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  1. im moored there with my 23ft and only pay for 23ft.. there pretty helpful and do have a few moorings that only fit dinky boats..
  2. i use a paraffin heater to warm my little boat... good ventilation is needed but works great and no worrying about bss....
  3. my engine suffers with very bad breathing, smokes like crazy from the breather and spits oil to... thanks for the link for the engines,ive spoken to them and its £800 plus vat and no warranty... ive found a supplier of pistons for the engine but not liners so would need rebore... i think the st engine is just going to be to underpowered so i think im just going to have a think about what to do... used engine is sounding like best bet at the moment as theres still the £300 for removing and fitting...
  4. the stuart turner is a diesel and sounds nicer than this kubota.. a just dont have a fortune to spend on the little boat and so far the kubota is going to cost a fortune ... i have a great boatyard local to me that can do any work... i do like the idea of the st engine but dont really know anything about them... i imagine parts are non existent...
  5. the little stuart turner 9hp engine my friends selling is sounding more tempting...
  6. hmm... need a mate in taiwan to send me a gift...
  7. thanks, i hadnt noticed that.. will look into the extra costs.. thanks yes they are dryliners, i have a machine shop local to me that can remove and fit the liners for me...
  8. hi all... my engine is so tired its in need of a rebuild... i cant afford the prices quoted to rebuild my engine £1500... so ive seen this kit on ebay and going to have a go myself.. has anyone here used one of these kits? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153202836271?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
  9. i really didnt realise those vetus boxes were can be so much trouble... ive read about a few cases of water going back on google... your idea sounds great but there is no access to the boat sides for the exhaust exit as there is a fuel tank one side and gas locker the other side... it would need to exit roughly where it does now but there is some height above the engine to have the inverted u bend from the manifold... but thanks again for the advice that makes so much more sense... ordered the new head gasket set so hopefully get it put back together next weekend...
  10. i found this paragraph on another forum about water getting into the engine ... it makes total sense to me... fingers crossed thats the answer to my water problem,,, and i should think water getting in the pots would stop it firing.. most people who had flooded their engines, including my brother, had done so by filling the waterlook, cranking the engine for a long time while bleeding the fuel line. In that case the water lock slowly fills simply from the pump, and there is not enough air pressure to push it out, from just cranking. In such case one should always close the seacock of the water intake. (And open it quickly when the engine finally runs). it was canal water getting into the engine as it was perfectly clear water and no antifreeze so would make sense...
  11. it wasnt isolated and drained as the engine bay is heated so i thought it wasnt needed...
  12. now that is a thought !! i wonder if theres a way of testing that off the boat
  13. this is exactley the same engine as mine... the big manifold with the cap at the bottom of the picture is what i called the heat exchanger.. what is it called just so i know for future reference please... thanks
  14. thats the only picture i have at the moment..
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