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  1. Smoke on The water

    I’m all for thar, as I live halfway between Kendal and Shap summit!
  2. Smoke on The water

    Ref charging in the street: The latest development is wireless charging. You just park in the bay and this lines up a pad under the car with a charging pad under the tarmac. No wires, or connections. Of course that’s a large financial commitment for someone and I do wonder if someone somewhere is doing the figures as to what it all means in term of ultimate demand and how many new cables locally will be needed along with new sub stations etc? I’m not encouraged by the Horlicks the UK is making over simply changing one wire over to another in order to bring fast fibre broadband to us all. By the time Brexit is sorted (!) there will only be a few years left to work this all out ........
  3. Strange Coolant Expansion Tank

    You’ll be surprised how much expansion you’ll get. The previous advice is good, fill it, run it hard for several hours until it is overflowing then let it cool and mark the level a little below this. if you are still topping up then you have a leak. A popular place for a leak is where the tank is connected to the engine.
  4. Paying to use the canal?

    As to what boaters get for Council Tax (if they pay it) most of it goes into elderly Social Care. If you end up in a Council funded care home you will get through something North of £30,000 a year.
  5. Smoke on The water

    We need to be realistic on this one. We are not going to be allowed to carry on polluting in residential areas. Either by running dirty diesel engines or burning wood and coal. One of three things will probably happen: 1. A complete ban on burning any fuel but smokeless, anywhere. 2. A ban on burning fuel and running engines in residential areas. 3. A ban on burning fuel and running engines in areas where metered power is available I think we need to be working towards 3.
  6. Smoke on The water

    Last time I saw him, he was on the tube!
  7. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Just done a return trip on Bridgewater.As we spent less than 7 days in total I didn’t see any need to buy a licence, couldn’t actually work out how to and no-one appeared at any point to be interested. We did have one strange experience when I took a photo of a boat with the same name as our granddaughter and was challenged by the owner as to why I had done this ( he ran after us for a hundred yards or so). Maybe an illustration of the tensions there?
  8. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    That sign was there on Wednesday. I’d never noticed it before.
  9. Incident at Fenny Marina

    To be fair, I didn’t accuse the lady of being complacent, I was thinking of us ........
  10. Water in cabin bilge

    Ouch! Was it an ex Ownerships one? How big a job was the conversion? I guess you would have had to remake your front doors and also provide new steps?
  11. Any idea what these are?

    They are very similar to these, but the Leeds Liverpool is very stingy with moorings and I can’t believe they’d give us a mile or so!
  12. Any idea what these are?

    Maybe, but wouldn’t there be a reflector on them, or perhaps a bar across the top?
  13. Incident at Fenny Marina

    We were going down Bank Newton a week or so ago and the lock keeper was telling us about all the sinking there (2 in the last few weeks) Then we get to the Gargrave locks and there is an ambulance there. A lady had tripped when alighting, bumpted her head and broken her shoulder. And on their first days hire I think. its easy to become complacent .........
  14. Any idea what these are?

    Just past Leigh, (towards Wigan) on the Leeds Liverpool, there is a long row of stakes/piling all set back at a consistent distance from the bank and spaced consistently. They go on for about a mile and They are about 9” or so square. Anyone know what they are?
  15. Water in cabin bilge

    Having spent a week or so mopping up our bilge, this is very useful! Hadn’t considered condensation, or overful water tank. we have another possibility, out front cockpit is below water level and drained by a channel to the rear bilge. (It’s an “S” series Pat Buckle Ownerships boat) so that sounds like three separate sources of water! and one other point, if the access hatch is at the back and to one side (as in our case) then the attitude of the boat matters.