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  1. MHS

    CO Warning. Be careful out there

    Our CO alarm has a digital readout that allows you to monitor peak level. Our maximum ever reading has been 18, which can be caused by opening the stove door to add fuel or running the gas rings. As you can see from the suppliers alarm ratings this is considered safe. I do leave our “tippy” in the saloon, but if we ever had higher readings would reconsider.
  2. MHS

    Boat scam

    A good start might be copies of the licence & insurance renewals, some service bills for the boat showing the licence number and home address of the seller. If they have a photo driving licence with the same address you can certainly be more confident.
  3. MHS

    The Finnish ferry that sails itself

    I hope it’s not relying on O2 for its systems.
  4. I would want to use stainless sections as first choice except for the cost. I would definitely use stainless bolts as you suggest. I never use non-stainless fittings on the boat as you just store up problems for later.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I will measure up and work out what I’m doing.
  6. I’m looking to increase the amount of storage in our bow cockpit by putting in bigger lockers. I had been thinking of using aluminium angle sections to create the frame with buffalo board top and sides. Am I correct in thinking that there can be an issue of electrolysis or a similar reaction with the hull? Would I need to use an adhesive neoprene strip to keep the aluminium away from the steel?
  7. MHS

    Ribble Link Query

    You’re so cruel Gareth. I’ve not told our Beta Marine 43 of her past. She thinks she’s a thoroughbred.
  8. MHS

    Found: Tender (well part of)

    That’s the bow of my powerboat. Could you please have a look and see if the rest of the hull is lying nearby.
  9. MHS

    Sea water levels

    Now that can’t be right. Highly, highly intellegent people surely read lots of books?
  10. MHS

    Sea water levels

    The highly, highly intelligent and highly respected leader of the western word, Mr Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-46351940 Obviously he must be right.
  11. MHS

    Stenson Lock

    We went up Stenson Lock about 18 months ago with another boat. It was a sunny day with plenty of gongoozlers about. The volocky suggested we stay at the back of the empty lock. He then fully opened both gate paddles. I was not happy. He was showing off to the watching ladies. It may have looked spectacular but not pleasant for us.
  12. MHS

    Homeless on a cold night.

    My mum works regularly in a Scope charity shop. If something comes in that she likes, she waits for the manager to price it up. She then gives double the amount to the charity and takes it home. This may well have happened in your case too.
  13. MHS

    Homeless on a cold night.

    Yes he seems polite and friendly. Maybe batteries for his radio would be another help, assuming it’s not a wind up one. A guy at the locks mentioned he is a regular in the area. He said that he does have issues and doesn’t seem to accept help from the council etc. I may be in the area in 10 days or so and will keep an eye out for him.
  14. MHS

    Homeless on a cold night.

    I never mentioned campers.
  15. MHS

    Homeless on a cold night.

    I’m surprised the thread I started has been moved so quickly to the Virtual Pub. Surely a topic regarding homelessness near canals is better suited to General Boating where more people will read it? Homeless people need our understanding, help & support. We are seeing more people with mental health issues, more relationship break ups or forced out of affordable housing. As boaters, many of us do have the time, funds or ability to make a difference. I’m not a religious person but like the Good Samaritan, I didn’t pass on the other side.

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