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  1. It’s crap value though at £22.53 for the paperback. If it’s not a good read, you could always use the pages to wipe with.
  2. And the Boathouse has the wonderful facility of a multi-storey car park.
  3. We’ve used our daily exercise to prepare for the onslaught of the next ice-age. We walked to the the nearby Premier store to buy biscuits & Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo. If we get snowed in, at least we will be happy.
  4. From memory they are very nice, but a lot smaller. They are actually a semi/terrace of 2 or 3 properties.
  5. You’re welcome to it. Years ago our primary school dinners involved a lot of swaps depending on everyone’s likes & dislikes.
  6. Oops, I don’t like skin on my milk or custard either.
  7. If you’ve lost your sense of taste, it could be Covid!! We have been buying the filtered semi-skinned milk which tastes just like standard s-s milk. It’s slightly more expensive but has a much longer use by date.
  8. It was flipping freezing out there. I didn’t see the satellite fly over, then I realised your post said front door. I was stood in our rear cockpit. Should I stand at the bow tomorrow night in case they missed me?
  9. Pleasurable as it may be, if someone blows on your knob, they’re definitely not respecting social distance rules!!
  10. I’m planning to staple it on, which seems the preferred method. It’s suggested that fitting battens first allows for an air gap to improve insulation further, but I don’t want to waste space. Presumably you didn’t leave a gap? Has it worked well?
  11. In order to reduce condensation, I’m planning to line inside our low level wardrobe with Thermawrap Foil wrap. I will seal any joints with the appropriate tape. Can I staple this into place without fitting battens first? We don’t want to lose too much hanging space. I’ve already fitted a large grille to allow air to flow through the adjacent cupboard into the cabin. I plan to also use the same material to insulate all of the other side of bulkhead between the cabin and the space under the bow cockpit. This area contains a stainless water tank.
  12. IIRC they had a planned closure for repairs to a sluice just south of the Buckby flight around 11th Jan. It was then cancelled as they had found a way to work around it. I do hope this is not the way around it as it has effectively closed the pound and they have done it early.
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