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  1. Just to let you know, we don't eat langoustines because they are messy, there's very little 'meat' inside them and when you do find the odd bit of it it tastes nowhere near as good as a nice piece of steak. It's not as good a fish and chips and if you've had a couple of pints, a donner kebab. No doubt one or two of the more 'high browed' posters on here will be along soon, you know who they are, the ones who sneer with their superiority over folk who only speak English, and inform the forum that the meat in donner kebabs is mostly ground up hoof and reconstituted eyeball. Maybe so, but if it tastes good it tastes good, not all of us are so far up our own arses as to judge everything and everyone around us.
  2. Indeed. 35 or so for me. Oddly the country where the least English was spoken was Poland. The youngsters spoke it though, as they do almost everywhere. In a generation I'd hazard a guess there will be very few people left in the world who don't speak a reasonable level of English. Remainers will see this as a bad thing, no doubt.
  3. It's irrelevant whether more people speak Spanish or English. If you speak Spanish and wish to travel, you'll need to learn English, otherwise you'll have a sorry old time. I'm sure there are countries in the world where very few people speak any English, but there won't be many of them.
  4. I speak a little Welsh, only because I wanted to learn, I moved to England when I was very young, Welsh wasn't taught at my school. That's good then, I speak Spanish, and French, but don't look down on people who don't.
  5. Those who feel superior to others often do indeed feel comfortable in their own skin, to the extent that they don't even realise it.
  6. As someone who speaks two languages (other than English) and has a smattering of 3 more I find your view condescending. I, like you, enjoy learning languages, and the advantages they give you when you travel to different countries and have the ability to communicate in other than English. Having said that, the majority of the world speaks English now, especially younger folk. It's really not necessary now, 99% of the time, to have a language other than English. If people don't want to learn other languages (it's not easy, you know that) what's wrong with that? This attitude you have 'I'm better than you because I speak other languages' says a lot about you.
  7. It seems obvious that Labour are pro remain, despite the majority of their m.p's voting to trigger article 50. They can't actually come out and say this though (well some of them can, but not all of them) because a very significant number of their m.p's are from constituencies that voted to leave. I guess to dilemma is whether to jettison the rest of the country in favour of London, or continue to piddle around with a very mixed message.
  8. I'm wondering who the various remainer factions will be. Given that the Tories implemented a parliamentary act to leave, and Labour supported it, who is left to fight the remainer cause? The Liberal Undemocrats obviously, then the SNP, but only if you live in Scotland. One or two bits and pieces here and there, but that seems to be about it.
  9. I'd suggest the best use of your vote, in order to keep Labour out, is to cast it for the Brexit Party.
  10. Regarding China, spot on. It's not true that we only create 1% of CO2. Of course a country with a post-industrial service dominated economy will pump less CO2 into the atmosphere. It's a bit rich for that country to quote small and ever diminishing amounts of CO2 discharge then point the finger at other countries, given that those countries are 'dirty', to a large extent, in order to satisfy the rampant consumerism going on from where those are pointing accusing fingers. Birth rates need to fall and we all need to use less stuff. All of us, not just selected groups in selected countries.
  11. It already has. Modern office blocks don't have windows that open. As for CO2, how about all the stuff that Britain imports, its manufacture and transportation? A realistic approach would be to include this within Britain's figures. As I've said before in this thread, we shouldn't blindly accept figures offered to us. Rather, a quick think about how they are calculated very often brings realism to our understanding.
  12. Not sure why you try to put words into my mouth, I said a higher than usual level of fear.
  13. At least one of their day boats is operating on the upper Macc., not sure where it's based.
  14. There seems to be a bar directly in front. A sand bar.
  15. Indeed but even in bad weather panels give plenty for half of the year. I've run my engine once between mid March and mid September, in 5 years.
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