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  1. Boredrider

    2LW servicing help

    Happy to help, but over wintering in Great Haywood, near Stafford. And I've just changed the oil - so not servicing until another 200 engine hours have passed. Would a video help? I could make it a winter project......... Mike
  2. Boredrider

    Gardner 2lw Exhaust Gas Leak

    For comparison purposes, here is a filter taken from my 2LW today. The engine has done 3000 hrs since a complete rebuild. The filter has done 200 hours. The filter element is dry to the touch, and smells faintly of engine oil. I cannot see any visible smoke or fumes coming from the breather filter when the engine is running.
  3. Boredrider

    Gardner 2lw Exhaust Gas Leak

    If there is a lot of exhaust getting past the rings, then you are looking for carbon. If if there is a lot of crankcase pressure being developed, there will be will be oil as well.
  4. Boredrider

    Gardner 2lw Exhaust Gas Leak

    I think this is the best guess so far. When you change the breather filter, cut the old one open and see if there are any more clues. Next move would be a compression test, followed by another test with some oil in the cylinders. Conventionally, this end is described as the front of the engine, rather than the back.
  5. Boredrider

    Charging laptop question

    Since your main usage seems to be in the day, have you considered solar panels?
  6. Boredrider

    Engine oil

    How about this?
  7. Boredrider

    150th Anniversary

    Us too......
  8. Boredrider

    Advice on method please

    A photo of the affected area would help. I don't think I would use a "sealant" as that implies a lot of flexibility, good for sealing, but not for painting over. Can you raise the panel? If so maybe sort out the rust and seal between the cabin top and the panel, then primer, filler (P38 or similar) and paint.
  9. Boredrider

    Diesel maintenance course

    As previously mentioned, the Gardner Engine Forum is a good source of info, as is the Vintage engine section of this forum. All the info you need on servicing is contained in a book called "Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Gardner Diesel Vertical and Horizontal Diesel Engines - Types LW, HLW, LW20, HLW20" if you don't have one, then maybe Ebay could help. I have owned a 2LW for 5 years, and have done the tappets maybe three times, very easy indeed. Regular (200 hour) Oil and filter changes using Morris SAE 30 are important, IMHO. I have changed the injectors (sprayers in Gardnerspeak) once (reconditioned set from Walshes). Never felt the need to fiddle with the timing, and if I did I would probably get a professional in. There will be a massive amount of knowledge floating around at the Gardner Engine Rally, on the site of the Etruria Industrial Museum, Stoke on Trent, on 15th/16th September 2018. I suggest you might benefit more from attending this than a course on modern diesels. If you get there, I will happily bore you with what little servicing info i have picked up!
  10. Boredrider

    Retro fitting webasto heater

    If you can point an IR thermometer at the return into the heater then that may tell you what is going on. Once the return gets up around 70C the heater will either cut out or drop to low output. Flushing a 20 year old system must be a good idea!
  11. Boredrider

    Retro fitting webasto heater

    Others on here will say that you shouldn't use thermostatic valves, although I do without any trouble. You might also try opening the lock shield valves fully. Are you getting any/much heat through to the rads before the Webasto shuts down?
  12. Boredrider

    Retro fitting webasto heater

    Airlock? Suggest you go on Ebay and get the diagnostic lead/software so you can see what the heater is actually doing when it shuts down. This will also enable you to run the pump on its own and get rid of any air. You don't say what load you are putting on, i.e. are all the radiator valves open? Or are you just trying to heat the calorifier.
  13. Boredrider

    Flexible solar panels

    Stixall, roughly one tube under each panel. Four years, and they're still there!
  14. Boredrider

    MC4 Blocking Diode 

    From my recent research on the subject, most panels seem to have bypass diodes built in, to protect the two strings in the panel from reverse current if one or more cells are shaded. Blocking diodes are required if you have no controller (to stop the battery feeding back into the panels), or if you have multiple series strings of panels which are paralleled into a controller ( to stop one string of panels feeding current back into another, shaded, string). IYSWIM!
  15. Boredrider

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Peterborough pump out is open and free to use. Three cabinets on the embankment, that is two pump out and one water. One locked box (the left hand of two) on the wall of the elsan building in the photo, this contains a press button time switch for the pump out. Pump out hoses etc are in average condition, you may need to use you own hose to rinse. If the pump out is not sucking when you've pressed the time switch, then look at the other cabinet and make sure the valve is shut there (DAMHIK!). Mooring all along the same stretch of embankment, but the further you moor from Asda, the quieter it gets. There were many (apparently) long stayers when we were there, together with various tent dwellers in the park - but generally nothing to worry about.

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