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  1. Boater Sam

    A grim New Year.

    May I wish all the folk on my ignore list and all the prattling idiots that continually sidetrack and reduce posts to trivia, a thoroughly miserable New Year. May all your camels get foot rot and spit in your eyes. To all other wonderful sensible members of the forum, a joyous and prosperous New Year, may you be healthy, wealthy and wise. Sam.
  2. Boater Sam

    Boat Surveyor Qualifications?

    ABNB may get a cut from the appointed surveyor, its not impartial then is it? Appoint your own every time.
  3. Boater Sam

    It's my electricity this time: domestic

    I have the same ethos Julian. I hate having to get anyone to do anything, its always easier to do it myself. Difficult though when you have a property portfolio and are away all winter. The managing agents are OK but some of the deadlegs that do the odd little urgent jobs are a waste of space.
  4. Boater Sam

    Ford XLD418

    You change the idler tensioner pulley as well as the belt, especially if its the plastic one! If you buy the kit, but a lot of aftermarket suppliers just sell the belt alone, I just thought it was worth mentioning.
  5. Boater Sam

    It's my electricity this time: domestic

    Is the immersion element in the cylinder a new one or one of unknown age? Do you have acidic aggressive water? Is you flat out in the wilds or an inner city?
  6. Boater Sam

    Ford XLD418

    You change the idler tensioner pulley as well as the belt, especially if its the plastic one!
  7. Boater Sam

    Copper piping turned silver

    One last try. The 2 IN wires from your 24v to 12v converter should go to the 24v , black negative to terminal 3, red positive with a fuse in line outside the battery box to terminal 4. The 12v OUT negative goes to the terminal 3 as well but the positive 12v goes to your 12v distribution connection. You seem so far out of your depth with this that you are drowning, please get someone who knows what they are doing to sort it out. I still think you will need to replace all the batteries in one go with 4 new identical batteries.
  8. Boater Sam

    Copper piping turned silver

    What are thin wires 1 and 2 for? They should not be there!
  9. Boater Sam

    freeze plug no access

    You could cut the rear plate corner off but its thick stuff. If its rusted through putting a convex core plug inside it stands little chance of working but there may be enough recess left outside the existing welch plug to get a convex to seal. In the bad old days we used to make lead core plugs and tap them in with goo, with low rad cap pressures they work. There are two 1.8D blocks, early have no ribs on the LH side where the "1800" is cast, later thicker blocks have ribs.
  10. Boater Sam

    12v electric for wifi

    The standard socket used in new hotels in the Philippines. I have a few at home, the better engineered ones, and they are fine. Lots of extension leads out here like that, the streets are not full of electrified bodies. These are the bee's knees compared to the rest of the wiring strewn across road or just lying in the sewer. Electrical safety is a low priority here, sockets in shower areas for the heater, bare earth wires nailed to walls, but then again all the meters are on poles outside with twisted wire connections where they have been bypassed, the poles carry HT on top, transformers then the mains then the data/phones all leaning at crazy angles. The 240v mains is single wire with ground neutral, no earths on anything generally. The sockets Julian was thinking of with the shaped shutters that rotate to admit the pins I have seen but only on 2 pin sockets. I'm disappointed that you don't like my sockets, can you come up with a better solution though? Sam.
  11. Boater Sam

    Mooring or what.....?

    Good on the end of a line to fish out shopping trolleys.
  12. Boater Sam

    Webasto\Eberspacher 4 or 5 KW?

    Likely just an air lock in the pump. Its not a displacement pump like a Gulper, its just a circulator and will not move air. Loosen the outlet pipe, fire it up and carefully let any air escape at the joint. Tighten up and you should be away. If not do the inlet pipe without the pump running then the outlet again.
  13. Boater Sam

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    Yes, OK Brian, I was being partially flippant but you got the message OK. I was trying to say that it is not a problem and will be even less noticeable with LEDs installed.
  14. Boater Sam

    12v electric for wifi

    Never worked it out, the box only gets slightly warm so pretty good I would say. It will be a buck/boost circuit inside + a switch etc.
  15. Boater Sam

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    Its just the resistance of the wiring, the surge as the bulb comes on causes a small voltage drop. It won't happen with LEDs, too little current. Some of your lights wiring or connections are a bit slight. Do you use the lights a lot when the engine is running? Otherwise it won't be a problem that they are unregulated. So no cruising with cabin lights on and no battery charging when its dark, you shouldn't anyway!
  16. Boater Sam

    Mooring or what.....?

    They are mooring hooks as everyone knows but are easy to get out from the piling after the water skiers have been past, a bit too easy!
  17. Boater Sam

    Newly fitted Webasto Firing ok but No Hot Water

    Likely just an air lock, loosen the pipe on the outlet a bit, fire it up and let the air out, tighten it up when it has flow. Its not a pump like a whale gulper but a circulator, it will not pump air.
  18. Boater Sam

    12v electric for wifi

    And the winner is Robbo! The earth pin is cut off flush on the 12v plug. Plug engraved "12V" and socket labeled "12v" The earth socket on the 12v sockets has a dummy pin glued in which holds the shutters open. Pos and neg wired to rh and lh sides respectively so pos is fused. Mains sockets and plugs as manufactured with safety shutter. Thank you for taking part. I'll don my asbestos suit whilst you all comment and rip me to pieces, but I'm happy with this arrangement and you don't have to buy my boat.
  19. Boater Sam

    12v electric for wifi

    You are getting con-fused. Clue 2, live and positive are fused. The plugs will not fit in the wrong sockets though.
  20. Boater Sam

    My Poverty is Going to be Alleviated!

    I had a very persistent young man telephone from an Eastern state some time ago offering to assist with my claim following an accident. He asked if there had been any injury, to which I replied yes, to third parties. He got quite animated then. The next question was relating to any loss incurred, to which I answered yes, quite a lot. He got very excited then. I excused myself for a while to get a drink as all this talking made me thirsty. he hung on like a good 'un. He then asked me for details. I explained that it involved an expensive boat, a cruiser, quite new. He was besides himself. When he asked for an estimate of the claim I advised him it would be millions, of Pounds, not Rupees. He went quiet. We had by this time been talking for quite a while, I'm a bit slow when I want to be. I asked him if he had seen the accident on the news, he said no, was it reported on CNN? I said oh yes and every other news agency also reported the Costa Concordia disaster. Strangely he hung up.
  21. Boater Sam

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    They are "G" range, these look to be G4, 4mm between pins. There are other sizes. G9 for instance.
  22. Boater Sam

    June holiday advice please

    The east side Leeds and Liverpool is more rural, passing through the Yorkshire towns. The locks are more spaced out too and you have the fabulous Bingley 5 Rise staircase locks. I am severely out of touch when it comes to hire companies, a Google search should throw up several. See https://canalplan.org.uk/cgi-bin/canal.cgi to give you some ideas of times etc. Sam.
  23. Boater Sam

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    Aren't these LED?
  24. Boater Sam

    12v electric for wifi

    Oh, no, not that. Someone was asking about 12v and 19v converters. I have a converter from nominally 12v DC with switched outputs of, I think 15, 16, 18, 19, 20V from memory which came from ebay long ago. It will charge my laptop at 19V happily. I'll try to find a similar on on ebay. Found it here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12v-Universal-Laptop-Car-Charger-DC-Adapter-80w/261016286840?epid=1352386718&hash=item3cc5c87678:g:iXoAAMXQeW5TX9hU:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  25. Boater Sam

    12v electric for wifi

    Its so simple but I think I will run it as a contest. Keep you all guessing for a while. The correct answer from the least insulting contributor wins. A Greenie as the prize. Julian (Lodden) is a long way down at the moment for his idiocy remark, must try harder and be more polite please. Its fun opening the gates of Hades and seeing folk walk in! A clue, costs nothing, been perfectly satisfactory for 18 years and at a glance all the brass sockets look the same.

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