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  1. Just had a delivery from Tesco yesterday, all the items were ticked for possible substitution thinking I'd rather make-do than do-without! Two items weren't available, and apparently with no substitutes, they were strong white bread flour, and eCover washing up liquid. Sesame seed oil was substituted with cheep Tesco vegetable oil 🥴 Raisins substituted with currents (but I already had currents ordered) Tesco smoked salmon substituted with Finest Scottish Smoked Salmon (yay) The funniest substitute - I ordered 2x Thorntons classic Easter Eggs, one each for us on Easter Sunday, they were substituted with 1 dinosaur shaped egg, and 1 unicorn shaped egg 😂 I've managed to book a delivery for 3 weeks time! If anyone wants to know what I did to get it, message me...
  2. Exactly. Also to remember that many people are now having to prepare 3 meals a day, whereas many had lunches at work, kids had school meals, nipping into fast food for takeaways, and having a meal out. This needs to be factored in too.
  3. That's not there now, only a rough towpath, it was a quagmire during the wet weather a month or so ago.
  4. No I don't recognise any metal gates Athy at Hartshill, there's a U shaped fence to stop bikes at the top lock.
  5. I'm probably going to get castigated here.... By 10 am today there's been 3 sets of 2 fishermen around our boat, loads of joggers, dog walkers etc. I've got no problem with joggers and walkers, but the fishermen take up half the towpath (fishing is forbidden), causing problems for joggers and walkers to keep their distance. One of the fishermen (in fact he woke us this morning) was outside our boat coughing his lungs out, and gobbing on the towpath - I thought he was taking the proverbial. I phoned the police, and a bobby came round to witness the towpath traffic. He's going to report back to base, and they'll take keep an eye on the area which is all I want them to do.... Got to say the police were exceptionally polite, helpful and understanding. While I've been writing this a trail motorbike with two kids riding on it, both without a helmet, has screeched past.
  6. Have you got some provisions now Dor?
  7. Anyone thinking of going out for non-essential travel.... you've got to watch this!
  8. Point is to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed, it's about managing the contagion. The NHS has hit the ground running, they're learning on the hoof. It would be Armageddon if we all got it together.
  9. Sorry to disappoint.... Boris is a hero of mine 😉 It's for all those who think they are somehow special..... GO HOME.... SHUT THE DOOR...... AND STAY THERE! Reading twittery tonight it looks like a lot of people in some of the bigger cities are not heeding Gov's advice. Perhaps we should be prepared for a total lockdown soon.
  10. That sounds easy.... except perhaps getting hold of chapatti flour might be a problem. Saying that, strong bread flour has become difficult these days! Easy bread dough 500g strong white flour, plus extra for dusting 2 tsp salt 7g sachet fast-action yeast 3 tbsp olive oil (I don't bother_ 300ml water (warm water) https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easy-white-bread There's lots of recipes online for authentic naans.
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