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  1. Our boat "bangs" when filling the water tank, the second bang tells us the tank is full. Then it makes a single less pronounced bang when the water level drops to a certain level.
  2. unless your in London's parks https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-cyclist-fined-for-speeding-in-richmond-park-after-he-is-clocked-at-38mph-a3102191.html
  3. Don't quote me on this as I'm working from memory but I believe that if there is some sort of door between the "driving" area and the "home" area its OK. Definite No No, if sitting in the driving area including passenger seat.
  4. There is probably a bit more "background" to these but this is the gist of it. A guy walks home from the pub after an afternoon session, reaches home just as his wife parks on the driveway with a boot full of shopping. She opens the house door then throws him the car keys and runs inside to use the loo. The police appear as he is unloading the car and he gets done for being drunk in charge and lost his licence for a year. A group of guys return to their hotel after a stag party pub crawl, one of the group had the foresight to leave a stash of booze in a car parked at the hotel so they could continue the party. Similar end result to the above as the car park was classed as having public access.
  5. They are actually red, its a combination of the light and a crappy phone camera, honest
  6. What's wrong with pink ????
  7. Kinver Canopies did ours,
  8. "and for those of you watching in Black and white, the pink is next to the green" Ted Lowe's famous gaffe on Pot Black.
  9. Thanks to all that have responded, other stuff has got in the way for now but I will report back once I get round to taking the readings that have been suggested.
  10. Thanks Alan, We've been on shore power the last 2 months so the batts were fully charged 24/7 with the charger sitting on float the majority of the time. We will be back in the marina tomorrow so will run the suggested checks then.
  11. yes I do have 1.2kw solar but it was doing nowt at 0745 this morning, in fact it did the best part of bu**er all, all day :0
  12. ok, I kept a close eye on the figures whilst cruising today (about 4.5 hours)and the voltage did get up to 14.4, started the engine again at 5.30 to give it another couple of hours charging and again saw 14.4v on the mastervolt display. however when I went to check just now the volts had dropped to 14.2 and 8A current. I've turned the travelpower on to run the charger and the voltage is up to 14.6v with the charger going into absorption mode within 5 minutes. Will leave it for another hour and see what the amps drop to. Is all this pointing to a potential alternator / adverc issue? I will get in engine bay tomorrow with a meter and check the alternator output.
  13. Good point, we're just about to set off so will give it a good run today and see how low the charge rate goes.
  14. ok, makes sense, I'm not sure about turning fridge and freezer off for three hours is feasible though, the beer might get warm This is kind off where I'm at, will think about replacing the bank when they can't cope overnight or when engine running gets excessive. Just want to know if my basic thought process is along the right lines.
  15. hi, voltage was 14.1v and 5.3A just before switching off. 12.45v taken First thing this morning, 240v fridge and freezer running via inverter. 240v fridge and freezer running overnight plus we had 4 hours of TV after the engine went off. A 5.3A tail current before engine off suggests fully charged ??
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