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  1. After which you'd try to adjust the two sets of points...........
  2. I’m guessing you were balancing the carbs?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. There are two sides to this. Some of the asylums were huge and there was no doubt that many of the inmates had been institutionalised. There was a powerful “Who do you think you are” programme with Ruby Wax finding that her ancestors with basically the same issues as her had been in asylums.
  6. Just a couple of points to add. Many new boaters overestimate how much power you can get out of batteries. Firstly, you should not routinely discharge them beyond 50% charge. Secondly, most engine charging systems will not charge to 100% capacity and finally most batteries will only be working at a % of their original rating anyway. So, say 4x 100ah = 400ah then suppose they are now at 90% of original capacity = 360ah and charged to 95% = 342ah 50% of this = 171ah So you will be lucky to get 40% of the theoretical capacity of your batteries, and it may well be less than this. Now go round your boat adding up your appliances. The fridge may be the biggest battery killer as it’s on 24hours a day and running for a good proportion of this. Finally, beware the inverter. Fine for running small electronic items, laptops etc but anything with heating and motors designed for a normal home will kill your batteries in no time. Don’t even think of washing machines and dryers! ( They are a whole different subject.) The whole subject of batteries is endlessly fascinating to some of us boaters and intensely boring to others! If you are in the second category then get an expert to check over your whole system. Ask them to calculate your loads as a guide and to fit some kind of monitoring system to avoid discharging your batteries too far and wrecking them in a few weeks. Our share boat has a smartgauge which is simple enough for us all to use and does the trick nicely. Lastly, if Tony Brooks says different then he’s the expert so believe him rather than me!
  7. Does the top bearing have a grease nipple? In which case, pump some grease in. if not (assuming it’s a metal bearing) think about fitting one?
  8. I think there’s some confusion here between the boats built by Mark Kendall and the boats built in Kendal by Cumbria narrowboats.
  9. http://www.waterways-great-britain.co.uk/kendall-narrowboats
  10. Back to the original topic. We pay £45 an hour for someone to work on the boat and last time I looked a typical solicitor would charge £150 - £250 an hour. In my experience work on the boat is satisfactory something like 95% of the time whereas solicitors have been successful (in combative cases) about 20% of the time. Add to this the prospect of costs from the other side and I'm led to the conclusion that it's best to put the money into the boat rather than lawyers.
  11. The rules about travelling, especially for exercise, are not entirely clear. Most of the fines handed out around here are because people from different households are coming in the same car.
  12. Just picking this thread up. Years ago I did a rescue boat course on Lake Windermere and the danger caused by the propeller was drilled into us. It’s something which is not much discussed by Narrowboat owners and I guess that most people who fall overboard just walk to the shore but maybe more should be made of this danger. Having said that, it doesn’t seem to happen often?
  13. Unfortunately a teacher did die of COVID, back in March, in Barrow in Furness.
  14. Projects I’ve been involved in have around 40% “optimism bias” added to projected costs, for this very reason!
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