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  1. You are probably right. Most complex enforcement costs more than it yields in fines, the profit comes from the people who then pay their bills because of the example set.
  2. As a local, I can see this sort of thing working on Windermere, but Grasmere seems too small and unspoilt for something like this.
  3. I suppose it has an echo of a “Gentleman’s Club” which is usually nothing but........
  4. “Gentleman’s Yacht” sounds sort of seedy somehow......... interestingly, this doesn’t seem to have hit the local media, I imagine it will cause quite a storm!
  5. Safest mooring is Gas Street at party conference time. Last time we had a policeman with a sub machine gun looking after us. No bother that night!
  6. At our recent Owners AGM we discussed the question of the capacity of the Diesel tank. Our boat, Sunseeker, is one of the S class Pat Buckle built Ownership boats from the late 90’s. Does anyone have any idea of the approx capacity? We are thinking around 200 litres.
  7. That’s really strange. I have Midlands on both iPad and iPhone. It’s working fine on the iPad on iOS 13.2. But on the iPhone, iOS 13.00 I’m getting exactly the same happening. I.e. the map is missing. I’ve deleted and reinstalled but no change. When we get home later I’ll be updating the iPhone to iOS 13.2 and will see what happens then.
  8. It’s easy. Toss a coin, whilst it’s in the air you will be wanting it to come down one way or the other. Ignore the result and go with the result you were wishing for. on the practicalities, I’d be driven by how marketable the other boat is if it proves to be the wrong choice.
  9. Did we ever find an explanation to the BMC that was apparently revving at 3000rpm? i assumed that it had a wrongly calibrated rev counter but maybe it really was at 3000rpm and has finally melted and been replaced..........
  10. Yes, its a great Marina - as is nearby Overwater. Both very tidy and helpful.
  11. Another thought on this: Our syndicate of 5 owners spends, on average, around £100 a year on batteries. I.e. 4 batteries that last 4-5 years. That’s £20 each, a little more than a pumpout. You can see why most owners don’t want to have to watch gauges and make calculations but just prefer a simple % readout telling them when to recharge.
  12. I do have a clamp meter with me so at 94% this morning it was at 14.1 (read on the Smartgauge) and hovering around 5 or 6 amps on the clamp meter. Upon transferring to the Sterling Pro on board charger it also charges at about the same rate. So maybe our charging system isn’t that bad?
  13. Indeed he has! Having read the back posts from over 10 years ago I’m amazed at the emotions that this little device stirs up .......... I can only say that we have, for some time, just used a digital voltmeter to monitor our batteries and the Smartgauge is streets ahead of this. Remember that this is a share boat and some of our owners don’t want to have to have the interest that we have in this. They just want to enjoy the boat whilst not wrecking the batteries. Smartgauge seems to be just the job for this. I think I might suggest that we also fit an Ammeter so that we can better monitor the charging system and decide whether we need to fit some kind of smart box to encourage a higher charging rate from the alternator - but I guess that this is a whole new subject ........
  14. Very possibly. Here’s the post I referred to: Posted September 23, 2006 (edited) Strangely enough I have one It makes battery monitoring real simple you dont need to know the size of the bank and subtract what you have used just look and so long as its above 50% you are OK. Hasnt really changed how I run my system but I worry less as I can see its still above 50%. I tried to confuse it by running the tumble dryer off the inverter whilst boating which gives me a net loss from the batteries of 50Ah ( TD draws 100A alternator is 50A) it came up with the correct answer, after a couple of hours boating and drying my 400Ah battery bank had dropped from 75-50%. It doesnt always get to 100% it levels off at 94%charged however that could be my charging system Its a small unit 90x60x25mm the only downside is that as mine is an early one it has no mounting brackets so its fixed to the wall with DS tape. Other than that it does what it says. What it will do is control external relays according to voltage so if you havent got a system linking your alternators to charge the domestic bank at a higher rate it should be possible to do this (ask Chris at SG). Would I buy another one? I am about to for the 12v system (first one is on the 24v system)
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