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  1. Boater Sam

    Getting work done at the same time?

    2 pack epoxy, have a word with Sherwin Williams in Bolton. salesledger@sherwin.com I've used it when it has not been warm without any problem . Epigrip L524 plus additive Its what they used on the Firth of Forth bridge last time, it doesn't have to be red! They do black.
  2. You can insure without a survey even if only 3rd party, try Craftinsure on line. The safety certificate remains in force, just notify change of ownership at your leisure. CRT are not going to be pursuing you very quickly, the monthly checks are only done on moored boats. If its moving, no check as far as I know. Just notify them of a change, as soon as you feel necessary.
  3. Boater Sam

    Making a wooden top box

    Buffalo board will outlast any other plywood. OSB painted is durable and cheaper.
  4. Boater Sam

    Drive line clatter?!

    How do you recondition a knackered drive plate? I've only ever seen new ones fitted. R&D make new, don't recon. ######################### RCR - phutt.
  5. Open a new bank account in both your name and the vendors name with both required to withdraw any funds after a certain date . Get the other vendor on side too? Pay your cash in. Bank will hold. If it goes pear shaped you can withdraw before the date. Or Get a solicitor to hold the funds for both parties.
  6. Boater Sam

    CRT and anti vandal keys

    Yes, just square, and those crap small sockets from cheap sets that we never use are small enough on the OD to fit well in the handcuff, hard enough not to wear as well.
  7. Cylinders and calorifiers fill from the bottom and empty from the top so will always be full. So you emptied the cold tank, the pump has run on without water? Battery flat? oh, no, you must be on the shoreline. If you managed to boil off the water until the element was exposed, it will just burn out. Where did all the steam go? Does your heater not have a working thermostat?
  8. Boater Sam

    Stuffing box dripping oil/grease

    If they are real engineering bricks they will not have soaked up much diesel but it will be trapped under them.
  9. Boater Sam

    CRT and anti vandal keys

    I have a home made one that fits all perfectly. Its 1/4" drive sockets with an allen key jammed into the hex ends so its double ended. Its lighter than the "proper" one and fits the pocket better.
  10. Boater Sam

    Paloma PH-5-3F (Not heating up)

    Blocked vent hole on the air side of the diaphragm?
  11. Do a fish rescue, 1" is not enough for a duck, goldfish? Worry not, just dry it out. There must be hundreds of boats with more water than this under the floor and the owners never know and don't care.
  12. Boater Sam

    Fitout "good ideas"

    Only ever install a thermostatic shower. Fit a thermostatic blending valve to the hot water supplies throughout the boat set to 65 degrees and another for the washing machine (assuming it is cold fill only ) set at 40 degrees. Saves the element coming on at the start. Kinder to the inverter and batteries. Sam.
  13. 'ere Bob, this ere jack won't work. 'Ow heavy is it then?
  14. Boater Sam

    Etruria last Saturday

    It seems to feed from a regulator on a propane bottle.
  15. Boater Sam

    Etruria last Saturday

    Why did the stationary engines have wheels? The gas hose is over a metre long, BSS fail.

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