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  1. Parahandy

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    Thanks Martin , TBH I hadn't considered the Burden of Proof issue .
  2. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    Honestly Carit with the best will in the World I simply dont recognise your description of the Pro Brexit narrative prior to the Referendum , it played absolutely no part in making my choice and that of many People I have spoken to also , in fact many Englishmen have a natural aversion to European Government especially amongst the older Generation
  3. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    I enjoy Richards contribution so I am contemplating Crowdfunding a fortnight at the Priory in order he straightens himself out 😁
  4. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    But its not Sectarian , Racial or National Prejudice Ian , this is the cloak you Blokes hide behind when you dont wish to deal with some unpalatable realities . I have merely asked you for your thoughts on two particular Flashpoints within the European Block which you haven't given us and have made a comparison with your response to Soros which conversely you were very vocal on . I simply refuse to believe thats the limit of your thoughts though I respect your circumspection
  5. Parahandy

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    These Regulatory Bodies are interesting Martin especially in this case , not seeking to put you on the spot but this doesn't fall far short of Criminal Conduct , in fact many are of the opinion that it clearly is . Professional Censure and perhaps being Struck Off is pretty tame Punishment , the trouble is that when its not one individual at fault apportioning blame can be difficult though to be fair there are clear Managerial Lines of Responsibility within a Hospital Environment ?
  6. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

  7. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    Watch the coverage the BBC give these idiots at the weekend on their March , it will be like the Royal Wedding all over again . Forgive me my ignorance but what was the point of this Meaningful Vote nonsense , did it mean we dont like the deal you have arrived at and BREXIT is off we are staying , or did it mean we dont like the Deal you arrived at so go and negotiate another ? Both scenarios strike me as the Politics of the Ignorant
  8. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    I have to admire your Brass Neck Ian , why dont you take the same view when a Hungarian Jew attempts to overthrow Democracy in the UK ? Surely Soros should confine his interference to Israel or Hungary or any other Country he is a citizen of ? We are on a Brexit Thread and you are refusing to comment on Germany and Italy because it doesn't suit the Remainer Narrative ? " no problems with Muslims I was having a drink with one yesterday " 😁
  9. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    Ian what are your thoughts on the present situation with the EU and Italy and Merkel and her Minister ? I struggle at times to get a handle on your views . Europes issue is with the Islamic Migrant
  10. Parahandy

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    Once the Bandwagon gets rolling there is no telling where it will end up , no doubt the Taxpayer will be left footing the Bill when the inevitable lawsuits from the Families of the deceased commence and various NHS Managers start running for cover .
  11. Parahandy

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    Hampshire Police under fire also in this Report . Weren't these the Blokes who stood outside Edward Heaths home branding him a paedophile Mike ? The BBC weren't shy in reporting that allegation .
  12. Parahandy

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    It certainly now looks like a Policy by the Hospital as much as the actions of one individual , I see this mornings Daily Mail are naming whistleblowers , not the best source I know . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5867507/Gosport-Memorial-Hospital-nurses-Anita-Turbitt-silenced-bosses-Dr-Jane-Barton-opioids.html
  13. Parahandy

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    https://news.sky.com/story/hospital-painkiller-deaths-inquiry-11410454 Gathering Momentum
  14. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    I have never saw Garage as a messiah Martin , at our age messiah more often than not means snake oil salesman .
  15. Parahandy

    Brexit 2017

    Perhaps you just lack the intelligence and empathy Martin , here you are again pushing a lit paper through a letterbox equating Racism with BREXIT and BREXIT with support for Donald Trump , Many of us have been listening to this simpleton logic for Years and it bears no relation to what any of us feel . I suspect many are like myself , we want control of Type and Number of Immigrant , have no interest in Race and simply accept Trump for what he is , an anomaly . Mysoginy I haven't truly considered because it can be a difficult one especially when viewed from a Radical Feminist Perspective perhaps you can enlighten us as to how you guard against it in the MJG Household ?

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