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  1. Thanks for the "heads-up" on this GRLMK38. I haven't got round to buying the meter yet so I'll check out the one recommended by WotEver. Just a brief update on progress so far. I bought the Electroquest charger and fitted it a couple of weeks ago. It promptly sorted the uncertainty over the batteries as one (of my six domestic) immediately boiled and has now been removed from the bank. The rest seem to be charging properly and readings from the hydrometer suggest these are all OK although I haven't been able to get back to the boat for a couple of weeks to check. I also set about changing to
  2. Thanks for the suggestions re hairdryer. Definitely cheaper than divorce!
  3. Thanks to all for the swift and very helpful responses ( I particularly liked Naughty Cal's suggestion about ditching the hairdryer ... but I can't afford the cost of the ensuing divorce!!!). So, I'll be holding on to the existing batteries until they start to play up, changing to LED's and taking care with their usage, investing in a smart charger and looking at the Bimble site for a suitable solar panel. Oh and a suitable clamp meter. Above all though I intend to take Ianali's recommendation and just get on and enjoy the boat. If you see Johel's Cut out and about give us a wave. Thanks again
  4. Although a newcomer to both narrowboat ownership and this forum I have spent some time looking through previous posts about batteries and charging and, whilst some of my information is a bit sketchy I have reached some conclusions on which I would welcome the panels views/comments/recommendations. It's a bit long winded but I've tried to give all the information I have. Our boat is a 15 year old 57 foot Trad with an Isuzu 4LC1 engine and the following battery/charging set-up:- 6 x 12v 110 amp hour batteries make unknown (no labels) of 2007 vintage (yes 2007 as confirmed by the previo
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