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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Surely you have worked it out. The letter is being sent out by Boris, currently infected, to deliver the virus to each household in order to ensure that the original plan of herd immunity is fulfilled.
  3. It will be interesting to see if these sticklers for the rules, are quite so keen to comply with the rules, once the restrictions have been lifted, and they have to start moving again.
  4. About three weeks, if as the Italians are beginning to see.
  5. Of course it would be dismissed, she has an actual defence in law to the alleged crime, making the fact that the officer concerned, continued with his action reprehensible. Still at least his mug is now plastered all over the internet, highlighting what a tit he is. I sincerely hope the lady in question, has received some legal advice, and does not pay the ticket if one was issued.
  6. Look on the bright side, everyone will spend a whole hour less indoors.
  7. Lets clear up one thing, you would not have to prove to the magistrate anything, they would have to do the proving. Secondly, unless this overbearing tit, knew precisely what food you had on board, he could not possibly make such a judgement. Say you had a box of weetabix for breakfast, but no milk, are you expected to eat it dry. Say you had a block of cheese in the fridge, but no bread and butter. How are you meant to prepare a sandwich for lunch. As I said earlier, if the encounter was exactly as you state, then I would be defending my position in court, because what has happened to you is a flagrant abuse of the system, by a pretend copper.
  8. Bread, milk and butter are in anybody’s books basic essentials. I would phone the police to make a formal complaint unless the ticket is withdrawn, and I would also inform the senior officer, get his or her name, that if the ticket is not withdrawn you will see them in court, but before that, you will be contacting the national press, to ask if they want to run a story about how these individual police officers are abusing their new powers. If what you have said is true, that you only went out for the basics, the tabloids would be all over it, and the local plods would have some questions to answer. edited to add....if you have the receipt, keep it, even better if it lists the items you bought. The magistrates would laugh this out of court.
  9. Clearly an officious little twat. Leaving your home to obtain food is within the guidelines, and therefore the issue of the ticket is wrong. You need to make a formal complaint, and demand the ticket is squashed.
  10. I was being facetious, i don’t particularly hold them responsible, but I do blame them for the attempt at a cover up. Indeed we will. Either millions will have been infected and now have immunity, in which case the world can breathe a sigh of relief, or, the infections resume, in which case we had better get used to the current situation, as we will have to endure it for a year or more.
  11. Well clearly something is going on, breaking news tonight is, that China is closing its borders to foreigners from Saturday. So it can only be one of two things, either, having infected the entire planet, they have got on top of their problem, and don’t want reinfecting, or they haven’t been telling the truth, and want to restrict any possibility of information leaking to the wider world, whilst they try to deal with what ever issue they have going on. I suppose there could be other reasons but I can’t think of them.
  12. It did make me chuckle when I saw it in the listings earlier this evening. Someone at ITV has a sense of humour.
  13. The worst thing about Coronavirus, is that men are being punished. Their daily routines are being ruined, no sports on the telly, no trips to the pub, and no restaurants. Women however get to carry on as normal, there is plenty of laundry, dishes to clean, and housework to be done. It’s not fair.
  14. Yes i was staggered to read that we had approx 7 or 8 thousand icu beds and Germany in contrast had 58 thousand. As to the countries you mentioned being more efficient in tackling the virus. As I understand it, S Korea definitely, and possibly Singapore, have been using mobile phone technology. So if a person tests positive, the cell providers traces all the mobile phones, that have been in close proximity to the infected persons phone, and send a text message to all of them, instructing them to be tested. If any of those are positive it carries on and on and on. This way they are able to isolate and contain infections, far more robustly than we are. It should also be pointed out that all these other countries are inhabited by people, who understand that authorities are attempting to help them, and are prepared to accept the restrictions in good faith, unlike a large number of f...wits we have over here. Quite why we seem to have, a disproportionate number of f...wits in relation to everyone else, is a matter for debate.
  15. Apparently it is only going to those they want to save.
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