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  1. i really didnt realise those vetus boxes were can be so much trouble... ive read about a few cases of water going back on google... your idea sounds great but there is no access to the boat sides for the exhaust exit as there is a fuel tank one side and gas locker the other side... it would need to exit roughly where it does now but there is some height above the engine to have the inverted u bend from the manifold... but thanks again for the advice that makes so much more sense... ordered the new head gasket set so hopefully get it put back together next weekend...
  2. i found this paragraph on another forum about water getting into the engine ... it makes total sense to me... fingers crossed thats the answer to my water problem,,, and i should think water getting in the pots would stop it firing.. most people who had flooded their engines, including my brother, had done so by filling the waterlook, cranking the engine for a long time while bleeding the fuel line. In that case the water lock slowly fills simply from the pump, and there is not enough air pressure to push it out, from just cranking. In such case one should always close the seacock of the water intake. (And open it quickly when the engine finally runs). it was canal water getting into the engine as it was perfectly clear water and no antifreeze so would make sense...
  3. it wasnt isolated and drained as the engine bay is heated so i thought it wasnt needed...
  4. now that is a thought !! i wonder if theres a way of testing that off the boat
  5. this is exactley the same engine as mine... the big manifold with the cap at the bottom of the picture is what i called the heat exchanger.. what is it called just so i know for future reference please... thanks
  6. thats the only picture i have at the moment..
  7. thankyou tony for your help... i have seeked proffesional help hence why ive taken the head off.... its just that there so busy for next couple of months and thats why im attacking it myself.... i only said heat exchanger as thats what i assumed it was called.... i will have to get some photos... im not saying that the water issue is the cause of it not running but its a problem itself needs sorting anyway and then i will get back to trying to get it running again... i cant really start the engine with that amount of water in the sump... the head is now off and getting pressure tested and cleaned as its badly covered in sludge... put some diesel in the bores to leave overnight to see if it leaks past the rings... ive removed the injector pump and the springs are good in there... i will get the injectors cleaned while there out... but thanks again for your great input and advice...
  8. ive rebuilt lots of engines over the years but not really had much to do with diesels and boat setups... the engine is raw water cooled so cant really watch water level... ive only took the heat exchanger off so far but did find some big lumps of carbon on exhaust outlet so think its long overdue for looking at.... going back today to have a better look as was getting pretty dark..
  9. im sorry if ive upset people but i have tried everything that was suggested to me... the oil hasnt gone anywhere, the water was added to the oil somehow and then a black oily mess was being chucked out of the rocker breather pipe so something was majorly wrong.... when i pulled the dipstick it there was clear water and the black oily crap... i didnt want to risk starting it with that much fluid in the engine and cause further damage... my wife asked the head mechanic from the marina to come check and he said not to try starting it and that its either head gasket or cracked block or head... yes i am disabled and i was giving it my best shot but its not easy as its tight access and find it very exhausting and painful... even if it ran there was still something very badly wrong that needed fixing with so much water getting in from somewhere...
  10. massive problem update !!! water coming out of the dipstick hole.. think i have a failure somewhere... thinking headgasket so ive already started to strip it down ready to inspect... hoping its a gasket and not a cracked head or block... thankyou everyone for your great advice and help... will update tomorrow hopefully once the head is off...
  11. brand new 96amp starter battery just fitted... there is a decompression lever on the engine bet never had to use it...
  12. im thinking cranking speed or lack of it... is there anyway of improving it or does it mean new starter motor?
  13. proper can of easy start it is... just to rule something else out... the one im using is auto extreme engine start spray £2.99 a can
  14. the rockers are opening from what i can see through the oilcap hole...
  15. sorry im not ignoring anyone... i did say before that i was using a cheap brand of easy start but it is ether based so i would of thought it done something...
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