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  1. MHS

    hurleston rebuild suspended

    Ascended Beeston Iron Lock in December. My wife stayed for an extra hour or two to help do the lock. She decided that she loved me more than the value of my life insurance!
  2. MHS

    hurleston rebuild suspended

    I had walked up, opened the gates, returned to the boat and watched them close in the wind. I then repeated the same, watching them close again before deciding to nudge them open. If you can suggest an alternative method, I will happily try it.
  3. MHS

    hurleston rebuild suspended

    More relevant for single handers on the Hurleston flight is the fact some gates regularly swing open when you want them shut. Others swing shut when you want them open. Single handing, I got a bollocking in December from a crt maintenance guy for (very gently) nudging the bottom gates open with my bows. He couldn’t understand that I had no easy other option and ranted about crt byelaws banning the act.
  4. MHS

    Who wanted a Motorbike friendly Narrowboat ?

    Newark Marina don’t seem to have provided a good picture of the fore deck. A surprise when it’s a big feature of a boat like this.
  5. MHS

    Quiet routes

    How about the Llangollen? Ok, not normally, but right now it’s great. That’s because if you’re not on it, you can’t get on it as the Hurlston flight due to stoppages.
  6. MHS

    Unusual Issue

    Spot on. This is is why none of our dogs have been bothered by fireworks, or the game / clay shooting that have taken place near our last two houses.
  7. MHS

    £50 off Simba. and it's changed my sleeping ;)

    The Coolmax is just one of their ranges, so have a look at their others. Their mattresses are hypoallergenic and have removable washable covers. It’s also good to buy British. Living within 30 mins of Wakefield we visited their showroom to try out different ones before buying.
  8. MHS

    £50 off Simba. and it's changed my sleeping ;)

    I would thoroughly recommend this Wakefield based manufacturer & supplier. Having previously owned a (really expensive) Tempur mattress, the Wakefield company’s product compares well and is way cheaper. https://www.memoryfoamwarehouse.co.uk/mattresses/coolmax-memory-foam-mattress/ We have bought 3 beds/mattresses for our home, one for my mother in law, and one for our previous boat. They also make a useful small double, very useful on many narrowboats.
  9. I’ve used a .410 shotgun cleaning rod. Works well but will be slightly harder to see the level than your wooden one. Is the product a vitamin C drink tablet shaped like a polo with the rod up the middle?
  10. MHS

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Well hopefully someone who has seen it, will report it. You haven’t said whether you have seen it, but it cannot harm to inform CRT
  11. MHS

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    We drove under there twice on Monday and didn’t get our free car wash. Is this very recent? Have you seen this leak yourself, if so please report it asap to CRT.
  12. MHS


    That is one really expensive loo. For that price, I would want it to wipe my bum for me.
  13. From memory the towpath along there was covered in dog mess as it’s a busy dog walking stretch. There was also a lot of Japenese Knotweed on the opposite bank up to the corner near the tunnel.
  14. Worcester is a university town. https://www.worcester.ac.uk/ Our 2 girls visited it, but chose to go elsewhere. Both went to universities near water, Lincoln and Plymouth!
  15. Zoopla is a better website than most as it has an advanced search including keywords. Try “canal” and “mooring” with a 40 mile radius of say Worcester, Birmingham or Stoke.

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