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  1. It has a grease cup that apparently only needs a slight turn once in a blue moon!
  2. Hmm. I got my replacement water pump from Gardner's shortly before they closed down. So I assume it may have a ceramic bearing,. But how would I know for sure?
  3. Old manual (42.4) " once a week, two or three turns of the greaser". Modern Gardner-enthusuiast manual " not more than one grease cup full per 4,800 hours!!!!! Has the water pump changed since the old days?
  4. OK. I'll give it a miss. Btw 30 cc is 6 teaspoons!!!!
  5. OK. I'll give it a miss. Btw 30 cc is 6 teaspoons!!!!
  6. I wonder if the similar screw (no 30) in the drawing, is also for lubrication🤔
  7. Great stuff. Thanks. I didn't want to unscrew the wrong screw as I know these pumps are very precisely set up😬
  8. Do you mean the cheese head screw between levers 2 & 3? To the immediate left of the top corner of the label?
  9. Where exactly is the "2 B.A. screwhole" on a 4LW fuel pump through which I can inject 30 cc of engine oil?
  10. jenevers

    oil filter

    I haven't got my manual with me at the moment but am I right in thinking that it suggested that the Gardner paper based oil filters can be washed and reused?
  11. What are the pros and cons of each?
  12. Actually both. Studs on the exhaust manifold and nuts on the water cooling manifold. Hope I don’t ever need to undo either but there are 2 short rubber hoses on the water manifold that will have to be changed sometime ( hopefully not in my lifetime!)
  13. If I ever have to do this, what's the best method. The nuts look like they've never been touched in 75 years!
  14. I was surprised at the colour of the water that I drained from the tank when I totally emptied it. It was like tomato soup. Tank is about 15 years old. Looks like it's rusting which I've just confirmed on YouTube does happen even to stainless steel, if not passivated / pickled.
  15. Does it say that on the tin or are you speaking from experience?
  16. Good. Thanks. I was surprised, years ago, when I had some plating done, that the instructions on the bitumen tin said " paint new steel with red oxide before applying the bitumen". I was going to paint the steel with bitumen directly, which is what everyone does when they dry dock.🤔
  17. Interesting. How big is it?
  18. Sealed the inlet and breather, disconnected the pipe after the on/off tap and blew it up. 700 litres, stainless steel. No, from the outside. Tank doesn’t have an access door.
  19. No the leak is where I patched and although there were no air bubbles under pressure there was a damp patch next morning. Weird.
  20. Had a leak, applied epoxy putty, put tank under air pressure, applied soapy water where leak had been, no bubbles 👍. Put some water in and ....damp patch next morning👎. I assumed that air is thinner than water so how come water gets through where air doesn't🤔
  21. Is that a no-no or is it the other way around?
  22. I've never opened this tap on the exhaust Manifold. Surely it can't hold water🤔
  23. jenevers


    Back to Gardner🙄😁 My manual says inlet .007, exhaust .013. One valve cover says .005 and .012 The other says .006 and .011 Any comments?
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