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  1. OK. The problem is that governments have made no effort whatsoever to reduce growth. Their focus is on mitigation of the damage caused by said growth, ignoring the root cause, the nub of the problem.
  2. I agree the human race is probably doomed but disagree on the reason for this. As long as, from virtually the cradle, people are brainwashed into believing that happiness is unattainable without amassing lots of largely unnecessary items, and the capitalist system provides for this with ever increasing growth, we are doomed. World economic activity, at current levels of growth, will increase by over 90% by 2050. This is the problem, not that some bloke in the street is a dinosaur, and refuses to change his diesel engine to an electric one.
  3. I thought you had a daughter who was into politics? Anyway, I don't intend to get into a race as to who is most green. Neither do I have a spare 5000 quid or whatever it costs to convert my boat to electric.
  4. The vast majority of folk who join gyms start full of vigour and determination. This soon fades as the gym appears to be a 'clique', the music is terrible or too loud, the commute there feels like going to work. The only ones who keep going are the ones who enjoy it. I've joined 5 gyms in my life, the longest I stuck for was a year. Three years ago I bought a kayak, I tow it behind my boat. No travel or traffic to deal with it's just there, get the paddle and I'm off. I still do an hour 5 times a week. I wouldn't enter any 'body beautiful' competitions but an inch or two off my waist, an inch or two more on my upper body, far better results than any gym I've been to. As you get a bit older it's more difficult to get in shape. Exercise needs to be regular, and carry on for a long time, there are no quick fixes. Something to think about maybe?
  5. There seems to be quite a bit of virtue signalling going on in this thread, thought I might as well join in. I haven't had any kids, through choice. I'm therefore far 'greener' than anyone who has, regardless of how many electrical motors they might possess.
  6. The solution is to re route the waste to discharge over the towpath. The micro plastics will then become part of the soil, less damaging than being part of fishes diet.
  7. I think you're right. Having consultations gives an air of democracy but it's just that, air.
  8. I suspect it's because he's hook line and sinker for the status quo. Modern social liberalism with its restraints on freedom of speech that verge on being totalitarian. Hearing dissenting voices makes him angry, he believes everyone should believe what he does. He's already told us that he's in the top 1% of earners in the U.K., so it must be the best system, right?
  9. Imagine the price of fish if all the trawlers were converted? Not that that would be considered. It seems OK to exclude swathes of the population from growing numbers of activities by pricing them out. Next, following exclusion, the same politicians who instigated the exclusions, who often state 'inclusion' as their driving force become very angry about the situation they themselves have created. You couldn't make it up.
  10. Having read this thread, it seems the government has been quite successful in its approach to this issue. Divide the nation into 2 groups: virtue signallers and deniers. Let them wage war in order to bring the issue to a head. Side with the virtue signallers by pricing out the deniers. Britain can then be a nation of proud virtue signallers on the global stage. Meanwhile, every day, more and more damage is occurring, damage that the bold virtue signallers' proud efforts barely put a dent into. Until the day comes when someone of influence declares that the human species has come as far as it can within its environment (economic and population growth, they are inextricably linked within the capitalist system), and people start listening to this person, we are finished.
  11. Worldwide growth is currently around 3%. Take this percentage forward to 2050 and compound it, the world's economic activity in 2050 will be almost double what it is today. You can have all the electric cars, boats, planes you like, it would matter not a jot, because even if everything was 'green' more damage would be done then than is now. It's good to be conscious of things/ behaviours that reduce environmental damage, and try to minimise this damage. But, on its own, with perpetual growth, it's like urinating into a very strong wind.
  12. I see some of our remainers are having a go at freedom of movement of capital, while arguing for the organisation that instigated it. Very strange.
  13. That's because your scales and measures, how you determine the political position of any party is affected by your left wing extremism. Have a look around the world, no other country bases its benefit system mostly on the notion of perceived need. Even the Scandanavian countries, often quoted as bastions of modern liberal socialism have benefit systems that broadly work on the basis of contributions made.
  14. The only restriction is to return people to their home countries after a period of time, if they don't have a job. What I described applies to those with a job at least equally. Actually, being unemployed in Britain is a miserable affair, our 'job seeker's allowance' is miserly 80 quid a week or so, you could double that in Ireland. While the unemployed can claim 'child tax credits' for their kids living overseas they miss out on 'working tax credits'. So all in all, it's fair to say that this ludicrous situation applies mainly to working people, not those unemployed. There are no restrictions whatsoever on working people, only the unemployed.
  15. Naturally nothing will be done, to do so would be misogyny.
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