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  1. Thanks for providing the link to us Tumshie. K-Rod if you have any questions about routes near us or our boats then feel free to get in touch with us at floating Holidays. 07901588364 or [email protected] Wherever you go have a great holiday. Paul.
  2. Not happened yet, however I guess we would have to improvise a solution, most likely walk a little further the same as anyone else looking for a mooring. There's a lot of towpath to choose from, we've faced many challenges over our 3 years operating and haven't let them beat us yet. A can do approach and cheery up beat outlook has served us well so far. To be fair we've a few alternative "visitor / towpath" mooring locations we have scouted ahead of time as alternatives so are well prepared.
  3. Easter holidays so they've all been out over the last weekend. And are currently all with customers enjoying an Easter break. If you see me around there Welsh Cruiser be sure to stop and say hello.
  4. Hi Howard We have only moved the arrow slightly closer to Bridge 15 on the Google map picture today, as that's where we meet guests to show them aboard. It appeared we may have been confused as at Lord Vernon's wharf which we are not and haven't any association with any other business there. To avoid confusion we have corrected this error as promptly as we could once made aware. All the best. Paul.
  5. No offence taken should maybe have posted and introduced ourselves earlier as do read these forums, however you all seem to be boaters with boats and didn't want to "rock the boat" pitching to the wrong audience a hire boat proposition our cover is blown though so in all honesty any questions or concerns just ask and let me know. Paul
  6. Hi All My wife and I are the operators of Floating Holidays, I guess until now the Macclesfield canals' best kept secret. To answer a few questions we are fully compliant with CRT licence for holiday boats and hire boat Bss certified. We have permanent moorings nearby which are purely for our storage of the boats when not on hire (which certainly aren't sub leased out at all and never will be) The CRT requested that we conduct handovers to customers on the visitor moorings by bridge 15 when we started operating to minimise any disruption to permanent moorers. This is also a handy location as there are two winding holes either side of those moorings for demonstrating boat navigation to customers. We are only on those moorings temporarily whilst prepping and handing over boats, this week the whole fleet had been with customers and therefore you may have spotted a couple boats there all at once. Hope that answers any questions but anything else just let us know. Paul
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