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  1. Thank you, I really appreciated this.
  2. Yes I am sorry. I was googling around tickover after being abused this morning by a passing boater (I'm not new to this having lived aboard for the best part of a decade but post lockdown river closure the poor behaviour of boaters feels a bit fresh) and I found this and didnt notice the date. I wish I hadnt as the charming person above you didnt need the excuse for that sort of voice. Strangely I usually manage to keep from getting my knickers in a twist over 'trains, cars and seagulls' , god forbid I could have had a fair point. Apologies for opening a can of worms.
  3. Goodness me there are some nasty comments on here. If a live aboard asks you to go slow they are not doing so to ruin your fun. Keep in mind they probably see anything up to 100 boats a day come by and usually have better things do do than yelling at passing boats. Regardless of your opinions on their boat tieing etc you were worth the effort whilst others weren't. Just try not to let your pride be hurt and slow to tickover for a few seconds...it could mean a newborn not bring woken from their nap, a mug not being broken or someone not having to summon up the courage to call out in fear of som
  4. Thank you, good to hear...did you use it with an undercoat?
  5. Planning to repaint our boat, wasnt intending to strip it just remove rust, undercoat and top coats. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BOAT-BARGE-PAINT-YACHT-PAINT-MARINE-PAINT-/272420451311 Was looking at this paint, any opinions and advice on an undercoat as they dont seem to do one. Thanks
  6. Hi, We have a sea toilet on a widebeam (in an area where this is allowed). It has broken beyond repair so needs replacing. I would love to go compost but it's not practical for us, we have no space for a pumpout holding tank and I am fed up of a cassette (proves tricky when you need to empty it and are pregnant with a toddler). We are happy with our choice that sea toilet is the way to go still but want advice/thoughts on manual V electric. I know manual are much cheaper but people say the flush is a real pain...would you agree? Others say electric break constantly so are a waste of mo
  7. Since we moved on to our new boat (never had any issues on last boat) we've had winter issues with mice. We got rid of them last winter eventually and hated it but they've moved in again this week. Traps are set but I ideally want to avoid them getting in in the first place. They often dont even come out of the walls which makes them tricky to catch so am sure they are getting in the mushrooms. Does anyone have a good hack to block vents from mice but not from air flow?
  8. HI, We have a sea toilet (on the great ouse- legal) but it blocks up and is a pain. The drop for our cassette is a long walk and so I am looking for another option. Does anyone have opinions on compost (experience opinions). How long until fill up, how clean is it to empty, where do you empty yours? I hope we can get a bin put in here but if our marina kicks off what are my other options? Any make suggestions? Thanks!
  9. We are doing some work on our boat and now we have a family we'd love to have a washing option on board. We have a twintub but find having to lug it to the bathroom everytime we use it a pain (it's stored under a bed). We have been thinking to put a washing machine in where the twin tub now is and plumbing it in from there, the bathroom is next to it so hopefully it could connect quite well. However I'm struggling to get a clear view on washing machines...we are mostly marina based nowadays but I hear that most marina power supplies aren't enough for a conventional machine so marine models are
  10. Thanks all, yes I felt a bit of mansplaining may be afoot, it's not the first time, it's very annoying though as I doubt I will get beyond it but your advice has really helped thank you.
  11. Can you explain what you mean? Do you feel he tested it incorrectly?
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