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  1. The ash in the pics definitely what I managed to flick from back of boiler. The cowl which looks like a bowl under the flue and above the tank should not be on the stove when used on a boat Iv now learnt. The cowl is held to roof of stove with 2 10mm bolts which I’m going to try and free tonight and try removal of said cowl. With all the crap Iv pulled out I’m convinced that this bowl shape cowl will be choked up but as the intake opening faces the rear of the stove getting at the build up is impossible other than brush and chain ball but if the crap is compacted the ball and brush is not going to shift it do removal is best course of action for several reasons. Iv had no issues on a day to day basis with the stove other than I did start to notice glass got blacked quicker of late and coals were not burning as well both issues I’m guessing down to a lack of draw on the flue Treemonkey I can not see the image very clear does it stat what size the holding bolts are on the cowl I need to remove?
  2. I’m convinced this half bowl shape item is blocked so looks like boiler out job in order to remove it Black rose. No baffle plate as boiler in stove . It appears the half bowl cowl on bottom of the flue should have been removed when stove was installed on my boat but the original owner left it and then fitted boiler so it’s looking like boiler out task to get to the cowl and remove it
  3. I’m guessing I’m not the first to have this problem. Iv been on my boat 19 weeks now she has a Morso with backboiler fitted and if I light a fire it immediately dies. On checking the bowl shape lower cowl is still in place and I’m told this should have been removed when the boiler was fitted. I spent two evenings trying to flick the carbon from behind the boiler using thin sticks etc as space is so damn tight but in total I got almost two ash pans full. Iv used a chain ball and a brush on the flue but I’m convinced the cowl could be solid carbon and was thinking of using some drainage rods with a claw end to lower down flue and try to breakup said carbon. Now my questions are how difficult would it be for me to get the boiler out ( once Iv drained the system)so I can remove all build up and secondly how difficult will it be to then remove the cowl? Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Well I just have to say having bought my boat yesterday and worked late loading boxes of cloths etc about I returned to Mercia Marina where she’s moored and can honestly say everyone I came in contact with were/are extremely friendly. The marina office staff were very friendly and helpful but what stuck me most was as I was driving to my mooring everyone walking towards me waved smiled and said hello. Going down the pontoon with the biggest smile on my face a fellow boater popped out his side hatch and shouted “ are you the new boy? Welcome to Mercia “ I think the big daft smile gave me away. Having spent all day unboxing and sorting I decided to make my way back to my business here in Sutton in Ashfield but stopped at the super clean toilet block for a Jimmy before the drive back and within seconds of washing my hands ( several times ) I found myself in conversation with a lovely fella in his 80’s who was happy to share some tips and advice as he too lives on a Widebeam. Now yes it was only my first day at Mercia and I’m sure there is bound to be some grumpy old fart I’ll not get on with but hey it’s a promising start to my brand new adventure. Thank you Mercia for making me feel welcome.
  5. Well Iv decided to stop counting the days to buying my first and hopefully last boat as my house completion is tomorrow 16th March and I can then pay the balance on my new home. I will have 3 days off to get my stuff aboard and sorted and due to work I’ll not be moving aboard for 7 days but then it’s goodbye old life and hello to a new chapter for me and my Labrador Misty.
  6. Well Iv decided to stop counting the days to buying my first and hopefully last boat as my house completion is tomorrow 16th March and I can then pay the balance on my new home. I will have 3 days off to get my stuff aboard and sorted and due to work I’ll not be moving aboard for 7 days but then it’s goodbye old life and hello to a new chapter for me and my Labrador Misty.
  7. I see what you mean and I agree 100%. The day I went to look at her for the first time I remember thinking she looked a bit basic from the out side but then when I stepped aboard it was a case of Wow. The quality of the interior fit out is testimony to the owners desire to build a beautiful home.
  8. I agree Peterboat... whilst not a boat I ran 2 Rolls Royces for over ten years both low mileage cars dealer maintained and to be honest found them to be far over rated with my Silver Shadow 2 with less than 68000 miles and dealer history dropped 3 pistons in as many years costing me £1000’s to sort. I now run 2 Chrysler 300 badges as Bentleys they ride smoother quieter and more comfortable ride and the pair cost me less than the 3 pistons for my Shadow so for me it’s not always true that a top brand means top value
  9. The shell I believe was by Staffordshire Narrowboats who no longer exsist so can only guess as to why. No doubt others may know. To be fair I looked at many well known shell builders and was advised by many on here to steer well away from them as the quality was not good. This may not be a top end builder and she may not be to everyone’s taste but value for money she’s ticked all my boxes and having spoken to the boat yard engineer who’s maintained and blacked her throughout her time assured me there is no gremlins waiting to jump out and frighten me. Yes there will be better and more expensive but for me she will be just fine.
  10. Sarah and Ian they are for sure a lovely couple and from the moment I stepped onboard it felt like home and as I said to Geoff it failed to tick so many boxes like I wanted solar ( Nowp) I wanted double glazing ( Nowp) I wanted galley at stern ( Nowp) I wanted pump out loo ( Nowp) but to be honest Freedom is without doubt Perfect for me and Geoff and his wife have been so obliging throughout I simply can not fault them. Their boat is immaculate and I’m sure I’m going to be very happy aboard her.
  11. Nowp for first year whilst I’m still working she’s staying on her mooring at Mercia Marina with regular trips out whilst getting used to handling her.
  12. Once I’m aboard I intend repainting the red coach lines on her sides with similar cream colour to match her roof as I feel changing will lift her sides as red on green for me doesn’t work. On a positive the owners wife has serious OCD and a lovely lady but by her own admission everything has to be quality made and the whole boat is spotless and comes at a very very great price.
  13. The owners bought her as a sail away and fitted her out themselves with the watchful eye of a marine architect guiding them. The staircase came from a fancy office block which was undergoing a refit and they were cut down to size to fit the boat
  14. Thankyou Mrsmelly I will get some proper pictures when I have the keys. I know Widebeam boats are not for everyone but I like it and lots of room for Misty and Me
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