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  1. I watched it at lunchtime at Bunbury Senior High School, Western Australia
  2. We travel from Australia every year(sadly not this year)and the first thing we purchase is a pay-as-u-go SIM. You may like to download e-canal maps, I think that's what they are called, which will give you most of the nearby amenities. With you having three weeks you will have plenty of time to do some of the short trips off the ring like up to Chester(simply stunning) and the Caldon Canal. If you don't mind a good walk(about 2 miles) when you get to Wheelock take a stroll to Sandbach. Make sure if you do take that walk visit "The Hall" especially the Ladies facilities, so my wife says. The pictures she took show probably the grandest "facilities" we have seen!
  3. View Street Fish N Chips, Collie, Westernn Australia. Red Emperor & chips, bit of a trek for most of you but well worth it!????
  4. I forgot to mention another bit of advice from this forum was to use OFX to transfer your Australian dollars. Amounts over $10k cost nothing and their exchange rates kick the Aussie banks [email protected]#s.
  5. Hi Ken As others have said we do exactly what you intend to do. I have been a member of this forum from 2006 and while I don't contribute that often I can assure you that when you need advice this is a wonderful resource. We have owned our own boat "Lazy Bee" since 2015 after hiring from 2006 and would thoroughly recommend buying your own boat. Prior to purchasing we asked for some rough costings from the forum members which have proved quite accurate. Currently we moor at Swanley Bridge Marina or more accurately leave her on hard standing there. This saves us approximately 400 pounds per year because we don't pay license while out of the water. Also we fly into Manchester Airport with a half hour train trip to Crewe then 10 to 15 pound taxi ride to the marina. The owners and staff at Swanley Bridge are wonderful and at the moment we have no intention of mooring anywhere else. We also went down the HSBC option with excellent results in the UK, not so at home. I will explain, we were advised by another forum member to use them. We had to open an account in 2015 with there Australian arm, which we did and deposited a $500 which w have since withdrawn $200 of that but the other $300 has disappeared in fees. To open the UK account cost us $200 and about an hour talking to a person from India about why we needed a UK account. That has been one of the best things that we have done since owning "Bee". So easy to use and no fees(24p for a international transaction in Doha) Harley
  6. How sad, it was the last of the Seven Wonders of The Canals for us to do. We probably thought it is equal to the Pontythingy as the most stunning. Even a drive there to see it would be well worth it.
  7. As I said we have no problem with breasting-up just a little disconcerting being awoken by someone moving on your boat at 1am?
  8. We are currently moored in Little Venice and last night(1 am) we felt someone on our boat. Upon our investigating this happening we have gained a neighbour. Now we have nothing against breasting-up having done it on numerous occasions but have always asked or been asked for permission. Is this normal behaviour in Little Venice?
  9. We went from Sowerby Bridge to Littleborough last year and I personally think it's my favourite bit of canal even though there can be water issues, but it is just stunning. Even caught up with some Aussie birds, emus no less, at the summit.
  10. Lily, you have that pommie disposition of always expecting the worst, enjoy it while you can. Whatever tomorrow brings we deal with.
  11. There is more to life than drinking! Just kocked off a couple of stubbies(bottles to you mob)
  12. Really been two wonderful days on the Oxford between Braunston and Cropredy. Stunning weather beautiful scenery which after the last couple of weeks has been a major improvement. I know some will say it has been a miserable winter ( we got here at the end of March) but days like the last two days start to make up for it. Stunning!!
  13. It certainly isn't winter here and we in the West don't even have a Rugby team over here. But the Wallabies were more like Quokkas(Google that) against your mob.
  14. You did see my address! We have had two of the best tests in recent memory. I thought at the start of today that if Root could stay in until the first break your mob could get the runs. Even the first test was anyones until late on the fourth day.
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