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  1. More EA advice buried in the coronavirus updates saying not to send in postal applications as staff are working from home, the easy to find contrary advice is as Tim has quoted above.
  2. Yup, read all that on gov.uk. Apparently the lockies are not dealing with licences at the moment, has to be done by phone / email. It's about time EA dragged itself up to date, even C&rt will sort out your boat licence online .
  3. I have found the contact details for the E.A. will give them a call. Still can't see a way to apply online.
  4. Help, I'm struggling with getting the licence online, Do you have a link to the online application or email or phone number for EA, I can't seem to find the online application ? I have found what appears to be a pdf that needs to be printed off and sent in to them. Confused.com !!!!
  5. Fortuna, you must have passed us recently, we were in Thrupp for a week.
  6. Good questions, We're heading that way too (in Kidlington ATM) so will follow the thread with interest. Foxes afloat are heading to lechlade so some video there if interested.
  7. Hi, I have 2 separate solar arrays on mine. seems to work fine My thoughts were if the first pair were under a tree when moored then hopefully the back pair would still be producing (or vice versa). The controllers don't talk to each other but do their own thing independent of each other.
  8. Thanks all, good to know I can get a drop in replacements.
  9. I'm looking to replace my tired leisure batteries before winter and would like to find replacements that will drop in without making any changes to the battery storage area / wiring etc. Currently I have 4 x Hankook XV31MF 130ah deep cycle, no idea how old as they were on the boat when we bought it. Searching the web produces no results for the Hankook but I can find XV31MF from Numax 105ah, also Enduroline and Powerline both 110ah but can't find any at 130ah. Numax also do a CVX31MF that looks the same. https://www.tayna.co.uk/leisure-batteries/types/xv31mf/ also found a powerplus LXD100 that has a better CCA and is suggested by following website as an alternative. https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/product/advanced-lxd100-dual-purpose-leisure-battery/ The question is, are all xv31mf the same despite the different brand names? Also open to suggestions if anyone knows of a better drop in replacement. Thanks.
  10. I got the MCBS as part of the bimble kit but after a discussion and advice on here I used 40 amp fuses at the battery and used the breakers between the panels and the controllers. makes it really easy to "switch off" the panels if you need to.
  11. Yup, same on ours. Our immersion (when cruising) can only be powered by the travelpower too but pointless switching it on as the engine will be heating the water anyway.
  12. Just to give you an idea of what is possible this is our set up, 240v equipment onboard, fridge, tv, satellite receiver, soundbar, freezer, washing machine, immersion heater, toaster, electric kettle, laptop, charger for power tools, printer, wifi router. 12v stuff 2 water pumps, all lighting (led), charging for 2 tablets and 2 phones, radio, Eberspaecher heating, toilet pump, shower pump Power generation, 520ah lead acid batteries that are probably down to 260ah and could do with replacing, 2kw inverter, 3kw travelpower (produces ac when engine on) + 1.2kw solar. The immersion is only used on hook up in a marina, hot water off grid is via the engine if cruising or with the diesel fired heating system. The washing machine / electric kettle / toaster only ever used with the travelpower on. (maybe possible with just engine). Otherwise as Tony said above, toast done using gas grill and the kettle on gas hob. Everything else runs quite happily via the batteries & the inverter with the solar during summer keeping the batteries charged, . We have just sat for 5 days in the middle of nowhere and only started the engine once because the missus wanted to put some washing on. In winter the engine or generator if you have one will still have to be run most days when off grid. Hope this helps.
  13. Blooming 'eck, 6.8kw of solar !!!, I thought my 1.2kw was big Perhaps if you do a power audit and post your onboard equipment and what you expect / want from solar then people will be able to advise better and point you in the right direction.
  14. https://www.bimblesolar.com/offgrid/complete-packages/boat-kits/900W-boatkit-mppt-mounting 960w kit for £850
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