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  1. The temperature readout on my remote control seems to give the temperature of the controller rather than the batteries, even though the sensor is between the batteries. Anyone else got this problem?
  2. I take it these are only needed for boats that are using land lines.
  3. jenevers

    no earth

    But he isn’t bringing mains cables into a steel box (if by that you mean a landline)as he’s completely solar and Genny powered from what he says.
  4. jenevers

    no earth

    Is he still alive?🤔
  5. jenevers

    no earth

    No. I think he’s 100% solar/Genny. Why , would that make a difference?
  6. jenevers

    no earth

    Yes he has 3 pin sockets and earth wiring in the circuit but I his Genny and Inverter aren’t earthed. He said the Genny came out of a road vehicle so wasn’t connected to the chassis!?!?
  7. jenevers

    no earth

    Just been talking to a boater who said nothing on his steel narrowboats is earthed! His argument being every electrical item is plastic and some only have pos and neg cables anyway. Why is he still alive?
  8. What date do the Tracers perform the equalize charge?
  9. jenevers

    saving photos

    Upload it to where though?🥴
  10. jenevers

    saving photos

    Just wondering if there’s an iPad plug cable with an android plug on the other end. do they talk to each other🤔
  11. jenevers

    saving photos

    Sounds good. Thanks
  12. jenevers

    saving photos

    My Apple iPad photos are stored on the cloud. Can I transfer photos on my android phone onto my iPad and then onto the cloud? Can they be saved in other ways?
  13. That's the sort of thing. Thanks That's the sort of thing. Thanks
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