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  1. I'm planning a week on the boat from 28th March, to move from Great Haywood to Rufford. I'm concerned that if the UK is in a France/Spain style lockdown at that point, the canals will be closed somehow, but I've read through this whole thread and the consensus seems to be that that won't happen - even in a lockdown, the canals will remain open. Is that the general view?
  2. I'm going to interrupt to ask, what's propwalk?
  3. It looked precarious on the bank, I suppose it just toppled in eventually. 😟
  4. http://www.reps.fi/datasheetsandmanuals/outback-datasheet-international_gtfx_gvfx_series_spec_sheet.pdf My boat came with one of these and I'm struggling to work out if I should keep it or replace it. From what I can tell from internet searches it's designed to allow you to sell power you've generated back to the grid. Our boat has no solar so this seems pointless. It does run the 230v sockets we have on board, and I suppose it would automatically switch and charge the batteries if we were ever on shore power, but it seems to me to be overly-complex, difficult to understand, and it's very big and extremely heavy. Does anyone here use one of these on a boat? Would I be better (as a non-expert) to just junk it and get something more simple? Thanks, Stuart.
  5. Aiming to come through there at the end of March. Fingers crossed it's sorted by then.
  6. My local, it must be a contender for the worst canal in the UK, horrific pictures. https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/18246390.canal-clean-way-plastic-highway-caused-litter-affects-wildlife/
  7. Totally buggered our plans to bring our new boat home to Rufford. What with these storms and the closures on the Bridgewater, we have now given up and arranged to leave her in Great Haywood until the end of March. I guess that planning a 10-day cruise across 5 weekends in February was always stupidly optimistic. First world problems, I know, but still disappointing.
  8. Galilee

    Scout boat

    Fair enough. To be honest, it didn't sound particularly safe to be stood in a raging flood in your waders trying to push it back within the bounds of the canal. 😄
  9. Galilee

    Scout boat

    Stupid question probably, but if it were to refloat on another flood, why wouldn't you just cruise it (or tow it) away and moor it somewhere safer?
  10. Galilee

    Scout boat

    Towpaths in Norfolk are in the same state as the rest of the network then.
  11. This started out sounding nice and community-focussed, and ended up sounding a bit threatening.
  12. You get a few on Gumtree, along with ads from people asking for a free boat
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