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  1. " a very devious way of twisting whatever has been said " as an ex copper we shall take your word about that . 😀
  2. I don't agree anything of the sort Richard , what I said is that you have offered zero original comment instead preferring to repeat the same old Remainer Cliches .
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48938509 Could this be classed as an SNP Failure Iain ? £700,000,000 spent on the War on Drugs since the SNP came to Power , without a KPI and no-one knows where the money has gone ?????
  4. Totally agree , the Blokes an Intellectual Pygmy .
  5. There is so many of them Richard , its my contention that you haven't offered a singular piece of original comment anywhere on this Thread . If I am wrong then please point me to it , I have been drunk once or twice on account of the wonderful cricket 😀 Quite possibly........they would certainly win an Election
  6. Can I ask you Iain , do you actually believe Corbyn would defeat the Conservatives ?
  7. I suspect Boris has more to offer the Debate than some on here . Take yourself for instance , identify cliche then repeat ad infinitum 😀 Anyway as far as I can see in the Media its been another good Day for the BREXITEER . I see a couple of Labour MPs have climbed aboard Today and who can blame them .
  8. If you can point out where I indulged with name calling in relation to yourself I would be eternally grateful . Of course you cant Ian , can you ?
  9. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-7252625/Topshop-tycoon-Sir-Philip-Green-faces-court-battle-Arcadia-CVA-line.html Meanwhile it goes from bad to worse for this Bloke . I well remember the Banks funding Green back in the Day , they all seem to have run for cover now
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48987193 Meanwhile whilst the rest of the Country Works in order to survive we have these indulged Idlers causing havoc . Its about time these Layabouts were subjected to the full force of the Law and instead of standing by the Plod rendered a few kickings , they were quick enough to do it with Striking Miners
  11. Which is more than you have within the EU Dora , when was the last time you replaced a Commisioner ? Blocked........the last refuge of the Pompous amongst us Ian 😀
  12. I suppose Dora its how far you take the " making their voices heard " option . For example would you demand a rerun of a General Election ?
  13. I use the term Mate figuratively Ian , obviously you're too ignorant to understand that which is why you pull me up on it , Mate .
  14. Do you actually believe that cancelling Article 50 is a real possibility ?
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