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  1. Sounds good. Thanks. It runs nicely. I got a boat electrician to do my electrics the other day. He has put the emergency cut of switch on the negative wires. I've been checking online at diagrams but they run the switch through the positive. Can anyone advise?
  2. It's only a small boat. It's never going to be able to hold 300-500 litres of fuel. 60 litres will be the max for the space I have. I'm getting everything order from a BSS officer who works at Boutlers Chandley.
  3. The new tank will go where the old tank is. They do another tank that will fit in which is 41 litres. First BSS on the boat.
  4. https://www.asap-supplies.com/perko-deck-filler-0540dpgchr Ok cool so.... I've taken out my old diesel tank as it's not BSS compliant. Fuel outlet and inlet both come out of the bottom of the tank and there's no air vent on the tank going to the outside of the boat. Turns out it's a tank off an old truck. I've got two options: tank the old tank to a boat yard, get it adapted and then drill a new air vent hole in the boat. Second and easier ( more expensive option maybe) - buy a new BSS CE approved compliant fuel tank and fit new air vent fuel cap.
  5. Sorry I've put through the wrong link. I was meant to post the diesel cap version not the petrol one. https://www.asap-supplies.com/perko-deck-filler-0540dpdchr
  6. I've found a fuel tank that is compliant. I'm not fitting an air vent to the tank but to the fuel cap. If I fit one of these fuel tank will it be compliant with the BSS as an air vent. https://www.asap-supplies.com/perko-deck-filler-0540dpgchr
  7. If I find a little fuel tank under 27 litres does that make things easier.
  8. Does anyone know whether this fuel tank would be BSS compliant? https://www.tcschandlery.co.uk/mobile/large-capacity-fuel-tanks-33ltr/p11344
  9. Contacted nearby Marina who sell 5 litre tubs of blacking paint for £36. Not as cheap as £18.00 per 5 litres at Toolstation but I would rather not pollute Canal with harmful chemicals. Got to keep the fish and ducks happy 😎
  10. Looking for blacking paint. Will this paint do the job? https://www.toolstation.com/black-bituminous-paint/p88792?store=P2&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&mkwid=s_dm&pcrid=142475112888&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=CjwKEAjw__fnBRCNpvH8iqy4xl4SJAC4XERPuj1yPKmA_OzFeYMNhOfyDv-WYmjBguv9GS7ZARShrxoCT9Hw_wcB
  11. Not yet. I will figure it out.
  12. Spoken to propeller makers today. Best thing to do is take shaft out and plug hole. Send shaft to them. Job done🤞.
  13. When I last moved it, the propeller got stuck in weeds as low water, I then stopped, moored the boat up, removed weeds and propeller was still there when I left. Gone a few days later. I got in the river and searched the river around my boat and in a 15 metre radius. Nothing was found. A propeller can't just disappear by wind!!
  14. New information. I tried two bolts today and a one inch nut is too big so I'm going to try a 0.9 inch (22mm) nut tomorrow. I also made some clay casts today which are very accurate. Is it me or is 4 inches on the outside small for a drive shaft? Lock key length is 50mm. There is no lock hole on the drive shaft thread??
  15. Many thanks Bee. I saw someone taking out the shaft on YouTube and I reckon I can but I spoke to engineer today and they said it was a bit risky to take shaft out in water but might be the quickest and beat bet.
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