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  1. Phil.

    Brexit 2017

    I assume the GB on this sign stands for ' Gone Bad '
  2. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    Here is an article that highlights the hypocrisy of politicians and liberals on this issue. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2018/08/what-happened-to-je-suis-charlie-prime-minister/ We should all be saying ' Je suis Boris '
  3. Phil.

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    Whilst some of what you say is correct, I think the suggestion about a large number of forum members, is stretching the word large a little. I think a more suitable description would be, a very small and disproportionately vocal number. What never ceases to amaze me, is that these supposedly grown ups, are incapable of performing the very simple task, of ignoring threads or posts that they don't like. There are some sub forums that don't interest me, so I don't look in them, then there are some topics in some sub forums I do go in that I don't think will interest me, so I don't look at those either. It really is that simple. What in reality you probably have, is a small cabal that wish to control the forum in the way that they tried in the not distant past, and look what a disaster that nearly turned out to be.
  4. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    Let's not forget that other little gem, 'It ain't half hot mum'
  5. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    No it doesn't. It's no different to sikhs wearing different coloured turbans, sometimes done to colour coordinate with their clothes that particular day, the turban however being a requirement unlike the burka, or the many different styles of crosses or crucifixes worn, not a requirement, but style chosen by the wearer.
  6. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    That is not strictly correct. The burka is not required to be worn as part of the Islamic religion, and so therefore could be construed as a fashion choice.
  7. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    But the prat over the pond, seems to have given the eu a kick up the backside with his threat of a trade war, and despite what the eu want with regard to Iran, I suspect he will win the day with companies choosing not to break US sanctions. I'm not suggesting we have the same clout as the US, but we could hurt the eu very badly if they don't want to play fair. We just need someone prepared to do it if necessary. May isn't that person.
  8. Phil.

    Clueless Corbyn

    You won't get an argument from me on that last point.
  9. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    No that's not what I'm saying. I was suggesting that most of the shrill comments against Boris from within the Tory party, are coming from remain MPs. I was suggesting the reason for this, is probably an attempt to prevent him launching a leadership bid. Boris is a prat there is no doubt about that, but we do need someone prepared to take on the eu which May appears incapable of doing, so in the short term Boris may be preferable to May.
  10. Phil.

    Clueless Corbyn

    I was simply pointing out that irrespective of whatever decisions were made, for whatever reason, nothing justified in anyway the invasion of the Falklands, and that the responsibility for that, and for the consequences, rests solely with the aggressor which was Argentina. As to Gibraltar, in this modern age one would hope that a European ally would not act militarily against another sovereign territory. Having said that, given that Spain routinely flouts the territorial waters of Gibraltar, it would seem that perhaps prudence dictates that we don't let our guard down. Perhaps a lesson learned form the Falklands.
  11. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    I don't think he is dividing the party anymore than it already is. If you look at where the lines are being drawn it falls almost identically to the leave/remain divide. The main support for Boris on this issue is within the party members which in a leadership challenge will decide who wins if it goes to a final vote. The problem Boris may face is would he have enough MPs to get to the ballot in the first place. A calculated move I think.
  12. Phil.

    Clueless Corbyn

    The report you mentioned implied it was a factor only, but let's not over egg it. The initial invasion occurred whilst Endurance was still in the region. But what is clear is which mast you nail your colours to, the fact that you excuse the actions of the aggressors over your own country speaks volumes.
  13. Phil.

    Clueless Corbyn

    No, not for a pound.
  14. Phil.

    Clueless Corbyn

    Now this would cause me a problem. I have far more empathy for animals over humans, so no I would not torture a dog.
  15. Phil.

    Clueless Boris

    I couldn't agree more. Each has the right to their opinions, and can be equally and robustly challenged on them. Quite why you think what he said is racist though is a surprise. If you actually read the article he is defending the right to wear the garments, he just doesn't think much of them. The fact that he does not think they should be banned, presumably means that you consider those countries that have are racist, Belgium, France, Denmark, Holland, Germany and Austria. So many eu countries, makes you wonder why you would want to be part of such a racist organisation.

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