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  1. I think there’s some confusion here between the boats built by Mark Kendall and the boats built in Kendal by Cumbria narrowboats.
  2. http://www.waterways-great-britain.co.uk/kendall-narrowboats
  3. Back to the original topic. We pay £45 an hour for someone to work on the boat and last time I looked a typical solicitor would charge £150 - £250 an hour. In my experience work on the boat is satisfactory something like 95% of the time whereas solicitors have been successful (in combative cases) about 20% of the time. Add to this the prospect of costs from the other side and I'm led to the conclusion that it's best to put the money into the boat rather than lawyers.
  4. Lots of them on the tills at my local supermarket……..
  5. The rules about travelling, especially for exercise, are not entirely clear. Most of the fines handed out around here are because people from different households are coming in the same car.
  6. Just picking this thread up. Years ago I did a rescue boat course on Lake Windermere and the danger caused by the propeller was drilled into us. It’s something which is not much discussed by Narrowboat owners and I guess that most people who fall overboard just walk to the shore but maybe more should be made of this danger. Having said that, it doesn’t seem to happen often?
  7. Unfortunately a teacher did die of COVID, back in March, in Barrow in Furness.
  8. Projects I’ve been involved in have around 40% “optimism bias” added to projected costs, for this very reason!
  9. Thanks David Mack, that’s a very informative reply.
  10. No, but I rely on them to tell me the cost of projects and them I make my own decisions. I’ve always found them invaluable.
  11. Accountants are unfairly maligned! They keep the show on the road........
  12. I often wonder about the various decisions made when constructing canals. There is a hill in the way. We can go round it, go through it by a tunnel or a cutting, or travel over it by putting in some locks. And the choices we make will all affect the cost of both constructing the canal and subsequently running it. Did the engineers have endless debates with the accountants and the canal companies? Was there any kind of scale of costs for the various options? Somewhere I imagine there are some records of these conversations, does anyone know of any books etc which detail them?
  13. We were talking about this just yesterday whilst travelling through one of the cuttings on the Shropshire Union. I think there are probably a lot more trees around now than in former years. If the canals were being maintained as a haulage business I would imagine that a lot of this greenery would be cleared out - but most of us rather like it, and the atmosphere it creates.
  14. We have a BMC 1.8 on our share boat. Experience is that they like regular oil changes, a good well maintained cooling system (ours has an expansion tank which seemed to solve previous problems) and sympathetic use. Ours has given very little trouble since we sorted out these three issues.
  15. Absolutely right. We went to a canal side pub for a meal yesterday and I said to my wife, if the server has got it then we will probably now have it. Haphazard mask wearing and insufficient social distancing. However, we agreed that she almost certainly wasn’t infected (stats), we would probably survive is she was (stats again) and we would be told via Track and Trace if she was. In the end, we have to judge the risks and live our lives.
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