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  1. The spelling is Cayzer, which, although it looks foreign is a Scottish family. In the end they only had one ship left, a reefer on charter.
  2. The Tendimus Society was the social club for Union Castle (subsequently British & Commonwealth) crew
  3. I am not a frequent poster and try not to get into the sort of threads that are being talked about here. That said my own experience has been that a good number of threads go "off topic" and then degenerate. Could members consider the use of private messaging as more appropriate than a forum slanging match?
  4. Nicholson 2009 edition shows it in the right place, i.e. on the last bend before the bottom lock. On previous editions it was shown in the wrong place
  5. Thanks! I confused the front door with the back door.
  6. A bit of local family history https://forum.historiccoventry.co.uk/main/forum-posts.php?id=39916 Not too sure how the modern pictures match the original. Could the original picture show the towpath side?
  7. Just a thought. As I understand that Historic England were insisting that, at enormous expense and a long time delay, the recent repairs had to replicate the original design were they unaware of the alterations that had been carried out?
  8. Latest email from CaRT:
  9. I was surprised to see it on the previous posting. I have not received one. Are we sure it is genuine as normally emails from Damian are addressed by first name and this one is addressed to "boater"?
  10. The Regulations made under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 do not restrict navigation but do , at present, severely restrict movement of people. Unless the navigator falls within falls in the very limited "allowed" category the boat can navigate but not the navigator. Remote control?
  11. That was the year that we and our friends hired William Gladstone, from Acton Bridge. We had intended to do the Cheshire Ring in October half term, but a couple of weeks before the start we had a call from Black Prince. The boat needed a refit at Stoke Priors and winter stoppages meant that if we completed our hire they would not be able to get the boat down to Stoke Priors. So with some additional free hire days we agreed to deliver the boat to Stoke Priors and it had to be via the Severn in view of a stoppage. An adventurous trip including discovering at Stourport that we had no anchor. Not counting the fact that we had been given all the end of season partially full gas bottles and after three days BP had to meet us with a further supply.
  12. The post relates to an event in a hospital. Hospital taps normally have long "arms" designed to operate them using your arms and not hands.
  13. Can I counter this with my experience of Sainsburys. When all this problem started I got an email from Sainsburys telling me that their records showed I was over 70 years of age and would have priority for home delivery/click and collect.
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