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  1. When did the ducks get feet on the Coventry? We'll be able to see the fish zooming about soon.
  2. Personal Log – Jennifer Log Time Started – 1818 hrs, 1918 Mrs Bob is struggling to keep her fingers and needles supplied with wool. Therefore serious times call for serious actions, this is why the SWOT team which included Mrs Bob; was deployed to replenish woollen socks stocks. Amazing the lengths our crack team will go when the prospect of cold feet threatens. It took a fair bit of the morning to hunt for the perfect sheep that are endowed with just the right type of 3 ply wool. Eventually after several gruelling hours of snaking through towpath mud on our svelte yet muscular six-packs, our elite SWOT team came across a group of sheep who were closely flocking together. There was one (well there always is....) who raised her head above the flock and looked towards our tremendous troop 'our troop's absolutely tremendous', obviously disturbed by the noise the duck accidentally (so he said) made. The wool on the sheep's back was white fluffy, and our eyes widened with the prospect of warm cosy toes. “How many sheep are there in this field” Mrs Bob said, as she mentally calculated how many stitches she could knit from each sheep's wool. “I've counted 27” said I squinting through the sun at the sheep. Rusty, who's always the first to volunteer when there's a job to be done, rushed into the field; “I'll round them up”, he said and with a nod of his head he whispered “that'll be about 30”! The sheep were expertly and with a certain amount of aplomb from Taff the professionally trained sheepdog, quickly corralled the sheep into a corner making it super easy for Mrs Bob to strip the sheep of their coats.... sheer brilliance! Note: In the interests of being PC, no dogs (cept Taff) were involved in this exercise... well at least not in the end! Log ends 1918 hrs 1918
  3. What's that you say Rusty? Captain Smelly has been messin' bout wit time thingy controls? And he's wot? He's been fiddlin' wit time control buttons? Flaming eck, you say he's turned on 'Alexa'? Then he swore? Said something about 'Cod damn'? And now he's fallen down the well? And now he's gone up in smoke and disappeared? Dr Bob's not going to be 'appy! He'll be blamin' 11 12 dogs again! Not good! No surree... this isn't good, not good at all, absolutely this is not good at all.
  4. Officially he's a Rottweiler, seriously! At 3 weeks old he and his sister were left on the steps of a rescue centre. The centre's vet registered them as Rotties. Perhaps I shouldn't have fed him bratwurst 😬
  5. Rusty's very sorry for chasing the pussy cats today, he doesn't know what came over him, except the blowout from the pump out 🥴 What a stinky boy! He can't wait for tomorrow to start, and he's ever so please to have 11 12 other friends to play with, especially the funny little beagle, a great fellow, yes you know he's a great fellow, he's a really great fellow!
  6. yes..... and we've sonar with a 3 mile range so we know who's about ..... nah nah nananah
  7. Strange times we're living in... It's unprecedented the amount of times people have google searched 'Unprecidented'!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Your post reminded of a Goon's sketch "Quick! Swim to the bank!" "No! I can't swim to the bank..." "Why not?" "Cos I'm overdrawn there...." Should've taken more notice of Spike when he said 'he was ill'
  10. Just discovered the 'change slot' button, I was afraid of clicking the button before in case I lost my slot. Anyways... the slot I had was made in a panic, but it's a bit too soon from my last delivery, as I'd still have fresh food that'd need be used. I clicked on the 'change slot' button and saw there were loads of slots to change too. It's a handy way of being 'economical' with slots and food. Others would probably know this.... but I thought I'd share 🙂
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Pre Covid-chaos they were delivering 500k, since lockdown they've doubled their capacity, and now as you say... they're aiming for 1.2m. Would love to have shares in the livery company that's supplying their vans.
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