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  1. I always enjoy a Good Technical Post
  2. Parahandy

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    Well I have lived aboard for over 40 years too but so what ? People need a Home and things have clearly changed , its the Managing of the change that has largely been a shambles and it continues to be so . Look no further than the Latest Winter Mooring Fiasco on the GU South where Prices have increased and Duration has been cut . Why ? People are struggling Financially some without a Pay Rise for many Years and the Moorings are hardly oversubscribed . I am happy with my Terminology and you have said nothing in your Post I haven't already said .
  3. Parahandy

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    I dont believe they can control it and Politicians dont want it controlled either . Presumably CRT have decided to take advantage if the Proliferation of Wide Beams is anything to go by.
  4. Parahandy

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    There are simply more and more of these Project Boats which in its self is fair enough but this Dumping of Boaters Rubbish really annoys me , what self respecting boater would want to be associated with that sort of behaviour and what sort of Boater thinks thats permissible . I suppose some would say well he isn't a Boater , he is simply availing himself of cheap accommodation but even this sort of Boater in my experience abhors this sort of behaviour . Put it down to experience and move on i suppose though i may give this Lisa Jarvis another Phone before I depart the Location on Monday
  5. I decided to Moor Up at Peartree Bridge Milton Keynes as I had a Hospital Appointment and I have been here for over a Week now . Whilst walking along the Towpath I noticed a Boat in the Process of being refitted and to be fair looking through the Window the Tongue and Grooved looked well , I suppose I should add at this stage that the Boat is unoccupied and the Windows bare with no Curtains . A day or so later a Young Lad appears who turns out to be the Owner of the Boat , he apparently was moored in Milton Keynes Marina , the Girlfriend had a Baby , Boat was too small and he had now relocated to Somerset as a Tree Surgeon , in short the Boat was for Sale and he had a Prospective Buyer coming later that Day . My next question was " what are you going to do with all that shit you have dumped on the Towpath " He replied he would move it . Upon my return to my Boat I noticed he had now moved to the front of me which was a Grand Total of 100 yards ?? The Rubbish of course was now sitting unattended . Next Day annoyed by this and with Matey back in Somerset I lifted the Phone to Lisa Jarvis who apparently is responsible for the Milton Keynes Area , I told her the Problem and how I feared that this rubbish was simply being abandoned , I gave her the Index Number of the Offending Boat and the Location , she thanked me for my call but I immediately got the impression she simply wasn't interested , dont get me wrong but what can she do other than mark this Blokes Card , absolutely nothing . Well an hour ago he turned up with a Mate and started his Boat , I remonstrated with him about the rubbish because its not in my Nature to be underhand and go behind Peoples Backs , his reply was that he will be back for it later . Will anyone on the Forum give me odds on this being the case ? 🤨I shall attempt and saw some up for Kindling later though the Glass from the Front Cratch may be a problem
  6. Parahandy

    Skin Tanks Rusted Through

    Just to bring you up to Speed my old Mate has had the Skin Tank replaced while the engine was in situ , the old Metalwork from the original Tank being ground down flush in order to facilitate welding of the new Tank . So far so good in the sense that it appears to be working with no leaks though he now suspects that the Head Gasket has gone . The Head is being taken off this Weekend and I shall keep you Posted
  7. Parahandy

    Skin Tanks Rusted Through

    Least said about the Boatyard the better Alan as my old Friend is still in close proximity
  8. I have an old Boater Friend currently moored at Leighton Buzzard after undergoing some Plating Work . The Boat was lifted back into the Water whereupon after a mile or so it was found to be overheating , the cause of which was a hole in the skin tank . Upon inspection both tanks were found to be heavily corroded and leaking , my old friend is now in a quandary as what to do next . As far as I understand it the engine will probably have to be removed as I would have thought it nigh on impossible to weld in such confines and Professional Advice sought yesterday confirms this CRT have kindly given my old Friend an extension for a couple of weeks but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or opinions or even an alternative solution ? Thanks as always John .
  9. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    Bob , I wonder given the complete lack of Acrimony , Insult or any other form of Negative Behaviour on ANY Topic I have started why any Moderator would need to " pull their finger out " ? Instead what we have heard , is different Points of View expressed in a Gentlemanly Way by the various Contributors and a complete absence of rancour .
  10. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    Thankfully you included the " almost " Alan which has made me feel much better . Many of these Forumites aren't above offering their Contribution to these said Postings which is also nice . Anyway here is a link to this Case which coming from the Daily Mail will no doubt be guaranteed to upset someone ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6049007/Roundup-cancerous-jury-declares.html
  11. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    https://news.sky.com/story/groundsman-with-terminal-cancer-wins-266m-from-weed-killer-maker-11469710 This latest Case over Round Up Weedkiller follows a previous Case over Johnsons Baby Powder , I wonder if we shall see any of these Cases arrive in the British Courts , I suppose time will tell . I was talking with a Scottish Friend last night in the Barley Mow at Cosgrove who is patiently awaiting Irn Bru being added to the list , said in jest of course but it does make you think
  12. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Well there you go Martin , all the best with your sojourn , I can see you now with your EU Sticker stuck to the back of your Caravan whilst you hold up half of France on the Periphique , its Mrs Martin I feel sorry for , its never easy Atlas Reading in those conditions . Make sure you check the Back Seat of your Mokka for Illegal Immigrants , although its a very small car these Chancers can spot " Old Buffers " like you a mile off .?
  13. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Says who Ian , all the Labour Multicultural Brigade ? The ability to laugh at ourselves and others has been the staple of a Civilised Society for as long as I can remember , I have heard Jewish Comedians say this and I have heard Irish and Black Americans say it also
  14. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Its not necessarily an expression of their Faith nor is it essential to wear one to be a part of the Faith . I think the Important Principle here is that Boris is free to voice his opinion as is anyone else . For some reason Society has now entered a Phase where everything uttered has to be on message and palatable to the PC Brigade , I see all these stupid Incitement Laws as merely an attempt to enforce control and I take the view that these minorities have made enough progress to last the next 100 years . I am not particularly bothered about the Burka , I just get fed up with all these Minorities asserting their " rights " and all these deluded halfwits who are prepared to assert their rights for them , all the latter seem to be Baby Boomers retired early with the Mortgage Paid and a comfortable Pension .
  15. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/boris-johnson-defended-by-leading-imam-over-burka-comments_uk_5b6bf966e4b0530743c71456 Traditional Dress ? Not the opinion of this Iman who labels it a " Trendy Gateway to Extremism "

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