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  1. He was the Member of Parliament who could be seen giving CPR to the police officer that was fatally stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament during the terrorist attack at Westminster. I have seen him interviewed and he appears to be of sound mind and he comes across very well. It was suggested that he could be a former leader of the Conservative Party, the fact he isn’t running in this current selection process tells me he is also a clever lad
  2. Dartagnan

    Who Me?

    I haven't resolved it yet. Im convinced he's not a true lab as he won't even walk in a puddle ?
  3. Er it was a skip. I have been on boats that were more stable and steered better ? I now subscribe to Readly the online app for magazines. I think its great but I do prefer the paper version of magazines probably because its a tactile thing.
  4. Dartagnan

    Who Me?

    She looks like trouble ? An absolutely beautiful looking girl. Enjoy your new best friend.
  5. Congratulations and well done for taking the bull by the horns. I say (tongue in cheek) that when I had mine it was the best thing that happened to me! I found it truly liberating and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. No more what ifs or buts just the realisation that I should make the most of life and enjoy it whilst I could. I got cancer two years later but obviously survived and it definitely made me think how lucky I am. Rather than be on my death bed and think 'I wish I had done that' I would rather have the opportunity to think 'I wish I hadn't done that' whilst I'm still alive and kicking ? Oh and remember there's no pockets in shrouds and there certainly aint no point in being the richest man in the graveyard! I genuinely wish you the very best and hope that you both thoroughly enjoy your 'new' life. Martin
  6. Apologies for posting a question and then disappearing but I had eye surgery a few weeks ago and as a result I am sometimes unable to use electronic devices for reading. Thank you for all the replies. Unfortunately with the exception of the animal behaviourist I have tried all the other suggestions where possible. The dog loves being on the boat just not when the main engine is running. We have a generator that is cocooned and when this is running the dog couldn't care less. I think we will go down the route of the animal behaviourist. Many thanks to all who took the time of offer their suggestions and advice.
  7. Thank you Alan. She was built in 2002 so probably another issue for me.
  8. That’s a great idea. I even know where to get one. Many thanks. I do love the Gardner, it’s hard to put it into words but there is just something about it. Power, sound, engineering. I have the original worksheets which are laminated. The handwriting is beautiful and the detail is excellent. Clearly an age when people took great pride in their work (1930).
  9. We have a 70ft trad stern NB which was built by Warwickshire Flyboats and is powered by a Gardner 3L2. I absolutely love the boat and in particular the vintage engine BUT the dog doesn’t. He enjoys the boat but when the engine is going he literally shakes like a leaf. To be fair he is a total wuss, fireworks terrify him and any other loud or unusual noises do the same. We have tried every remedy going, medical and physical to no avail. We are going to give it this year and see if there is any change and if not drastic measures are called for. I do not want to sell the boat as she is superb and in addition both my wife and I are totally chilled out on board so do not want to give up boating either. In fact I even fancy becoming a live aboard but I haven’t broke that news yet. I don’t want some other marinised diesel so! Has anyone heard of removing a Diesel engine and going all electric with the exception of a cocooned diesel generator? Obviously cost is an issue but I would hope to recoup some good cash for The Gardner which would go towards the refit. Obviously I haven’t a clue how much this would cost or even if it is feasible but I would have thought with lithium’s, solar, electric motor and a generator it is doable. The second part is where do I start looking? I don’t want to have a boat built as I want to keep the one I have and just change the method of propulsion. I also don’t want a costly second divorce so the dog has to stay ? Suggestions greatfully received
  10. correct and a haemorrhegic stroke. Still it teaches one to put life in perspective ?
  11. I have some cognitive issues as a result of an illness. Reading this thread I thought I had finally lost the plot. References to information which I was absolutely sure I had not read. Turns out I hadn't read the info in the first place so in fact Im not mad after all (personal opinion) as that info/post had been hidden or deleted.? I have also read of discontent at the action of mods. I would just like to mention that I personally have absolutely no issue with the moderation and being honest I find the actions and reasoning of Athy as one such mod very appropriate. Apologies to the other mods as I can't remember everyone ?
  12. If he is a ‘little man’ how does he reach the discharge fitting. Must be a real a pain in the arris for him ? My boat came with a self pump out which has a ‘huge’ motor to pump the crap out. Never used it and no intention of ever using it ?
  13. Ha, he was on Pointless Celebrities last night. What an appropriate title for a special edition of the quiz show Pointless. He was that tanned my wife thought he was from the Indian sub continent and my sister in law who is one of those sad types who is addicted to the ‘soaps’ didn’t even recognise him. Many years ago I was staying in a hotel in Whitchurch which has a golf course attached to it. The bar of said golf course is his local. He was present one evening whilst I was there and apparently he is highly thought of by the locals as he allegedly does quite a bit for the community.
  14. I haven’t read one single post of this thread as I truly believe that in MY case it’s pointless to do so. However just in case things were a bit slow I thought I would add the following article which I have snatched from elsewhere. Sorry that’s it’s not really contentious but it may give you all something to comment on should you so wish. ??? I’ve come round to the view that most people (including me) believe what they want to believe. Therefore it's completely pointless discussing these issues, now that most people have formed fixed positions, largely based on defending how they voted in the Referendum (not in my case though). We'll just have to see what happens, and most people are talking rubbish, in my view. Looking through the politics, and engaging our common sense, what is most likely to happen? The bottom line for me, is that the UK is a large net importer of physical goods from the EU. Therefore it is ridiculous to suggest that the EU will try to impede trade. One way or another, trade will continue very much as before, possibly with some short term disruption. As regards services - companies in the EU don't use London for their financial services out of the goodness of their hearts. They use London because it's competitive for their needs. The feared exodus of jobs from London, in preparation for Brexit, simply hasn't happened, or only in tiny numbers. Last week, I had drinks with some European bankers, who told me that German & Dutch clients are terrified about losing easy access to the UK. Some are setting up UK subsidiaries as a cautionary measure. That's the mirror image of scare stories going the other way - of UK companies setting up a nameplate subsidiary in Dublin, or Frankfurt, just to be on the safe side. Bottom line - it's all going to be fine. All these issues will get ironed out, probably quite soon, as it's in everybody's interests to reach agreement. Therefore, I am coming round to the view that Brexit is probably far less of an issue that I previously thought. My comment - A fairly sensible view! Hopefully he’s right whatever the outcome.
  15. I don't wish to be a party pooper or indeed support any of the data providers but: Should the data provider be able to show that more than the allowance has been tethered could/would they bill for that data regardless of the total amount allowed by your plan? Additionally if an Apple product is subject of a jailbreak what are the implications for the warranty or indeed repairs?
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