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  1. House sale all going to plan with contracts exchange this week and just 11 days to completion date then 5 more days before I actually start moving stuff onto MY boat and a new chapter in my life will begin..... not that I’m counting
  2. This is a question I have been meaning to ask and as I’m about to move into a marina on my first ever boat for a year before I go CC then it’s time I discovered the answer. To those who live in a marina do you use their facilities ie showers laundry wc etc or those on your own boat? And more importantly why?
  3. Well Alan I don’t think I’ll burn 3 bags a week but even if I do coz I like being warm £3.96 I reckon I’m happy to pay that.
  4. Hi Glynn just spoke to them and they reckon they now have a better coal burns hotter longer and with less ash I think she said it’s called Home Burn Plus and like you said £370 a ton so at £9.25 for 25kg keeping warm is such a costly thing after all even if you burn 3 bags a week only £5 a day
  5. Glynn do you have a contact number for them?
  6. Yes Bizzard that’s what the merchant said but to be honest I’d have to buy and collect 40 x 25kg bags to get same price of excel in 6s from midland chandeliers so i think I’ll go with that
  7. Just spoke to midland chandeliers and Excel in 25kg is £12 but buy 6 and get 10% off so at £10.80 I don’t think that’s a bad deal.
  8. Just spoken to my local coal merchant ref purchasing 40 x25kg bags of Excel ... he informs me he no longer sticks it but replaced it with New Heat which he says is made by same supplier as Excel and it’s slightly larger and all round a much better burn. Now the price is £10 per bag so my question is has anyone else started using New Heat? Is the price reasonable ? Or do I keep hunting a merchant who can supply Excel?
  9. I’m 63 and run businesses since I was 20 Iv bought and sold countless houses and commercial sites so I think I do have and understanding on how things work regards contracts etc but hey who knows I could be wrong so I’ll keep you updated.... but thanks for commenting and your input that’s what forums like this are good at and I for one genuinely take note of everything that’s said.
  10. Buyers have the funds in their account proof shown to solicitor and both ours and buyers solicitors are saying no issues and the deal is happening 28th so in 21 days we will know for sure... as a lot of things might change I could win the lottery and sod the Widebeam I’m off on my Sailboat to Monte Carlo
  11. Contracts are signed and in the hands of solicitors so far the buyers have given no reason for concern... they don’t have or need to sell a property and have at the request of our solicitor shown they have funding in place now YES the world could stop spinning on the 28th but I’m prepared to take a gamble it won’t 😊.If I’m proven to be wrong I promise be the first to say “ You told me so”
  12. Just a quick update as some would appear to think I will have issues paying for my boat the day I get paid for my house? Today I have been into my bank and spoken to the manager who assured me if my solicitor does a rapid payment bank transfer on my request not the normal bacs the money will be in my account in or under 2 hours I have explained how much I then need to transfer to owners of the boat and again using the rapid payment bank transfer the two hours apply... I asked about issue money laundering etc and was told as long as I walk in with my passport and or photo driving license there is not going to be any problem making the payment on the very same day. Now either I’m missing something or Iv nailed this down... lol I’m sure I’ll find out 3 weeks today
  13. Completion date is set for 28th but not intending to take actual ownership for 5 days after so fingers crossed all will go well.
  14. Hope so Peterboat or Iv got a big chunk of metal to sell lol
  15. House completion date set for February 28th so I’ll be paying balance on my boat same day just 24 days to go.....yeeeeees
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