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  1. Boater Sam

    Gas boiler top up water pressure.

    More than 90 degrees is obtuse. A fill loop left in situ with the non return valve functional and the feed valve closed is still a fail on a water inspection. The regulation is that there must be a physical break in the supply pipe. How the key type conform I have no idea.
  2. Boater Sam

    Big Discounts Leading Up To Christmas

    Morrisons fresh milk has been in British pints as long as I remember. But long life carton UHT milk is in litres.
  3. Boater Sam

    Victron inverter gone u/s.

    Batteries well charged? If it has gone up in smoke and smells, its bad. If it has just stopped working, disconnect, check the fuse and try it. I believe that there was a repair service for these.
  4. Boater Sam

    BMC 1.8

    Do ensure that the filter you use not only fits but has the anti drain back rubber flap valve, visible in the holes in the base plate. Without this, oil pressure takes a lot longer to come up on starting, bad for the bearings and camshaft.
  5. Boater Sam

    BMC 1.8

    They were quite good actually. We used one as a rally support vehicle. The achilles heel was that they turned over a bit often.
  6. Boater Sam

    BMC 1.8

    Suspect that you bought a later Sherpa filter, its got a totally different engine, it was called LDV
  7. Boater Sam

    Battery wiring at fault? 12v socket reading jumping.

    Does Tony have a White Charger? Think he had better take a charged battery and a generator!
  8. Boater Sam

    First experience with side wind!

    Swanley has the winds of Jupiter, no planks or poles allowed on roof, solar panels must be bolted on.
  9. Boater Sam

    New batteries - something smoking! (Alternator?)

    Are you running at tickover? If so there will be insufficient airflow through the alternator to cool it. The fact you are only getting 50A makes me think so. Get some revs on it. When I first fitted a Sterling alternator controller on my boat, the alternator poured smoke for hours till all the oily deposits had cleared. It got very hot but It worked fine for about 12 years afterwards. They do get hot, too hot to touch usually.
  10. Boater Sam

    Round pin sockets for 12V

    You won't be able to get a fat enough cable into the terminals on a 2A plug to seriously overload the pins. 13A plugs overheat the line pin due to poor fuse contacts not pin to socket contact.
  11. Boater Sam

    BMC 1.8 Cam Belt

    The Montego engine? Prima diesel. Was an OK motor, some ally head problems and yes it is a rubber band engine. They didn't use it for long. Is the Rover diesel the same motor or is it a diesel "O" series? Later Rover version was the "L" series engine
  12. Boater Sam

    BMC 1.8 Cam Belt

    I had a chain fail because it was so slack that it wrapped around the crankshaft sprocket. The tensioner and slipper have to be totally worn away for this to happen. The racket before they fail leaves you in no doubt that attention is required. Never seen a 1.5D chain drive fail The 1.8D chain is much longer than the 1.5D as it also drives the injection pump, the skew gears on the 1.5D pump drive get neglected, they should have the plugs and filters removed and cleaned regularly.
  13. Boater Sam

    PRM 150 oil change

    Ah, so that's it. I bought a new PRM 280 and was horrified at the debris content and colour of the oil at the 50 hour and the 200 hour changes. Its clear now but it was really mucky.
  14. Boater Sam

    PRM 150 oil change

    I'm trying to find where blackrose said his gearbox oil came out black. It was me describing an old service job that was like black tar, have I confused anyone?
  15. Boater Sam

    Gas boiler top up water pressure.

    The reason you are advised to remove the filling loop or key is to make absolutely certain that there can be no back flow of water into the cold potable main, the fines for which are punitive.

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