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  1. Came through a couple of days ago. There is now a barrage of absorbant "floats" around the offside foot of Bonehill Road Bridge so this appears to be the source. No longer any slick. All is well on the goose front so RSPB appear to have done well
  2. If you jointly own the boat then the insurance should be in joint names. Our boat is jointly owned and our insurance (with Craftinsure) is in joint names.
  3. But make sure he/she is an independent financial adviser.
  4. MartinC

    Dog Calming

    Thank you all for your very kind comments and suggestions. Nice to have a subject where, as sometimes happens, the replies do not go off topic or get out of hand! He has now got a girl friend so things are slowly improving. Time seems to be the main healer.
  5. Assuming that the newspaper is correct in saying that it is a burst water main, the water supply company for Kiddderminster area (Severn Trent) have a clear legal responsibility for damage arising. Hopefully CaRT are appointing one of the specialist consultants who deal with this type of event.
  6. MartinC

    Dog Calming

    Has anybody had experience of using a pheromine diffuser for their stressed out dog? No effect on our dog who is stressed following the death of his sister.
  7. A bit unusual to find this exclusion on a narrowboat policy, but there is always a first time. Craftinsure and many others include lifting on their policy.
  8. Possibly your Parish Council might want to rethink this one. With increasing use of incineration instead of landfill a lot of District/Borough Councils are labelling their ordinary general waste bins as suitable for bagged dog waste and are removing the separate dog bins.
  9. "The resignations of Raab and pensions minister Esther McVey in protest at May's draft deal for leaving the European Union pushed sterling down 1.6 percent against the dollar amid raised expectations among traders of a second referendum, a "hard" Brexit and a general election. reuters.com"
  10. I think The Wharf closed a couple of years ago.
  11. Might explain why I get regular emails from PayPal suggesting that I check my account?
  12. Explained https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/boat-examination/arranging-the-examination/bss-certificates-explained/ As I read this if you have not been sent a PDF copy or a printed copy your examiner is not doing his job.
  13. A secure marina should have keypad entry and monitored cctv on the entry. I also remember that a couple of boats were taken from marinas last year. In one case the ownner recalled chatting to somebody at a lock a giving details which could have helped the thief know when the boat was likely to be unattended. In at least one case the thief pretended to be a mechanic and was not challenged when he walked into the marina which did not appear to have any form of security on the entry. Nothing can ever be totally secure but security at some marinas is, at the least, very poor.
  14. As people now seem to be naming good service can I assume that the broker at Crick is ABNB. If so, having been a vendor and buyer, their service was excellent.
  15. The Morrisons by bridge 168 is a little easier to get to.
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