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  1. I’d be tempted to bed a thinnish layer of something on to a bed of flexible floor tile adhesive, applied with a notched trowel. Tile-backer board might be worth looking at - it can be quite thin while also being less affected by moisture than ply. You’d want to be careful where the boards join to avoid ridges showing through the vinyl. Perhaps lay some thin battens over the joins, screwed down while the adhesive sets. You could also skim the joints with a bit of feathering compound if you needed to.
  2. jetzi was commenting on relying on a calorifier, rather than keel cooling, no? The former will reach temp and stop cooling while the latter obviously won’t. I have 4 x Lynch so air-cooled not water... but they would quickly overheat if the airflow stopped.
  3. What design are the builders working to tho, or are you leaving it to them? It sounds like this is is non-standard set-up, so it might be unrealistic to expect a NB builder to come up with the best design for something new first time. If you were expecting something different, did you give them some direction?
  4. She’s in Brentford Dock so it’s a few metres down. Would get it eventually, but would probably get a lot of other things first! 🙂
  5. Yesterday - replaced 4 fender eyes on the port side, turned the boat round to do starboard, then my 5mm tap slipped out of the tap holder into the dock. So that will wait till next week now!
  6. Me too. What about a petition to show EA how many experienced boaters predict real problems ahead?
  7. This is us. The shell was built by Reeves in Napton in ‘06. They worked to our own design and did a nice job. She’s a bit unusual - twin prop electric propulsion, mainly because I like playing with that kind of thing. Andy
  8. I’ll admit I had to google that! Yep, that could be the future...
  9. Thanks for confirming. In my case, my filler is up on the bow and higher (I think) than most taps. In which case I’m guessing I will get zero water. I’m now thinking of a bucket under the tap with an automatic bilge pump in it, pushing water up the hose to my tank filler. That or a tea spoon.
  10. Hello - my first post here, as a Dutch barge user on the Thames who has just found out about this change. A couple of things: The valve above seems to discharge water with any back pressure at all - I don’t think there’s any valve in it as such. It says unless the hose is less than 2’ long, and unless the end is below the tap, it will discharge from the holes. So I hope they haven’t fitted these! I reckon it’s more likely to be a RPZ (reduced pressure zone) device which is a bit more complex, but will only discharge with a certain amount of back pressure. Second, I’ve fou
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