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  1. Options are. North cheshire cruising club, Victoria Pitt marina, lime view marina, Marple marina, Furness vale marina (manages Marple), new mills marina, captain jack's in Hyde, mad jack's (locally known as) in poynton, new Islington (Manchester Central), Portland basin (droylsden), various Bridgewater crusing clubs, or CRT waterside moorings (poynton, Whaley bridge, bugsworth etc). Good luck. Paul.
  2. I'm gonna guess in dark that it's a prm, solely based on the prm stamped on the side. Have you just acquired the boat or changed the prop ? Or have you had it for a while and it's just started. May need the propellor edge chamfered to a point.
  3. The volunteer lockies have been painting the lock beams around Middlewich, totally unrelated to the bridge. It's was craned in last Thursday so probably not finished / signed off.
  4. a) buy cheap, buy twice. Do you really want to spend time repairing or replacing duff items that have been used for this purpose. b) if your after a pump out the simplest and easiest to maintain is a drop through. Gravity keeps all the nastys in a box, macerators and vaccums have pipes and valves that if fail when you take them apart pour the contents into your living space. c) depends on your choice of system, if drop through go metal tank , if macerator go plastic as there shouldn't be any weight on it. That being said metal boxes are generally happier to be abused, shoved, and less likely to be punctured inadvertently than plastic
  5. A new beta 43 from beta would be £6900+vat My main questions about this ad would be Where's the secondary alternator? Would indicate its an old engine, no mention of head being skimmed or any machining work, which for an old engine would be essential for a recon job.... Expensive but necessary. No experience of key diesel or rcr other than neutral ones having never been a paying customer so not besmirching them in this just commenting on the advert.
  6. 4 counties plus the caldon would be a lovely countryside route. Macclesfield Canal is gorgeous but plagued with stoppages due to water shortages because of reservoir issues. If of interest we are based at Middlewich, feel free to ask us any questions www.floating-holidays.co.uk Whoever you go with you'll have a great time I'm sure!
  7. You could have it delivered to Middlewich Wharf Chandlery. If you need it bringing up northwich way then we can Bob it up in the van (if you'd like buy from us some coal, logs, Kindling, gas etc at the same time wouldn't be a wasted journey for us and would be appreciated - virtuous circle of life and all that ?).
  8. Why not get a lawyer to put the boat in a trust arrangement. Could this be time limited to 12 months with a reversion to owner afterwards? That way the renter has "ownership" / beneficial interest and financial interest during the 12 months with it automatically reverting to the owner at end of term? Just thinking outside the box, I maybe well of f the mark.
  9. Hi All If your looking for a mooring on the Trent and Mersey we are currently breathing new life into the old Middlewich Top Wharf site with some off side secure moorings. Feel free to give us a call to chat about anything regards the moorings if you maybe interested in mooring there. All the best. Paul 07901 588 364
  10. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings/covid-19-decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings
  11. There are government guidelines that apply to hotels that are analogous to hire boat accommodation, it's a two step process, basically similar to hand washing but more thorough. Soapy water loosens anything on hard surfaces then detergents and sprays kill anything left. Combined with laundry at 60 degs, single use cloths and double bagging all rubbish, gloves and aprons to be used that are then thrown away. Where possible leaving 72 hrs between hires as after this period the majority of virus is dead when left on hard surfaces.
  12. Steve Williams had his boat moored in Barbridge for quite some time. Iwabss-limited.co.uk
  13. Claymore had it between Tim and now. They went out of business spring 2019 and it hasn't been occupied since but is due to be re-occupied soon although I don't know the new tenants.
  14. We fell in love with Dutton but couldn't in our mind work out the logistical issues of parking, power and fresh water whilst making it a viable option. It's an absolutely gorgeous spot though.
  15. Hi one and all We are the guys that are taking on the lease at the wharf. We've looked to price a "proper job" rather than a quick in and out without adequate drying time on the dry dock. Having done a research on prices we felt the offer competitive especially after having our own fleet blacked regularly. But open to feedback so thank you for the commentary above we will reflect upon it. Will be great to bring the site back into full use and we very much look forward to taking on the challenge. If your passing after we get on site do pop in and say hi! Paul & Sam Middlewich Wharf & Floating Holidays Middlewichwharf.Co.Uk Floating-holidays.co.uk
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