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  1. Thanks I have the BMV 501 right now which is basic but seems good and accurate and shows net current in which is very useful. Do you happen to know what I need to connect my BMV 501 to PC to be able to get at the data? Assuming PC is close to the meter for now, I'll deal with the distance issue on the data wire separately as that's much more in my wheel house. BMV501 seems older so it's a bit harder to google for, but I found the manual which says it does have 'PC Link' Getting the accurate reading out of the BMV501 onto my PC would be a great solution.
  2. I 'work from home' on my boat all day and sit at the bow end, and batteries and all the electrics gubbins are in the stern. There's a voltmeter in the stern that I really want to keep an eye on, but I end up walking up and down the boat all the time to check it. There is 12V all the way up the boat (cigarette lighter style sockets), but I'm assuming that this won't give an accurate reading due to the resistance of the wire being an unknown? (Although thinking about it now I suppose this resistance should be constant and could be factored in to give accurate reading of voltage at the battery?) What I'd really like is a bluetooth voltmeter that'd work the same as bluetooth thermometers - stick it where you want it and install an app on your phone to get wireless readings. Annoyingly this doesn't seem to exist though, at least not in price range I want to pay for this sort of thing which would be £10-20 Longer term I'm going to get a Raspberry Pi or something and start hooking up loads of sensors and do some comprehensive data collection, but short term I need to be able to easily view battery voltage of my stern batteries in the bow. Any suggestions?
  3. Yep I think this is exactly what's happening! Happened to mention to previous occupant and they said they plugged the sink to make it go faster. Thanks ditchcrawler and all I'll look at rerouting the sink so the pump will pump directly from the shower. Yep it's written on it 'Shower Drain Pump' and usually sold with accompanying strainer as far as I can see, so presumably up to the job. This is one I have
  4. Nothing, the basin does drain into the shower.
  5. Pipe from the outlet to the pump is going to have a good few cupfulls of water, as is the pipe from the shower tray to the strainer, and they're both terminated quite close to the floor so I was hoping for some magic tips to magic away the water 😉 But I'll just figure out how to either unmount the pump/strainer so I can get a bowl under them or just use loads of towels or something to soak up the leaks.
  6. Nope pump and strainer are mounted on the floor next to the shower tray.
  7. Hi CWDF, (New boater here, please excuse not knowing right terminology etc) I've got a Par Max 3 shower pump out pumping out the shower and hand basin and the water literally dribbles out. It's got a Pumpgard filter before it which I've checked and is clear and as far as I know the pipe from that comes directly from the shower tray and the pipe from the pump goes directly out (the outlet is maybe 50cm above the pump if that makes any difference to anything) Next thing I think I should do is check pipes for blockages and check that inlet pipes are secure so air can't get sucked in. Is that right? If so are there any tricks and ways to do that without disconnecting all the hoses? And for the outlet hose I guess that must be full of water, any tricks to emptying that before I disconnect from the pump? Thanks! J
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