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  1. Parahandy

    Looking Forward to a Trump Visit .

    With respect all , upon joining I noticed some Political Content and simply added to it as I was under the impression I was doing nothing wrong , if its not permitted and causes upset I shall desist in future . Thankfully none of the Threads I started ended in any acrimony and I am grateful for the relevant Members contribution and indeed tolerance .
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5649215/Melania-Trump-Brigitte-Macron-look-stylish-White-House-stroll.html We were actually talking about this in the Three Locks at Soulbury last night , I really think its about time that the President of the USA was welcomed to these shores , I have heard all the arguments and saw all the Political Posturing from people like Saddique Khan but its the Office we salute and its in Britains Economic and Political Interest that Donald Trump is accorded a State Visit and the sooner the better . Incidentally to a man we were all in agreeance about this last night .
  3. Parahandy

    Dogs and Their Owners

    There is a Dog and there is an Owner and the thread has even provided you with a Bone albeit one of contention , what more do you want ?😁
  4. Parahandy

    Hydrogen peroxide

    In 36 years of Boating and over several Boats I have never cleaned a Water Tank , I use the Shower and Boil all drinking water for Coffee or Tea , I was beginning to feel quite dirty and uncouth until I read your Post Mike 😁 Its always struck me that the Flushing of the Tank can easily introduce as many contaminants as one expels assuming as you say it needs cleaning in the first place
  5. Parahandy

    Dogs and Their Owners

    Thats your opinion and its as relevant as anyone elses but isn't humour like that ? We all laugh at different things , I come from a generation that finds Bernard Manning funny . The EDL have simply exploited the Case for their own Political Ends , a bit like if I caught a Pakistani breaking into my Boat and perhaps stabbed him and was then Prosecuted , doubtless they would be down on the Towpath with their Placards , their presence isn't indicative of my Politics or any other Boaters , do you see what I mean ?
  6. Parahandy

    Dogs and Their Owners

    WV I dont know if you are evading the main issue of this Post on purpose but let me inform you what that issue is because too much time is being spent on discussing semantics . The issue is this , in a Democracy which places Free Speech as a Core Value , is Humour allowed to cause offence ? This in my opinion feeds into the current position we find ourselves in as a Country and it is highlighted in the current position regarding BREXIT . There is an extremely vocal section of Society who's voice gives lie to its size which believes it can dictate to the majority , it believes it can overthrow Democracy by Petition and it believes if it shouts the loudest then the Majority will follow . Is humour allowed to cause offence WV ?
  7. Parahandy

    Dogs and Their Owners

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2018/04/23/he-trained-a-pug-to-do-a-nazi-salute-for-a-youtube-video-now-hes-been-fined-for-a-hate-crime/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.c9c12d635c1a I think some People have a sense of humour failure , good to see David Baddiel and Ricky Gervais commenting .
  8. Parahandy

    Dogs and Their Owners

    I dont believe the Bloke is Anti Semitic and the fact that EDL have jumped on a Bandwagon doesn't make him Anti Semitic either
  9. Parahandy

    Dogs and Their Owners

    Firstly I have absolutely no Interest in what the Judge says and the Fence I refer to is the one which Borders the area between worthy of Prosecution or not ? What does that say of my character ? Its a Virtual Pub I am posting this in , have you ever been in one ? Hard not to agree with that
  10. Parahandy

    Jeremy Thorpe

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-43631718 In the last week or so we have been talking about Enoch Powell and the infamous " Rivers of Blood " speech and its been great to be Educated about certain things which for me is what Social Media is all about Here is another blast from the past which will no doubt be remembered by many on the Forum and that of course is the Trial of Jeremy Thorpe which occurred around the same time , Thorpe of course never took the Witness Stand in his own defence and thanks to a Freedom of Information Inquiry to the American Authorities no less , the reason for that has been uncovered . I was around thirteen years of age when this occurred and I can remember it vividly as it received massive press coverage , Power , Money , Sex , Politics it had it all I suppose , it also ended Thorpes career in spite of the fact he was found not Guilty and now like the Profumo Scandal some years before the story is about to be Dramatised for the Screen . Is it fair to say that nowadays they dont do Political Scandal like they did in the Sixties ? In fact I dont think they do Politicians like they did in the Sixties either , thats the thing about growing older , the past is always an appealing place to be .
  11. Parahandy

    Dogs and Their Owners

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-43864133 Here is an interesting situation and I honestly dont know which side of the Fence I come down on , initially I thought its a harmless bit of fun and I genuinely believe that this Scottish Bloke is not anti semitic in any way shape or form , the problem of course occurs when you place something on a Platform to which others have access . Do you think that this Prosecution was a waste of Public Money ? After all we have already seen swinging cuts to the Legal Aid Budget , I suppose Jeremy Corbyn must be thankful the Perpetrator wasn't a Labour MP 😁
  12. Parahandy

    Fenny Stratford

    Yes you can still get a Mooring Pin in Sea Dog as the Tarmac Path runs down the centre of the Towpath , I shall check how far it runs MP though I have a feeling it now runs the full length .
  13. Parahandy

    Fenny Stratford

    I dont know if its been mentioned before but it was good to see the Improvements to the Towpath when I came through Fenny Stratford last week , a proper path has been laid with Tarmac and proper Concrete Edging and its a vast improvement on what was there before , there was even space to moor .😀 I dont know if the Local IWA had any input or it was simply CRT but in the Present Climate with all the Maintenance Issues we face as Boaters it was good to see a job well done . I wonder about the future of the Permanent Moorings on the offside , these Moorings are adjacent to Travis Perkins Yard and the Company is due to relocate in August with the Yard apparently scheduled for Housing Development , there was only the Former Mooring Warden Alan still in situ when I came through , though some could be out cruising I certainly know of two former Moorers who have relocated . Further round the corner through the Lock I notice some more Canal Side Housing constructed with new Armco alongside allowing easy mooring , long overdue as the Canal Edge was always pretty poor there and again totally empty of Boats . Gentrification is coming to Fenny Stratford and not before time but will it take those Permanent Mooring with it , time will tell 😁
  14. Parahandy

    The Windrush is given the Bumsrush

    Pakistanis and Bengalis are a Homogenous Group because they are comparable , the National Census even lumps them together ? These People will never truly Integrate as long as they overwhelmingly marry within their own ethnic group and faith . Thats the Bottom Line WV , eat as many curries as you like chap , meet a young Pakistani Girl and fall in love , then you will understand Integration . I could of course also add that Fortunes have been pored into places like Tower Hamlets in order to lift these Bengalis as well as the Best Teachers but thats a separate Debate . With respect I am going to exit this Thread now as its gone way off course , we won't ever agree and I genuinely respect everyones contribution , perhaps we are simply indicative of the Country as a whole , I dont think I have ever known it more divided .
  15. Parahandy

    The Windrush is given the Bumsrush

    https://www.economist.com/news/britain/21644155-britain-bangladeshis-have-overtaken-pakistanis-credit-poor-job-market-when-they-arrived Good Article here for anyone interested .