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  1. MartinC

    Dog pooh bags

    Possibly your Parish Council might want to rethink this one. With increasing use of incineration instead of landfill a lot of District/Borough Councils are labelling their ordinary general waste bins as suitable for bagged dog waste and are removing the separate dog bins.
  2. MartinC

    election before or after xmas

    "The resignations of Raab and pensions minister Esther McVey in protest at May's draft deal for leaving the European Union pushed sterling down 1.6 percent against the dollar amid raised expectations among traders of a second referendum, a "hard" Brexit and a general election. reuters.com"
  3. MartinC

    Boat break in(s) Shebdon

    I think The Wharf closed a couple of years ago.
  4. MartinC

    Ebay problem, heads up

    Might explain why I get regular emails from PayPal suggesting that I check my account?
  5. MartinC

    Boat Safety Scheme

    Explained https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/boat-examination/arranging-the-examination/bss-certificates-explained/ As I read this if you have not been sent a PDF copy or a printed copy your examiner is not doing his job.
  6. MartinC

    STOLEN BOAT: from the Cowley area GU

    A secure marina should have keypad entry and monitored cctv on the entry. I also remember that a couple of boats were taken from marinas last year. In one case the ownner recalled chatting to somebody at a lock a giving details which could have helped the thief know when the boat was likely to be unattended. In at least one case the thief pretended to be a mechanic and was not challenged when he walked into the marina which did not appear to have any form of security on the entry. Nothing can ever be totally secure but security at some marinas is, at the least, very poor.
  7. MartinC

    I Thought Estate Agents were Bad - but Boat Brokers...!

    As people now seem to be naming good service can I assume that the broker at Crick is ABNB. If so, having been a vendor and buyer, their service was excellent.
  8. The Morrisons by bridge 168 is a little easier to get to.
  9. There is an offside mooring just below lock 4 on the Ashton, providing you do not mind the trams on the other side of the wall. A few mooring rings hidden in the grass.
  10. Back on topic. Warwickshire Police Canalwatch have just posted brief details but interesting (or not!) "If you see the boat of have any information that could help the police with their enquiries please call 101 and refer to inc 72 of 20/3/18." Crime reference seems to differ.
  11. MartinC

    Moving on red flags

    Assume you are "tongue in cheek". Ask that question of a Lloyd's underwriter and you would get a notice of cancellation.
  12. MartinC

    Moving on red flags

    This looks like a Craftinsure policy. The relevant bit is the penultimate item under General Exceptions "Claims arising from your reckless actions...". "reckless" disregarding the consequences or danger, lacking caution, rash (Oxford Dictionary). Roll in the legal fees!
  13. MartinC

    Weird Insurance renewal!!

    Building societies were demanding and getting significant commission on insurance which, of course, was reflected in the premium. Just one of the many scams that building societies got up to, such as refusing surveys other than through their own "selected" surveyors. All a thing of the past now? Energy suppliers are doing this as well.
  14. MartinC

    Montgomery Canal Access

    Without going too far off the direct topic, this does raises an interesting point. Who is funding the restoration? I can find a previous contribution of £1m from the County Council, a Lottery grant, small financial contributions (shown on Charity Commission site) but lots of valuable voluntary work led by Shropshire Union Society and several other charities. Various other bodies have been set up but appear to be "talking shops" only, even the Prince of Wales has popped in and out. CaRT, and BW before them, meet running costs but for their financial involvement in restoration see https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/28659-the-montgomery-canal-restoration-strategy.pdf. I am sure that somebody else has already discovered lots of benefactors and will let us know who they are!
  15. MartinC

    Please Help Make It Familiar Again

    Screenshots on Firefox:

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