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  1. Probably needs turning down a bit, then leave 5 mins and repeat until flame is blue. It’s very easy to have too much diesel coming into the pot, which causes the yellow flame.
  2. All this knowledge is very much appreciated👍🙂
  3. jenevers


    Football...a game where players pretend to be injured. Rugby....a game where players pretend not to be injured😊
  4. Someone suggested using this on their hull a while back and I wondered if it proved successful in protecting below the waterline.
  5. What puzzles me is when you search for a specific app by name, often quite a few pop up, none of which are actually the name you searched for🤔. Anyway, I’ve downloaded Phone Finder and it works a treat👍
  6. Any recommendations? I’m always wary about downloading apps but there’s an app that locates your mislaid phone if you whistle for it! sounds handy.
  7. Amazing. I knew there must be an answer. Unfortunately that obviously can’t be used as a hand held device. I’m going down the 4 holes joined up by a jigsaw route.
  8. Is a Dremel capable of cutting through 6mm steel? I need to cut a 25mm square hole. Any advice?
  9. jenevers


    Someone contacted me on WhatsApp who I hadn't invited but who had my mobile number. How did they do this?
  10. The actual terminology is “Upgate or Downgate”🙂
  11. What I do you mean by “ mild detergent”?
  12. I didn’t think Sugar Soap was aggressive enough to cut through long term grime, but I’ll give it a go. I was thinking more down the line of Cillit Bang, Barry Scott says it’s fantastic!😉
  13. What’s the best thing to use to clean grimy paintwork? I will use sugar soap and rinse off before painting but just wondered what’s best for getting the real yuk off? Someone told me some cleaners have silicon ingredients so not good before painting.
  14. Nice. What engine have you got?
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