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  1. Parahandy

    Character From the Cut

    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of People on here who lack the basic intelligence to understand plain English even when its written down in front of them . Where did I surmise in the OP anything ? If I am wrong in my understanding of your Post then please accept my Apologies and feel free to correct me ?
  2. Parahandy

    Poo boat

    Moose Drool at Campbell Park used to have a Bloke that came in a Land Rover Towing a Tank Col , I believe he used to do all the Boats on the Mooring , Sorry I dont have Andys number
  3. Parahandy

    Character From the Cut

    https://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/crime/shocking-attack-on-milton-keynes-dog-man-sparks-outrage-1-8677188 I thought I would stick this Link up , many of you who frequent the GU South will perhaps have met Peter through the Years as he walks along the Canal Side with his Dogs , a Common Sight in Milton Keynes and an absolute Gentleman lets hope he gets back on his Feet and the Culprits Caught and Punished Severely
  4. I always enjoy a Good Technical Post
  5. Parahandy

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    Well I have lived aboard for over 40 years too but so what ? People need a Home and things have clearly changed , its the Managing of the change that has largely been a shambles and it continues to be so . Look no further than the Latest Winter Mooring Fiasco on the GU South where Prices have increased and Duration has been cut . Why ? People are struggling Financially some without a Pay Rise for many Years and the Moorings are hardly oversubscribed . I am happy with my Terminology and you have said nothing in your Post I haven't already said .
  6. Parahandy

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    I dont believe they can control it and Politicians dont want it controlled either . Presumably CRT have decided to take advantage if the Proliferation of Wide Beams is anything to go by.
  7. Parahandy

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    There are simply more and more of these Project Boats which in its self is fair enough but this Dumping of Boaters Rubbish really annoys me , what self respecting boater would want to be associated with that sort of behaviour and what sort of Boater thinks thats permissible . I suppose some would say well he isn't a Boater , he is simply availing himself of cheap accommodation but even this sort of Boater in my experience abhors this sort of behaviour . Put it down to experience and move on i suppose though i may give this Lisa Jarvis another Phone before I depart the Location on Monday
  8. I decided to Moor Up at Peartree Bridge Milton Keynes as I had a Hospital Appointment and I have been here for over a Week now . Whilst walking along the Towpath I noticed a Boat in the Process of being refitted and to be fair looking through the Window the Tongue and Grooved looked well , I suppose I should add at this stage that the Boat is unoccupied and the Windows bare with no Curtains . A day or so later a Young Lad appears who turns out to be the Owner of the Boat , he apparently was moored in Milton Keynes Marina , the Girlfriend had a Baby , Boat was too small and he had now relocated to Somerset as a Tree Surgeon , in short the Boat was for Sale and he had a Prospective Buyer coming later that Day . My next question was " what are you going to do with all that shit you have dumped on the Towpath " He replied he would move it . Upon my return to my Boat I noticed he had now moved to the front of me which was a Grand Total of 100 yards ?? The Rubbish of course was now sitting unattended . Next Day annoyed by this and with Matey back in Somerset I lifted the Phone to Lisa Jarvis who apparently is responsible for the Milton Keynes Area , I told her the Problem and how I feared that this rubbish was simply being abandoned , I gave her the Index Number of the Offending Boat and the Location , she thanked me for my call but I immediately got the impression she simply wasn't interested , dont get me wrong but what can she do other than mark this Blokes Card , absolutely nothing . Well an hour ago he turned up with a Mate and started his Boat , I remonstrated with him about the rubbish because its not in my Nature to be underhand and go behind Peoples Backs , his reply was that he will be back for it later . Will anyone on the Forum give me odds on this being the case ? 🤨I shall attempt and saw some up for Kindling later though the Glass from the Front Cratch may be a problem
  9. Parahandy

    Skin Tanks Rusted Through

    Just to bring you up to Speed my old Mate has had the Skin Tank replaced while the engine was in situ , the old Metalwork from the original Tank being ground down flush in order to facilitate welding of the new Tank . So far so good in the sense that it appears to be working with no leaks though he now suspects that the Head Gasket has gone . The Head is being taken off this Weekend and I shall keep you Posted
  10. Parahandy

    Skin Tanks Rusted Through

    Least said about the Boatyard the better Alan as my old Friend is still in close proximity
  11. I have an old Boater Friend currently moored at Leighton Buzzard after undergoing some Plating Work . The Boat was lifted back into the Water whereupon after a mile or so it was found to be overheating , the cause of which was a hole in the skin tank . Upon inspection both tanks were found to be heavily corroded and leaking , my old friend is now in a quandary as what to do next . As far as I understand it the engine will probably have to be removed as I would have thought it nigh on impossible to weld in such confines and Professional Advice sought yesterday confirms this CRT have kindly given my old Friend an extension for a couple of weeks but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or opinions or even an alternative solution ? Thanks as always John .
  12. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    Bob , I wonder given the complete lack of Acrimony , Insult or any other form of Negative Behaviour on ANY Topic I have started why any Moderator would need to " pull their finger out " ? Instead what we have heard , is different Points of View expressed in a Gentlemanly Way by the various Contributors and a complete absence of rancour .
  13. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    Thankfully you included the " almost " Alan which has made me feel much better . Many of these Forumites aren't above offering their Contribution to these said Postings which is also nice . Anyway here is a link to this Case which coming from the Daily Mail will no doubt be guaranteed to upset someone ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6049007/Roundup-cancerous-jury-declares.html
  14. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    https://news.sky.com/story/groundsman-with-terminal-cancer-wins-266m-from-weed-killer-maker-11469710 This latest Case over Round Up Weedkiller follows a previous Case over Johnsons Baby Powder , I wonder if we shall see any of these Cases arrive in the British Courts , I suppose time will tell . I was talking with a Scottish Friend last night in the Barley Mow at Cosgrove who is patiently awaiting Irn Bru being added to the list , said in jest of course but it does make you think
  15. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Well there you go Martin , all the best with your sojourn , I can see you now with your EU Sticker stuck to the back of your Caravan whilst you hold up half of France on the Periphique , its Mrs Martin I feel sorry for , its never easy Atlas Reading in those conditions . Make sure you check the Back Seat of your Mokka for Illegal Immigrants , although its a very small car these Chancers can spot " Old Buffers " like you a mile off .?

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