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  1. Hi Tonka, no it’s got a key and is electric start. Is that what you meant, sorry?
  2. I wasnt complaining, sorry if it came across that way. the last topic i posted i received pinpoint help, this one i didnt. Just the way forums go, isnt it? Bu no 'cheesegas' comment about the solenoid has pointed me in that direction. When you are as lost as i am, haveing anything as a way forward helps get over the emotional aspect about being overwhelmed by something new and at least i could begin to tackle it and thats all helped me get to the point to realise that i need a mechanic, which i was far more reluctant to have done at that early stage. I now know, its beyond anything i can realistically try beyond the solenoid, but thats learning new things. I now know i can likely service the unit... possibly with one or 2 questions asked here, but that should save me alot going forward. No complaints. Thank you all
  3. No idea everybody… not a battery issue I have been diligent there with a multi metre and second portable gen to recharge it. it cranks as if the battery is connected, but just doesn’t have any lights light up? Fuse have been checked. Replacement solenoid has been ordered, as it seems to be a fuel issue and I was told by an individual that the solenoid was running extremely hot, so I don’t know, if that’s due to too much cranking and/or it’s sieved. But thank you for your input, this far, I am seeking a mechanic, if the replacement solenoid fails. 🤗 will report back, once it starts for the first time. thank you again
  4. Hello all, sorry for not relying sooner, with my mental health, works on the boat and moving all at the same time, this is the soonest ive been able to reply. I hope you can hear my honesty and apologies there. Also not being at the boat when i have a computer at the moment makes it a little more difficult. *But what i have tried thus far is recharged the battery on your recommendations, which made no difference. *Ive established that the pictures how there should be a second fuel valve on the fuel filter but there isnt, just the one from my picture listed above and that is set to on. *no matter what i do, the fuel gauge and volt meter always read flat. *Next time im there ill attempt to do the start-decompression-start sequence *Finally Tony Brook:s the oil possibly reads just on the maximum, did i read your message correctly in saying that if over, it might not start, or did you mean if it was too low it wouldnt start, sorry? Im on the verge of getting a mechanic, but it just seems like i am missing something simple, at a guess from someone whom is intuitive but honest to say that they know nothing of engines, my suspicion is the fuel isnt getting round as the problem? Any other suggestions for things to try when i am there next, I would be hugely grateful and can report back. Thanks for the Youtube video, explains the start decompression-start procedure perfectly so i understand.
  5. Hello all, thank you for your input so far. Ok, so springy, yes; it turns over but does not start. I apologise I’m not clued up on engines and even less so with terminology. the battery is brand new, but has sat not used since purchase last year. tony brooks, it’s a bass sg8000, a Chinese brand I believe, but I think it’s my ignorance vs a poorly written manual… at least for newbies. I can send more pics or answer more questions if needed to help isolate the problem. andreas
  6. Hello, I am attempting to start my new silent 6kw generator for the first time, but am haveing difficulty. I have done my best to read the Chinese brands instructions, but haven’t got far. so far I’ve put oil in the engine, diesel in the engine connected the battery. When the ignition is turned, the engine try’s to turn over but fails. I want to attempt to bleed the engine for bubbles in the tank, but am unsure as to which nut it is to turn, could you maybe highlight to me which one it is as a starting point please? Thank you
  7. Hello everyone, order placed thank you again and thank you again to tonka for the suggestion. Im not great at keeping up with forum posts as a solution has now been found thanks to you all. So this is a kind message to say, i am no longer going to be checking back to this post, and admin can sign as solved (if that is a thing on Canalworld). Happy cruising everyone
  8. Thank you all, especially to Tonka, the first advicie to suggest Calcutta boats, who stock the item. thank you again Andreas
  9. A picture of the old one, sorry for the incorrect description of the part.
  10. Hi Tony, yes, you are correct, it is the belt for the alternator and water pump config, not a chain.
  11. Hello, my timing belt snapped and needs replacing, though it broke right on the part number to google it for a replacement. could anybody suggest where I may be able to contact whom would know the correct part for this engine? I have already tried ASAP solutions and force 4 chandlery. thank you in advance andreas
  12. Hello, and sorry for late reply. so, the advanced charger, batteries and solar I have are all from an old boat I had and electrical requirements equate to the equipment I already own. Essentially, the solar chargers most of the tea and would rely on the alternator for the rest. Honestly, with your reply, I understood it’s best to take care of solar first and can think about the advanced charger closer to when it’s getting dark again. Thank you
  13. Have re-read your post and think I understand better. Sorry for the extra questions. Andreas
  14. Hello Tony, thank you for replying. I don’t know enough obviously, so your reply has opened more questions. I didn’t realise an alternator would put an engine at risk. But also that the advanced charger would fail for some reason? I may stop before I even start. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Andreas
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