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  1. Hi Vickie and big thanks for the info and pics. We've just bought our boat, integral water tank was empty so filled and sterilised then flushed through a couple of times to get rid of brown colour (suggesting that there is no coating??) It still has a slight taste to it even after being filtered and am looking at the options for coating the inside - assuming I'll be able to get the cover off! Seems to me that a couple of coats of vactan, properly cured, is the way to go, at least in the short term, then check it every time she comes out for blacking. Just been bl
  2. Hippy Steve

    Hippy Steve

  3. Can I ask what the final outcome was? Did you use a lining coat or just stick with the Vactan?
  4. I contacted Isuzu with my engine number and a few days later got a reply from Dave Swain at EnginesPlus with two documents, "Canal Boat Supplementary Manual" and "4LB1 4LC1 4LE1 Instruction Manual". He also advised that the workshop manual is available for £46.50 (hard copy) or £30 + vat for electronic. It seems that I'm not allowed to attach them here but if anybody would like them then PM me and I'll send them through. Steve
  5. Has anybody geeked the staistics of how long it takes to pressure wash vs hose & sponge per metre?
  6. Hello lovely people, we are starting to look for our first live-aboard and saw this boat. It ticks lots of boxes, the price allows for modifications so it's on the list. My concern is the plate thicknesses... 6mm bottom and 3mm top appear very thin to this novice, even with the epoxy coating. Is this an issue?
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