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  1. People who move the minimum distance allowed are saving water, pollution, congestion, and wear and tear on the infrastructure, whilst not doing anyone any harm. Look at it as a benefit.
  2. The minimum requirements of the licence are still the licence, and the owner is fully entitled legally and morally to do that. The " spirit of the licence " is just someone's arbitrary opinion of what someone else should be doing. The people who have these opinions complain about others but don't even know the circumstances, a boat in my area has only moved a few miles in the last year, the owner has terminal cancer, so before you complain about others find out the circumstances or just mind your own business.
  3. There is no such thing as " the spirit of a licence".
  4. I don't see how a foam filled bike tyre is going to give you a comfortable ride. I'll go for the green slime , and see how it works.
  5. Any one have the same problems we have , when the spring and summer comes and the towpath hedges get cut the path is littered with thorns and basically un-ride-able ? I just went out and only got 100 metres on the towpath before it was game over for both tyres. The contractors sometimes blow the path clear, but you can never be sure.
  6. We have no electric on our mooring, we often go to Costa coffee and spend about half an hour in there, they have mains sockets free to use to charge devices, we were thinking if we took a power bank with us in our bags how much charge could we suck up in half an hour without blowing their fuses ? Might be worth it if we could power our tablets, WiFi device, phones, and led lamp for the night ? Every little helps if your off grid.
  7. You could have a canal system without any on line moorings like the ye olde days , and the boats left could cut about the system at 4 mph non stop, you could reenact deliveries to long gone jam factories as much as you want, however you will have to pay the share of all the licences of the boats you get rid of. Good luck with your £10,000 per year licence.
  8. They do stop spinning, they produce about 25 / 30% of their rated capacity.
  9. Do you get the electric boat discount if you have an onboard generator to charge the batteries ?
  10. The more you move away from ICE' s the more electricity you need to generate, and the more you replace fossils fuels and nuclear with solar and wind the less power you can generate , so you're increasing demand while decreasing supply, I'm not a scientist but I know that ain't going to work.
  11. Last time this happened a load of boats came speeding past late at night, woke everyone up on our mooring, and tore peoples mooring pins out of the ground, not to mention abusing the locks , slamming gates, and dropping paddle gears. They have no right to do that.
  12. " sole means of propulsion " is pretty vague. What if you have a generator on board to charge the batteries to power the motor ?
  13. The whole aim of this wasn't to cruise with it, or be more green or efficient, but to get a licence discount until such time as we fit the engine.
  14. We've got a shell that were going to fit out on our mooring starting in the spring, it has a petrol out board on it just to get it here and shuttle it about the local area if needed, can we get an electric boat discounted licence if we use an electric outboard ? What if we had a outboard powered directly from our 6 kva Diesel generator would it still qualify ? ( probably have to built one ourselves )
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