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  1. Hi boaters, I've had a look at my shower and bilge pump and seen I've got no non return valve on the pipes. My bilge pump outlet is quite close to the water ( 8 inches) and just want to be on the safe side. Any recommendations of return valves to use and where to place them on the outlet pipes?
  2. 35 foot low stern narrowboat. Sabb GG engine.
  3. Yeah this boat won't do tidal rivers. Not even going to attempt it. Had a little bit of wind the other day. Was on full speed to get it out of the uphill bit.
  4. Hi boaters, Just had a couple of questions: 1. I've been looking at the canal map by CRT and the Open Canal map app. Are the little blue rivers on Open Canal mean they are navigable as they are not shown on the CRT map? 2. I've been told by many boaters and engineers not to take my boat on tidal rivers as the engine won't kick out enough hp ( 10bhp). I'm a bit nervous about suddenly coming across a tidal river. Any helps or tips on how to avoid them? Thanks
  5. Hopefully we can remove this good awful directive once we leave the European Union? 126 pages 😬. You could it up in a 10 page document max...
  6. I agree, however I've spoken to two surveyors who stated the RCD only applies to the boats first year on the water then the BSS is needed after that. I can only go by what they have said
  7. Well all my insurance states: ...... is constructed of fibreglass, aluminium or steel and does not exceed 80ft in length. • The permanent home mooring of ...... is in the United Kingdom. • ...Will be maintained in a proper state of repair and seaworthiness, and in the case of trailers, roadworthiness, and will exercise due care and diligence in safeguarding your boat and property. • You possess a current Canal & River Trust or Environment Agency Licence, or the equivalent Licence from the local Navigation Authority as appropriate, and a current Boat Safety Certificate. In addition, if ........ is over 30 years old and over 23ft in length, you have in your possession a survey report not more than five years old from a qualified surveyor, with all recommendations complied with. It states nothing about an RCD or RCD compliance within the terms so it doesn't matter.
  8. This is all the RCD says about gas systems: 5.5. Gas system Gas systems for domestic use shall be of the vapour-withdrawal type and shall be designed and installed so as to avoid leaks and the risk of explosion and becapable of being tested for leaks. Materials and components shall be suitable for the specific gas used to withstand the stresses and exposures found in the marine environment. Each gas appliance intended by the manufacturer for the application for which it is used shall be so installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Each gas-consuming appliance must be supplied by a separate branch of the distributionsystem, and each appliance must be controlled by a separate closing device. Adequate ventilation must be provided to prevent hazards from leaks and products of combustion. All watercraft with a permanently installed gas system shall be fitted with an enclosure to contain all gas cylinders. The enclosure shall be separated from the living quarters, accessible only from the outside and ventilated to the outside so that any escaping gas drains overboard. In particular, any permanently installed gas system shall be tested after installation.
  9. Well I'm not actually changing anything that the previous owner had fitted at the point of sale. I'm just fixing things but making no major changes. At the point of sale it had an oven, gas bottle and connection so the I'm not legally liable if a new connection/ gas box is connected. The responsibility lies on the previous owner as long as I get the gas connection certified by a gas engineer. I've got loads of pictures of the boat on the day of sale to prove that I've not changed anything, just made it BSS compliant and as safe as possible.
  10. The RCD is a really difficult area. When I bought the boat it was fitted with an old oven, gas bottle and container but it was not BSS compliant so it was removed. Now because it originally had a gas installation when I bought it would not constitute a major change and thus not effect the RCD. The RCD only applies to the first year the boat goes on water/ the first person whom puts the boat on the market. So with relevant BSS or gas engineer certificate all should be fine.
  11. Perfect. I'm going to create the locker and get gas engineer to do fittings, I'm not touching that!
  12. I see... I've just looked at BSS guidelines.. I could create a wooden box with FRP lining. Wood will be drilled into but covered with FRP inside so you can't even see holes.
  13. How about buying this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LPG-GAS-BOTTLE-STORAGE-CONTAINER-13-KG-CAMPING-CARAVAN-BUILDING-HEATING/171510954283?pageci=93909c6a-5c55-4cd1-baba-d7c662c035b8&epid=1254957136 Drilling it to the boat and adapting it( vent and outlet pipe etc)?
  14. Hi boaters, My boat doesn't have a locker or oven in it. I've been quoted £500+ for welding a new box to the boat not including gas fitting. Any cheaper ways of doing it? Such as wooden box with metal inside lining and outlet pipe/vent?
  15. I know what you mean. It's probably best for me to go to an engineer to fit a generator storage box. Takes away some liability on my part if anything happens.
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