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  1. Live aboard in york

    it IS freezing in my old victorian house, I can't wait for summer!
  2. I am a fan of cruising till you want to stop, turning round at half time and not planning too much!
  3. Getting hit by turning boats

    I think the canoe idea is a good one, or may be have a few car wheels floating alongside, they would act as fenders and you could put something on them like a traffic cone to make them visible! .. May look a bit messy though!
  4. Wartime (1944) Canal Photos

    Great pictures, thanks, they worked hard!
  5. iPhone canal satnav

    I tried my pearsons guide in a tunnel ... there must be something wrong .. it didn't work i couldn't see it! I'll send it back for a refund!
  6. iPhone canal satnav

    Waterways routes us my favourite.
  7. MtB, can we talk boilers please?

    The range and variety of expertise on this forum never ceases to amaze me!
  8. MtB, can we talk boilers please?

    Now you tell me! Too late I already have a Worcester Hodge!
  9. Cheshire Ring - Which way?

    The Rochdale 9 going up can be interesting in a full length boat as they don't all have ground paddles so yes I agree anti clockwise .... with a crew like that you will fly along so may even have time for a day on the River Weaver on the way back, certainly worth the detour. I have done Cheshire ring and a day on the Weaver from Alvechurch boats near Anderton .... but then I just love the boating and am very happy with 10 hour days. Another detour I have done is to take a few hours out to look at The Barton Swing Aqueduct which is a pretty spectacular structure and not far off your route and there is a winding hole a short way after the aqueduct. If you have a big crew I would make sure you take a few spare "handcuff" keys as near Manchester a spare windlass is not much use if you can't unlock the paddle! https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/112801868228?chn=ps&adgroupid=58814348784&rlsatarget=pla-411722221590&abcId=1133916&adtype=pla&merchantid=7409964&poi=&googleloc=9045101&device=c&campaignid=1057745162&crdt=0 Whichever way you go I hope you have a great trip!
  10. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    Of course we don't need houses, we can all live on boats in London which is as we know a much cheaper option!
  11. Height of a narrowboat

    Not quite true, it's common practice to fill up the water tank before going through Standedge which does bring the height down a bit!
  12. Parking Stoke Bruerne

    The parish council website says The Parish Council does not own or operate any car parks. There are two main car parks in the village throughout the year however during summer event weekends additional parking is made available and these are signposted when needed. Please be aware that much of the village has restricted parking such as double yellow lines and residents parking areas. Please use the car parks provided to avoid the possibility of a parking ticket. Local Authority parking attendants regularly visit at weekends. Museum Car Park This is situated at the rear of the Museum and is accessed from Chapel Lane. This is the first car park you will come to when arriving in the village from the A508. It has a tarmac surface and is Pay and Display. The parking ticket is also partially refundable if you visit the museum. Church Car Park This is located on Shutlanger Road and is the first car park if you are travelling from Shutlanger/Towcester/A5. Situated on the right, just past Wentworth Way, it is mainly grass but is quite large. All the proceeds go to the Church for much needed repairs and maintenance so please do pop your £2.00 in the honesty box at the gate, it all helps! Shutlanger Road may be a good option
  13. How big an outboard

    Not surprised you know the lock! The little Honda is indeed noisy but has always worked well for us... we must have been lucky! But then it is only really used as a last resort on the sailing dinghy.
  14. How big an outboard

    Air cooled tend to be lighter and smaller but noisier so may be a good option as an emergency, a little honda 2.3 pushes a 14ft dinghy at 4 - 5mph, not sure what it would do with 30ft though! Its certainly small enough to loft on and off with ease.
  15. Bringing a boat from Holland!

    Sorry Halsey, no offence intended, they do look very like personal not business details and unfortunately these days if your phone number is on the net that means a lot of cold calling. NickF