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  1. Check the voltage both sides of the BT main fuse. If you have 14.2v on the battery side and 12.8v on the BT side, replace the fuse. They can partially blow or burn out.
  2. We used to live in a Yorkshire cottage with a 2 acre paddock and 2 acre wood. The pork we had from our woodland reared pigs was fantastic. We also used to make burgers and sausages and had help from friends & neighbours in return for a share of the meat. The belly pork from traditional breeds is second to none. After 17 years we fancied a change. We moved to a low maintenance eco-house with less land but a great view, so we could spend more time afloat.
  3. We had Gloucester Old Spots for a few years and very tasty they were too. Try having some Oxford Sandy & Blacks. They nest build well in a pig ark, but beware their bite. They can give your legs quite a nip.
  4. Thank you for the ketchup support. Now you've opened another can of worms with the mushrooms. I enjoy mushrooms too for a change, but then add less ketchup.
  5. It’s been a while since I went to church, so you may be right. However, I always reckon Brown sauce looks like something evil in a babies nappy. You really must try some Heinz tomato ketchup to educate your palate.
  6. Butter and ketchup for us.
  7. My brother has lived in Holland for years and is married to a Dutch lady. They drive but more regularly cycle. The infrastructure for cyclists is obviously very good as there are so many cyclists. Apparently if as a driver you hit a cyclist you almost always deemed to be at fault. The standard of cycling is also pretty appalling and not just in the young Lycra clad types. Drink cycling is also a lot more prevalent than here.
  8. If it was your boat and you’re called Spanners, how about “Bagga”
  9. There’s plenty of water up here, but that’s just my point. I wonder if the vlockies will still want to restrict individual boats if second boats don’t arrive.
  10. They might have had plenty of kids but not girlfriends.
  11. I wonder if they will still do this when we come down in 8 or 9 days time if after the heavy rain: Foulridge is 100% full and water is flowing over all the bywashes.
  12. Something in your post suggests to me that if you own a huge white cruiser you will be surrounded by a bevy of young ladies. However if you have a coal boat you won’t? Or do you?
  13. Thank you very much. If you can now print them off on plastic sheet and deliver them to Bridge 109 on the L&L, I will be eternally grateful!! Seriously though, thank you, I will print them off when I get home in 3 weeks time.
  14. I had a look online the other day, without success, to find “Welcome to moor alongside” stickers. Does anyone know if they are available or do I need to make some of my own?
  15. The padlocks locking the paddles on the bottom lock m didn’t look very strong when we passed through early last week. I certainly wouldn’t condone their actions, but it wouldn’t take much doing.
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