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  1. Dartagnan

    Autonomous cars any body.......

    Working on that principle then there will never ever have been an accident involving a police advanced driver whose error it was that caused the accident? Now we all know that statement is not accurate but I grant you that driver error of police advanced drivers in collisions is extremely low. As I previously mentioned the human is the weak link. No matter how highly trained the human is they are still capable of making an error of judgement. I will also stop at this point.
  2. Dartagnan

    Autonomous cars any body.......

    Wrong. Not at all. I regularly drive from Cairnryan to London and I make full use of the adaptive cruise control. Basically I just monitor the situation and steer the car. In the winter months when the sun is low on the horizon it is frequently not possible to use the adaptive cruise control so I have to manually drive the car and I find the journey more tiring. Wrong again. You’re on a roll here😀 I forget the number of deaths which arise as a result of driver error but most are as a result of driver error. The driver IS the weak point in a car. Millions of lives will be saved as a result of the progress of self driving cars in whichever form is finalised. Even the recent death of a woman in America involving an automated vehicle was driver error. He had turned the automatic sensor off which would have prevented the accident and he wasn’t even watching the road. Humans are the week link in the chain. My next car will steer itself under certain conditions and as far as I am concerned Mr Musk is a genius. Of course we could always go back to the period before the invention of the wheel or just use a horse and cart.
  3. Dartagnan

    Opinions on this solar setup?

    No I was making a statement that I am interested in solar and that my boat is also 24v. I made no comment as to the technicalities as I haven’t a clue about that! Sorry to disappoint you. 😀
  4. Dartagnan

    Supplier for comparable filters

    Eurocarparts have a 35% off car parts this weekend if they stock yours. Code is WEEKEND35
  5. Dartagnan

    Buying An Electric Car

    I thought that graphene was a relatively new product discovered by scientists at Manchester University and was like gods gift to something or other. Shows what I know! @Machpoint005 love the signature
  6. Dartagnan

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    In which case I shall attend and if not able I will gladly donate £20 to whichever charity they support as a means of redress 😁
  7. Dartagnan

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    In that case I retract my comment with apologies
  8. Dartagnan

    Opinions on this solar setup?

    I wonder if he was related to this gentleman who also sounds very interesting? General Sir Peter Edgar de la Cour de la Billière, KCB, KBE, DSO, MC & Bar (born 29 April 1934) is a former British Army officer who was Director SAS during the Iranian Embassy siege and Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in the Gulf War. He is often known by the initialism DLB. Any way back to solar in which I am interested also a 24v boat. 😁
  9. Dartagnan

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    “HOW much?” That’s Disney pricing in Orlando (literally) and they are known as gougers.
  10. If the previous owner is half decent I am sure they would. i bought my boat from Markinaboat of this forum and we did exactly the same both for fuel and pump out. It wasn’t for the benefit of my boat but for others in the marina as I wasn’t keen for that method of introduction to my new berthing neighbours 😂 Mark gave me a brilliant handover and time wasn’t an issue. To this day I even bother him with the odd Q. 😁
  11. Dartagnan

    Buying An Electric Car

    The issue of power generation has been kicked down the road for years. I suspect we are very near peak though no one will tell you for obvious reasons. For a few years I have considered solar with battery storage and a generator with automatic switching should a power failure occur for my residential address. When a problem arises, when not if, it will be hospitals and other essential services first and the general public will be at the back of the Q. As Bob Dylan would say “the times are a changing”
  12. Dartagnan

    Buying An Electric Car

    I was reading a short while ago that an issue has arisen in London whereby commuters are hogging the charging points. They drive to work, leave the car plugged in and leave it there all day thus denying others who drive electric vehicles knackered as they have no where to charge. I have absolutely no idea if this is factual but it wouldn’t surprise me.
  13. Dartagnan

    CNBC & Battery Tech

    Yesterday I saw a clip for a TV programme on CNBC which made reference to a new technology which will be able to accept a charge 1000 times faster than lithium. It’s broadcast at 10pm on Thursday 7th June and it is called ‘The Edge’. May be of interest to some. Apologies but I just realised I posted about this previously. Proof if it were ever needed than I have exceptionally poo short term memory. 😂
  14. Dartagnan

    Buying An Electric Car

    I saw an advert for a programme on CNBC at 10pm this Thursday called The Edge. It’s about a battery system that can accept a charge 1000 times faster than Lithium!
  15. Strange world isn’t it. You would think everywhere would be the same. I have a bank account in South Africa despite not living there and I could open a bank account in America if I so wished. Money laundering regs are trotted out by everyone in financial institutions who can’t be bothered and who do not even know what you can and can’t do which I pointed out to someone recently and received an apology from the company. @matty40swhen you see them get them to enquire with Starling Bank which is purely App based. They will need access to the internet and cam as the bank contacts you face to face so to speak for their enquiries.

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