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  1. People will get wood from the towpath from fallen trees etc but a narrow boat isn't the place to store and season a lot of logs so they burn it only part seasoned.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Using capacitor regulation doesn't make it lower quality, it may well be that way on purpose to make it more reliable.
  4. It's a simple capacitor regulated generator, the manual won't tell you more than is common to all such generators.
  5. Without a multimeter and diagnosing your fault you're just peeing in the wind. Could be anything from a bad connection to the socket, loose wiring, circuit breaker, capacitor, loss of residual magnetism. ( Bad capacitors will usually be " blown" ie bulging out of the outer case. )
  6. Citric acid would have the same descaling power but be safe to handle, cheap to buy, ( Wilco) and biodegradable. As long as there is no aluminium in the system.
  7. You will get about 10 deg C below ambient under the floor. Canal water is never really cold but this is certainly worth doing .
  8. Sorry I meant the terms and conditions that are agreed to on the application and renewal not the form itself. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR BOAT LICENCES (EXCLUDING BUSINESS LICENCES) Introduction In accordance with s.43(3) of the Transport Act 1962, boat licences are subject to the conditions which apply to the Use of a boat on any Waterway which We own or manage. These are necessary to protect third parties and to help Us manage the Waterways well for the benefit of all Our users. If You breach any of these Conditions the Trust can terminate Your Licence, which may result in the removal of Your boat from Our Waterways.
  9. So you don't believe the claim on the licence application form that licences are issued under the 1962 TA ?
  10. I feel it's a mistake in the wording which is now open to interpretation, even just on the common-sense basis that no public body ( BW ) would be given unlimited powers to do what it wants , never using those powers and instead go to the huge trouble of seeking a further act to set out licence conditions if they already had the power to do that since 1962. Unfortunately no one is willing to undertake the level of work to settle the question via judicial review , thought Nigel Moore has gone into it. It's quite telling that CRT has never taken any issue related to this to court and drops any overstaying charge if challenged ?
  11. It doesn't, stop using it as justification for everything.
  12. You're welcome to prove me wrong, or even answer my question.
  13. Can someone explain what the penalty is for overstatying on a reduced time mooring? Fine? CRT cannot issue fines. ( CRT has never pursued the stated £25 per day in court and the only ones paid were because the payee was not told it was voluntary ) Charge? A charge has to be set out under specific conditions to be a charge. Revoke licence? Nope, a PBL can only be revoked by breaching any of the three conditions of the 1995 BW act section 17(3) nothing else. Breach of terms and conditions of " licence contract "? Nope, no contract can override statute ( the statute above) Add charge to your licence fee? Nope, illegal.
  14. I've never seen " continuous lines of slum housing boats" that may have occurred in specific places at some times but it's not the norm.
  15. Arthur runs away screaming from the truth, his only reply is ad hominem, he knows nothing about Travellers but still demands he's right. What I posted was explained to me by Travellers themselves and the police agree with my other points because I've discussed the matter with them on a national level, the huge disproportion of them in prison also proves my point.
  16. Why are you not anti Traveller? they are basically a giant criminal gang that live off the proceeds of crime, their own code says you are a "Gorger" and anything you possess is fair game to steal.
  17. If you believe CRT when they claim the 1962 Transport act allows them to set any conditions for licences they see fit then how do you explain the fact that they engaged in years of work getting the 1995 act through parliament to set out the conditions for licences? It makes no sense if they already had the power, it also makes no sense they never used this power from 1962 to 1995.
  18. It's legislation, CRT cannot do what it likes.
  19. People could take another view of boats that rarely move far and everytime they see one give thanks that they are keeping the waterway clear for those that want to get places, if the moaners got their way they would be facing more queues for locks, stopping at bridge holes for oncoming boats and a much busier waterway which they would then moan about as well.
  20. I thought that clause never made it into the legislation ?
  21. It doesn't have to identified, Mr angry. If it is unlicenced it can be seized and removed after due process. If you used common sense you would obviously see that there are not hundreds of craft dating back decades littering the waterways that CRT cannot touch because they are " unidentified".
  22. Day 4 minutes of the 1995 BW act bill. BW's representative states they have limited powers over moorings .
  23. 1995 act says different. "the applicant for the relevant consent satisfies the Board that the vessel to which the application relates will be used bona fide for navigation throughout the period for which the consent is valid without remaining continuously in any one place for more than 14 days or such longer period as is reasonable in the circumstances." Add to that the fact that BW legal team told the select committee for the 1995 BW act bill that they only had limited powered to control moorings and they were entirely contained within the 1965 general canal bylaws. No mention of the 1962 Transport act section 43.
  24. Under what legislation are CRT permitted to decide mooring time limits under 14 days? ( the " 14 days per calender year" has been around for decades and was always bogus ) If no owner comes forward it's a section 8 craft the same as any abandoned vessel.
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