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  1. I understand what's being said, it's just that the response might have been "just fill the crack, don't replace the whole thing, it's cheaper".
  2. So what you're saying it is has a purpose, the purpose is compromised by it being broken, and that it could be rectified for a cost less than that of a new fire brick? That's very different to saying "why would you possibly want to waste money on replacing a cracked fire brick? What do you think the crack will do, let the fire leak out ?
  3. Why would you possibly want to waste your time posting this? It was designed and installed for a reason. It's now broken. It makes sense to replace it.
  4. Here are some photos which hopefully gets things across better than my previous effort... Pics to follow
  5. Thanks for the help. Donation made to the site - I've taken far more than I've given (mostly down to inexperience), so it's only fair. Kings Lock have the part and I'll be ordering tomorrow. Is it a pain in the arse to fit?
  6. Thanks, all. Didn't want to wake up dead. I've sent the pictures off to Kings Lock Chandlery to get a replacement but can't actually identify which model of Squirrel it is. Hopefully they can from the photo unless there's another way I'm able to? The feet look slightly different on some models.
  7. Hello, I noticed a crack in the back of my stove yesterday. I'm struggling with identifying exactly what the part is from the diagrams I've found online. Is it the back brick? Until it's replaced, is it safe to use? Thanks,
  8. I think I'm best to take some photos when I'm next onboard at the weekend and take it from there. I'm probably causing even more confusion in trying to explain!
  9. Thanks. This is the first boat I've had where the socket for shore power isn't located on the stern bulkhead, as yours. In this case, it looks like it does go from a 240v plug, to a gang with a shore power socket attached, then the shore power cable plugs into this and into the bollard. Unless I ignore the lead and plug directly into what's in the first photo (actual pic from my boat).
  10. Apologies for being a bit thick here... Am I to directly plug the shore power cable into the connector shown in the first picture and ignore the gang plug?
  11. Thanks, Tony, for the detailed reply. I do mean Swanley Bridge. Glad to read you enjoyed your time there. I currently live in Nantwich and have done for a few years now, so fortunately I'm familiar with it. I've a car too and everything's close by as you say. It's a great spot and I used to moor at the farm moorings right next to it. I like the marina and would also have been happy at Overwater too. My intention is to support the fuel boat. I used to buy from Chamberlains and see they've a full-time mooring at Burland now. During weekends I'm intending on taking it down the Middlewich or towards Coole Pilates, both are an easy reach. Due to work commitments longer cruises will only be possible during annual leave. When the stoppages are sorted I'll do the same but heading to Wrenbury. The marina have been endlessly patient with me, having messed them about twice with securing a mooring for a 60ft despite the waiting list and shortage, only to have duff surveys and not take the mooring. Fortunately they've plenty of 50ft moorings and I had a decent choice.
  12. I know about as much as boat electrics as I do Photoshop. Hopefully the image makes things clearer. I'd forgotten I'd taken a picture of inside of the cupboard which houses the DC panel and galvanic isolator etc. You can see one end what looks like a hook up cable. Anyhow, from this cupboard there's a mains lead with a UK plug. There's a separate gang socket with hook up connection attached. The plug mention above goes into the gang socket The shore line from the gang then plugs into a shore cable, goes through the pigeon box and into shore power
  13. I'll draw a picture later this evening (I'm not taking the p*ss, by the way) as I'm not using the right terminology to explain it. Maybe a sketch would be clearer.
  14. Potentially. I'll try and trace where cabling goes from the inverter/charger unit - it's not in the same cupboard, instead it's under the boards in the engine room opposite the DC board and not wall mounted.
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