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  1. Wasn't there C&RT guidance right at the start of the pandemic to not help others at locks etc due to the risk of spreading the virus. Can't find it online now but I'm sure there was. This could explain some peoples reluctance to get involved especially if they feel they are vulnerable. To be fair though I think lazy people were around before then
  2. vacuum generator has gone but still got tank and new pipework.
  3. Try calling Aplan in Lichfield and ask for Ashley, he sorted ours out no problem. The policy did cost a bit more than our normal "home address" policy but its worth it for peace of mind especially as the missus uses the car for work. Car Insurance Lichfield, Home & Van InsuranceLichfield, Insurance Broker | A-Plan (aplan.co.uk) We are cc liveaboards and just email the new postcode to him when we move as they want to know where the car is kept overnight.
  4. For car insurance talking to a broker will sort it, we explained that we live on the boat and constantly cruise but our "home" address is in Sussex. We just email them every week or so with the new post code for where the vehicle will be kept overnight. We used "A plan" brokers who have an office in Lichfield. The real test will be if we need to make a claim though.
  5. The biggest problem with this system is finding a mooring free of trees so that the system can find the satellite. Otherwise it works extremely well. We have one coupled up to a Humax box & smart tv and can usually get the full range of Freesat channels, when trees get in the way the alternative is to stream providing there is a strong enough signal. Loss of signal due to boat movement when moored only causes us a problem if its a poor satellite signal in the first place.
  6. We have no problem charging the e-bike's battery using 240v via the inverter and are completely off grid using solar / engine to charge the boats batteries. Of course if you mean using solar to directly charge the e-bike then I'm not so sure.
  7. Hi Martyn, Yes I got the fixing bracket from you at the last Crick show , I didn't bolt it on in the end but used "sticks like sh.." instead, The sat dome is still firmly stuck down nearly 2 years on.
  8. I refurbished our hatch recently, like yours the ply covering and wood surround was rotten. Used this for insulation - Diall 5mm Extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam Laminate & solid wood flooring Underlay panels | DIY at B&Q stuck up with stixall then covered with these Natural Parquet Parquet effect Self adhesive Vinyl tile, Pack of 13 | DIY at B&Q It might be wishful thinking but the bedroom feels warmer and there is a noticeable lack of condensation in the morning.
  9. Sorry I have no idea of your belt size but try having a look for a number on your existing belt then Mr Google is your friend. My travelpower belt is a 6PK1113 but on a completely different set up unfortunately.
  10. As above, if you have access then bolt through the gunwhale, if not you will need to cut a thread. This job is on my to do list after losing one of our forward fairleads recently when the silly little tapped screws gave way. Luckily I have access to the underside of the gunwale via the gas locker so will be bolting them in this time. I also bought a couple of cleats to fit each side just forward of the cratch board to make mooring up easier, I hopefully won't have to clamber onto the front to tie up onto the centre "T" stud anymore.
  11. MK 2 escort was my guess too.
  12. The highway code is littered with the phrases "should not" and "must not", "must not " being law and "should not" being advisory (ish). Ignoring a "should not" while not illegal in itself could still be used against you in court. More here - https://driversmocktest.com/uk-highway-code-wording-explained/ So for rule 46 These vehicles MUST NOT be used on motorways (see Rule 253). (This part is law) They should not be used on unrestricted dual carriageways where the speed limit exceeds 50 mph (80 km/h) (This part advice.) but if they are used on these dual carriageways, they MUST have a flashing amber beacon. (and law again) A flashing amber beacon should be used on all other dual carriageways (see Rule 220). (and back to advice)
  13. Don't see why not, as long as your in control and not bouncing of things I don't see a problem.
  14. Mines are down to 12.1ish overnight, new batteries needed before winter I think
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