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  1. I think they were on different rings at home but as others have said this only matters if using a "homeplug" type system. The dongle we have is plugged into the usb slot on the Humax and connects wirelessly to the WiFi on the boat (router in your case at home). Once the dongle is plugged in the Humax box will take you through the setup, it's all fairly straightforward 😀
  2. Hi David, our set up is a few years old now and it worked well at home before we transferred it onto the boat. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Humax-WiFi-Dongle-Humax-Wireless-Dongle-For-Humax-HDR-1000S-Humax-HB-1000S/191788167226?hash=item2ca777303a:g:UQsAAOSwIKNZlb0v We have it linked to an EE portable WiFi and it works great providing there is a Good signal. It's quite handy for catch up or netflix etc when we can't get a satellite signal but do have Wi-Fi .
  3. Thanks Alan, You have confirmed my feelings, option 2 just didn't seem right but it was worth asking the question.
  4. We recently had to replace our calorifier and the new one (surecal 55l) came with a 1kw immersion so we are toying with the idea of wiring it up. At present we get hot water via the engine or the Eberspaecher but will be in a marina for some of the winter so might as well take advantage of the hook up. We already have a dedicated socket for the washing machine that only works via the shoreline or from the travelpower and I was thinking of connecting to this and fitting a double pole illuminated switch, which unless I've missed something should be fairly straightforward. The second potential plan which I'm not too sure about, is to wire the immersion to the "normal" 240v circuit. We have 1.2kw of solar and a 2kw psw inverter with a nominal 520ah battery bank. Would the solar cope with an immersion on a sunny summers day? I'm thinking of when we moor up for a few days when out cruising and trying to avoid running the engine.
  5. Update, spent this afternoon removing the rear steps to gain access to the calorifier This however has revealed another issue, the carbon filter for the pump out tank has got wet and disintegrated, partially blocking the vent pipe in the process. JOY !!!!! ☹️
  6. I'm sure I've read somewhere where it was suggested that modern tanks are not as robust as they once were so calorifier failures are becoming more common due to stress fractures. It kind of makes sense if this is the case that people don't experience any problems with no accumulator if the tank is stronger in the first place.
  7. Thanks everyone, all advice gratefully noted, we will be getting a new tank, accumulator and isolation valve fitted so hopefully this will now be a one time fix. Our experience with the share boat and now on our own boat is that in all the failures, the tanks were vertical, there was no hot accumulator and they all had prv's so it looks like the presence of a prv will not save the tank. Interestingly, all three tanks failed near the top shoulder of the tank, near the join between the vertical sides and the domed top.
  8. Thanks guy's, hopefully there is a schematic attached to this post and it looks like there is an nrv fitted. We've had this boat four months but our previous boat was a share and it had two calorifiers burst in 3 years, no hot accumulator on that boat either. Is there anything I should / should not be doing till I get to the boatyard next Wednesday? PS, where in the above drawing should the accumulator be fitted?
  9. Thanks Mike, there is an accumulator on the cold feed, do you suggest a 2nd one (expansion tank ?) on the hot circuit ? and yes replacing the calorifier is the preferred option.
  10. Just got back to the boat after a shopping trip to find the water pump cycling on and off for no apparent reason, eventually traced it to a leaky calorifier which has split near the top of the tank. I've turned the water off for now and called the local boatyard who unfortunately can't look at it till Wednesday, so is there anything special I need to be doing in the meantime to minimise any issues. I'm thinking I can turn the water off and on when needed and assuming the engine water circuit will be ok even though there is no water in the calorifier to heat. Sadly there isn't. an isolation valve for the calorifier. Any advice would be most welcome.
  11. as above we are heading towards Wigan to have a look round Caldwells factory with a view to getting thermal break windows. Any feedback from anyone whose had them fitted would be much appreciated.
  12. Had an overnight stop at the wharf a few weeks back, there are a few interesting vehicles in the car park. The custom VW looked great with some interesting additions and a custom built open 2 seater too.
  13. yup, top end of the Coventry.
  14. Another vote for Tesco delivery, they delivered straight to the hatch for us at Sutton wharf a few weeks back and last weeks delivery was at hopwas. All it needs is a bit of planning to make sure they can get the van close to the boat.
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