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  1. Dartagnan

    Contracts (Commercial to Commercial)

    I would suggest they are liable purely on the grounds that having been given the contract no objection was raised or has been raised with regard to any points contained within the contract and have therefore acquiesced on the this particular issue. Be interesting to see the legal opinion.
  2. Dartagnan

    Nervous dog on board

    I said he’s a wuss not a heathen. 😂 Anything he can chew. Particularly fond of my wife’s shoes, her brand new fit flops and the chair leg. 😂
  3. Dartagnan

    Nervous dog on board

    Apologies for the very late reply. A medical emergency, thankfully not mine this time, kind of took over for a while. I am very grateful to everyone for taking the time to respond and pass on their experiences and knowledge. I will do as suggested as there are some very good suggestions above. Sadly some of his traits are not typically Labrador which would have made life easier. 😃 He is not really motivated by food or treats and this astounded us having had one previously who was a glutton and would have done anything for it. Would you believe he doesn’t even care for water! We couldn’t keep our last one out of the water and if she could find a ditch full of mud and water it was like she had won the lottery. This ones pedigree is from field and gun dog champions so we were really surprised. Just goes to show. 😁
  4. Dartagnan

    Nervous dog on board

    In December After a great deal of research we finally bought a beautiful boat and were all set to explore the waterways and all they have to offer. The boat is perfect in every way for us and suits our needs for long term cruising in comfort. There is just one problem which all the research in the world couldn’t have identified. At the same time as we got the boat we got a black Labrador pup. Whilst he is absolutely fantastic it turns out he is a wuss. Lots of things scare him but sadly the most important one is the boat. He is fine when we are just in the marina but as soon as the Gardner starts up he is terrified and shakes like a leaf and tries to get off the boat and if he can’t he tries to hide. Clearly this isn’t sustainable both for him and for us as my wife needs to be with him if we are on the move leaving me to single hand if I don’t have anyone to help which I am reluctant to do. We have tried calmers from the vets, diffusers including the collar. Our next port of call is a so called thundercoat. Other boaters must have had a similar situation and I’m looking for ideas and inspiration. Clearly the dogs welfare and well being is the most important thing in this matter so we are desperate to resolve the issue.
  5. Good to see that they aren’t inconveniencing the free loaders. 😀
  6. Dartagnan

    Casiobury Park & The Grove - The Grand Union

    That’s perturbing. I will spend the rest of my boating life with my wife going on and on “this isn’t as nice as” etc etc 😂 On a more serious note thank you very much and according to the weather forecast we get to see it whilst the weather remains good.
  7. Dartagnan

    Casiobury Park & The Grove - The Grand Union

    Thank you all very much for the information as it’s extremely useful. That’s us sorted for a few days. Now looking forward to it. 😀
  8. On Monday we collect our boat from P&S Marine at Croxley Green where we have had the hull blasted and epoxied. I was considering heading north a little and chill axing for a few days before we do an about turn and take a leisurely cruise in the direction of the Thames. Casiobury Park and The Grove (Grand Union) appear to be green areas which would suit me so I could walk our black lab pup. Never having been there in my life are they in fact reasonable ares for the above purposes. Suggestions gratefully received.
  9. Dartagnan

    Rust - Remove or Convert

    Purely for information. I read recently where bicarbonate of Soda is used as the medium for shot blasting. Apparently it is a less aggressive product and leaves a better finish on the steel. Obviously not a DIY job but there are mobile operators.
  10. Dartagnan

    Farewell and Thank you

    I had considered a van conversion for the winter months travelling around southern Spain. Some motorhomers cross to Morocco for the winter but that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Gave that idea up as having a NB and a mh was just too expensive Hope you have a great time with the new adventure and that the road is kind to you. Best wishes. 😀
  11. Dartagnan

    Who'ya you looking at?

    That looks beautiful. Nature in all its glory. I have just got a book about Darwin and I am looking forward to reading it.
  12. Dartagnan

    Vactan Fertan Jenolite

    May I just add a comment in mitigation. I am not stupid but after some medical issues I do now have some cognitive deficiencies and sometimes I do not express myself clearly. I often think that what I have said or written is clear but obviously that is not the case and I miss material facts out. This also leads to poor decision making and costly mistakes. 😀
  13. Dartagnan

    Vactan Fertan Jenolite

    Oops! the rust spots are not on the hull but on the bow and stern decks. As I am having the hull blasted and epoxied upto the gunnels it is only the superstructure that I am concerned with. I could of course ignore them as I will probably get her repainted in a couple of years but I would like to maintain her the best I can. 😀
  14. Dartagnan


    Thanks to the feedback on here I have just ordered one. I have a large hernia as a result of bowel surgery so shouldn’t really be lifting anything heavy and further surgery is probably another 6 months away. My wife also has a medical issue so it sounds perfect for us i must admit some of the mechanisms on the GU locks were pretty stiff though not insurmountable so this should make life easier.
  15. Dartagnan

    Vactan Fertan Jenolite

    Thank you all very much for the opinions and advice. Apologies for the confusion caused by my poor explanation but it is the hull being blasted and epoxied. Just have to decide which to go with now. I wish I knew how I had originally decided to use vactan lol

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