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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. A nice, useful and informative update. Thank you
  3. Unless part of the battery contains concrete as happened recently when someone purchased a ‘drop in’ lifepo4 battery sourced from China. When the battery didn’t perform as expected it was dismantled where the concrete was discovered😂😂
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Dartagnan


    Many thanks. Unfortunately there aren’t many advantages of being in London that I can think of and I would most definitely prefer to be ‘living in the stocks’ at present and not just for the paraffin😁
  6. Dartagnan


    Thank you. Until a few years ago most central heating systems in Northern Ireland were of the the heating oil style and thus was easily obtainable at petrol stations and coal merchants premises. At the time it was quite an expensive fuel so when natural gas was being installed I jumped at the opportunity to switch. Naturally as soon as I switched natural gas prices rocketed and heating oil became cheaper. Naturally, at a time I could do with a few litres I’m in London and not in NI😂😂 Thank you. As you say £10 for 4 litres appears to be the going rate at the moment though Amazon has some for about £8.50. I haven’t checked the Chinese prices so as I’m in London and there is a dearth of agricultural suppliers I suppose Amazon it is😁
  7. Dartagnan


    I want to clean the metal mesh in filters from the Cretaceous period on my Gardner engine. When I had a motorbike as a teenager I would have used paraffin to clean all sorts of parts on the engine. From memory we used paraffin coz it was cheap! I’ve just looked at buying some and it’s more expensive than premium grade petrol. So, in the opinion of those that know, is paraffin the product of choice when it comes to cleaning oil/diesel filter gauzes or is petrol better? I can then clean other mechanical bits and pieces in a bath of paraffin/petrol.
  8. I haven’t seen the programme and mark evans may not have a clue about narrowboat but he is actually quite handy. Many years ago I watched a series where he built a light aircraft and classic car restoration. I’m going to have to find the programme mentioned in this thread, hopefully it’s on catch up😁
  9. There is a YouTube video by Robbie Cummings showing his ascent of the Rochdale Nine including where he moored the evening before which I believe was just outside the castlefield Marina. Obviously the opposite direction of travel to you but is probably worth a watch as he describes potential issues and solutions.
  10. Thank you for the reply Alan. I’ll have to look up that up. Whilst this is the fresh water cooling system and not the raw water cooling I suppose it still assists the flushing process.
  11. This is described as ADAPTER, FRESH WATER PUMP INLET. At the rear is a ‘valve’ and whilst I understand that is an inlet I would like to know under what circumstances would it be used or in other words what’s it’s purpose in the big scheme of things😁
  12. Thank you both. I’m unsure if there is aluminium anywhere in the system, I can’t think where there would be but fernox may be a good option.
  13. Developed long ago in the yachting/motor boat world. Allows one to ‘step off’ when mooring etc and the boat remains in situ😁
  14. You are obviously quite right about it being used for treating rust but one of the benefits of the acid is that it doesn’t attack the metal, just the rust. I believe it’s also the prime ingredient in ‘Barnacle Buster’ so I’m guessing it doesn’t attack the seals.
  15. After a few years of being unable to do some basic maintenance tasks on the boat due to some physical constraints, at last, I am now in better physical health and itching to get started. Amongst those tasks is to service my in built diesel generator including flushing the raw water system. I was considering introducing some descaler into the system via the raw water strainer and allowing it to sit in the system for a few hours before emptying it. I was going to use phosphoric acid diluted to 45% as the descaler. As most members of this forum are considerably more knowledgeable than me I thought it might be best to run this idea past you before I do😂
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