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  1. I have used Stokbord (which is recycled plastic) for battery boxes and other tasks. It’s a great material, but tends to expand a lot in hot weather, so wouldn’t be suitable for fitting within the metal frame.
  2. Didn’t know that. Thank you.
  3. Agreed, Buffalo board is great stuff. I’ve used it for flooring in our dog kennels for years and it lasts well. However i don’t think it takes paint well and we want our doors to be painted as before.
  4. The doors between the rear cockpit and the rear counter, so yes, they would be exposed.
  5. I’m not talking anyone down, I’m simply asking if anyone actually has experience of using it outside.
  6. . The boards are made of solid oak. Generally wider sections of wood are more likely to warp, that’s why narrower pieces are joined together.
  7. As it’s often used for kitchen worktops, as per the link, I don’t think you’d be very happy if that was the case.
  8. An idea I’d not thought of. I think they are quite pricey now though as they’re trendy again. I do have a beautiful solid elm Cryercraft desk which I bought with money given for my 21st birthday. I wouldn’t fancy cutting it up as I still love it!
  9. Oak is generally very resistant to water and I plan to paint it too. From memory elm is even better though not as easy to source.
  10. I have used solid oak furniture board to make interior shelving in the past. My question is regarding it’s suitability for an outside job. Our steel rear cockpit doors (of our semi-trad) have a timber panel inset on the inside of the frame. They have now seen better days. Has anyone used furniture board either painted or oiled for this purpose? I wonder whether warping would be an issue. https://www.gwleader.co.uk/timber-c7/furniture-board-c71/gw-leader-18mm-solid-oak-blocked-furniture-board-p1501
  11. We left my brothers car in the Reeds car park for a few days. From memory we paid in the very friendly Pontcysyllte Tea Room. Only problem was once in there were there we chose to consume 1000’s of calories of the most delicious cakes!
  12. Sadly someone has set fire to the derelict cottage at Grants Lock on the Oxford. It was in a sorry state as per my photo when we passed a few weeks back. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/18027-lock-30-grants-lock-oxford-canal-closed-today-due-to-lock-cottage-fire
  13. It will be down at pretty man’s point by now. Happy memories of a fry up in Dad’s old mess tins on a beach only accessible by boat.
  14. Bought Wendy a Go-windlass with the swivel handle for Christmas. She loves it and usually uses the short throw option. The long throw ratchet is useful for those really stiff paddles that need a bit of welly.
  15. Because some selfish people will feel they want to enjoy their pint without the risk of being contacted later if an issue occurs.
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