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  1. Bought a pot in B&Q today and had a go. Mixed it into a paste and painted it on with a brush, eventually I started putting a bit more effort into cleaning the wood, working the powder into the grain with an old nail brush and scrubbing. Think it's made a difference. I'll give it another go tomorrow. When it's dry, I'll sand the wood, and give it a couple of coats of yacht varnish. Thank you @WotEver, and everyone, looks like Barkeeper has done the trick Knew someone on here were know some 'magic'.
  2. The painting reminds me of Norse traditions, showing a large eagle's / dragon's beak, before the eye.
  3. Ahh now that's going to be a problem. Perhaps this will be a continuous painting job for a few hours in the hope the liquid soaks in... but first of all, is to get the chemicals. Thanks for the warning.
  4. It's about having confidence in the UK. There was a question on here a couple of weeks ago about UK built vehicles.
  5. You sound ever so angry? We don't know what will happen yet, but I know what the path will be if we stay in. The EU is not static, re the Deutsche bank. Wonder who will be bailing them out?
  6. Hi Welcome! Well us Brexiteers will welcome you, but 'tothers are as bad good as twitter remainers 😊
  7. Jennifer McM


    From mooring on Friday, to this morning, and having a relatively dry 24hrs, the Coventry looks to be over an inch down. Just enough to get us stuck on something massive under the water where we were moored. With grateful thanks to a couple walking their dog, the boater moored behind us, and two passing boats, one hooked our bow line, and the other came along side and took our stern line, we budged free! Thank you to all three boaters.... so glad the owners of 'Rehab' were in Rehab! 😂👍
  8. Yes I do. When Farage left UKIP he thought the job was done. Why would he, or anyone else take a database with them?
  9. They didn't have the data, Farage and Batten were opposing each other.
  10. Just had a google, apparently someone has worked it out that 4% of men are raising another man's child. I'm guessing distinguishing features might give the game away before DNA, I don't know. We can't keep progress at bay, probably before the end of the century everyone will be DNA'ed for medical reasons?
  11. Can't say I mind having DNA taken at birth, that really doesn't worry me if it keeps people safe. Those ancestry/genealogy sites where people can get their DNA tested for tracing their ancestry, I believe authorities are using their databases to find criminals. So anyone with a dodgy family should be aware 😬 https://www.newscientist.com/article/2182348-police-can-now-use-millions-more-peoples-dna-to-find-criminals/
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