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  1. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    Bob , I wonder given the complete lack of Acrimony , Insult or any other form of Negative Behaviour on ANY Topic I have started why any Moderator would need to " pull their finger out " ? Instead what we have heard , is different Points of View expressed in a Gentlemanly Way by the various Contributors and a complete absence of rancour .
  2. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    Thankfully you included the " almost " Alan which has made me feel much better . Many of these Forumites aren't above offering their Contribution to these said Postings which is also nice . Anyway here is a link to this Case which coming from the Daily Mail will no doubt be guaranteed to upset someone 😀 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6049007/Roundup-cancerous-jury-declares.html
  3. Parahandy

    Weed Killer Manufacturer Sued

    https://news.sky.com/story/groundsman-with-terminal-cancer-wins-266m-from-weed-killer-maker-11469710 This latest Case over Round Up Weedkiller follows a previous Case over Johnsons Baby Powder , I wonder if we shall see any of these Cases arrive in the British Courts , I suppose time will tell . I was talking with a Scottish Friend last night in the Barley Mow at Cosgrove who is patiently awaiting Irn Bru being added to the list , said in jest of course but it does make you think
  4. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Well there you go Martin , all the best with your sojourn , I can see you now with your EU Sticker stuck to the back of your Caravan whilst you hold up half of France on the Periphique , its Mrs Martin I feel sorry for , its never easy Atlas Reading in those conditions . Make sure you check the Back Seat of your Mokka for Illegal Immigrants , although its a very small car these Chancers can spot " Old Buffers " like you a mile off .😀
  5. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Says who Ian , all the Labour Multicultural Brigade ? The ability to laugh at ourselves and others has been the staple of a Civilised Society for as long as I can remember , I have heard Jewish Comedians say this and I have heard Irish and Black Americans say it also
  6. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Its not necessarily an expression of their Faith nor is it essential to wear one to be a part of the Faith . I think the Important Principle here is that Boris is free to voice his opinion as is anyone else . For some reason Society has now entered a Phase where everything uttered has to be on message and palatable to the PC Brigade , I see all these stupid Incitement Laws as merely an attempt to enforce control and I take the view that these minorities have made enough progress to last the next 100 years . I am not particularly bothered about the Burka , I just get fed up with all these Minorities asserting their " rights " and all these deluded halfwits who are prepared to assert their rights for them , all the latter seem to be Baby Boomers retired early with the Mortgage Paid and a comfortable Pension .
  7. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/boris-johnson-defended-by-leading-imam-over-burka-comments_uk_5b6bf966e4b0530743c71456 Traditional Dress ? Not the opinion of this Iman who labels it a " Trendy Gateway to Extremism "
  8. Parahandy

    A New Coal Bunker

    I have been searching for a suitable Box/Tool Vault to place on my Front Deck in order to store Coal in the Winter Months . This has been prompted by the now almost Annual repaint of my front Deck where I store the Coal during the Winter Months . What generally happens is that during periods of Rain the Water runs off the top of the Bags and ends up causing Surface Rust over a period of Months I have been looking at several online , I was thinking of Heavy Duty Black Plastic and was hoping to store six 25kg Bags . I have noticed a nice Chequer Plate silver one online though it looks a bit OTT in my view as the Boat is painted in Donegal Green and Black with Epiphanes Multiforte Red Decks and it sort of clashes and looks too much . Has anyone any thoughts or indeed experiences , I shall stick a couple of Links up to show what I have been looking at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminium-storage-tool-box-vault-Navara-L200-Ranger-Navara-Hilux-custom/202320549589?hash=item2f1b3e96d5%3Ag%3AGZUAAOSwYmZXH1A6&_sacat=0&_nkw=storage+vaults&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 https://www.buyshedsdirect.co.uk/4-x2-toomax-black-320l-garden-storage-box?_$ja=tsid:|cid:1083053913|agid:61318323548|tid:pla-307715563654|crid:256202089397|nw:s|rnd:12006758315138533081|dvc:c|adp:1o3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqsv9v_3E3AIVSLTtCh0ovQkYEAQYAyABEgKKwPD_BwE
  9. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    I take your Point Bob and its certainly not my wish to spoil anything for anyone .
  10. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Thanks Pete , I Personally haven't made my way back from anywhere but I understand what you mean . Interesting that you are looking for another Boat ?
  11. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Not strictly true and I have 40 years Boating experience to draw from so I could bore you for hours 😀 I agree with that Ian . I suppose the point of my Post was that Boris as far as I can make out is a Careerist Politician whereas Corbyn is a Conviction Politician , both I think in the Present Political Climate are utterly clueless .
  12. Parahandy

    Better weather

    I am delighted by this as I had to give up on painting both Decks with the Epifanes Multiforte and that was with an early start . Everything else is done however and all I need is a day or two of this welcome change which you describe
  13. Parahandy

    Friend has £25000 for a boatHello all.

    Good advice Neil . At this Money I would be looking at a Private Sale from a decent Owner .
  14. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    I think he is an absolute Buffoon . I remember when he was elected London Mayor and became the Darling of the London Centric Liberal Elite , then he came out in support of BREXIT and was promptly vilified , such is Politics and People .
  15. Parahandy

    Clueless Boris

    Unlike some Members on the Forum who suggested that Corbyns Troubles were created by the Right Wing Media in order to divert attention from the Conservatives and their handling of BREXIT , I dont believe Boris and his Burka Comment are in any way " media fanned " by the Left Wing Elements in our Society . I am reminded of some Comments David Schweizer made in another Thread about Boris and his relentless Self Interest , I think this could be the start of a long tortuous Conservative Leadership Campaign , Boris it seems to me is beginning to set out his stall and creating some distance between himself and the rest of the Party , these Comments of his are unhelpful Headlines at a difficult time for Theresa May and clearly they will cause some upset . Are we looking at another Enoch Powell Moment and possible expulsion from the Party ? I dont think we are , the Sun this morning is running a story with some Poll which says the Public dont even find the Comments Racist and until that Public Opinion changes I think Boris is safe .

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