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  1. It reminds me of the equally colourful Aqueduct Inn at Froncysyllte, Llangollen.
  2. A beautiful start to the day on the Llangollen 2018. 727D8CF4-6732-4E4E-9759-4CF1F387B3F1.MOV
  3. Likewise we had a 1/6 share in an Ownerships boat and there was no problem with night cruising. After Allen died, we took over running the boat and the syndicate dropped from 12 to 10 shares so our 1/6 became 1/5. We sold up 6 years ago when we bought our own boat.
  4. MHS

    Lockdown !!!

    I hope they arrive safely to help you stave off dehydration!!
  5. MHS

    Lockdown !!!

    I’ve just had a look at their site, but like Tesco, almost every beer is out of stock.
  6. MHS

    Lockdown !!!

    Pubs are closed and supermarkets short of beer stocks, but remember many local breweries are still open. Why not enjoy some wonderful beers and support your local one. Bradfield Brewery near us would deliver free for an order of 48 bottles or more. Worked out at £1.45 each which is cheaper than most supermarkets. We ordered an extra dozen for our neighbours as there’s quantity discount. http://bradfieldbrewery.com/our-beers/
  7. I don’t confuse the two but maybe should have added that Apple would value them as priceless.
  8. Apple find it easy enough to put a value on it!! Ps I have owned iPhones since they were launched. I still reckon they are the best.
  9. Do you foresee a corkage charge?
  10. From the horses mouth: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/safety-on-our-waterways/coronavirus/coronavirus-faqs
  11. Newsflash 5542763A-6ED0-4B58-8BCA-A8D35AC76446.MP4
  12. I know that it’s the law but don’t know how old the ruling is. If you were say building a large affordable housing project, is it really reasonable to delay it for just one nest of a very common British bird.
  13. Never ceases to amaze me when a really large building project is massively delayed because of just one blackbird’s nest. If it was a Golden Eagle or Osprey that’s fair enough. But one blackbird? I was a long time member of the RSPB but I don’t feel they live in the real world any more.
  14. Maybe bridge hop then? Or self isolate by continually mooring?
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