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  1. Well it looks like you were all correct. 2 days of cruising and no knocking. Always nice to see a potential problem avoided!
  2. I gave up using reverse in Burnley, unless absolutely essential, about 2 weeks ago after twice getting huge amounts of plastic on the prop when using reverse, in one case losing all propulsion in either direction, and steering, and ending up bow into the far bank on a corner. I agree, reverse seems to stir up the stuff and attach it to the prop. Heading back through Burnley in a few days, not looking forward to it.
  3. Thanks all, sounds like I just get on with it. Maybe as Tony suggests it was something that was on the prop that disappeared before I checked down the hatch. I did wonder if motoring in gear in the canal was a little different to motor running in gear when moored up, thinking perhaps a noise might be there when motoring on the canal but not when moored. I'll find out when we set off again I suppose. Either way it seemed as normal under 1300 revs and as I normally cruise around 1000 it should be fine I assume. Fingers and toes crossed.
  4. Moored at Granary Wharf now. Had a bit of a problem coming in though. In reverse coming in to a landing we hit a bit of wood, or it sounded like wood, with the propeller. Nothing we haven't done before, engine kept running. A little while later I had cause to speed up and got to 1300 revs and heard a knocking noise. Not loud on deck but quite audible below. Drop below 1300 and no noise. Revving in neutral and no noise. So I suspected something with the propeller or shaft. There was weed around the propeller but nothing out of the ordinary, nothing solid that would knock on something. Propeller undamaged and I could turn it by hand as normal, no noise or difficulty, nothing to suggest a shaft problem to me, though I'm no expert. Moored up and tried running it, in gear, moored. Got it up to 1500 revs and no noise either on deck or below. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  5. There now, got the last spot on the pontoon. Nice spot, Lots of people beside us having their Saturday evening drink. We're expecting noise, that's fine. Walked around Leeds and am most impressed. Saw the indoor market and love it, just wonderful. Saw the Corn Exchange but it was getting later now, hope it's open tomorrow. In fact we're most impressed with Leeds centre all round, great spot. We didn't quite know what to expect but have been most pleasantly surprised, sufficiently to stay again tomorrow and look some more.
  6. That's exactly what we're doing tomorrow night. We've been warned to keep moving till we get there, but that the Wharf is ok for mooring. We shall see. There's another thread on at the moment so I'm reading that about mooring in Leeds. Filled up with water, good advice.
  7. Stalls everywhere, we could reach out and touch them, though they were very quiet setting up this morning. All very civilized and although we must have had hundreds of people walk right past our boat there was no poor behavior at all. In fact even in the main street which was absolutely packed, to the point where it was hard to move forwards, everyone was very well behaved. Huge crowd. Great day, the sheep show sounded a little naf but turned out to be just brilliant, I never knew there was so much to find out about sheep. And the presenter was excellent, well worth seeing. No Wellies required! The only sad thing was no sheepdogs. Maybe they couldn't make it this year, but not a sign of a sheepdog. I have seen sheepdog trials before and it's pretty impressive, but not this time. But otherwise a great day and worth staying for.
  8. Looking forward to it even more now! And if the weather is like today, wonderful. The town was jumping with people out enjoying the sunshine. We're right in the middle of the action, got a mooring directly across from Pennine Cruisers on the arm. We've been warned that from about 5 am tomorrow morning we'll have stalls setting up next to the boat. Should be fun.
  9. Absolutely loving Skipton. Decided to stay a bit longer and see the sheep festival here tomorrow. No idea what that's about.
  10. I'll keep an eye out for you. Yes I noticed all those swing bridges, did 6 today. More to come.
  11. Absolutely enjoying the L&L. Past Gargrave now and it's wonderful. Each evening moored up with stunning views. Quiet and enjoyable. Especially when you get an evening like yesterday, moored up by 2 and 3 or 4 hours sitting on the towpath taking it all in.
  12. We found an Aldi at Coates Bridge which was good. About 100 metres from the canal, decent mooring at the bridge. So we got provisioned up and even found something we'd been looking for for a while luckily. Every now and then you strike it lucky at Aldi.
  13. Disappointed to see that the offside mooring for Morrisons are a no go any more. The mooring is fine but either end is a big fence and although there are steps up to the supermarket they are now closed off with an imposing locked gate. Shame to get so close and not be able to make it to the supermarket. We tried mooring on the towpath but in 3 attempts couldn't get the boat any closer than about 2 feet from the bank.
  14. Lovely quiet night, no problems at all. Good mooring.
  15. Exactly what we said when we saw it. Might have made room for us.
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