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  1. It's perfectly acceptable to describe someone by their cultural heritage, I'd suggest. What do you propose, stop this, stop referring to people by their gender (in case it causes offence, and it could change tomorrow anyway), just refer to everyone and everybody as a 'person' or a 'human' and desist from describing them further, should it cause offence?
  2. Yes we did, which many of us believe was a mistake. Don't forget that the opt out was for an initial period of 5 years, there were/ are no further opt outs.
  3. The Shengen agreement allows freedom of travel between member countries to any citizen already within that 'block', regardless of where they come from. Non members such as Britain may challenge folk attempting to travel from any EU state, if they originate from somewhere outside the union. So for example, a tourist from China, having been issued a visa for France would be able to travel to Holland, Germany etc. but would need a separate visa for Britain. Britain must accept all people whose nationality is of an EU state. The 'veto' was time limited to 5 years from the commencement of freedom of movement, 1992 I believe. Britain was one of the few countries that decided against this opt out, following discussions between Blair and the then home secretary, David Blunkett. Hope that clears it up for you.
  4. The thing is, all available housing, apart from posh apartments in London, is already lived in. We already have people living in cardboard boxes. Each arriving migrant will either push someone currently living in a house into a cardboard box or if they're lucky, a garden shed. 'Liberals' often push the agenda of increased migration as 'compassionate', and anyone who doesn't agree is racist. It doesn't strike me as particularly compassionate to push those living on the edge out of their homes and into boxes.
  5. I'm there myself. Good range of bands on but given that it's 'boat and folk' a bit more for boaters, a boat jumble or something, might go down well.
  6. It seems strange to me that the 'ethnic' vote is so much in favour of Labour. The values of the Labour party are very much a British/ Western European thing, they would be seen as totally alien in the rest of the world. I can only guess that the 'ethnic' voters are so integrated into the local/ British way of things that they vote like any other British person, have totally forgotten their 'roots' and its associated politics. I guess that labour always holds the promise of more benefits, that the party despises the white working class but appears to hold a special candle for its 'ethnic' counterpart, that might explain it.
  7. Gordon Brown became p.m. as the result of an agreement with his mate (at the time) Tony Blair. Blair reneged on the deal, not handing over to his mate at the agreed time, so they fell out, and it delayed the handover. Non of this is particularly democratic. Labour voting remainers on here won't accept this as a parrallel to the current Tory leadership selection process because 'new Labour' wasn't 'proper Labour' in their minds. Not that their vision of what the party should represent has ever been in power in this country. You'd need to look much further afield to see such politics in operation; Russia a few decades ago would be a useful starting point.
  8. I agree Britain should pay what it owes. This will be less than £39M, as 3/4 of Britain's share of the EU's capital spending commitments have already been paid for, as explained above.
  9. Would you suggest that the agreed £39M sum should still be paid in full, regardless of the fact that much of it will have already been paid, as explained above?
  10. The clue was 'budget period'. If you don't know, this means that spending decisions are made ahead of the period. In this case the budget period was from 2014 until 2020. Britain has therefore already honoured the majority of its financial commitments, through its regular payments.
  11. You're right, but please don't expect a remainer to put the financial interests of the British taxpayer above those of other EU countries.
  12. I think you're right to a point. The problem is that so called modern social liberals have crowned themselves with such a sense of superiority over those who think differently that they can't even contemplate views that differ from theirs. Those who don't subscribe, non modern social liberals, are considered to be vermin. As such, no meaningful dialogue is possible, in the minds of the superior beings. All that can be done is to belittle and insult. So while I agree that worsening standards of living for lower skilled folk stoked the fire, what got it going properly, created a possible raging inferno, was/ is the moral assassination of these people.
  13. I'd suggest that far more divisions have been created by so called social liberals calling those who disagree with them liars, thick, racists, misogynists, nazis, fascists etc. etc. than were ever created by the Tories looking after their own.
  14. By extending the cut off point for national insurance as I understand it, so rich people will pay more NI, rather than increasing the rate.
  15. Just to correct you, any tax cuts for the rich are not paid for by the poor. The rich simply pay less tax, that's it. You could of course argue that the this money could have been used instead to increase benefits for the poor, but that isn't, in anyone's imagination, the poor paying the rich.
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