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  1. But how do you “ drop a pin” or add a “place mark”? my iPad doesn’t seem to have any such icons🤔
  2. jenevers

    Rusty bilge

    Well I wouldn’t want it in contact with the steel, so a coating of bitumen should stop that happening.
  3. jenevers

    Rusty bilge

    Scrape, wire brush, Vactan then paint with bitumen. Any comments as to whether bitumen is a good idea? After all it’s normal to paint inside water tanks with it.🤔
  4. Anyone know how to label specific items, such as a residence?
  5. What has changed though?
  6. If someone sells their main home to live on a boat, but owns and rents out a 2nd home, then, years later, sells the boat and moves into the 2nd home, would they have to pay Capital gains tax on it if they ever sold it to live on a boat again?
  7. jenevers

    Tik Tok

    That’s what I was talking about. What a great souvenir.👍
  8. Be interesting to see if they still swear by it after 10 years🤔
  9. Well there isn’t! If there was a rust converting ingredient, it would be named. Yes but it shouldn’t get through to be underneath.
  10. Until the water gets UNDER it!
  11. I think Waxoyl is over rated. I did my old bilge liberally, with it years ago and the problem is that it doesn’t really penetrate old rust and it definitely doesn’t kill it. I don’t know how they got that claim past trades description. Any moisture that gets under it doesn’t dry because it can’t evaporate which makes things worse than NOT having it. I scraped a crust of old Waxoyl up a couple of years ago, and brushed the area with a mixture of engine oil and diesel. I then drizzled some water on it and it just ran off. Still water proof 👍
  12. Great to see the use of a line being used to warp Parfield round (at 1.20). Does anyone else have any videos of boats being manoeuvred using lines?
  13. Is there as big a difference between the Yarwood’s and Pimblott’s Dukers as there is with their Short Boats?
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