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  1. Haven't seen the full report yet, it was surveyed yesterday, We know that the blacking is way way overdue, and have concerns about other routine maintenance areas (engine servicing?) as a result.
  2. Arnie and Reggie, off to a wedding
  3. It's a Liverpool Boats shell. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/liverpool-boats-45-cruiser-stern/608153
  4. Thanks chaps, I await the full report to understand what 'okay' means. It's a 2006 boat, not been used as a hire boat to my knowledge. I understand then that the sacrificial edge of the chine is ground away so the boat needs a new sacrifical edge, which would be provided by overwelding a shoe plate. Presumably this would point to the boat having been used on shallow canals, or having been repeatedly moored up by the 'crash and slide' method (although you'd expect that to hit the front harder)?
  5. We had a boat surveyed yesterday and the surveyor sent us a brief summary email that included the following comment: Hull is okay, needs couple of shoe plates at the back I have never heard of shoe plates, and Google has come up blank. Can anyone here tell me what they are please? Thanks, Stuart.
  6. It should be frozen this time of year. Not long before the canals boil dry every summer.
  7. We hired a fully-liveried boat for a week this last Christmas, and of the boaters we spoke to, almost all seemed delighted to see us hiring at that time of year. One moored boater even stuck his head out of his side hatch to wish us a happy holiday.
  8. I didn't know this, thanks a lot.
  9. We've seen a boat we like and had an offer accepted, it's being surveyed on Monday. We know it's in need of blacking. The broker (Great Haywood) tells us that the marina (Barton Turns) have a blacking slot available on Tuesday, so the temptation is to get a verbal summary from the surveyor, and if we're happy with that then get the blacking done whilst the boat's out of the water. I'm in two minds about this as we'll be blacking a boat that we don't own, but I don't believe that's it's out of the ordinary to do it this way and it saves us ~£300 getting the boat lifted a second time. What's the prevailing wisdom from the experienced boaters here please? Thanks, Stuart.
  10. Is that 35 locks? Impressive pace
  11. Awaiting survey next week
  12. Oh my goodness, looks like you have to paint a tiny bit, then stand guard with fly spray until it dries
  13. Yeah, I was looking at a Victron one for just over £200, but now I see it has no indicators Hmmm, and there are Safeshore ones for ~£100 that do have an LED.
  14. Galilee


    "The boat is a creative adventure" ?
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