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Jennifer McM

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  1. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    The UK will be bringing all laws, treaties, and I guess trade agreements over from the EU at the point of where we leave, so I believe 'trade rules' should be the same. The UK won't be reinventing the wheel. Any changes will be between NZ and the UK as and when needed.
  2. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    Why on earth would NZ have to choose between the UK and the EU? Surely NZ's trade with both will not be changing when we leave?
  3. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    Sounds good to me... Source
  4. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    Got to keep an open mind about these things
  5. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    In truth I really don't know. It's more than possible there are puppet masters working bankers, governments etc. Perhaps there is a deep state that Trump says he's fighting. It's difficult to know what is the truth. Is climate change the truth, or is it a huge lie to keep up us poor? These conversations are usually kept for an evening with a couple of bottles of wine
  6. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    You've missed nothing, but you have added an element that wasn't there Is there a God? Is there life after death? Are we microbes on a higher being's table leg? Who knows.... from my lowly view these are the imponderables
  7. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    There was a fascinating programme on TV about a week ago on the history of the crusader knights, historians believed the money they had were the start of Opus Dei / Bilderberg. The real elites that rule us. My minds always open...
  8. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    As DandV mentioned, NZ appears to be wary of upsetting the EU. Until we're out of the EU, potential trade agreements are sensitive.
  9. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    How do you know that?
  10. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    There doesn't appear to be a problem Worth a read.....
  11. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    As mentioned the UK can't sign a trade deal - but 'creative' agreements have been signed. As mentioned, we're not allowed to sign a trade deal while still in the EU.
  12. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    'We can't do any trade deals until we leave as you no doubt will know. 'Trade agreements' have been agreed this week, using creative words until we cut the EU strings.
  13. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    Seriously, the UK is doing well. Not that you'll hear it from Brussels Broadcasting Co
  14. Jennifer McM

    Water in the hold!

    That is so true, remember going to see a boat when we knew next to nothing about boats, the boat smelled like the owner had just been warming up a tin of baked beans. Now I'd be wary about the toilet system 🙊
  15. Jennifer McM

    Brexit 2019

    He'd know of course that would be against the law? What happens if/when Brexit is a roaring success, would they get a bonus?

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