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  1. Crt has now corrected the figures. It’s not looking good, but better than the original July listing. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/46501-july-2022-reservoir-watch.pdf
  2. I’ve now had a response from CRT, who are going to correct the errors: Good Afternoon Thank you for contacting The Canal & River Trust - In regards to your enquiry below, I have had a response from the relevant team and this is being fixed - it will be updated asap but cant give any timescales when this will be completed. Once again thank you for contacting The Canal & River Trust. Kind Regards Ghandi Foster
  3. It’s obviously a mistake. Why do people constantly look for conspiracies? Yes, if you’re planning a cruise. There’s a big difference between 87% and 27% in a reservoir.
  4. Many thanks, I have emailed him. I’ve never said that there was anything malicious, just inaccurate. The figures are also wrong for the Staffs & Worcs, Huddersfield narrow, GU north & Lancaster.
  5. They seem to have now updated some of the historic lows to read 2022, but there are still errors in there.
  6. But unlikely to be to the exactly same to one decimal point for each historical previous low. They quote the year this happened. They state that Birmingham navigations have dropped by 5.9% from 92.7% in June to 27% in July!!
  7. CRT has now listed the latest reservoir watch details. There appears to be lots of mistakes in the July figures. Percentage drops are not accurate to the actual change and in almost every case, the level matches exactly the previous historical low. Who should I report this to? https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/46474-july-2022-reservoir-watch.pdf
  8. Hope all goes well for you. Do make sure you have a look at any stoppages that may delay your planned trip. There are plenty at this time of year on many routes. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices?start-date=31%2F10%2F2021&start-date_submit=31%2F10%2F2021&end-date=31%2F03%2F2022&end-date_submit=31%2F03%2F2022&type[]=1&order-field=startDateTime&order-direction=descending#form
  9. I took this photo in 2017 on the Rochdale. Was our GSD Lily (sadly now in her dog kennel in the sky) meant to swim in the canal, or was she classed as a pedestrian?
  10. I have used this website for the last couple of years but not sent them any prices. Have swapped the bookmark on my phone and emailed them today with my last fill price paid. Will make sure I do this from now on.
  11. The obvious option if you want to run your engine after 8.00pm is to move your boat. There’s no problem cruising after 8.00pm, so cruise up to nearest winding point and return to your mooring.
  12. I took this pic today, a great mural on a wall in Skipton.
  13. Can’t believe that hasn’t been fixed properly yet. June 2020, crt had done a temporary fix with a piece of “Armco”. We arrived to find a boat stuck in it trying to open the bottom gate. Finally helped them out and managed to get up the lock.
  14. They are closing a huge number of different waterways in early November. I’m sure far more than usual. If you’re CC’ing, check it carefully.
  15. And that is what makes boating so enjoyable.
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