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  1. ok thanks for that, i would of tried cleaning it up straight away....
  2. thanks all... just ordered some butyl tubes so i can use it for all the windows... thanks again for your help...
  3. hi all... my brass portholes are leaking so ive removed them and cleaned them up and wondering what is the best thing to seal them with to the boat? nothing to permanent as i want to remove them again later in the year to repaint the boat... any ideas whats best to use? weedhatch seal maybe? cheers
  4. i had same problem with my nanni engine , i just brought a kubota engine from a lawnmower and swapped the marine bits on to it.. cost me £250 for engine and £100 for gaskets etc...
  5. i wonder what the asking price is... looks an interesting project
  6. thanks everyone... i have already painted it red oxide as i had lots of it but i think i will go with the grey bilge paint as advised.... will be so glad when its done as its not the biggest place to squeeze into....
  7. ah right so paint on top is best.. does it have to be bilge paint or can i use the marine gloss i already have? thanks
  8. while i have no engine in my boat im repainting the engine bay .. im painting it all red oxide, is that ok or is it best to paint on top with something else? i just thought red oxide is easier to touch up when needed... cheers
  9. i have 2 hurth 50 gearboxes sat in my shed with both failed clutches, parts are really expensive so there good door stops for now.. i did put another hurth 50 box in my boat as it doesnt do many hours and i managed to find a nos box for not alot of money otherwise i wa going to get a prm80 box as bolts straight on to bellhousing as same stud pattern.. good luck
  10. i think the waterbugs were the ones with no well deck... mines a 23ft with well deck and was told its not a waterbug... mine has a 3 pot kubota engine... i would look for a honda outboard as there pretty reliable ..
  11. hi, ive removed the woodburner as it was unsafe and takes alot of space in my little 23ft boat... yes its the marine version with the correct skin fittings etc... im hoping someone here might have fitted one of the new digital thermostats, if not i will have to buy a new propex one but they dont have a timer on and there £50 compared to £12..
  12. hi all... been given a propex 1600 heater for my little springer but it has no thermostat with it... does anyone know if a digital diesel heater one can be wired in to work as there only £12 on ebay.. cheers
  13. im moored there with my 23ft and only pay for 23ft.. there pretty helpful and do have a few moorings that only fit dinky boats..
  14. i use a paraffin heater to warm my little boat... good ventilation is needed but works great and no worrying about bss....
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