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  1. New covers - great job

    Very smart, they set the boat off. Thank you! Those mushroom vents and the vents at the rear are very shiny
  2. New covers - great job

    I’m intrigued as to the hatch and door covers. Come on, shows us some photos, pretty please
  3. Heron narrowboats

    I realise it is difficult to tell from just one photo but that looks like a lovely paint job.
  4. How to mount a satellite dish

    I would have thought ‘oyster’ would have had a self seeking dish which was suitable but perhaps you don’t want a permanent installation even though they fold flat. I just thought of them as they seem to be on the ball and would have a product for Sky Q I bet a question to VANBITZ would bring the answers you want. They are of the Moho world but are known for the their alarm and satellite system installations amongst other things. I know they are highly regards.
  5. Emojis

    Sadly the one I wished to respond with is not one of those available.
  6. Spare 2LW oil bath air filter and manifold

    Sadly she is still attached to the umbilical chord. Will hopefully get out at some stage with a bit of luck
  7. Homeless

    Well done. Another example of how it’s possible to be totally unaware of the needs of others when considering such issues. When I read your post I immediately thought of young girls at school or ladies in the workplace. What a dreadful position to be in. Whilst I obviously don’t use such products I am aware that they can be relatively expensive and hence the request by food banks for such products. I really despair at times with regard to the inequality position and am now of the opinion that some in our society are in similar situations as those in a 3rd world country. I know that statement is a little exaggerated but how do these people feel when they look around and see what others have. In my opinion Self respect and dignity are an important part of mental health and without them extremely damaging.
  8. Emojis

    Thank you both. At least it reassures me that I am not a total numpty
  9. Emojis

    When I attempt to make a post which contains a smiley I get a message in effect saying I can’t use an emoji. When I then use symbols representing a smiley when the message is posted a smiley appears in the text! Any ideas as to why please?
  10. Spare 2LW oil bath air filter and manifold

    Lovely looking engine
  11. Homeless

    Thank you all very much for the very helpful reply’s. I’m grateful. A very long time ago when I worked in Central London there was a problem with street beggars. The problem was that many were simply catching a train into London, getting changed into their begging clothes before returning home later that day many hundreds of pounds richer! The real issue was that these scum bags were in effect stealing from the needy and put off many people from giving. I’m off now to look up some of the links which have been helpfully provided. Love the signature lol
  12. Homeless

    I would give the RE master an A plus. I used to work in central London many years ago. Often after a night out, full of alcohol and kebab I would pass such vans. I admire the people who staff them greatly but sadly I lack that desire and commitment.
  13. Youtube Videos Stolen?

    Yup. I see one young couple even got a brand new catamaran via sponsorship whist is very very expensive. They had no sailing experience until they bought a yacht. They have 2 million plus views on some of the vids on you tube.[
  14. Homeless

    I know someone on this forum will know the answer! As I sit in my lovely warm home insulated from the bitter cold I can’t help but think of those people who are less privileged and for whatever reasons find themselves sleeping rough in this weather. i would like to make a donation to some charity or organisations that help such people. My question is ‘which one’? Who would actually use the money the best and provide practical help. I know of outreach and shelter. Anyone with real knowledge assist?
  15. Eco Fan