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  1. CompairHolman

    Coal shovels ?

    My small coal shovel I got from Wilco's bent and collapsed in two weeks, does anyone know where to get a proper heavy duty one not made of biscuit tin metal from ?
  2. CompairHolman

    Buying a mooring ?

    Living on a boat and paying the licence fees doesn't get you any advantages for housing then compared to living off grid on land. Probably living in a Yurt, or a Shepherds hut hidden in a wood would be less hassle ? ( I'm aware that's not allowed either )
  3. CompairHolman

    Buying a mooring ?

    A small plot for £35,000 if its not residential status.
  4. CompairHolman

    Buying a mooring ?

    If they can refuse to renew your mooring agreement at any time you would be left with owning land that is probably useless to anyone else. Nasty.
  5. CompairHolman

    Buying a mooring ?

    Has anyone investigated into buying offside land on a CRT canal and creating their own mooring ? Does CRT have a policy on this , would they never allow it, or would they consider it ? We want to know because when were out and about on our boat we sometimes see spots that would make a nice mooring and we start dreaming of our perfect mooring isolated out in the countryside, a vegetable patch for me, and the wife wants to open a hedgehog hospital for some reason ! Better we know now if there's no chance of it being allowed.
  6. CompairHolman

    Anybody Recognise This Lock?

    I recently called CRT customer services and they didn't know where the Grand Union Canal was, so probably best not them about this one.😂
  7. CompairHolman

    Honda battery charger

    I've been offered one of these , they are 12 /24 volt output only, at 20 amps , they are super reliable, cheap secondhand, and quiet, the voltage is set by the rpm, and there is no control of the charging at all, my question is , is there a charge controller that I could use with this ? I want to use it to top up my batteries in the winter when my solar panels are dormant.
  8. CompairHolman

    Best value for money batteries ?

    I'm not on Facebook, can you copy and post the tables ?
  9. CompairHolman

    Best value for money batteries ?

    Correction. Around 100 ah.
  10. CompairHolman

    Best value for money batteries ?

    Were looking to order 2 x 100 ah bog standard leisure batteries, we want to go as low cost as reasonable because we don't have the commitment to look after expensive batteries, can anyone recommend a low cost brand that is not junk please ? Are the cheapest Chinese brands good value or not ? Like these... https://www.tayna.co.uk/leisure-batteries/powerline/xv190mf/ Or https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-110AH-LEISURE-BATTERY-HEAVY-DUTY-LOW-HEIGHT-100-AH-AMP-110-AMP-DUAL-PURP/301581095653?hash=item4637a252e5:g:vVIAAOSwpbVbU0yO
  11. CompairHolman

    Protecting batteries from over discharge ?

    What does the optimum charging regime look like then ? Discharge right down then a big charge once a week, or always keep them above a specific voltage ?
  12. What kind of device would cut off my feed from the leisure battery bank so that they are never damaged by over discharging ? I have 480w of solar so there is always some charge going in , so they would at least maintain the minimum voltage until I could charge them again. And how much would it cost ?
  13. CompairHolman

    Solar question

    I gave them a full charging with a 30 amp digital leisure battery charger from the mains until the unit switched itself off, I've now got the new solar controller installed , and were back in operation.
  14. CompairHolman

    Solar question

    My solar controller failed and my battery bank has gone down to - 10 v , I have a new Tracer MPPT controller to fit, my question is will the controller power itself up off the solar coming in if the batteries are flat, or do I need to get some voltage in them first ?
  15. CompairHolman

    Homeless on a cold night.

    See BBC program " fake homeless " a police force ( Merseyside ?) have got a figure of 80% for people that they have dealt with for street begging actually have housing and are not homeless.

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