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  1. Good evening folks, I'm in Hertfordshire and I really need some recommendations for a working boat yard, where I can re-fit my ageing narrowbeam vessel. I don't need to stay overnight but I need an in water boat yard allowing me to use many very noisy powertools ( via generator ~) no shore power required. Thank you all.
  2. That's because you obviously wound the heating up to 11 and snapped the knob off. 😉
  3. I have a cat now, She just turned up one day, A tiny little kitten barely 6 months old on my shed roof. Now five years later she is the most slick La Fem Nikkita. All black, silent ! Female cat. Everything in the garden is either dead or dead and half eaten. No dead trophies are brought into the house, she barely eats the cat food I put out for her. She only eats live food. My cat Is a psychopath. She regularly brings in live rabbits through the electric cat flap by their ears, dragged in kicking and screaming into the downstairs bathroom and slaughtered in the bathtub. Blood everywhere, all round the bath and up the walls.
  4. My rescue staffie was 1 / 1.5 years old when I collected her from the dog pound. The only dog in the place who growled and wagged her tail when I put my hand through the mesh of her cage. Reluctantly she edged forward from her warm bed to see who dared to interfere with her slumber. She was one of those rescue dog's, she had a history. A growler, possibly a biter. A dog biting someone is utterly unacceptable or growling. She came to live in my house and a more dependable friend I have yet to meet. This young pup with the strength of an oxen and the patients of a saint became my project, a beautiful young animal with a chequered history. Over the next ten years of teaching the dog right and wrong, what is and is not acceptable within a family community. I could not have ever wished for a better friend, furry or not. I really do miss her.
  5. Condolences Ange, I know how you feel, when I lost my beautiful staffie of 16 years, I lost my best friend. Utterly devastated as you are now , sending online hugs ( )
  6. Was it rambler that you bought ?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Exactly, I'm not gonna make a trip from London ( ish ) to look at a rusty old boat with no other information other than a very brief description and very few photos.
  9. My guess is that the survey is not a good one, otherwise they would be waving it from the turrets and shouting about how good it is. Everything about buying a secondhand boat just seems fraught with pitfalls, witholding information from a survey is just bloodywell disingenuous.
  10. We'll that didn't go as well as I was hoping, I can't have a copy of the survey because the survey is not their property.
  11. I like this idea, Rather than routing about in the bottom of a toolbox for an ancient tobacco tin my grandad gave me thirty seven years ago.
  12. Cheers, I once had a rayburn with a back boiler and a home made radiator set up with a hot water pump and header tank on a shelf. some man made fuels were utter rubbish. The grate was on a cam and you could rattle it back and forth without opening the stove, some coals look good through the window but would just fall apart and you suddenly had no fire !
  13. Hi, Could someone tell me what clinker is please. Thanks in advance . 🙂
  14. CO really is the silent killer. You can't see it smell it or taste it. You take just a few breaths of it and it transfers from your lungs through the aereola and into the bloodstream where it prevents the hemoglobin absorbing Oxygen. A few breaths and you are already dying from the inside.
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