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  1. Have you looked for a switch for the bilge pump? If so you can run it to pump out the water below the oil slick in the bilges. Switch off as soon as any oil appears in the cut.
  2. Staffs and Worces canal angler

    Yes, it’s clearly been raining as there’s droplets of water on the lens.
  3. Staffs and Worces canal angler

    Hopefully it’s a one-off and the guy was having a really bad day. (Obviously no justification for his actions) if not, that area is usually busy with boats as it’s on the four counties, so he will have plenty of people to rant at.
  4. Whose Towpath is it anyway?

    Stella and Special Brew are still among the main choices for most of the drinkers that hang around locks etc. Don’t think they care what it tastes like as long as it gets them drunk. P.s. what does gnat’s pee taste like, I assume you’ve tried it?!?!
  5. Whose Towpath is it anyway?

    You’ve missed out Stella and Special Brew drinkers. Where should they feature?
  6. Celebrity go boating

    Saw a trailer for the series last night. It appeared to show a narrowboat ascending a wide lock, it’s bow doors open, being tossed around wildly with water pouring into the bow cockpit and through the doors. If this is their hire boat, there could be the first celebrity sinking!!
  7. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    The Curly Wurley is great. Just avoid mooring in Bloxwich.
  8. We’ve been through the Armitage tunnel dozens of times over many years and never met another boat. We’ve never sent someone ahead. If heading South, you can see 90% of the length of the narrowing. If heading North, you can go in and worst case that there’s a boat approaching, you can back up.
  9. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    We’ve moored in Chester with no problems. One of our daughters has recently moved there, and we had a long walk by the canal yesterday. It again, felt as safe as any town or city we have visited.
  10. Sky TV on board

    If you want Sky Sports or other subscriptions, follow Phil’s advice. It certainly worked for us. Be aware if you’re moored somewhere with no signal, the Sky set up doesn’t allow you to watch your recordings either. We no longer have Sky at home or onboard. We watch Freeview at home and Freesat onboard. We bought a 1TB Humax Freesat receiver that works just like a Sky HD box, but obviously won’t connect to the Sky channels. It works great and over the last 3 years, has saved us a fortune.
  11. Kill Cord ?

    That would make your eyes water.
  12. The Bridge at Napton

    What a shame as another pub will disappear for good. We enjoyed some good food and beers when we moored in the area.
  13. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    But not if he only has the Lithiums as his domestic bank. As you say it all seems a faff until the Lithium technology gets cheaper and more boat charging friendly.
  14. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    Nick, if charging while cruising, couldn’t he plug its 240v charger into a socket powered by his inverter? Seems daft to have to change 12v (ish) to 240v then back to 14.1v
  15. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    With a comparable sized cheapo Numax XV31 110Ah costing £88.75 on EBay, you would need your Lithium battery to last over 7 times longee to be value for money. We’ve had our Numax for 4 years and well looked after, they’re still going strong. If I replaced our 8 batteries with your Lithium it would cost us an eye watering £5439.92, and at 100Ah, I would be 9% down on storage. They only have one negative and one positive terminal, is that sufficient for you? Also isn’t there some issue of charging correctly from a boat alternator?