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  1. Wholeheartedly agree. We used a Honda EU 2.0i, converted to LPG, this was connected via an armoured hose and bayonet fittings to a regulator on one of the gas bottles in the bow locker. Use a motorcyle lock cable to secure the generator to the armco, or a mooring ring. the a shore line cable back to the entry point on the boat gave 230 V to the onboard battery charger (Mastervolt 80amp three stage) It is, admittedly a bit of a faff, to set all this up, and you need somewhere to store it all but it certainly does the job. I wouldn't like to have to do it every day in the winter! You will also need a good budget to buy reliable kit.
  2. I am resurrecting this thread as I have the same problem as the OP. My recently 2packed boat is currently advertised for sale, and I anticipate that any likely purchaser would be looking to have a survey done. I am very reluctant to let a surveyor near the hull with an angle grinder! So does anyone know of a surveyor, preferably in the North West, who has the expensive type of ultrasonic kit that will measure steel thickness through paint?
  3. Our boat was 2 packed in 2015. The bitumen blacking was removed by scabbling, to provide a pretty clean steel base for the 2 pack (Jotamastic 87). It was suggested at the time that this coat would last between 5 and 7 years, and that we should have it out of the water after 5 years to check for scarring. We used the boat thereafter for 6-7 months cruising in the summer, mooring in a marina over the winter. Last year I could see several scars above the waterline, so booked into Aqueduct marina for a lift out, jet wash, and a week in their DIY shed for a bit of touching up. I bought all the necessary kit for doing the Jotamastic and it was all looking good until the jet washer hit the side of the boat! All the 2 pack left on the boat just fell off! We were left with two options - continue water blasting and then bitumen black it, or grit blast and 2 pack. We went for the latter, more expensive, option........ All I will say is that when I looked at the grit blasted steel, before the 2 pack was applied, and compared it to the previous, scabbled, effort - I could see why the previous blacking didn't stay on very well. I reckon your 3 year estimate is about right. To the OP - if you look in the For Sale section, you may find just what you need!!!!
  4. Eclipse No2 on the Severn Estuary 2017 https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtT0mdDBw6Sgh6EyVjQJAcjNYJKLEA Gardner 2LW 1960
  5. 6.3.1 Components Testing Glow Plug/Flame Sensor Resistance Check When testing the glow plug/flame sensor with a digital multimeter, the following readings should be obtained: Resistance at 25 °C: 0.324 ... 0.360 Ohms Test current: < 5 mA
  6. Aqueduct Marina on the Shroppie, October, £57 per foot, for trailer lifts, shotblast, 2 pack, in sheds for a week, on hard standing for a week. Yes it was a lot of money but they did an excellent job at very short (i.e. no) notice.
  7. Is the pump overcoming the pressure relief valve on the calorifier?
  8. The reason ours has such a relay is because it has a Travelpower 240V AC unit fitted, which generates as soon as the engine is started. On your switch panel there is a generator light, and the selector has a third position - do you have a Travelpower fitted, or some other sort of generator?
  9. Or a relay in the wire from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid, so you can't start the engine with the shoreline plugged in?
  10. A question on Amazon about this elicits the following from the seller: "On most models of the E5577 there's a "cover" near the USB plug to the right. This can be opened and should reveal 2 antenna ports. " And this from the manufacturer: "Dear Customer, Thank you for your interest in our products and for your inquiry. While all Huawei E5577 have an external antenna port, only particular devices made for some network providers could make use of them ( meaning that they are not active on most devices ). Best regards, Huawei Customer Care Team " HuaweiSupportTeam Manufacturer · 02 August 2018
  11. Happy to help, but over wintering in Great Haywood, near Stafford. And I've just changed the oil - so not servicing until another 200 engine hours have passed. Would a video help? I could make it a winter project......... Mike
  12. For comparison purposes, here is a filter taken from my 2LW today. The engine has done 3000 hrs since a complete rebuild. The filter has done 200 hours. The filter element is dry to the touch, and smells faintly of engine oil. I cannot see any visible smoke or fumes coming from the breather filter when the engine is running.
  13. If there is a lot of exhaust getting past the rings, then you are looking for carbon. If if there is a lot of crankcase pressure being developed, there will be will be oil as well.
  14. I think this is the best guess so far. When you change the breather filter, cut the old one open and see if there are any more clues. Next move would be a compression test, followed by another test with some oil in the cylinders. Conventionally, this end is described as the front of the engine, rather than the back.
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