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Jennifer McM

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  1. Jennifer McM

    Good Morning Aileen!

    It's a glorious day, sun's shining brightly, yet rain-wise it looks to be the end of the world! Don't think there's a more cosier feeling than being tucked up in bed and rain pelting on the boat's roof!
  2. Watch out for the man who's defying his doctor by running from Birmingham to London on the Grand Union, 145 miles over 3 days for charity. Kudos Sir! https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/965107/ultra-running-grand-union-canal-birmingham-to-london-liver-cancer-mark-thornberry
  3. Jennifer McM

    IWA Asking for info - re gap in boaters facilities

    There's quite a bit of background I've to 'chew on'. Thanks for your input, for now it looks like there's a lot of catching up to do, and I'm always ready to listen to those who have such a lot of experience. 👍
  4. We've been carrying this around for 2 years now and haven't used it once, and can't see a time when we will. It's a 5ft folding ladder, but doesn't fold anymore because plates have been riveted to the rungs to make it into a plank. For the next week (possibly) we're floating around Braunston. If anyone could make use of it, please let me know. Edited to say it's free to a good home!
  5. Jennifer McM

    IWA Asking for info - re gap in boaters facilities

    After only been continuously cruising for two years, we've managed to get a good idea of the conditions of sanny stations, some are brilliant (and should be awarded), and others are literally the pits. We're not really aware of the 'politics' (for want of a better word) surrounding C&RT/IWA, though some information has trickled through, so it's understandable that some are tired of 'banging their heads on C&RT's brick walls'. It's a big ask, but if boating organisations come together, surely a lot could be achieved. Being divided doesn't help the cause. Obviously, I know this isn't an ideal world. For some reason I feel I need to apologise for trying to be positive.
  6. Jennifer McM

    Great Tits

    Wish I could embed this twitter tweet in a posting https://twitter.com/WildlifeOrphan1/status/1000018884672589825?ref_src=twsrc^tfw">25 May 2018
  7. Jennifer McM

    IWA Asking for info - re gap in boaters facilities

    Absolutely not... I love a 'good' moan, I've even been known to cuss!
  8. A great initiative - instead of moaning, we should be reporting https://www.waterways.org.uk/news/view?id=361&x[0]=news/list
  9. Jennifer McM


    We'd just gone through the tunnel and moored up, already moored was a boat going into the tunnel, who'd come from the Huddersfield Broad, he gave us his spike which was a piece of wood taken from a pallet. Glad he did because we had no idea we needed one 🙄
  10. Jennifer McM


    Afraid I've been one of those people! Last year when we went on the HN was our first year of living afloat, and were pretty much novices. But after reading some of the comments in this thread, we might just have a go at it again. We learnt a lot.
  11. Jennifer McM

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    I'm on Twitter and follow quite a few CRT accounts; there are a lot of tweets with photos of CRT staff/volunteers standing next to the new notices.
  12. Jennifer McM

    Ebac hot fill washing machines

    Slightly a bit of a pain; I add about 8 litres of hot water (to my cold fill machine) from the tank before switching the machine on. Obviously you've got to be sensible temperature wise to regulate the water with the wash programme. It works for me..... this is yet another tip I picked up from this forum 🥂
  13. There seems to be quite a few upholsterers near Cheshire - See here.... Get material specifically for upholstering. Also ask if the material is machine washable, it'll save you expensive dry cleaning costs. Have a go at doing it yourself, maybe ask the help of a friend, or family member. For guidance on how to do it, remember YouTube is brilliant.
  14. Jennifer McM

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    muy complicado 😉 It's the woman/mother who carries the colour blindness gene, though in the main she (the woman/mother) isn't colour blind, despite her carrying the gene. But her sons will be colour blind, but not her daughters, yet the daughters will carry the gene and the daughter's sons will be colour blind, but not any daughters yet they'll carry the gene, and so it goes on.... But when two of these genes come together, as in my case, my mother carried the gene, and my father was colour blind (from his mother's gene), I got to be colour blind. If I'd had sons they would have been colour blind too. Though my daughter isn't colour blind, but if she had a son he would be colour blind. My two granddaughters I suspect will carry the gene (they're not colour blind), and if they have ever have sons, the sons will be colour blind. Colour blind men don't pass this gene on, it's only through the mother normally. I suspect this is as clear as the water in the Grand Union!.... 😂
  15. Jennifer McM

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    Yes, I got you point. It's nothing less than incompetence the Comms dept got the new logo wrong

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