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  1. So any suggestions as to who might do the best deal on 6 x Trojan 105s? Tayna look OK at £882 (inc VAT & delivery).
  2. They have never been hot.....ever.
  3. OK I’ll put a balloon on the breather and I’ll check if it gets bigger on a hot day😉
  4. I'm going to block the breather on my diesel tank with masking tape and remove it next summer.
  5. Yes. But my batteries were reading 14.5v on my solar controller display and “gurgling” every now and then. I disconnected the solar controller and the reading went down to 13.6v🤔
  6. If you seal the air vent surely there can only be a finite amount of moisture in the trapped air, and after the initial condensation, the water would sink to the bottom of the tank and thereafter be unable to condense again, so theoretically, the air above the diesel should be “dry”. Over to the scientists to disprove this theory.
  7. My Trojan batteries have a slight bulge in the ends. Only about 3 mm and not along the long sides. Should I be worried?
  8. Fortunately my diesel tank has a small box shaped sump in the centre of the base so I can draw off the diesel in the bottom of the tank. This summer the diesel looked like cloudy apple juice. I treated it with Marine 16 last year so maybe this has emulsified(?) any water that was present into the diesel. Engine has run OK with it.
  9. Nearly every installation seems to be Victron these days. Has Mastervolt gone out of fashion?
  10. I wouldn’t risk my life getting under that boat looking at the wooden blocks. Very precarious😬
  11. Is there any evidence that water, collecting in the bottom of steel diesel tanks, can cause rust and eventually leaks? Or is it the case that there is a thin layer of Diesel that the water doesn’t penetrate?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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