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  1. Thanks for the responses, I can't even see the stub so may need to take the thing apart, the metal rod appears to be connected the adjuster with plastic which as broken. I try contact Hamilton Gas in NI.
  2. HI all, I took the cover off the gas heater today and the spindle for the temperature control has sheared off. It was set on the maximum. Does anyone know if its possible to get spares for this model? I am going to get a thermostatic mixer in meantime.
  3. Hi I have a Rinnai gas water heater which does hot water for kitchen and bathroom. There are two flame settings, low and high. The low setting is fine in summer but no for winter. When on the high setting the water comes out taps at a scalding temperature. Its has a temp dial to reduce the temperature but this seems to have no effect in reducing the temperature. Whilst I can handle this in the kitchen with the mixer taps, the mixer in the bathroom shower seems to be very fickle in controlling the temperature so you go from scalding, try to adjust to lower temp and then it goes cold for a while and sometimes recovers but mostly you have to turn it up to scalding again and try the process again. Any suggestions gladly accepted. Thanks Thomas
  4. Ok what size rad could I put in its place?
  5. Hi I've attached for a start a diagram of the system with has a 12v pump in it. Got it nice and hot tonight, all pipework is hot but towel rail is not. Any advice welcome. As I said reducing flow by adjusting lock shield valves on back radiator has helped but still can't get towel rail heated.
  6. Hi all Thanks for all the advice last November, I managed to get through a cold winter by supplementing with electric heating. I'm back with more questions about my back boiler set up. During the summer I cleared out the crap from what had dropped on heat exchanger, there was quite a lot. I drained the whole system down and replaced with new coolant. I took the first radiator out in the system and flushed it. I also fiddled with the values on the last radiator to reduce the flow through the radiator. This has improved the heat generated in the first radiator but the towel only gets warm, not hot, like the first and last radiators. Should I reduce the flow even more in the last radiator? How much can the reduce the flow without causing the any problems? Thanks again for advice, it is greatly appreciated.
  7. Great news, she didn't sound stressed to me. Guess like the temp gauge the rev counter is faulty too. Previous owner really didn't keep things maintained. Glad all engine worries seem resolved now, it's been a rocky period with overheating problems, diesel bug, then air lock in fuel system, then temp gauge, impeller now all seems resolved. Hoping I can concentrate on other things that need doing now. It's been harsh introduction to owning a narrow boat but I've learnt loads to hopefully be more proactive and prevent problems occuring in the future. I appreciate people taking the time to give me help and advice, great forum!
  8. I have a clip cruising but it's too large to attach here, if you can pm perhaps I can send it via email?
  9. My rev counter must be faulty too as goes well over 3000. It does jump up and down and doesn't work often
  10. Ran 15 hours straight yesterday at 2000-2500 revs didn't go up over 80 degrees. Engine doesn't sound stressed is this particularly high revs. Its a 67 boat so needs some wellie
  11. Got one and on my way again, thanks for the advice. Engine sticking to 70-80 degrees even at 3000 revs, happy!
  12. Ok thanks looks like I'm stuck as anything would need to be ordered now. Oh well
  13. The impeller has gone, trying to find out where to get a replacement, anyone know where I can get one model 4528?
  14. 4.5cm thick, 44.5cm height and 153cm length
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