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  1. Thanks all, Panic over, we managed to get him seen at Rainsbrook at Hillmorton. very impressed with the vet we saw Follow up check tomorrow but just looks like a dodgy tummy. Pets don't half worry you sometimes. On a wider note though, how do you cope when liveaboard cc'ing. We are wintering near Crick but intend to cruise all next summer possibly to the k &a. We still have our vets at "home" where we get their regular check ups during visits to family but need something when moving around. We did look at at pets4vets as they appear to be national with centres in pets at home branches but their online revue's are pretty poor. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good vet in crick / Rugby area. We woke this morning to a poorly dog so need to get him to see a vet, I've done an online search and there are loads to choose from in Rugby alone. Being fairly new to the area we have not registered with a vet yet so looking for good feedback, thanks.
  3. For repeat prescriptions use an app like https://www.patientaccess.com/ When meds are running low we order online via the app and get the prescription sent to the nearest pharmacy. All you have to do is remember to change your designated pharmacy after a move. It has worked well for us all summer as cc'ers.
  4. I have a similar question to Chevron's above regarding the equipment on our "new" to us boat. We have moved into a marina after cruising all summer and now have the option of electrical hook up and like chevron I've considered disconnecting the hook up and using the solar during the day if the sun is out, hoping to reduce the electric bill. (probably wishful thinking over winter) The boat has the following equipment fitted, Mastervolt 2kw psw inverter separate mastervolt charger galvanic isolator 3.5kw travelpower 1.2kw solar. 1kw immersion (only on hook up or travelpower) There is no change over switch, the boat seems to automatically decide which power supply to use depending on whether the hook up is connected or not. For instance when on hook up the charger automatically comes on and keeps the batteries at a steady 13.69v. (0.4 amp charge rate at the moment) We are also pretty power hungry with a 240v fridge, tv, satellite box, freezer, washing machine and charging for laptop. tablets, phones. lighting is all led, + the usual pumps etc. So, the questions, 1. What is best practice when disconnecting / reconnecting the shoreline? We have two 230v switch panels (will post a photo in a minute). I'm guessing one for shoreline and one for inverter ??? Would it be better to switch off / on there rather than plugging / unplugging the shoreline? 2. When on shore power should I switch the inverter off. It stays on according to the MICC panel? 3. Is it worth bothering with at all or just stay on hook up 24/7 and have a bigger leccy bill? Photos of equipment to follow.
  5. Stay close to the loo, when it works, it works 😣
  6. Hi Nightwatch, as others have said, the worst bit is that horrible bloody drink you have to take the day before the scope, the scope is not that bad (I've had getting on for 10 of the things now) and I found watching it on tv fascinating. The fact that I'm sitting here on my boat typing this is all down to my first scope nearly 4 years ago when they found a large polyp that was cancerous (spelling?). An op followed to remove part of my bowel which initially seemed ok but subsequently my plumbing sprung a leak and a second op followed which meant I ended up with a bag. I had a successful reversal op last year and am now cancer free and loving life. The upshot of the above is that we said "sod it", sold the house, chucked the jobs, bought the boat in march and have been cc'ing liveaboards since. For anyone who is offered these checks or has the slightest suspicion that something is not right, just get checked at the earliest opportunity. I was lucky and they got it early without the need for chemo etc. Don't do the typical man thing and ignore the initial signs thinking "it will be all right". The earlier the docs find any problem the easier it is to fix. I hope everything goes well for you and trust me, the indignity of the examination is nothing compared to the possible alternative.
  7. This seems to be confirmed by a different version of the map I linked to earlier - https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/original/25505-foxton-locks-visitor-mooring-map.pdf Quote from a panel not shown on the First version of the map I linked to. "Recorded stay time is measured by the number of nights between the First and latest sighting. A boat recorded at any time on two consecutive days will be treated as having stayed for one whole day and a single sighting of a boat on one day only will also be recorded as a one day visit" Agreed, Alan. Saying "nights" instead of "days" makes more sense to me.
  8. From CRT website, https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/3978.pdf?v=623e1f Final paragraph of the summary terms & conditions is interesting.
  9. There is additional signage saying so, I am aware of discussions regarding the legality of this but would rather not get involved in a legal argument with CRT. I would just like to understand the signage and avoid any hassle.
  10. I've gone onto the CRT website and they have a mooring map for the area. Apparently the bit in question is a water point mooring and lock waiting and swing bridge and an overnight ( one day mooring). Perhaps removing the word "only" from the service & lock mooring plaques would make it clearer or maybe I'm just being thick.
  11. Yes, normally I would agree but from that post going to the right ( the direction of the arrow ) there are normal rings with space for two boats, then the white bollards for the swing bridge, just before the swing bridge is an identical post but with the arrow pointing left. Surely if it is service / lock mooring only they wouldn't have the one day free mooring sign. We have moved now but I think I need to wander back to the flight and ask the CRT volunteers.
  12. Can someone explain what this mooring sign actually means. Is it service mooring (water point) lock mooring only, or can you actually stop for one night ? It's at the bottom of the foxton flight opposite the pubs. There are white bollards for the swing bridge (and water point I presume ?) Then space with rings for two boats. We came down the flight late yesterday and stopped here with another boat but really not sure if we should have.
  13. Don't think they will accept in back as I have binned all the packaging etc. Which EE router are you using ?
  14. just had a look at the RUT 950, will this work with my ee sim and can you recommend an external aerial to go with it?
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