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  1. Sensible advice I reckon - this is probably an upgrade that would serve to satisfy my curiosity rather than solve an actual problem. It will likely be a long time before the LA’s need replacing, especially since they will still do me OK when they’ve lost significant capacity. Far enough in the future that lithium might be a lot cheaper too….
  2. Well, it would keep the engine room nice and warm!
  3. I would be grateful for help from any forumites who know about such things. My hybrid diesel / lead acid set up works fine, but I keep toying with the idea of adding lithium. I have… a 1000Ah, 48v traction battery, a 20kw DC generator, and around 40kw of propulsion motors. I’m typically able to keep the battery above 90% charge, and it only drops that much when we have a day or two without cruising. From what I can gather, adding around 100Ah or more of lithium (roughly the amount I cycle up and down) in parallel with the LA could a) make the LA last longer because they would rarely cycle and b) charge quicker from the generator when not cruising, since the Li take a high current to the end, unlike LA. This last point is my stumbling block. My gen will try to push up to 380A into a battery. This is fine for the LA (since the accepted current soon tails off anyway), but would be too high for lithium, unless the lithium capacity was far larger (and more expensive) than I’d actually need to prevent the LA cycling. I can limit the current output of the generator, but want to keep it at maximum for when cruising, or for when the LA need charging. So what I really need (I think) is to limit the current going into a modest sized lithium bank to something that is healthy for it, and won’t cause a BMS to just keep disconnecting. I’m imagining that some form of PWM control could do what I need in theory, but don’t know what products (if any) might be suitable. Any ideas welcome!
  4. I spoke to Crown and they seemed very willing to delivery directly themselves. They told me they would do a bulk delivery of anything over 500l - they have small tankers, and the delivery hoses are about 100’ long. For me that would work - I can move the boat near enough to a car park, and I could take up to 1000l if I get both tanks empty.
  5. We’ve had a Siemens combination for 20 years - in the house for 15 years and moved to the boat for the past 5. Still going strong.
  6. My understanding is that HVO is non-fame, am I wrong?
  7. I’ve been trying to find out whether Kubota give approval - is there anything you could point me to showing this? Many thanks.
  8. I’m considering something similar and am curious - if you have a 25% aspect ratio, does that mean it’s length is 4 times it’s height? I assume not, but either way would be interested in a photo if you have one?
  9. I went from 50% to 90% happy this weekend. I switched a pair of 18x15 3 blade props for 17x11.5, skewed 4 blades, while changing the pulley ratio on my electric motors to spin at max 1100 rather than 800rpm. The reduction in vibration is more than I dreamed possible - a combination of less energy per blade passing the hull, rudder etc, and a bit of extra clearance. Next project, rudders!
  10. That’s interesting - how / where do you buy it? I’m going to look into options on the Thames.
  11. Another thing I’m happy with on our series hybrid (wide beam barge) is that it’s twin prop. Once the gen and battery are there, adding a 2nd prop is relatively space / cost effective. I enjoy having the extra manoeuvrability of 2 props, plus I built the 2 sets of throttle > controller > motor etc to be entirely independent of each other, so in theory I’ve got good redundancy (neither side has failed to date, touch wood!).
  12. I have, and like it, but agree with all the other points above. If you mainly want something quieter, there are much less expensive, less involved, more simply maintained alternatives. We designed our shell around the batteries etc, and have a big Fischer Panda dc gen. TBH my main motivation was my engineering design background and the fact that I wanted to try it all out (this was 15 years ago). I just like things like that, so the extra expense for me was funding a hobby more than anything else. That said, we are still very happy with it. Aside from the propulsion, it’s quite nice having a battery that can run inverters for a whole day (including for oven, hob, kettle etc), and if we’re not cruising then running the very quiet gen for 1/2 hour a day is all we need to top up the battery. In short, I’d say unless you are really sold on the benefits and / or like the technical aspects, the cost probably isn’t worth it.
  13. I often find myself straining to see past windscreen reflections to see whether the steerer on another boat is actually waving, in an attempt to prevent my customary affability tipping over into looking like an over-friendly lunatic.
  14. Just received this… Dear non-tidal Thames boater, The Environment Agency’s contract for our mooring management contractor, District Enforcement, will be brought to an end from 30th September 2021. This decision has been taken following a review that subsequently identified issues with our internal procurement processes, rather than as a result of any fault by District Enforcement. District Enforcement will cease operations under the contract on 31st August 2021, with the following four weeks being spent removing their signage from our sites. We expect to look into options to retender for this work in the future but in the meantime moorings will be managed by the Environment Agency’s Waterways staff.
  15. Now fixed, according to EA Facebook page
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