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The Welsh Cruiser

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  1. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    Nothing revolutionary about this group. Go back a few years everyone was moaning about both political parties being stuck in the centre. They took note of this public opinion and branched off in their own ways. This is a throwback to Blair and crazy schemes like tax credits and baby bonds.
  2. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    I'm not sure how that's relevant, unless you're suggesting that everything that's made that isn't specifically for families with children is somehow worthless in our society? How about motor bikes, they don't have 5 seats, no good?
  3. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    Let's not forget that Britain goes further, and actually subsidisies individual workers. Maybe this is the bonehead end of the socialist spectrum you refer to, because it doesn't sound Laissez faire to me.
  4. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    If he's a professor, it must be true. Oh hang on a minute, he's not stoking fear for project remain, time for a re think...
  5. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    You expect the SNP to force another vote, and win next time? I hope you're right.
  6. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    I think it's probably fair to say that the vast majority of people voted in a way that suited their particular lot best, in other words, for selfish reasons, not just the folk from Gibraltar.
  7. The Welsh Cruiser

    Kids on Strike

    OK then, if it's an exaggeration you presumably believe that a less dramatic transformation of the constitution could rid us of this dreadful populism. Rather than just rubbish my view, why don't you share yours?
  8. The Welsh Cruiser

    Kids on Strike

    I've never really understood people who take issue with something, but don't go to the trouble of explaining themselves. Is it because they don't know how, or can't be bothered? If they can't be bothered, why bother replying at all?
  9. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    My understanding is that Catalonia is the second richest region of Spain, after the Basque region. Although much of the 'noise' surrounding the separatist movement has been about history, culture,language etc. the real motivator has been money. Catalonia get a worse deal from Madrid than the Basque region, the former's terrorists having effectively been bought off by the central government. The feeling was that Catalonia could be richer without the burden of supporting the rest of Spain, which is poorer. It seems to be the reverse of Brexit really where, by and large, rich areas (and people) tended to vote remain. Where it's similar I guess, is that the number one motivator was money.
  10. The Welsh Cruiser

    Kids on Strike

    You have hit the nail on the head. The EU doesn't have the means to defeat populism. It makes you wonder why senior figures in its council stand up and make speeches denouncing it, and stating that they will do everything they can to fight it. Similarly Britain and other nations can do nothing about populism, other than to run their countries with policies that appeal to the majority of their voters. This shouldn't be too difficult really. In terms of Brexit, the referendum result needs to be respected. The referendum should never have come about, it should have been run in the 90's when the EC morphed into the EU. The decision of the government of the time to not consult the people over this constitutional change created the populist uprising that resulted in the referendum. Those who carte blanche bad mouth populism on here, there are plenty of you, should realise that the only way to stop it is to end democracy and freedom of speech, and replace it with a totalitarian system, such as exists in China. Is this what you wish for?
  11. The Welsh Cruiser

    Kids on Strike

    Given that the EU wish to end the scourge of populism, I wonder what measures they might put in place to crush this latest uprising?
  12. The Welsh Cruiser


    Just brush it off. Remember though, stupidity is a subjective thing.
  13. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    Freedom of movement of capital, one of the cornerstones of the European Union.
  14. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    When a company director says that Brexit was a factor in the business going tits up you believe him. If you do a bit of reading about the airline industry you'll find that now is a particularly difficult time generally, particularly for the smaller companies, who do not have the financial buffers to ride out the storm, so to speak. Best to ignore all that though eh, blame it on Brexit with the typical blind faith of a remainer. Good job your not a Brexiteer, you'd probably be one of the few who believed the message on the side of the bus.
  15. The Welsh Cruiser

    Brexit 2019

    More blind faith I see.

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