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  1. The Rain Alarm app is really useful. It doesn’t give you a forecast, but has satellite imagery that shows where it’s raining (and how hard). It used to show the previous 2 hours, but now just 1 hour (in 20 minute intervals.) You can zoom in on your area, track the showers and then work out how long you have before the rain arrives.
  2. Another vote for Westport Lake. Its also useful as if you have dogs, you won’t need to feed them. There’s enough goose poo around to satisfy the most hungry Labrador.
  3. Agreed nice moorings, but is it getting noisy now with the large development starting nearby?
  4. If you pass through Fazeley on the Coventry, turn down the Birmingham & Fazeley canal. There’s good overnight moorings immediately after Fishers Mill Bridge and you are adjacent to the RSPB wetlands. You can then wind before the bottom lock to return to Fazeley. https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/middleton-lakes
  5. My wife is from Yorkshire and I’ve only lived here for 50 of my 52 years. She reminds me that this doesn’t count. On that basis your recipe will serve 3!
  6. Sounds lovely, how many people will that quantity feed and is it nice served cold later?
  7. I think we will go for it as have been looking recently. Are you needing to use an external aerial?
  8. Hi WotEver How have you found the router and Three’s coverage? Have you needed an external aerial and is it reliable and quick enough to watch catch up tv on? thanks Mike
  9. MHS

    another boat sunk

    I think there’s been some unfair comments about the staff at Midland chandlers at Penkridge. We stopped there a year or so back and they couldn’t have been more helpful. We had badly damaged a skin fitting on a exposed bolt arriving at a mooring in Brum. They spent ages working out the combination of fittings required to fix our problem. Im sure if they had known of this boat’s problem, they like any of us would have tried to prevent its sinking.
  10. Sorry to hear that, hope you can get it sorted.
  11. Wakes, have a look to see if these old manuals are helpful. https://www.aradastoves.com/oldmanuals
  12. Have you had your double vision investigated? If not a visit to your optician may show up the need for prism in your specs to help your eyes work together. It would also rule out anything more serious.
  13. That was The Jolly Tar at Barbridge. Even when it was being demolished, someone decided it was worth burning it out. The Barbridge Inn is nearby and is a decent spot to stop withmoorings outside.
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