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  1. Are we bovvered Alan ? 😀 What a rag that is .
  2. No they dont count , it was a UK Plebiscite not a Scots , Welsh or Irish one . By your use of the word thankfully I suspect you are Anti English which wouldn't surprise me
  3. Thanks for the kind reply though I think you overstate this " right wing Press " angle . I think there is something deep within the English Psyche where Europe is concerned and sometimes late at night when you sit alone and think , I dont think this Result was all that surprising .
  4. " Very narrowly " you obviously are still having trouble with Democracy . It doesn't matter how narrowly , it doesn't reflect its legitimacy . Even at this late juncture I marvel at your great love for the EU Failed Project and your obnoxious attitude to those that dont share your viewpoint .
  5. You don't know what trouble I have taken to find out anything . I wasn't mislead by anything nor was anyone else .
  6. Can I ask you WV and forgive me if its something you have already said before but do you think that eventually there comes a time when the English People just baulk at European Intransigence real or imagined and simply say " Up yours Europe " ? I suspect we are close to if not already at , that juncture .
  7. They will be fearing deselection Peter as many are totally out of Kilter with their Electorate . What fascinates me is the relative silence of Len McCluskie
  8. I am not interested in the Messenger but simply the Message .
  9. It doesn't suit the Tories Politically to do so , it would doubtless turn out another Poll Tax
  10. Sometimes I think about an Independent Scotland and how the Englishman would react when faced with such a spectacle . Hopefully totally ruthlessly .
  11. Dont be ridiculous . What we have is yet another Tokenist Politician who has been Convicted in Court , Disowned by her Party , Exposed as a Liar and Imprisoned . The fact that she can still Participate in Parliament in my view wants Addressing . I agree with you .
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6885363/MP-jailed-lying-speeding-case-helped-ram-Bill-stop-No-Deal-ONE-VOTE.html Here is another outrage , I dont expect it bothers any of the Remainers on the Forum .
  13. Total Supposition on your Part .
  14. It will change when we leave by one simple virtue and thats Accountability , no more will we hear the old " its down to Europe " excuse by lazy Politicians . I could go the length and breadth of this Country before I could learn the name of a Euro MP from the Man in the Street . Think of BREXIT as a Political Reawakening , Politics have almost become Sexy
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6885661/How-Britain-wants-NO-DEAL-Brexit.html Good Old You Gov , I suspect we have a few more twists and turns to negotiate .
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