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  1. Hi All If your looking for a mooring on the Trent and Mersey we are currently breathing new life into the old Middlewich Top Wharf site with some off side secure moorings. Feel free to give us a call to chat about anything regards the moorings if you maybe interested in mooring there. All the best. Paul 07901 588 364
  2. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings/covid-19-decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings
  3. There are government guidelines that apply to hotels that are analogous to hire boat accommodation, it's a two step process, basically similar to hand washing but more thorough. Soapy water loosens anything on hard surfaces then detergents and sprays kill anything left. Combined with laundry at 60 degs, single use cloths and double bagging all rubbish, gloves and aprons to be used that are then thrown away. Where possible leaving 72 hrs between hires as after this period the majority of virus is dead when left on hard surfaces.
  4. Steve Williams had his boat moored in Barbridge for quite some time. Iwabss-limited.co.uk
  5. Claymore had it between Tim and now. They went out of business spring 2019 and it hasn't been occupied since but is due to be re-occupied soon although I don't know the new tenants.
  6. We fell in love with Dutton but couldn't in our mind work out the logistical issues of parking, power and fresh water whilst making it a viable option. It's an absolutely gorgeous spot though.
  7. Hi one and all We are the guys that are taking on the lease at the wharf. We've looked to price a "proper job" rather than a quick in and out without adequate drying time on the dry dock. Having done a research on prices we felt the offer competitive especially after having our own fleet blacked regularly. But open to feedback so thank you for the commentary above we will reflect upon it. Will be great to bring the site back into full use and we very much look forward to taking on the challenge. If your passing after we get on site do pop in and say hi! Paul & Sam Middlewich Wharf & Floating Holidays Middlewichwharf.Co.Uk Floating-holidays.co.uk
  8. Not naysaying, friendly advice is all, hope it all goes smoothly. Happy cruising.
  9. Sounds rather like a semi commercial tit for tat arrangement rather than a gift to a friend or family member. I'd read the small print of your insurance very carefully for both boats.
  10. Was in Tebay, this would really be a steal if the kelvin was in there still.
  11. Where has the kelvin engine gone?
  12. If you'd like to discuss what your looking for and if any of our boats are of interest please drop us a line. Www.floating-holidays.co.uk 07901588364 might be worth meeting or showing you the boats, possibly discussing your planned itinery so you can get a better feel for it and make sure that we can organise any required service intervals to be maintained etc. Just logistics like that.
  13. A civil difference of opinion is a rare thing these days! Can't disagree with second point I always tell my customers to politley decline help lock wheeling if they want to control their ascent or descent speed for a comfortable and safe locking. It's daunting enough at times without being bashed about to save someone 2 minutes paddle lifting too quickly.
  14. I generally work upon if you can see another boat coming and it is in their favour. Normally you can see only 1 or 2 locks ahead unless they are very close, if the boat is coming out the next lock and its 50 yards to your lock I would have waited. Seems the consensus in the thread was that the protocol was such which I may have got mixed up on being your comment, apologies.
  15. I think you should have waited. The bit I think missed here is the hire staff probably had just finished explaining to their guests how locks work and lock etiquette and right of way. You then go and do the exact opposite of what you acknowledged was protocol. You can't have it both ways, hire boaters aren't going to observe etiquette on locks if it isn't returned and their very first lock sequence during their training another boater throws it out the window. You've demonstrated to them it is optional so cest la vie when it occurs in reverse and someone turns a lock in their favour against you when it was already set. Rudeness can't be excused from the hire boat staff but, if they are trying to verbalise to you your error in order to fix the perception of their guests then I can see where this gets mis construed. They may well have thought they was helping you with your lock wheeling. The interaction is hard to call without being there and judging tone etc, the sequence of the locks by your account though seems clearly in their favour.
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