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  1. PeterCr

    Know any good castles?

    Thanks everyone, there's some good ideas there, agreed about Dover Castle, we saw that a few years ago and were most impressed. I'd go again if I was down that way some time. Now to just put it all together and weave it into a cruise. Cheers
  2. PeterCr

    Know any good castles?

    Anyone been to both We went to Warwick castle last year and I agree, nice castle but the commercialisation does get on your nerves a bit. Kenilworth we might keep for next year and Bletchley is probably a bit too far for this year too. Another time. One of the best castles we've seen is on the Llangollen. We were coming back along the canal a couple of years ago and just came across it by chance, I can't even remember the name. But it was a great castle. Anyone been to both the Newark air museum and Coningsby and if so which in your opinion was better?
  3. PeterCr

    Know any good castles?

    Thanks Ray, we were both typing at the same time ☺️
  4. PeterCr

    Know any good castles?

    Thanks Alan, we've got a car courtesy of my inlaws who live in Nottingham, my wife was born in Nottingham so we've pretty much seen the sights of Nottingham. It is a nice castle and I love the old Trip to Jerusalem pub with the rooms carved out of the stone. I think if we cruise down to Newark they can meet us and take us to the museum. And yes it looks from the photos like the castle is a bit of a ruin but it also looks like a nice market area next to the mooring as well, also worth a look. I'll take a look at the tourist website, see if we're lucky enough to find a reenactment. Fingers crossed for the tunnels. But interested in RAF Coningsby, unless it's near the canal we'd have to convince the inlaws to do another car trip. I'll check it out. Southwell Minster sounds good too. We do like a good cathedral, every time I go to London I like to take a peek inside St Pauls. So I'll take a look at getting to the cathedral too.
  5. PeterCr

    Know any good castles?

    Cheers Ray, I'll take a look. And you're right about Hack Green. It wasn't just my son who got into it, I found it fascinating, though a bit scary. We just came across it by chance and spent quite a few hours there.
  6. PeterCr

    Know any good castles?

    My son is joining us next week for a couple of weeks, and he loves all things to do with castles and WW1 and 2 stuff. We took him to Tamworth castle a couple of years ago and he loved it and we also found an old nuclear shelter that we could tour, right next to the canal, he got right into that too. Was on the Shropshire if I remember correctly. And he loved the Imperial War Museum. So we'll take him from Nottingham down to Newark to the castle and air force museum, then back through Nottingham possibly to Fradley and Braunston way. Does anyone know of any good castles or WW1 or 2 sites or museums in that area within walking distance of the canal? I know about the National Arboretum at Alrewas, coincidentally I'm in Alrewas at the moment and should go but it's raining! I think it's big enough to be an all day outing, not so nice in the rain.
  7. PeterCr

    How is the Erewash now?

    Thanks Dan, I had done some reading here yesterday and I'd got the impression that it was worth doing. Nowadays with the dry weather though it can't hurt to check! Cheers
  8. PeterCr

    How is the Erewash now?

    We're considering a few days up the Erewash. I thought to ask, in these days of low rainfall and water levels, if anyone has been up there recently. If so how are the water levels? Any other concerns? Thanks
  9. PeterCr

    Tips sought on buying a washer dryer

    After a long time reading both here and washer dryer reviews I get the impression that they really don't dry all that well and that even if I got one it would still require some sort of hanging out of the clothing to finish the job. So if we're going to be hanging clothes out to dry we may as well do it from scratch, though I don't like the thought of drying clothes in the boat. Condensation problems perhaps. But unless we're moored up and it's a nice day I don't see too many other options. So considering just a plain washing machine now.
  10. PeterCr

    Tips sought on buying a washer dryer

    Yes space is the issue for getting one of each, sadly. And I do believe they use water on the drying too, a little counterintuitively.
  11. Hi all, I've been considering buying a washer dryer for the boat, to run off a 3kw vetus pure sine wave inverter, only to be operated with the motor running. Cold washing only. I've had the suggestion made that Candy washing machines are the most common washing machines in boats, and are a good option as they are relatively basic so more likely to work with an inverter. But I don't know if this necessarily means that a Candy washer dryer is the best option. Does anyone have any experience buying a washer dryer and have any good tips to offer, including on brand? Cheers.
  12. PeterCr

    Manchester City Centre scroats

    I had a new one today going through Nuneaton. A bunch of kids fishing on the towpath. One tried to hook me with the hooks hanging off the end of the rod and another threw a handful of maggots at me. Not hurt in the least but I did have to pull my shirt off and pick maggots out of my pants and sweep a whole lot of wriggling multi coloured maggots off the deck.
  13. PeterCr

    How hot was it in your boat today?

    It would certainly make life interesting! A few deadly snakes and spiders might go along with them.
  14. PeterCr

    How hot was it in your boat today?

    You lot make me laugh. We're from Australia and by our standards it's a cool summers day here today. Hot is 36 to 42. 45 when it gets there. Where we are today it's 28. We spoke to several people today who complained that it's too hot to get on the water. Make the most of it, it's probably going to be 18 and raining soon.

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