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  1. Says he is gas registered on Canal pages. But I get your point. I will ask to see ID card before he starts any work.
  2. Gas fitter has quoted me £350 to fit gas oven. It's a whole new fit with idolater, regulator etc. Is this a good price?
  3. So the gas box is sorted and the oven is in my boat. Gas engineer is coming around to give me a quote today. Gas oven requires a whole new fit Oven is around 1 metre away from gas box. What is the usual price to pay for a gas fit?
  4. No I haven't bought anything yet. Still trying to work it all out. This is my daily power required. Going to be continuous cruiser. No fridge and the oven I just ordered will require no power at all ( Statesman Legacy 50- X2 battery AA battery ignition). I've got x3 110ah batteries. Got a budget of around £350 for generator and £200 for charger.
  5. Going to get a cheap charger off eBay for now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Leisure-Battery-Charger-40-Amp-240v-12v-40A-Boat-4WD-Caravan-Motorcycle/201645728867
  6. Any thoughts? Looking to run a 40/50amp charger... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-EU10i-Inverter-Generator-/333336404914?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
  7. B2019

    New sink

    I'm looking to change my narrowboat sink and drill a new grey water hole on the side. Anyone ever seen this before? What is the best best way of closing it off?
  8. Ok perfect. Thanks. If that is what Rob said I will listen to him. I see. So make sure the two drill holes are right up the top.
  9. So my gas locker has been made and the engineer came around yesterday with the box to find out where to place the vent pipe that goes off the boat. Unfortunately as it's a small boat there was no place for mounting brackets. So he said he will drill two holes through the box and boat. Fit two bolts with rubber washers to secure the box and make sure no gas can enter the interior of the vessel. Is that compliant with the above?
  10. The picture is just an example of the engineers work. Mine will be similar to the picture hopefully. The engineer said to me that he fully aware of BSS requirements. The box will be bolted to the boat. It's much cheaper to get a box made and bolt it to the boat instead of a box welded to the boat. I won't have a spare bottle. Only one as I'm using it for the cooker. Cold water only on my boat unfortunately. Thanks for all of your questions and I will make sure to ask the engineer all of your questions. Most likely a strap around the bottle but another question I need to raise with the engineer. Many thanks.
  11. I've been in contact with someone who can make me this gas box. Anyone see any issues with the design?
  12. I got two old pairs of tyre's from the back of old kwitfit today and tied them to either end of the boat. Problem solved. Works brilliantly. Many thanks.
  13. I see. Yeah I don't use any fenders.
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