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  1. This is the situation we are at today! Anyone with a different opinion is a fascist. Looks like the lines of being a fascist are being flipped. Here's a clip from Parliament this morning.
  2. Nigel's penultimate speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH7g0IbC0dQ
  3. Direct from the source;
  4. Can't wait to get going again, it looks like the wind could be abating by Friday. I'm making notes, so thank you Matty
  5. I'll agree with you, it's got nothing to do with Brexit Jerra you need to read this https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/finance-business/nissans-infiniti-to-exit-western-europe-early-next-year/ar-BBUFzz2
  6. Think you are missing the fact that he served his country.
  7. Did you see the news about HMS Argyll yesterday? Well done those lads! The frigate was heading home after 9 months away after being in Asia Pacific with allies. https://news.sky.com/story/royal-navy-sailors-save-27-people-from-burning-container-ship-at-sea-11662171
  8. "Politely" lol, I think you must be fibbing there 😂 The point was, you accepted that was the way things were, sometimes life isn't fair. In a job I left, I was asked to find my replacement, I felt sick when the salary offered was £5k more than I'd had for 3 years. It was a good decision to leave.
  9. I remember that time, couldn't understand where those Green Goddesses came from. After the strike they got mothballed again. A fiver a week was a lot then, I can imagine people would be peeved.
  10. Are you getting muddled up with right-wing and extreme right? I class myself as being on the right, but not for a moment would I align myself with those groups you mentioned. Extremes in both right and left are dangerous. It takes all sorts in this world thank goodness. It's healthy to debate, but not to dictate.
  11. LOL I couldn't remember the word 'Allegiance' (it's a better word than 'subservient') Thought the army was mentioned to keep order on the streets? I wouldn't imagine for a moment the Navy would be ordered to start blasting us out of the water. But... we're living in very strange times .....
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