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Jennifer McM

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  1. Jennifer McM

    Friday joke

    Knock knock Who's there? Theresa, can I come in? Sod off, you bloody don't leave!
  2. Jennifer McM

    Receiving Packages

    Whilst being stuck in deep ice in Leighton Buzzard last March, with our debit and credit card running dangerously close to expiring. On top of that our batteries were coughing and spluttering and needed replacing - we desperately needed the replacement cards which had been sent to our postal address. We walked to the post office, slipping and sliding as we went, asking if a registered letter could be delivered for us there. Assistant said that was OK, and that she'd look out for the letter. Letter was sent but annoyingly the 'Post Restante' was missed off the address on the envelope. The 'Registered' letter arrived safely at the post office, but the assistant who said she'd watch out for the letter, had a day off, and unfortunately, another member of staff sent the letter back to the sorting office. We traipsed in the ice to the sorting office, who had the letter. OH actually had the envelope in his hand! But 'jobsworth' stuck firmly to the rules and wouldn't hand over the letter, despite providing him as much identity as anyone would need, including the registered number. The letter had to be sent back to sender.... (and that took 3 weeks!) Note the letter was opened. We've learnt our lesson! Pic taken at the sorting office! Yes, we did complain, and as anyone who's complained to Post Office, would know they might have been complaining to smoke.
  3. Jennifer McM

    Receiving Packages

    That was my thought, I've discovered this woman is the manageress. Don't want to get anyone into trouble though. There's a younger member of staff, who's really nice and helpful, she heard our conversation and rolled her eyes behind the managers back - a well-known dragon I think.
  4. Jennifer McM

    Receiving Packages

    Of course time is money, and we're paying quite a bit to be here (it's not the cheapest marina), plus we did ask if receiving stuff was part of the 'deal' before we booked, and they said 'yes'. We've been here since first thing on Saturday, and not another boat has entered for services (mind the weather's not been good granted). In fact looking around over half the moorings are empty. We're now planning to cut our stay here 2/3rds shorter. Good customer service doesn't really cost a lot, but can repay in dividends. I must say though, except for one person, other staff are delightful here, and the facilities are brilliant.
  5. Jennifer McM

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    Now I'll be able to remember the name....
  6. Jennifer McM

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    Yes, I was reminded of the book when I read a Telegraph article this morning:
  7. Jennifer McM

    Receiving Packages

    Blimey..... when 'Oh Wise One' can we please ask would this become a reality... next Chrissy?
  8. Jennifer McM

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    Read a fiction book decades ago (can't remember the name of the book). It mentioned that our electric kettles would be spying on us. When fiction becomes a reality!
  9. Jennifer McM

    Receiving Packages

    You've cheered me up.... Now what to do to get to the shops... pay for a taxi, hire a car, or go for a long hike to catch one of the few buses a day? Seeing that it's a rainy day... I'm going to stay home and be bl***y miserable Might even have a go at the satisfying game of 'spitting out dummies' 😎🙁👀
  10. Jennifer McM

    Receiving Packages

    We phoned a couple of marinas when choosing one to stay for 2/3 months over winter, and one of the criteria was receiving post/courier packages. (Well it is Christmas!) In the past, we've moored in just one marina in over 2/3 years that refused to accept a package on our behalf. The marina where we're moored for Dec (was thinking of staying here for Jan/Feb - but there's now a ?), said they'd receive packages on our behalf. Except now we're here, we've been told they only accept packages less than A5 size. Problem is; when buying something (like a TV digital antenna) how do we know the size of the box? The marina's receptionist said it was something to do with being 'resident / not resident'! Anyway, we're miffed - the marina's reception refused to accept two packages for us yesterday. It cost us £20 this morning for a taxi to and from the sorting office to collect them. Still.... when OH returned he was accosted by a gentleman in a turban and asked if he wanted to be in a movie! (Don't get that asked too many times in a lifetime). That's where OH is now, think he's having a coffee at the waterside, while getting paid £50 as an extra in a Bollywood film. Always a silver lining
  11. Jennifer McM

    Canals and helicopters

    Whatever you do, don't do what I did. A light aircraft was buzzing around all night, and kept waking me up. Dreaming and reality became mixed, and I concocted the scenario that the pilot was lost and couldn't find Leavesden (local small runway). Every time he flew over our house I woke up worried that he was running out of fuel, his life was at risk, and that I must save him. Like any caring citizen, I thought I'd help the poor pilot, so I phoned the local police station. After telling the policeman at the other end of line how urgent the pilot needed help, I think it was the way policeman answered, which wasn't quite like I had expected, that I came to my senses and woke up 🤣 Reading the local rag a few days later, I read that some environmental body were undertaking night surveys from the air on how much, infrared heat was being emitted from houses. I've often thought since then, what fun coppers must have when on night duty, surely I can't be the only one that has realistic dreams 😂
  12. Jennifer McM

    The Uxbridge English dictionary.

    Humpppph...... 😖😖 Hows bout then.... Fillet - half a filled bucket
  13. Jennifer McM

    The Uxbridge English dictionary.

    Legal - the fille
  14. Jennifer McM

    singlehanded women liveaboards

    Coincidentally we moored next to a single handed lady boater during the summer, on two occasions. Both lady boaters had joined the closed FB group, and from what I gleaned from them, the support the group give each other is brilliant. If any member is within the vicinity of another member of the group, they meet up with the aim of friendship and supporting each other. Thought the concept was brilliant.
  15. Jennifer McM

    Over Wintering

    Drat... wrong Bug but right area.

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