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  1. Our fuse is immediately adjacent to the positive terminal. I did consider a breaker after searching on EBay. I suppose I could put a second one between the mppt and the panels. There currently isn’t a breaker or a fuse on that cable run.
  2. One last post please before I leave you all in peace. If I upgraded the cable to say 10mm2, could I safely add a bigger fuse to say 40A or 50A? Is the fuse in this position (between mppt and battery bank) only protecting the cable? The mppt does have its own internal fuse.
  3. Thank you. Off to the chandlery in the morning.
  4. A new job to add to my list!! I will have a look in the next few days. Is a 35A fuse ok with 4mm2? The online calculator I looked at seems to rate it at 41A over the cable length. I just wish we could have a few dry days so I can get on.
  5. It’s 4mm2 with a cable run from mppt to batteries of 1.4m on the negative and 2m on the positive. An online calculator seems to suggest that might give a 5% loss but is ok. So maybe I should go for 35A or 40A as per Chewbacka.
  6. Hi, sorry to be slow coming back. I have 400w of solar. I will see if I can find the cable size.
  7. The in-line fuse between our 30A mppt and the battery bank has blown. It has happened 3 times now in 4 years. This time it may have just knackered our batteries as I was away from the boat for 2 weeks. The fuse we were recommended to use was a 30A. (presumably 60A blow) might it be an idea to swap it for a 35A or 40A? Thanks Mike
  8. And electricity. If you moor there you get free hook up and there’s no top ups required or metering.
  9. We had 2 or 3 quiet nights at Windmill end last year. Plenty of pleasant people and dog walkers using the area so it felt as safe as anywhere.
  10. We had a good meal a few years ago at the Red Lion at Moore.
  11. MHS

    Another leak?

    Glad you had a good experience. We really do like the pub, so let’s hope we experienced a temporary blip. We are heading off in 3 weeks on a 4 month cruise of the northern canals, so won’t be able to pop in again soon.
  12. MHS


    Thank you very much. Good news.
  13. MHS


    If you are passing through Barbridge, and update on the potential leak would be very very helpful. Cheers Mike
  14. MHS

    Another leak?

    At least that’s positive news. There’s been nothing about a stoppage from crt (yet). Thanks
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