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  1. Bing, bang, bosh engineering that any idiot can repair but still chugging after nearly 60 years of punishment. Like to see if it outlives most new engines.
  2. Problem sorted. The problem was definitely a clogged pump. I replaced it with my spare pump as I couldn't get last bolt off to clean inside. Need to put it in a vice. Just glad it's s simple fix.
  3. Raw cooled. Not yet checked everything. I've got a spare sabb engine with a water pump in the back garden if all else fails! Would a 12 volt low pressure pump on water line work if it doesn't work?
  4. Perfect thanks. I've used this manual before but not great.
  5. Same as yours. I'm not sure. I just opened up every bolt and cleaned and sucked everything through.
  6. My Sabb GG engine is s overheating after running for 5 minutes. I've taken the water pump apart and cleaned it and the water line is clear but seems low pressure. Doesn't seem to be providing enough pressure to go into engine. No water is pumping out of exhaust which It should do. Any suggestions?
  7. After many months of huffing a buffing I think it will be easier to buy a lpg generator instead of petrol and I will not need to get a generator storage box made up as it's not petrol so I can chain it up inside the boat. Can you run the gas generator on the stern? Or is best to leave the generator and bottle chained up on the bank whilst running.
  8. Says he is gas registered on Canal pages. But I get your point. I will ask to see ID card before he starts any work.
  9. Gas fitter has quoted me £350 to fit gas oven. It's a whole new fit with idolater, regulator etc. Is this a good price?
  10. So the gas box is sorted and the oven is in my boat. Gas engineer is coming around to give me a quote today. Gas oven requires a whole new fit Oven is around 1 metre away from gas box. What is the usual price to pay for a gas fit?
  11. No I haven't bought anything yet. Still trying to work it all out. This is my daily power required. Going to be continuous cruiser. No fridge and the oven I just ordered will require no power at all ( Statesman Legacy 50- X2 battery AA battery ignition). I've got x3 110ah batteries. Got a budget of around £350 for generator and £200 for charger.
  12. Going to get a cheap charger off eBay for now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Leisure-Battery-Charger-40-Amp-240v-12v-40A-Boat-4WD-Caravan-Motorcycle/201645728867
  13. Any thoughts? Looking to run a 40/50amp charger... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-EU10i-Inverter-Generator-/333336404914?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
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