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  1. New capacitors fitted and Genny fully functional. ⚡️⚡️Yippee!👍
  2. I haven’t got a manual. I’ve got new capacitors so……do they need to be “flashed” before installing?
  3. I’ll check the capacitors, the socket and wiring. Shouldn’t be loss of residual magnetism because it’s been in regular use.
  4. Suddenly there is no power coming from my Mastervolt Whisper 6000. Starts OK. Any idea as to likely cause?
  5. Well I’ve learned a lot today. I didn’t know the cable was so crucial. Can someone give me an idea of where I can get a high quality cable and adapters. I’ll get a Fringe LED signal finder meter as per advice from OldGoat. deleyCON seems to be a decent brand, (gold plated plugs etc) you never stop learning?
  6. Straightened the cable where it goes through a Mushroom, result ……picture on the TV! yippee! ? thanks to all for advice.
  7. That’s a good idea? Could be the recommended bend radius is the problem. I didn’t know there was one!
  8. I’m getting a signal reading from the meter on the dish (which is pointing in the right direction for Astra 2) but my HUMAX receiver says no signal. I know the LNB and the Humax are both OK so could the problem be the cable?
  9. They are only slightly bulged. They seem to be coming back to life, so should get me through this summer. Well running the engine/alternator has certainly made a big difference?
  10. They're set for Flooded Lead Acid. Strangely enough the Trojans seem to be coming back to life after a few runs out in the boat, with the Leece Neville banging in over 100amps?
  11. I understood that the Episolar controller was supposed to automaticallyngo into equalisation once a month. Maybe I would have been better off fully charging then disconnecting thd batteries. They don't get warm btw.
  12. They are bowed. But how could that happen with solar/MPPT over winter?
  13. They've been on constant solar power over winter via Episolar MPPT controller with no power being used.
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