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  1. Boater Sam

    Sheepish sheep

    I have an old number for wildlife rescue. 0156575582 if it still works.
  2. Make the best of it, every winter that area gets flooded right up to Banbury lock. Just wait.
  3. Boater Sam

    List of Markets in canal-side towns?

    Stockport market is excellent but they took the canal away.
  4. Boater Sam

    Sheepish sheep

    We have busybody trouble when the cows go for a swim in the canal. Somebody will phone up the fire brigade who turn out and play at rescue exercises. Last week it was 2 fire engines and a rescue van from across the county, 9 firemen and a chief. 2 hours wasted. They failed to get the cow out, just made it tired, so it had to be lifted out with the farm forend loader in the end. Normally the cow will walk out on its own when it has had enough swimming.
  5. Boater Sam

    LED headlights.

    Because folk have them for show not sensible use.
  6. Boater Sam

    Sheepish sheep

    Another member of the Blackfoot tribe. Well done, saved the farmer £30.
  7. Boater Sam

    Morco heater leak

    Not a jot.
  8. Boater Sam

    Alternator ( am I expecting to much)

    Is it reading the voltage after a split charging diode? That would account for 0.6v error. If so its wired in wrong.
  9. Boater Sam

    Alternator ( am I expecting to much)

    Ah found it http://www.ceniehoff.com/Documents/Ctrl_Hyperlink/II163A_uid81720121019441.pdf Its a brushless. The site suggests bypass regulator or residual magnetism fault, have you tried this?
  10. Boater Sam

    Alternator ( am I expecting to much)

    What is so different about the alternator? A 90 Amp Leece Neville Prestolite with the 3 way mounting fits most things.
  11. Boater Sam

    LED headlights.

    I changed over to 36W LEDs because I got fed up with the filament bulb packing up as soon as I got into a tunnel. Yes, they are incredibly bright so I fitted them behind the glass in the cratch board and I diffuse them with a sheet of paper in front when in a tunnel but enjoy the full glare when night boating. They point up at the tunnel roof and walls anyway. They double as a cratch light if I swivel them inboard, great for doing jigsaws and late BBQs.
  12. Yes. If you want to add more antifreeze pour it in at a high point first, dilute it a bit first.
  13. Boater Sam

    Anchor advice please

    I would me more concerned in having the anchor on the correct end of the boat rather than the difference in weight between 12 kg and 44 kg.
  14. A heating "pump" is a misnomer, they are circulators, will not positively displace water. The pressure gauge should show some pressure, maybe a half to one bar, even when cold.

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