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  1. And because if burning correctly with a blue inner cone flame and no yellow, it produces CO2 not CO
  2. Electric pressure gauge and oil light?
  3. The Webasto is designed to operate on a closed circuit, feeding fresh water into it will not do the insides any good at all.
  4. You would need a significant length of 10mm pipe to achieve sufficient surface area for heat transfer on the rate that a Webasto kicks it out. Nice idea but it requires more design than has been proposed. 10mm pipe is far too small for the required flow rate in the Webasto heat exchanger matrix.
  5. Coaxial plumbing is difficult to arrange, requires special tee pieces.
  6. Certainly not Dora, I look forward to your posts, a breath of fresh air.
  7. More time working than discussing may produce a solution so that we can have our canal that we pay for back in usable condition. After 5pm when everyone has gone home so no "discussion" will be possible.
  8. I already have done!I have found one muff to be enough over the years.
  9. I see only what I want to see. Besides, the trolls have lost interest in me now. I receive no alerts from this site.
  10. My time on the forum is now much improved since I put nine of the more persistent pests and idiots on ignore. I still look occasionally to see if they have grown up or whether their testicles have dropped yet. No significant change noted to date, the same fools are still being a**e h*l*s
  11. A farm barn may be your best storage option, farmers are always looking for diversification, storage and working space is a low investment for them with no hassle.
  12. They burn very well, all the way down to the water. If you want slightly unconventional, how about stainless steel? Massive high resale value I would think.
  13. And staggering gas consumption. You think an Alde is bad, this is horrendous. Plastic cold water tanks will not stand 50 degree water at all.
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