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  1. I can do the basics but last time changed the fuel filter on the engine, got air in the engine and love nor money could it going and ended up having a get a specialist come and get it going so don't want repeat of this. Tony is busy at the moment and Chris couldn't help me as he doesn't do old listers. Chris mentioned Ian Schools but has not number for him and I can't seem to find any contacts for him. Anyone else got any ideas?
  2. Hi all I am wanting to get a service done for the my boat, RCR and the person I usually use are booked for at least 2 weeks, anyone able to help at short notice? PM me if so. Thanks Thomas
  3. Hi all, thanks for all the comments and advice. I found the leak, a joint had come loose behind some panelling. Fixed now and bilge almost dry. The water pump is fine, no terminal damage. Lesson learnt about leaving water on when not there, always the hard way! Thanks again
  4. Thanks I'll try the sucking technique to try get it pumping and check where the leak might be. Any tips on how I might stop the pump from weeping? Unscrewing and resealing?
  5. Hi all I've not been living on boat and found that back cabin bilge was full of water when I last went on board, about 2 weeks ago. Batteries were completely drained and fresh water tank was empty so assumed a leak on fresh water pipes which led to pump pumping till dry and draining fresh tank and batteries. I managed to get batteries charged again but removing fuse for fresh water pump and filled up fresh water tank but to see where leak is I need to get water to circulate through system. When I put fuse for pump back in, it starts pumping but don't think its managing to get pressure up to required level as nothing comes out taps or shower. Managed to get flush on toilet but this is at lower level obviously. Looking at the pump, it appears to be leaking along one the seals (pic attached) which I presume is preventing required pressure to pump water to taps? I'm not sure this is the actual leak as that cupboard floor did not appear to be very wet and seeping is very slow. You see drips on right hand side towards bottom of pump and there are seeping out the seal just above. Is this pump repairable and would the pumping dry of fresh water tank have damaged it? Any advice gratefully appreciated?
  6. Excellent I'll give that a try!
  7. tstore


  8. tstore


  9. I cant as having difficulty passing anything through the 90 degree bend!
  10. Hi all Still having great trouble with the one drainage hole/square pipe blocking at the mere hint of dirt. The curtain wire does not bend through the 90 degree angle so can't use it to feed a chain through it. Tried washing it down with water but that didn't work either. Anyone got any other ideas on how to feed a chain down through the 90 degree bend? Thanks
  11. I went down there Personally and spoke with a chap who seemed to be running the place, he was surrounded by boaters from orchard marina and when I asked after a mooring they all burst into laughter and said about 50 boats had to relocate from orchid so I stood little chance.
  12. Park Farm is definitely active so presume it will be ok. I'm happy to go have a look when I am around there again.
  13. Think it was orchard marina, the guy said same people who own park farm
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