppliers are going to refuse to sell us anything anymore, it will all be ok.
  9. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    I'm sure at the time you were feeling very pleased with yourself, however, I don't suppose for one minute Nigel will be at all bothered by your little wheeze. What will please him is the fact that you have added ten to the overall count of members, and it is the headline figure which will feature in the news. So well done that man, for assisting in the Brexit cause. The sacrifice of your time will be to the benefit of us all, and you should give yourself a hearty pat on the back.
  10. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    No I don't think they would actually. The support in parliament for a second referendum, which would be the easiest way to overturn the result, is not there. Something the foreign sec said last week suggested to me, that MPs are actually terrified of stopping Brexit now, for fear of creating a populist movement of sufficient size to strip power from both Labour and Tory parties alike.
  11. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    Fog in the channel, continent cut off. I believe smelly has some turnips going cheap.
  12. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    No, you are absolutely correct. Nothing has happened from the eu without the connivance of our own government. This is the whole point, for decades our government of whatever colour have acted against the wishes of the public. They have been able to do this by simply not asking, until the referendum in 2016. At which point we told them to stop.
  13. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    Not really, my original post was responding to a post referring specifically to roaming charges. As to not caring, that is just your opinion, as I happen to think that after a brief period of minor disruption, things will be much better going into the future.
  14. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    How many poor and vulnerable go roaming, not many I should think Or I could use a provider that will include overseas use as part of its package at no extra cost, or I could use a foreign sim and only pay local rates.
  15. Phil.

    Brexit 2019

    Well I for one am looking forward to increases in the cost of things, for our freedom it will be a price worth paying.

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