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  1. The boat (Widebeam) I’m about to buy had the luxury of having 2 x 360ltr fuel tanks so I intend piping one for central heating on red diesel and the other for white. I’m guessing it’s in the lap of the gods if red diesel disappears from the waterside but at least I have options which isn’t a bad thing. Just as a side thought am I right in thinking all this is down to an EU ruling? If so if and when Boris get us away from Brussels does this still apply? Sorry if I’m being thick.
  2. The clay gently lifts the grime with no abrasive or chemicals so I feel sure boat paint in general will be ok but as with all first time usage do a small out of obvious sight test area. The boat I’m buying was painted using a 2pac paint as the owner specifically wanted that finish. I reckon it’s much easier and definitely less aggressive than using cutting compounds and chemicals.
  3. The clay gently lifts the grime with no abrasive or chemicals so I feel sure boat paint in general will be ok but as with all first time usage do a small out of obvious sight test area. The boat I’m buying was painted using a 2pac paint as the owner specifically wanted that finish.
  4. Having done my wedding car today I’ll definitely remember to polish before waxing if my boat finish is only half as good as my car I’ll be very happy
  5. Your very right when you say it’s not a wax or polish but you need the paint surface to be clean before applying a good quality wax/polish... I intend claying my boat to ensure my wax will be going onto a very clean surface as I’m not intending doing this again for a long while so for me claying will be well worth doing. Halfords sell a kit for £20 which isn’t bad considering it’s a once in a long time task.
  6. Yep commercial Clay. The car I have done today was well grimed but the Clay lifted it off with ease just spray a little water first and rub the Clay on the paintwork if your in doubt I’d be happy to send you a bit to try
  7. Having been researching what was best buffer and compound for giving my new to me Boat it’s ( it’s mine spruce up) I came across the option of using Clay as used by many high end car valeting companies and classic car show guys. Now I’ve known about the use of Clay but always dismissed it as a fad but today I decided to give one of my two wedding cars the Clay treatment and must say if your paintwork is looking dull and you want it looking like new then invest in a bar of finishing Clay it will cost approx £10 and depending on size of boat and how ingrained grime is you will not use a whole bar. It’s easy to use simple break off a chunk mould it in your hand for a few mins then light spray of water on the area your doing (just do a small patch to get the hang of it) wipe the Clay over the area and you will feel the grime lifting as to start with it sounds slightly gravely but it’s not scratching your paint then you will feel the Clay slipping across the area as it gives a glass like finish... I must say no need to rub like crazy and your not rubbing paint away. The finish is fantastic and ready for a good quality wax. Now I know some boaters will prefer the weathered look but it is something to try for sure.
  8. fergyguy

    Wifi Router

    Yes I saw that on another site
  9. fergyguy

    Wifi Router

    I’m guessing there will be plenty of options but I’m trying to get an understanding of which unlocked WiFi router is proving to be best? I’m not wanting to drill and route cables to an on roof aerial unless it proves to be a case of no other choice. I’m looking at the Huawei 4Go which comes with two antennas which if I do need to use a wired aerial I can connect to their mounts once Iv removed them off router. So does anyone find this router works good as a stand alone? Or should I be putting a 360 aerial on roof and be done? Also having never had to buy a Data Sim Card what’s everyone using and why? Thanks for any advice as always I’m happy to be guided by others.
  10. As someone who is about to open a new chapter in my life living and cruising in the northern waterways on a 57x12 Widebeam reading all the negativity towards such craft would put a lot of new to boating folk off the idea for sure. Now I’m sure there are those owners of Widebeam boats who give little or no consideration to others using the waterways but I’m sure equally there are as many narrowboat owners who likewise think ONLY of themselves with poor lock/bridge etiquette and morning in a way that does not leave enough room for another boat to get moored between them and the next boat. I follow many of the established YouTube narrowboat guys who are posting regular Vlogs documenting their narrowboat experiences on a weekly basis and to date not once has any of them expressed any issues with Widebeam boats but ALL have mentioned issues with fellow narrowboat owners. With all things in life there will always be inconsiderate people who think they own everything around them and to hell with anyone who dares to challenge that. I intend cruising the waterways my boat is designed for and I accept not being a narrowboat I’ll miss a lot of the beautiful canals this country has to offer. I am in no rush to get to anywhere so will be happy to allow others to go ahead of me if their in such a need to do so. There is a lot of beautiful waterways here in the U.K. we just need to educate boat owners Narrow and Wide that they are there to be enjoyed by us all and we should be considerate of others and embrace the call to the water we all obviously share. Its a very typical British thing that owners in one camp will cast their views against owners in another camp just look at car owners who say caravans shouldn’t be allowed on the roads yet caravan owners don’t say the opposite. I’m a shooter and admin on a large forum and even there we have the camp who say using technology on guns shouldn’t be allowed and old iron sights is the ONLY way we should shoot lol. Despite the negative Widebeam comments I think this is a cracking forum and it gives so much help to ALL boaters I’ll look forward to meeting some of you whilst your queuing behind me whilst I ponder going under a bridge lol. Safe and happy boating to you all.
  11. Just wondered if anyone on here has used any of the waxes or polish produced by Bilt Hamber??? It seems to be getting very good reviews from motoring press and would be interested to hear anyone who’s used it opinion as it’s not cheap by any means but I’m guessing it’s either very good or very well marketed ?
  12. fergyguy

    Buffing L

    Yes I agree just a nice slow polisher nothing toooooooo mean lol
  13. fergyguy

    Buffing L

    This apparently is painted in 2pac and should be harder than normal paint but I’m only giving her a light cutting back then two coats of polish as she needs a clean and polish before she the winter
  14. fergyguy

    Buffing L

    Sorry Alan fat finger syndrome
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