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  1. That's why I said " breasted up" since the towed boat needs no one aboard.
  2. In construction and engineering the mandatory hard hat saved many many lives, if you do some research . There was or still is a big sheet of steel in Denham lock, I know because it slipped off my boat a few years ago.
  3. Would your insurance cover a non qualified person moving your boat ? You can tow breasted up all the way as far as Watford, that may be an option If anyone is going that way.
  4. The rope seal on Morso Squirrel door is 6 mm diameter.
  5. You're right , looking in close up its some kind of sealant. Surface rust like this doesn't need sand blasting that would be way over the top, you just need a wire wheel in a grinder . ( never use wire wheels without eye protection ) I have restored plenty of stoves over the years.
  6. Must have belonged to Stevie Wonder going by the weld on the collar of the flue.
  7. Any movement is taken up by the rope seal between the glass and the door.
  8. If you replace the glass holding clips screws with stainless steel ones from the start they will never seize and you can replace the glass in a few minutes with just a screwdriver.
  9. Cracked glass won't make any difference to how your stove burns, your stove has a two inch hole above the glass and CO doesn't come out of that does it ? The tiny leak from the crack will suck in air as the stove is negative pressure inside, whatever extra air it leaks in will be adjusted for by the air controls. The only safety issue is if the glass is broken parts of it could fall out, the Squirrel glass is held in by a clip at each corner. If you take the glass to a glass supplier they will cut you a piece of high temperature glass while you wait for about £7.
  10. It would not be difficult to have an engine start cut off switch on the weed hatch lid.
  11. In the region of £8 / 10 per square ft. You have to factor in the cost of the fuel you save recharging your batteries to run a badly insulated fridge over the long term. Like investing in solar panels. Well if you want a seriously insulated fridge you would need to go up to 120+ mm of PU foam and that's not practical on a boat.
  12. Like I posted in another thread, vacuum panel insulation is becoming affordable and a top loading cabinet with this is the only practical way you can get the highest efficiency, plus you can use a 12 v Danfoss compressor and eliminate the inverter power loss. A freezer may have thicker insulation but its still no where near the maximum, which is 120 mm with PU foam, a vacuum panel will achieve the same with 20 mm. As far as I've read , this level of insulation could get you down to 25% of the power consumption of a normal fridge cabinet.
  13. It would be better all round if they made everything from steel except the doors and top plate then it would bring the cost down as well as making them airtight and easily weld repairable.
  14. The smaller you want the fridge / cool box the more they are going to cut back on the insulation and the more power it will draw. The only way around that is vacuum panel insulation.
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