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  1. Boater Sam

    Eberspacher fuel pipe and BSS

    It did when I used to fit them. But now I see boats with lots of rubber (stamped) fuel hose.
  2. Boater Sam

    Mooring in or around Birmingham

    Round the corner to before the entrance of Sherborne wharf, miss the air vents, and it quiet.
  3. Boater Sam

    Home and Canal boat exchange

    You need to sort the licence situation with CART and the insurance too. Unofficial boat hiring is a no-no, there have been disasters.
  4. Boater Sam

    BMC rocker cover replacement.

    Wolseley and Riley? Are these the 1800 landcrab FWD ones? Austin and Morris versions too, should be the same. The older Riley 1.5 though a B series engine may be different, it was a bit of an odd engine.
  5. Boater Sam

    June holiday advice please

    I would agree that the Welsh canals are beautiful but they can be busy. But the opportunity to cruise in convoy on a wide canal with 2 boats should not be missed. There will be lots of chances to do narrow canals alone, running a pair is an experience.
  6. Boater Sam

    Where should we go from Norbury Wharf

    https://canalplan.org.uk/cgi-bin/canal.cgi Will help you plan, June will be getting busy, allow more time than the planner especially on the welsh canals and the 4 counties. Birmingham is quieter than most imagine. And less locks once you get up the Wolverhampton 21 which are easy going.
  7. Boater Sam

    Max persons underway

    We had over 30 on a 70 footer for a party, nearly lost all freeboard on the bow gunwales! Didn't cruise though.
  8. Boater Sam

    BMC rocker cover replacement.

    The only difference is that the petrol engine often has a breather hose connection, easily blocked off. MGB, Marina 1.8, BMC 1.5D 1.8D and Leyland Sherpa all fit. Never tried an ally one but can't see why it would not fit. The existing covers are a bit tight around the hot water takeoff in the head at the rear, its the tightest spot but the heat exchanger exhaust manifold does make fitting a bit trickier. I glue the cork gasket to the rocker box with contact adhesive first, Main problem with these covers is that folk overtighten the 2 nuts and distort the stiffening ribs.
  9. Boater Sam

    Ammeter wiring

    Please don't connect it like this. On the back of the meter the contacts are coloured red and black. Using conventional colour coding I take it RED is to +ve and BLACK is to -ve? Big banG! It goes in series with the loads not wired across the battery!!!!!
  10. Boater Sam

    Towing a cruiser How ?

    Cross straps with a tyre on the straps to keep his bow off your tiller, and a big tyre on a rope off the stern as a drogue.
  11. Boater Sam

    Toilets, whats yours

    I always use the loo sluice at top Farmers lock, never had a problem but I always leave it clean. CRT staff have never said not to use it as a pump out, its on main drainage. But then we have all our own gear.
  12. Boater Sam

    Best rust treatment for Hull floor

    Folk worry about rust, keeps them awake at night. Old boats often had poured concrete or loose gravel ballast, which one wet never really dries out, most are still afloat. !0mm of heavy rust scale equates to about 1mm of lost steel, I doubt that the rust on your baseplate is more than 2 or 3 mm thick. Sleep easy. Vactan is good. I use neat phosphoric acid, that's what Kurust, Jenolite and other rust converters (and Coca Cola!) contain, its cheap by the gallon.
  13. Boater Sam

    Boat Surveyor Qualifications?

    ABNB may get a cut from the appointed surveyor, its not impartial then is it? Appoint your own every time.
  14. Boater Sam

    It's my electricity this time: domestic

    I have the same ethos Julian. I hate having to get anyone to do anything, its always easier to do it myself. Difficult though when you have a property portfolio and are away all winter. The managing agents are OK but some of the deadlegs that do the odd little urgent jobs are a waste of space.
  15. Boater Sam

    Ford XLD418

    You change the idler tensioner pulley as well as the belt, especially if its the plastic one! If you buy the kit, but a lot of aftermarket suppliers just sell the belt alone, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

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