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  1. I have re-checked the engine starter connections (via multiple videos & pictures I have of the boat as I'm currently not on-board) and can confirm 100% that the engine starter battery ONLY connects to the leisure batteries via the negative black cable..my bad and apologies for the mistake. Soooo re-visiting the electrical schematic, it all makes sense in that the positive engine battery cable goes to the engine battery isolator which in turn is connected to the A-B charger... I suppose this means my question is now mute, it is not one large battery bank. Apologies f
  2. The picture shows the engine start battery with its + & - cables connected to the first of 6 x leisure batteries. When we got the boat the previous owner had issues with one of the leisure batteries and bypassed this battery to the other leisure batteries. I can't fathom why this would mean connecting the engine battery to the leisure bank...but maybe this was already set up this way.. Anyway the main point is that if I disconnect the engine starter battery when I next replace the leisure batteries, I imagine this would not create any further issues with the current
  3. I have cut and pasted this question from another topic of mine as it deviates from the original question: I have noticed that the engine battery is connected to the leisure batteries (see photo) which has raised a few questions.. After scrutinising the boats Electrical System Schematic, it appears the setup from the builder is as follows; - 2 x 80A alternators with a Sterling A-B charger and a Bat-Bat charger *Alternator 1 goes to the B-B charger which connects to the Bow battery and also the A-B charger *Alternator 2 connects to the A-B charger which
  4. Thanks all for the responses and I if I have enough cabling I'll go for the 2-5 setup As I'm unsure of the ratings of the cables and interconnects, is there a recommended rating? Also I have noticed that the engine battery is connected to battery 1 (see photo) which has raised a few more questions.. After scrutinising the boats Electrical System Schematic, it appears the setup from the builder is as follows; - 2 x 80A alternators with a Sterling A-B charger and a Bat-Bat charger *Alternator 1 goes to the B-B charger which connects to the Bow
  5. OK - so my current set-up is like this but is it best to have the installation feeds from batteries 1 and 6 instead of both from battery 4?
  6. Hi again, I have posted this question in a different topic but decided to make separate it for ease of tracking. Question: Any recommendations on the best way to interconnect 6 x leisure batteries? I know there is a preferred method for 4 x leisure batteries (as per Smartgauge website- Method 4: http://www.smartgauge.co.uk/batt_con.html) but what about 6 x batteries? Currently it appears my batteries are done via method 2 but with the main feeds taken from the middle battery. Hope that make sense.... Thoughts? Any advice is highly appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Thanks for all the responses and as the the boat is skin cooled, we will play it safe and leave it as is. Will double check with the marina IRT adequate anti-freeze and make sure when we do start using the boat, we have the engine fully serviced (all coolant, filters, oil etc etc) prior to commencing any cruising. Also all batteries will be dead so will need to replace the 6 x leisure batteries (over 5 years old in Nov 9 and held very little charge) and the engine start battery. If we ever leave it again for any length of time (over a couple of months) I'll definitely get a 100W s
  8. Hi All, We currently have our NB stored in a marina hardstand since Nov 2019 and were originally planning to cruise the waterways for about 4-6 weeks per year for next 2-3 years or so until we become continuous cruisers. However due to a number of reasons, we probably wont be able to use our NB until end 2021 or possibly later. We had the NB winterised in Nov 19 but do we need to have the engine (Isuzu 42) regularly started / turned over? We will have the engine thoroughly serviced when we next use the NB (maybe end 21 or later) but is there any benefit in having the marina start t
  9. We live o/seas and only come over for 4-5 weeks per year until we will live on the boat permanently in 5 years. As mentioned previously, maybe another solution is to have the marina hook the bot with shore power once a month for a day or so to keep the batteries in good nick? I heard keeping batteries charging through the battery charger via shore power may be a bit too much for 11 months straight....(cook em?) However I think I will go for a 100w solar panel and hook it up when we leave understanding that over the depths of winter (2-3 months) the batteries will only g
  10. During the 5 weeks we'll probably cruise a few hours each day, maybe stay somewhere for a day or two
  11. Thanks for all the responses and I'll probably go with installing a solar panel and controller to help the batteries out when the boat is on the hardstand. The only reason for 6 x batteries is that's what's currently on the boat, may need to look into doing a decent power audit to determine if we could maybe get away with 3-4 during the next few years before we finally live aboard permanently as CC...
  12. Hi, Quick one, we have recently bought a narrowboat and for the next 5 years or so we plan on using it for 4-5 weeks per year then store it on hardstand the remaining time (10-11 months). The boat is currently winterised and on the hardstand and the 6 x leisure batteries (all knackered) will be replaced before our yearly cruise of 5 weeks during the 2020 summer. Question: As we have the boat winterised each year, what do we do with the leisure batteries after our yearly cruising season? I've done some research which indicates leisure batteries (or any) shouldn't be tota
  13. Hi All, Can anyone make any recommendations for a carpenter near the Leicester line? We're after a new bedroom cupboard (to supplement the existing one), some kitchen work done and other smaller jobs so getting a good carpenter would be great. Also does anyone know what the standard rate per hour is for a carpenter? Any advice is highly appreciated. Cheers!
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