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  1. thankyou for that.... just brought one from keydiesels in burton... great bloke there with good advice...
  2. its only a 24ft boat so was thinking a prm90 ... £500 so far but dont have one in stock
  3. does anyone know whos the best on price for a new gearbox please? looking for a small prm box...
  4. were at gayton and its great, great staff and everything on tap if you need it... trains are annoying at times but you get used to it...
  5. it looks straight forward with nothing in the way but the engine needs supporting as mounts need to come off and i think the engine needs raising 10mm for the alignment of shaft.. i have gayton marina to do the work if there not to pricey... wish i was younger then i would be having a go myself...
  6. i think im going to go for a new prm90 as thats all i can afford... how long or much do you think it will cost for fitting so i know if im getting stung or not... thanks again
  7. its sounding like i should just go for the prm90... from what ive read the engine needs to be raised 10mm on the mounts to fit it so will have to check if its possible on mine... i dont think ive read a good thing about hurth boxes.... mind you alot of it seems to be reconditioned boxes giving problems, maybe just inferior parts compared to original bits...
  8. ive just found a prm150 on ebay thats been rebuilt by primrose for £450... hmmm.. decisions
  9. thats brilliant .... i think i will check on the prices for a prm90 and get a quote to fit as it will probably need fettling... is a cone box smoother to operate as mine does clunk when going into reverse and used to when going into forward until clutch started to slip...
  10. thankyou richard for finding that out for me... its to fit on my nanni n21 (kubota 3 pot).... i think the prm90 is looking best bet .. i cant believe how rubbish the hurth boxes are and the price of spares.. thanks again...
  11. i did think about that until i got a price for new plates.. £470... gulp !!
  12. thankyou for the links... just wondering if anyone has done the conversion on here? ive found a used hurth box for not alot of money so might risk it and if no joy then a new box it is...
  13. i always liked the little dawncraft dandy... lots of space for a small boat and lots more headroom...
  14. the gearbox on my little springer 23ft i think is on its last legs as forward gear is slipping badly... its a hurth 50 mechanical box from what i can tell.. does anyone know where i can get it reconditioned or buy a replacement... will the prm90 box be a direct fit? any advice would be great....
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