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  1. Boredrider

    Retro fitting webasto heater

    If you can point an IR thermometer at the return into the heater then that may tell you what is going on. Once the return gets up around 70C the heater will either cut out or drop to low output. Flushing a 20 year old system must be a good idea!
  2. Boredrider

    Retro fitting webasto heater

    Others on here will say that you shouldn't use thermostatic valves, although I do without any trouble. You might also try opening the lock shield valves fully. Are you getting any/much heat through to the rads before the Webasto shuts down?
  3. Boredrider

    Retro fitting webasto heater

    Airlock? Suggest you go on Ebay and get the diagnostic lead/software so you can see what the heater is actually doing when it shuts down. This will also enable you to run the pump on its own and get rid of any air. You don't say what load you are putting on, i.e. are all the radiator valves open? Or are you just trying to heat the calorifier.
  4. Boredrider

    Flexible solar panels

    Stixall, roughly one tube under each panel. Four years, and they're still there!
  5. Boredrider

    MC4 Blocking Diode 

    From my recent research on the subject, most panels seem to have bypass diodes built in, to protect the two strings in the panel from reverse current if one or more cells are shaded. Blocking diodes are required if you have no controller (to stop the battery feeding back into the panels), or if you have multiple series strings of panels which are paralleled into a controller ( to stop one string of panels feeding current back into another, shaded, string). IYSWIM!
  6. Boredrider

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Peterborough pump out is open and free to use. Three cabinets on the embankment, that is two pump out and one water. One locked box (the left hand of two) on the wall of the elsan building in the photo, this contains a press button time switch for the pump out. Pump out hoses etc are in average condition, you may need to use you own hose to rinse. If the pump out is not sucking when you've pressed the time switch, then look at the other cabinet and make sure the valve is shut there (DAMHIK!). Mooring all along the same stretch of embankment, but the further you moor from Asda, the quieter it gets. There were many (apparently) long stayers when we were there, together with various tent dwellers in the park - but generally nothing to worry about.
  7. Boredrider

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Great mooring, but you'll need a brushcutter for the nettles to use the water point!
  8. Boredrider

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Thanks for the compliment Athy. What a lovely mooring Upwell Staithe is, although a trifle noisy on a Monday morning from the traffic. We are now on the Ouse, not far from Ely.
  9. Boredrider

    Solar panel wiring (series and parallel)

    We have 6 X 100W semi flexible panels, wired in two series strings of three panels paralled into the controller. On the advice of the panel supplier, and the controller supplier I have used a schottky diode in each string to prevent current flowing back into a shaded panel. The diodes sit on heat sinks in the junction box. This setup has performed well over the last three years, but (not being an electronics guru myself!) I often wonder whether the diodes are strictly necessary. On a sunny day, particularly after a bit of random shading as the boat moves along, the heat sinks are hot to the touch - so some energy is being lost. What do the experts on this forum think, and should the OP be considering the use of diodes in his setup?
  10. Boredrider

    pump out adaptor

    Some on board pump out fittings, including ours, have a groove inside for a second "o" ring. This ring can pop out, or wear, and reduce the seal. Its a cheap fix to replace this ring regularly.
  11. Boredrider

    Coventry Canal Basin

    We were there mid April this year. Lots of rubbish in the canal on the way there and back, and our return was delayed a few hours when magnet fishers hooked a hand grenade near Bridge 5. The cafe was shut throughout our stay, with a smashed window boarded up. Mooring was somewhat limited, with Valley cruisers occupying one arm completely. No rubbish disposal available, and the facilities building taken over by "druggies" - according to Valley Cruisers. On the bright side, the City Centre was easily accessed via the footbridge. The Transport Museum was brilliant, and on our second visit (Sunday Morning) local classic car owners were having a meet outside. The shopping was generally good and we felt the diversion was well worth the effort.
  12. Boredrider

    Solar panels not charging batteries

    We have an outback 60 with 600w of panels. It looks to me as if you are not getting much out of your panels, from the figures you quote. You need to check that the panels are completely unshaded and see what you are getting with the sun overhead, i.e. midday. The controller negative out should be wired to the other side of the shunt.
  13. Boredrider

    Magnetic Fishing

    We were stuck in Coventry Basin last weekend, while the bomb squad dealt with a grenade fished out by Bridge 5. Local press suggests this is not the first time that magnet fishers have found such items locally.
  14. Boredrider

    Help - Seized Nut

    Dremel the head off. More control than trying to drill it.
  15. I have got the Kuma kit, and have used it in a motorhome and on the boat. It greatly improves wifi range with an external aerial, and gives you a router, so enables multiple devices to use one connection. So on campsites, or in marinas where you are paying per connection it is worthwhile, but you maybe limited on speed by the provider. Out on the cut it is pretty useless unless you are in a city centre, and can subscribe to a nearby wifi service. As others have said, any "free" wifi is likely to be slow as a slow thing. When cruising, we use a Three Homefi, and an external aerial which is infinitely better, and faster. Mobile broadband is the way to go.

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