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  1. Is it actually for sale? It’s not on Rightmove, Zoopla or OnTheMarket.com. The PDF listing posted is 4 years old and it’s not on the Mark Evans website. By chance will be cruising past Pooley Hall tomorrow and will look out for a for sale sign.
  2. MHS

    Electric cars

    Daft thing is our Outlander PHEV is a 2014 model and has a noise generator. Why on earth have other manufacturers not fitted these too? You can turn it off and I read an article testing its ability as a shooting vehicle at night. Apparently you can sneak up on rabbits when lamping!!
  3. MHS

    Electric cars

    Having Googled it, you are right that there should have been a decibel rating on the V5. I sold the car in 2011, so can’t check it. I think most police had better things at the time than to do than to reinforce the rules. TVR were well known for doing things their way. (Like having no door handles and a three button press starting procedure) I reckon that the car would never have been built to the guidelines. I was watching a friend’s track day at Cadwell in around 2009 and asked the marshalls if they would kindly check the volume level. I can’t remember what it was now, but they all chuckled, telling me I wouldn’t be lapping theIr circuit. At its first MOT in 2007, the TVR main dealer, knowing it would fail the emissions test used a Vauxhall to receive a satisfactory result!! Highly improper.
  4. MHS

    Electric cars

    I doubt that it was any louder. As I understand it, there’s no maximum decibel rating for any standard road car. My TVR was barred from all uk track days as being too noisy, unless they were rare unrestricted days. I doubt your SRT was any/much noisier than my coupe.
  5. MHS

    Electric cars

    I may well be the only person on the forum to have driven a TVR Cerbera 4.5L for 6 years and more recently owned a Outlander PHEV, also for 6 years. I’ve worked with the blind & partially sighted for years and there’s absolutely no way they wouldn’t hear the TVR coming. (From miles away) The PHEV has a noise generator that operates at lower speed. At higher speeds, tyre noise is predominantly the loudest sound in any normal car. Is there not a minimum standard for noise generators fitted to electric cars? I would have assumed that to be the case.
  6. Then we could store them on our poop-deck!
  7. If you are correct, it should also be usable by people of all heights. I’m 6’ tall and have to bend down to wheel our wheeled cassette. I’d much rather just carry it, or put it on our folding trolley if there’s a bigger distance to cover. it’s only 20kg or so full. Maybe every 20kg bag of smokeless should come with fitted wheels!!
  8. Lily our GSD Is not gobby, so wouldn’t have helped out your cyclist. She only barks if someone comes onto, or knocks on the boat. She does sound very impressive then. As she gets older, she is becoming more vocal talking to us, as only GSD’s do.
  9. Well done, always worth having a trusty GSD nearby to raise the alarm.
  10. We used stainless steel and it’s worked really well. We stuck them down with Evo-stik contact adhesive. Supplied & cut to size by the Little Chimney Company, the thickness they use for their chimneys was perfect. It’s always good to support a trading boat. https://m.facebook.com/littlechimneycompany/
  11. I have used Stokbord (which is recycled plastic) for battery boxes and other tasks. It’s a great material, but tends to expand a lot in hot weather, so wouldn’t be suitable for fitting within the metal frame.
  12. Didn’t know that. Thank you.
  13. Agreed, Buffalo board is great stuff. I’ve used it for flooring in our dog kennels for years and it lasts well. However i don’t think it takes paint well and we want our doors to be painted as before.
  14. The doors between the rear cockpit and the rear counter, so yes, they would be exposed.
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