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  1. MHS

    Creaking Locker Lid

    Update on my locker hinges. After coming back to the boat after 2 weeks, our locker is now lovely and quiet. I’ve topped up the holes with 3in1, and will seal them with grease, or 4mm plastic plugs if I can source them. Very pleased with the outcome.
  2. MHS

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    With a 32” tv and watching say the Formula One, there is a big difference. We now have to watch a blurry version of a very dull, expensive traffic queue rather than a sharp one.
  3. MHS

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    A newish irritation with Freesat is that you can no longer receive Channel 4 HD. This has gone due to a contractual disagreement between Ch4 and Freesat.
  4. MHS

    One month in

    We’ve a Beta 43 and cruise at 1300, or 1400 revs on a deep canal if we’re not causing a breaking wash. Your 16/1700 would be more suitable for rivers. Or maybe you just have a tiny propellor??
  5. MHS

    One month in

    Impressive, I hope your enjoying it. Will show up a lot of continuous cruisers. We move a lot also, but many people don’t do those figures in years.
  6. MHS

    Elsan Disposal Points

    You will have to make a contribution to Anglo Welsh if you want to use the Great Heywood elsan, as it’s on their premises. From memory there isn’t an elsan between Stone and GH.
  7. MHS

    Tividale Quays

    We had a night moored there last year. The locals were very friendly and pleased to see it being used. The few fishermen around seemed fine with it, and we moored a decent distance away. Theres a big Tesco Extra within walking distance. Overall a good spot to stop.
  8. MHS

    Creaking Locker Lid

    Which is probably fine on a small hatch. Best to keep the slot well greased to protect the cut edges. If my method doesn’t improve with time, I can always add a slot too.
  9. MHS

    Creaking Locker Lid

    How thick is the steel on your hinges? I was worried that by cutting a continuous slot, you will weaken it. Not a problem if they have decent substance.
  10. The James Brindley was closed for a number of years but is now open and called The Canal House. The Flapper is very much open and thriving. It was packed on Monday night. It had a large banner outside announcing that they were not closed and open until at least June 2019.
  11. We had a pint and a sandwich at the Dog & Doublet yesterday (Wednesday) lunchtime. It was packed inside and out, so they must be doing something right. The food is average pub grub, the beer very good. I agree it’s an odd choice of a nationwide top ten waterside pub, but it’s a great place to be on a sunny afternoon. It would have been even better yesterday if they hadn’t been having their septic tank / drains pumped out!!!
  12. MHS

    Creaking Locker Lid

    I did try some PlusGas to start with but wondered if it was too thin. We’ve just had 2 weeks onboard. We are back in 2 weeks or so, so might try some diesel.
  13. MHS

    Creaking Locker Lid

    So as per my previous post, I drilled four 4mm holes in our hinges. They are slightly different hinges to MtB’s hinges, but the problem was the same. I’ve topped them up with 3in1, and repeatedly opened the hatch. The result was not instant, but they now squeak more quietly, with no creaking. I will keep them oiled when I go back to the boat, and expect them to improve over time.
  14. MHS

    Creaking Locker Lid

    No they aren’t. Maybe the photo didn’t make it obvious. They are approx 15 degrees from vertical and 6 hours on, they still have oil sitting in them.
  15. I think it’s just weigh it yourself, the bbc clip showed a staff member on the till. At least they are making a start at improving things.

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