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  1. 5A is 60W, something will be warm. Could be a combination of things, CO alarm, gas alarm, cooker ignition, light in a cupboard, radio/stereo, nav light, TV aerial, alternator. Would doubt its cable leakage, something would have burnt long ago. Sam.
  2. Download the free workshop manual from ASAP for the BMC 1.5D engine and all will be clear.
  3. If its a 260C then the input shaft is lower in the box so that it is on the same axis as the output shaft. This means that the box sits higher on the engine than the 260D. This attached shows the arrangement. Sam. PRM260.pdf But looking at the photos it looks like a 260D, confusing as to why the prop shaft is so low in the hull, what is the boat? Stern looks like a wide beam.
  4. Wow! That looks good, you did a really fast job there, stripped and repainted in one day. Aside, was it your catamaran I saw in the Philippines of the west side of Negros? Sam.
  5. Sorry to wee on your parade bigcol but that is probably a sensible thing to do. Even of you got that engine low enough you would never get under it to do an oil change. Was I right about it being an in line gearbox not a drop? Sam.
  6. Looking at that number its not a dropped box but inline, there is the problem. See if PRM can change it to a 260D2.1, or sell it and buy anew 280D2.1 for around £1400. It may be cheaper and better solution than all the messing about and welding.
  7. With a Python or Aquadrive you will have to have a thrust plate welded into the hull and on that wide stern of yours its not so simple as on a narrow boat. Have you priced the Aquadrive, thrust plate and new engine mountings as against altering the engine brackets and a Centaflex or similar in line coupling? Aquadrive for a Beta 90 will be expensive.
  8. Unusual, check what the g box ratio is ?
  9. I should hope that there is! This must be a very shallow draught hull with a tiny prop. A thought, that PRM box is a"D" something meaning "drop"is it not? What is the type number on the label? Like 160D2 or 260D2?
  10. Remove the 4 brackets from the engine they are bolted on. Carve the tops of the brackets. Build up the brackets by welding steel on 3 sides by as much as you need to drop the engine to get it in line and weld the tops back on. Can all be done off the boat at a welders once you have measured how much drop you want. Are you certain that the engine will fit down in between the engine beds?
  11. Fluff/debris in the air inlet venturi where the gas jet is.
  12. I have seen an Aquadrive running at that amount of displacement but cannot advise it, they are designed to run slightly misaligned, not at a big angle. It should not be a massive job to lower the engine, an hour with a gas axe and a welder would see it done. There is no photo of the engine mountings so its impossible to say if it would be easy or not. The PRM gearbox is a dropbox already.
  13. Classic blocked vent syndrome, its getting a vacuum in the tank as you use water. And pressurising as you fill. Leave one of the fillers loose, if the problem stops then that proves it. I would guess that the vent is connected to the tank top by a hose which has kinked or collapsed. Try inserting a length of say 10mm nylon /plastic pipe down the vent for a couple of feet, if you can get it through it will act as a vent inside the existing hose.
  14. I'm curious as to why Isuzu, the largest diesel engine makers in the world, have stopped supplying marine engines for canal boats. They sound a little harsh to me, I can tell when an old Canaltime boat is approaching easily!
  15. Used to be Haylon but I suppose that is banned now with the ozone layer depletion.
  16. You need to measure the shaft diameter, accurately, not the outside. Do you have a caliper gauge? If not do you have a big adjustable spanner to use as a measure against a ruler? As a last resort, remove the bearing inner and measure it then.
  17. Bearing supplier but I buy on ebay. You need to know the diameter of the rudder shaft, it can be either metric or imperial size. There will be allen grub screws in the bearing inner ring onto the shaft. You can buy just the bearing insert to fit in the 4 bolt casting but its easier to chuck the whole thing.
  18. Thank you Alan for that comprehensive reply, learning today. Going now for the GP. Sam.
  19. As I understand it, yes it slips the clutches. As to how they survive this treatment I have no idea, not my idea of good engineering. The speeding and engine tone problem came home to me at Cropredy one year. A passing boat, engine revving, passed and I watched the doubled mooring pins tear out. I challenged the guy for going unreasonably fast, he slammed into reverse and started this silly explanation about his engine revs. He was quite taken aback when I said yes I understand that you have a Beta cocooned unit but you were still going too fast. He was, there were lots of boats moored for the Fairport Convention on the soft banks after Mill Bridge.
  20. A few years ago now we got the police out to Derek the Menace and they took him off to cells for the night, beak in the morning and fined and bound over. So its worth complaining or notifying. Sam.
  21. The PRM 160, 260, 280 and 500 shouldn't engage with a clunk but the hydraulic accumulators do make for a lovely soft gear change especially from forward to reverse if it is done a bit quickly. Any rattle on engagement is likely to be drive plate slop. I could never get my head around the trolling valve, it seems foreign to me to do that to clutches. I had experience of one of these cocooned units on a gasless boat, it was horrible, 1500 revs to brew up and the constant engine noise when moving, not for me. Sam.
  22. Glad that you have made the change successfully, it must feel like a new boat. Chris is a good guy, always helpful. It does sound to be slightly over propped but you may find after a while that you prefer it that way rather than the engine revving all the time. Could you reduce the tick over a little, the tacho could be reading a bit high anyway? Sam.
  23. Utter balderdash, can't be bothered to set you straight, you know less than you think. Sadly i will ignore you, bye. Sam
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