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  1. Sorted👍. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  2. No idea but it sounds like it's worth replacing them to see what happens
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. In the genny? 5 years ago. Halogen hob no problem. I have noticed that the genny seldom goes above 25% output. If I switch another appliance on, rather than go up to 50%, the other appliances “slow down”.
  5. No definitely 230v. I know washing machinesvcan be awkward, but...a toaster?!
  6. When i run my genny to boil a kettle or run my toaster, it takes a long time and my microwave although the turntable goes round, doesn't heat anything. But if i run the microwave on the batteries via inverter no problem🤔
  7. To avoid diesel bug.
  8. So after all these years are we now saying that the distilled water we buy from supermarkets, with pictures of car batteries and domestic irons on the labels, isn’t the right stuff to be using in our batteries?
  9. I drained some diesel from the bottom of my tank into a plastic bottle and it’s still cloudy after several weeks. Normally water separates out and sinks to the bottom of the bottle, leaving clean diesel. Any ideas why?
  10. Actually, I’ve just remembered, the starter battery is charged by a separate solar panel and not connected to the alternator at all. The alternator only charges the leisure battery bank.
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