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  1. I took this photo in 2017 on the Rochdale. Was our GSD Lily (sadly now in her dog kennel in the sky) meant to swim in the canal, or was she classed as a pedestrian?
  2. I have used this website for the last couple of years but not sent them any prices. Have swapped the bookmark on my phone and emailed them today with my last fill price paid. Will make sure I do this from now on.
  3. The obvious option if you want to run your engine after 8.00pm is to move your boat. There’s no problem cruising after 8.00pm, so cruise up to nearest winding point and return to your mooring.
  4. I took this pic today, a great mural on a wall in Skipton.
  5. Can’t believe that hasn’t been fixed properly yet. June 2020, crt had done a temporary fix with a piece of “Armco”. We arrived to find a boat stuck in it trying to open the bottom gate. Finally helped them out and managed to get up the lock.
  6. They are closing a huge number of different waterways in early November. I’m sure far more than usual. If you’re CC’ing, check it carefully.
  7. And that is what makes boating so enjoyable.
  8. We passed you there yesterday morning and have never fancied that spot. There’s better mooring 1 1/2 miles further on, just south of bridge 109. Another vote here for Riley Green on the visitor mooring, just SW of bridge 91a. It was sad to see the remains of the pub still there. If it’s not going to be redeveloped after all these years, it would be better to remove the little that is left.
  9. I think luck plays a huge part in it. We’ve done the Walsall, Curly Wurly, Dudley canals and most of the BCN a few times over the years and have rarely been down the weed hatch. Maybe we have followed you a couple of hours behind, so you have cleaned up for us!
  10. This is the start, but the boats were often dangerously close during the swim as they tried to get the best coverage.
  11. Is anyone else watching the Olympic triathlon? They had a false start leaving a large RIB with twin outboards in the middle of the swimmers. They are just finishing the swim now and it’s been scary to watch as numerous camera carrying RIB’s have been dangerously close to the athletes throughout the swim. There will be plenty of complaints from the teams.
  12. I can’t imagine throwing it back in, or leaving it on the towpath. It’s a horrible habit. We collected a 9’ hessian backed shag pile rug on our prop yesterday between the 2 Poolstock Locks. It took me 1 exhausting hour to get it off. It is free for anyone who wishes to collect it from the CRT bins at the top of the Wigan flight.
  13. As the OP on the thread, I like many of us contacted CRT and Market Drayton council with the same suggestion. There’s no need to point score here, we surely all have the same aim.
  14. It’s been like that at the BCLM for years. The towpath side is a standard CRT key, the other is a combination lock, which is not meant for general use. I was given the number a few years ago, but it may have been changed and shouldn’t be posted publicly!!
  15. I think that’s correct, as the metre is the accepted one, millimetres and centimetres are just fractions of a unit.
  16. And I’ve just re-read it. Either was spellchecked to with!! Sorry
  17. And they were lucky to survive. Your sense of humour is obviously not aligned with mine. Never mind.
  18. Yes, because it’s near the Isles of Scilly and they were lucky to survive.
  19. SI units are the internationally accepted units in science, like litres, volts and amps etc. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_System_of_Units
  20. Glad to see the change of heart re doing it in phases.
  21. I didn’t know SI units like the metre were ambiguous!!
  22. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-57768179
  23. It’s lovely, but tiny. It has a good butchers & pub within 100m and looked great last Christmas time.
  24. We were there in July 2019 and I’m sure there wasn’t a tap for every two boats then. It might have changed since. If you enjoy good food and particularly fish & seafood, try The Italian Club on Bold Street. We had a fantastic meal there.
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