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  1. I emailed Bimble but got no response.
  2. No but thats my next course of action
  3. Can't see anything. I thought just plugging the lead into the controller with the sensor on the batteries would be all that's required but neither of them work🤔
  4. But I've got 2 controllers, each with a battery probe and neither of them work🤔
  5. No go with the disc cleaner. "Can't read" 🙄
  6. My battery sensor isn't giving me the battery temperature, the temperature being displayed is the temperature of the actual MPPT control box. Anyone else got this problem?
  7. Apparently these controllers automatically carry out an equalisation charge on the 28th of each month. But what if there’s little or no sun.🤔
  8. Thanks I'll have another look👍
  9. Took the case apart but couldn't see where the laser was due to it being covered up. Looked V complicated to dismantle so I'll get a head cleaner and see what happens. Weirdly though, the instruction manual states " Do not use a commercially available CD/DVD cleaning disc. It may cause a malfunction" !!!!🤔
  10. Good point. Nothing to lose. will give it a go next week.
  11. I keep getting “Can’t play” displayed on this DVD player which has been really good over the last 10 years or so. It’s not covered in the fault finding section of the manual. So can anyone suggest a solution or recommend a decent replacement? ( I dont want to replace the 5 speakers and woofer, just a new player)
  12. OK. The explanation is .... I used jump leads from my NEW engine stater battery, but maybe the power drain via the leads was too much to start the generator. So I bought another battery for the Genny and Hey Presto, problem solved. Sorry if I misled you. Not my intention because I really value all the freely given advice on this forum👍
  13. Brand, spanking NEW battery did the trick. Yippee!
  14. Thanks. I'll keep you posted👍
  15. Mastervolt Whisper 6000 with Mitsubishi L2E
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