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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. The stadium has it's own rail station but, in view of the limited size of the station, trains do not stop there from one hour before matches to one hour after!
  3. No, but at least they have a better chance than relying on sails. Off topic, but one of the last two quoted was run aground by the pilot after listing due to poor cargo loading. The Bank was a "safe haven" to prevent a capsize in a very narrow and busy shipping lane
  4. Both sides of the coin ! March 2022 DEFRA statement: "After careful consideration of all the issues, the government has decided to grant an application for emergency authorisation to allow use of a product containing the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam for the treatment of sugar beet seed in 2021. This is in recognition of the potential danger posed to the 2021 crop from beet yellows virus. During 2021, however, sugar beet seeds were not treated with thiamethoxam. The government attached various conditions to the emergency authorisation. The final decision was dependent on the results of a forecast of virus levels in the 2021 sugar beet crop. This forecast, produced on 1 March, predicted that 8.37 % of the national sugar beet area would be affected by virus yellows by the end of August 2021. This figure was substantially reduced as a consequence of the low winter temperatures. As a result it was below the 9% threshold set for use of the thiamethoxam product."
  5. Depends where your narrowboat is and who you are insured with. Craftinsure narrowboat policy has a condition that you have any relevant navigation licence.
  6. Not clear from the newspaper report that she ever worked in the NHS. "trained in 2004 and worked in a private nursing home for 14 years "
  7. Visited just pre-Covid. Total confusion about the upstream visitor mooring. It appeared from the sign that it was bookable. Duly booked and exchanged emails. On arrival it was occupied and the duty warden said that it was not bookable.
  8. Serves as a warning that NB insurance is just as much about policy wording as premium, bearing in mind that, in their Key Features document, there is no mention of this charge. However, just to help, I suggest that you refer them to Section 82 of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 (which is still in force!) and ask them for a refund in accordance with the Act. That should ruffle a few feathers.
  9. Foot & Mouth took out a lot of 2001?
  10. Our first boat in 2000 was a Floating Homes shell fitted out by Eastern Caravans & Narrowboats. In those days they had only just moved into narrowboats, and we discovered on delivery that they had forgotten to fit a bilge pump.
  11. I wonder if they are going to do anything about the Elsan location at the top. I seem to recall having to carry full cassettes past people drinking their coffee in the sunshine.
  12. There are safer and environmentally friendly alternatives on the horizon https://www.ilika.com/
  13. As marine insurers are switching to market value from agreed value you do need to check that your sum insured reflects this.
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