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  1. Victron (and probably others) give a recommended minimum battery capacity for each of the their inverters. You can find this in the installation guides which are all on their website. Along with sufficiently sized cables, this is in part to minimise DC ripple when higher loads are applied, which I believe inverters don’t like very much.
  2. I hope the OP doesn’t mind me asking a related question, since we have an ex refrigeration engineer in the room 😊 Given X% of compressor ‘on’ time, is it more efficient for it to run for longer or shorter spells? Eg 5 mins on / 15 mins off, or 15 mins on / 45 mins off? I’ve been playing with replacement temperature controls on my basic 230v fridge on the boat and will be able to make the hysteresis whatever I want. Obviously I don’t want the food temperature to swing too wildly, or for it to be switching every minute, but have been wondering whether there is a sweet spot for efficiency.
  3. Indeed, I was mainly being flippant. It depends what you enjoy most. I’m someone with a design engineering background who doesn’t work in design engineering anymore, and aside from the joy of boating itself, my boat is an outlet for my penchant for trying new things / re-engineering stuff / modifying things to see if I can make them better.
  4. I like this… if the criticism of bow thrusters is that they are expensive, need maintaining, go wrong and you can do without them, that nicely sums up a boat 😊
  5. You have the same volume of water being pushed down either one or two pipes at a time - if it’s going down one it will be going twice as fast.
  6. You will get greater heat transfer with the liquid on either side of the heat exchanger moving faster across the surface. With the coils in series (as opposed to parallel) the water inside will be travelling twice as fast, so I think this would transfer more of the heat.
  7. We fitted out our series hybrid barge over 15 years ago, with a 1000Ah lead acid bank and a 22kw marine generator charging at 48v. The big gen means we can push hard for a while on a river if we want / need to, and will quickly brings the lead-acid up to charge when needed. I’ve just added 12kwh of LiFePO4 to the system this summer. This takes 6kw from the gen when running (via MPPT solar controllers - not their recommended use but works fine). They then do the domestic loads and keep the lead-acid bank happy at 100% SOC when not travelling, and are kept topped-up by 1kw of PV. The lead-acid is now really just a buffer for propulsion use, and it all seems to be working well together so far.
  8. It did rather bring things to a head, as it were.
  9. i just fitted one - it’s working fine, although my pressure is closer to 3 bar. I’d had one on board for about 3 years meaning to fit it. Last week I was up to my arm pits in dismantled mascerator in the shower tray removing a blockage and was just about to hose everything down…. which of course was the exact moment the pump’s pressure switch finally died….
  10. I used Michigan last year for a pair of 4 blade, skewed props for our electric propulsion barge… so not very typical. I was very happy with the service however and the props have performed exactly as I’d hoped. I did also do a lot of reading myself (Dave Gerr, various fora) so that I had at least some inkling of what might be correct. A 3 inch difference on the pitch is a lot. Are they definitely both looking at the same gearbox ratio?
  11. The other moorings around Henley - both sides running up to Temple Island and on the right up towards Hambleden Lock - are done by Hobbs now. £12 per night in all places I think. Just moor and they will appear in their boat to take payment before long. Always been friendly with us.
  12. When I say ‘I believe…’ I’m just passing on what someone at the EA told me over the phone last year.
  13. I believe that as long as the Thames is classed as a category 5 contamination risk (the highest) there aren’t many options that fully meet the requirement - a non-return valve isn’t enough. Given that it is also one of the EA’s responsibilities, making the Thames not a category 5 risk ought to the the answer!
  14. I’m guessing it’s one of these? https://www.arrowvalves.co.uk/3-4-standpipe-assy-cat-5
  15. I decided it wasn’t worth it, and instead went for increasing air flow through the boat which uses far less power. Last year I cut a 12” hole in the cabin top below one of my PV panels, cut the middle out of a stainless dish and used it as an upstand, and mounted a 9” radiator fan into the ceiling cavity. Basically a giant mushroom vent. At full power it’s like a gale blowing through!
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