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  1. waterdog

    Are we all sheep?

    Completely agree. Have a Greenie from another 10+ year member of the silent majority.
  2. waterdog

    is all spam bad

    He hasn't sent you it, someone has hacked his email and sent the same dodgy link to everyone your friend has in their address book. Do not click link.!!!!
  3. waterdog

    Auto sparky or elecy whiz ?

    That sounds like another fault on the megane, the drain pipes on the front window scuttle get blocked and all the rain water gets into the car. another one is the heater fan speed regulator packing up, similar fault to the zafira one but thankfully they dont seem to cause a fire on the renault. Ours is a 2.0 auto dynamique, love the car but the electrics are carp. Just thought of another one, the digital dash boards have a habit of packing up too.
  4. waterdog

    Auto sparky or elecy whiz ?

    This is the part that usually plays up, water gets in through the window seals and screws up the module, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TEMIC-FOR-RENAULT-MEGANE-CLIO-SCENIC-GRAND-SCENIC-WINDOW-REGULATOR-MOTOR-MODULE-/171755629399?fits=Car+Make%3ARenault&hash=item27fd6eeb57:g:ZTgAAOSwPhdVBBSk French electrics mate they are a nightmare, all the windows are interconnected so the auto close function shuts all windows when car is switched off, or is supposed to ! yours will be a bit more complex because of the roof.
  5. waterdog

    Auto sparky or elecy whiz ?

    Well known problem with this car mate, both my rear windows as disconnected because of this. You can get replacement modules for them but expensive from Renault. There are cheaper ones on eBay, search Renault window module . Never bothered fixing mine as the window mechanism is snickered too.
  6. waterdog

    Led Zeppelin

    hit songs on same four chords, caution, little bit of swearing.
  7. waterdog

    Expansion Tank!?

    Yup, that is exactly it Alan. I shut the valve last night and the pump still cycled. There are some rusty bits on the accumulator with the paint flaking but no sign of water leak nor any damp patches underneath. Pump just cycled while I am typing this, main valve open now though.
  8. waterdog

    Expansion Tank!?

    Thanks for posting this Zoeb, we have had similar issues on our self managed share boat and have been trying to get to the bottom of it. The boat is similar in set up to your picture but with a shurflo pump and a red round ball type accumulator located next to the water tank in the bow. The pump will run randomly for about 5 - 7 seconds every half hour or so even when there is no demand for water. I have checked everywhere I can think of and there are no indications of any leaks in the system, I even spent a couple of hours replacing the electronic flush valve in the thetford as one of the group thought there was water leaking into the toilet bowl. This made no difference whatsoever. Last night I closed the water shut off valve (which is only about a foot after the pump) and after about 25 minutes the pump ran again for a few seconds, this to me indicates the problem is at the pump / accumulator end. The pump is relatively new looking but the accumulator is showing signs of age, do they have a lifespan ?. While now fairly confident there are no leaks filling up the bottom of the boat with water it is still something I'd like to get to the bottom of, one of the issues is that if anyone is sleeping in the forward cabin then the noise of the pump disturbs them, easily got round though by switching the pump off overnight. I would be really grateful if anyone can offer any other suggestions or advice, Thanks. Sorry for the hijack Zoeb, Waterdog.
  9. waterdog

    How long to know if caught speeding?

    Including the artic on the m6 toll the other week that did 3 u-turns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/trucker-drives-wrong-way-m6-11048524
  10. waterdog

    How long to know if caught speeding?

    While not 100% certain I think this is about right, anecdotal evidence here but when Wales operated zero tolerance a few years ago people were apparently getting done at 31. Will see if I can find anything to confirm. More likely would be a charge of careless driving if the officer thought the circumstances warranted it, you could even be prosecuted for dangerous driving while below the limit again depending on other factors at the time.
  11. waterdog

    How long to know if caught speeding?

    Apologies, yes if its a car its a car! I was initially replying to post 12 where jake_crew was talking about his berlingo van and I thought this was what you were referring to as well. This is similar to what paul c referred to with the vw transporter, a camper is classed as a car and the van as a van. In essence the same vehicle but different speed limits.
  12. waterdog

    How long to know if caught speeding?

    I think you are mistaken Graham, have a read of this...... http://www.sussexsaferroads.gov.uk/info/safer-for-drivers/car-derived-vans Extract from the above link........ "Are there any anomalies? Yes. The Citroen Berlingo was a van before it was a car, therefore it is not a car-derived van and must comply with the same speed limits as for larger vans. The Citroen Nemo, Fiat Fiorino and Peugeot Bipper are small vans under the 2.0 tonne laden weight limit but, since they have no car equivalent, they are not thought of as being ‘car-derived’ vans. This means that they are subject to the (LINK COSTS Speed Limits) lower speed limits that apply to the larger van types." Anyone who drives a small van needs to be aware, its your licence at risk.
  13. waterdog

    How long to know if caught speeding?

    Tim, that would be 36mph true speed, your speedo was probably reading closer to 40 at that point. edit - beaten to it by locksprite
  14. waterdog

    How long to know if caught speeding?

    True again, they can be up to 10% over but should never read lower than true speed. i.e always in the drivers favour in terms of speeding.
  15. waterdog

    How long to know if caught speeding?

    Be careful, it depends how the vehicle was registered initially. If it was registered commercial (to save vat) then you are on the lower limits. All vans over 2 tonne gross vehicle weight, i.e vehicle + potential payload are again on the lower limits.

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