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  1. To be fair, the Trent was all on red boards. We knew that this was only a trip to be done with a decent boat and experienced crew. There was loads of fresh and he hadn’t seen the tide change to incoming as it would have been dark and before their shift started. We made it fine, but it would have been less stressful if we’d been out 30-60 minutes earlier. I definitely wouldn’t have fancied fouling our prop on the trip.
  2. Hi That Guy Out of interest, when you returned the hire boat, did you report the incident to the hire company? They would surely have wanted to know in case any damage became apparent later.
  3. Thanks for the advice. We will be pottering up and down until the floods ease & tides suit our trip up to Cromwell, so will have time to explore.
  4. It’s a beautiful day after the wind and rain yesterday. Hoping to get towards Retford tonight but slow progress as it’s pretty shallow still. It’s 5 years since we’ve been up here, are there still moorings at the Hop Pole? I think it’s just reopened.
  5. That’s good news, but more luck than judgement on Steve’s part.
  6. If the cruiser is a hire boat, has the hire company been informed? I’m sure they would be fuming about this incident. If there is any damage, I am sure they would want to follow it up.
  7. Haven’t seen him yet but will keep an eye out. We have stayed in the basin tonight then will enjoy our trip up to Shireoaks. It’s 5 years since we were up there and with a great weather forecast, we are looking forward to it.
  8. Hi Nick. We left Keadby at 08.20, and arrived safely into the lock at 10.35. My hunch this very wet morning to be let out 30 mins earlier was correct. Tony’s hour earlier would also have been better. There was a strong head wind all the way and the tide had turned early and with the fresh coming down there was a fair flow. It needed lots of revs for the last 45 mins. Good job we’ve got a reliable 43hp and large prop. I nailed it into the lock without touching the sides, so was v happy. Surprisingly very little debris in the river, but think the tides not as high as a week or two back. 5B84E653-BBCE-47A8-8EF5-0BD4C1766847.MOV Cheers Mike & Wendy
  9. I will post our list of interesting items. On the Ouse we saw a dead cow, pig and sheep!
  10. Departure time of 08.15. That sounded sensible after researching it. High tide is 09.23. There was plenty of detritus in the Ouse a few weeks ago when we did it. Will keep a good look out.
  11. Spoke with both Keadby and West Stockwith lock keepers, so are good to go tomorrow as planned. I can’t see a video there, but don’t have good 4g here.
  12. Thank you. I’m all for making life easier, so will wait for slack water if we arrive early.
  13. Thanks. We have done the trip from West Stockwith to Cromwell before. Also a return trip from Cromwell to Lincoln, so do have tidal experience. Having done Naburn to Selby a few weeks ago, I assume the entry is similar. Our boat and engine is 5 years old. Full Beta 43 service completed 100 hours ago so should be fine. Hope to speak to the lockie in the morning and make the trip on Wednesday.
  14. We are hoping to head up the Trent but the weather has been against us. Our other option back to the Midlands is scuppered as Ferrybridge flood lock is closed, so we are wondering about hopping up to the Chesterfield for a while. I’ve left a message for the lockie at Keadby but I’ve yet to hear from them. My question is whether it’s feasible (and safe) to make the trip in our narrowboat, heading up with the tide behind us, but plenty of fresh against.
  15. Our set up works great. My answer was to Waterdog’s query.
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