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Jennifer McM

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  1. Jennifer McM

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Wandered onto a nudist beach once, I was shocked .... (true story) Not because of the nudity, that's all innocent, but the naked guy who was walking in front of us had a strip of toilet paper stuck between his buttocks... Yuck 😂
  2. Jennifer McM

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Hope you're not suggesting I've got 'paedophiliaphobia'? Please don't castigate me for 'taking care' - this is a forum for discussions right, and not accusations? There's a big difference between nudism, and an exhibitionist 'jiggling' around. Who knows what drives such a person? What 'tape' has he got playing in his head? Will he be get bored with that 'tape'? My experience is from the uni of life! Many decades ago when I was 18, during lunchtime I was targeted by a flasher, when I ignored him he approached me and asked me for a date - luckily there was a shop nearby where I could dive into. Got back to work and laughed it off with friends, and was surprised to find another girl had come across him too. Our manager heard what we were saying, and within minutes we were whisked to the Man Dir's office. Then all hell let loose, the police were informed, we had to make statements, we were shown artists impressions. Turns out the Man Dir's friend's daughter had been raped a few days earlier by a rapist who first flashed her, he then approached her but unfortunately for her she had nowhere to run too. Don't know what happened after that.... So excuse me for being cautious.
  3. Jennifer McM

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Mind the wind's been a bit nippy over the past few days too. Saw a guy when it was hot steering his boat (he was behind the stern doors though), he was completely naked except for his tattoos! Just can't unsee somethings! Good for him though, he was enjoying the sunrays. The police might be keeping an eye on him. If you report it then the onus is on the police if this guy takes 'what's in his head' further.
  4. Jennifer McM

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Sorry... but how does he manage to run with his trousers down? 😂 It's a mental illness, and can be the first stage to other nastier fetishes - think of kids. Maybe you should report him?
  5. Jennifer McM

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    I see human urine is the perfect fertiliser for cucumbers! https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/7749/add75a240b11e04b005db7021b24893f0fa5.pdf Diluted 10-1 The Ecologist says it's the 'ultimate organic fertiliser' https://theecologist.org/2010/sep/22/urine-ultimate-organic-fertiliser Just saying....
  6. Thanks for writing this, you made me smile several times! 😊
  7. Jennifer McM

    Dirty Water Sump

    That's a very good point 👍
  8. Jennifer McM

    Dirty Water Sump

    The waste is quite a bit lower than the new pipe, but that's no big deal. I've not been too keen on the chrome pedestal since we bought the boat, and moving it to put in the new pipe has shown that corrosion is starting to bite. The space could be better utilised by having a corner cupboard, with the blue bowl/sink on top, and there's plenty of room for the sink to be raised. Hopefully the sink and taps can be salvaged to save some money. In the meantime, the sink drains into a bucket - just have to remember to empty it after use 🙄
  9. Jennifer McM

    Dirty Water Sump

    Hope so, it should have an easier life from now on, instead of 'gulping' everytime we wash up, or wash our hands, it'll only be used now when we shower.
  10. Jennifer McM

    Dirty Water Sump

    Fixed! Pleased to say. Thank you everyone for your advice. As we're on our first boat, we didn't have experience of other systems. We didn't do it ourselves in the end, though, we took it into a boatyard yesterday, where they drilled two holes (one for the bathroom basin, and one for the kitchen sink). A steel tube was weld (welded doesn't sound right?) into the 'hole', and the kitchen waste pipe was attached to the tube. The bathroom wasn't so simple as the new pipe/drain (which is just 10in above the waterline) is higher than the basin drain. So as normal, one job creates another job, though a new bathroom basin surround/cabinet has been on the cards. The shower tray has now been directly plumbed into the original gulper, using the original hole/skin. This work took the boatyard a full day - it probably would have taken us weeks! I'm really delighted to have the worry of the sump overflowing taken away, and of course the horrible job of degreasing the sump every six weeks or so. Plus I'll be saving the environment, and our budget from having to fund so many paper kitchen rolls. Thank again 👍- Another success for the forum.
  11. Jennifer McM

    No bins at Gayton Junction

    Update: All bins are now emptied, and rubbish cleared.
  12. Jennifer McM

    No bins at Gayton Junction

    Visited Gayton Services this morning, and had a chat with someone who works in the area. He said the problem was CRT hadn't been paying Sth Northants council to have the bins emptied. This resulted in the council cancelling the contract with CRT. CRT recently entered into another contract with a rubbish collector who's placed bins in the service area a week or so ago, but since then there's been no rubbish collection. The rubbish is now over flowing. Trouble is where else is there? Loads of flies and wasps about, and it must be really annoying for the nearby houses. It was also mentioned the service point had been discussed by CRT with a view to having it closed as it's costs about ÂŖ27k a year. There's been problems with people putting oil down the Elsan point, and other 'things', which has had to be put right. Hopefully, 'teething problems' and other issues can be sorted quickly.
  13. Jennifer McM

    12 Volt TV

    That's something to think about, now that nights are starting to draw in ☚ī¸ - no doubt we'll have to run the engine in the evenings sooner than we'd like.
  14. Jennifer McM

    12 Volt TV

    We just plug ours into a 12v socket 🤷‍♀ī¸
  15. Jennifer McM

    Queen of soul

    She was amazing, and much loved. RIP Aretha.... thank you for your music!

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