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  1. does anyone know where to get a new cratch board made without breaking the bank? im northampton area.... cheers
  2. need a new cratch cover and had a quote from 3elements and much cheaper than other quotes... has anyone here had one made by them ? cheers
  3. the plywood has been on there since it was built, its a one owner boat , still not sure why it was put there but the chaps son said it might of been to keep the roof cool... theres no rot etc...
  4. thanks for all your advice, i think i will go with the filler and paint it and live with it route... i think the hole that was patched was made to get the engine in the boat and the dents are not as bad as i first thought.. will get some pics tomorrow...
  5. its a strange one paul, the rest of the shell is built so well but roof is a poor job... had a better look at it today and i think i might just get away with some filler in the lower areas, luckily the solar panel will cover the worst depression... your right about the extra weight of another layer of steel, i didnt think about that... i really didnt want to go down the plywood route if i dont have to.. im just glad the roof isnt rotten, just a bit of surface rust but most is still shiny steel...
  6. the roof of my boat is steel with a plywood top on it.... the wood had seen better days and thought it strange to put wood on steel anyway so i started to remove it and boy what a job that is,there is body filler underneath upto 20mm thick in the centre.... its been a nitemare to get off and the steelwork underneath is solid but dents and bowing in places and one place has had a new section stitched in at sometime... just dont know where to go from here? new wood to cover it all up or a new steel roof over the top of the old one... any advice would be great...
  7. i was thinking of testing it on a few different bits of steal etc first to get accuracy before trusting it..
  8. brilliant, will save a small fortune... theres a few on ebay for 80 quid ish.... hoping one of these will do the job
  9. my boat is out for blacking soon and wanted to check on hull thickness but not be paying £350 for a surveyor... are these cheap testers any good? seen a few for around £60
  10. i think i will just replace the electric solonoid with a stop valve, does the stop valve have to be fitted before the electric pump? on a good note i have found the vent for the heating tank, it was behind the door in the well deck, think the inspector must of just not seen it... so glad i wont have to rip out half the interior to get to everything... its just strange how it all passed in years gone by but now doesnt...
  11. im not sure if mine complies, my tank is mounted in the bilge area and fuel can be pumped with an electric pump switch upto the day tank, the tank connection is on the top of the main tank..
  12. had my boat tested and it failed as theres no shut off valve on the the diesel tank but it has a electric shut off valve fitted... the bss site says an auto electric valve is ok, anyone on here know which is correct? also my heating fuel tank doesnt have a vent fitted, anyone know the easiest way to fit a vent to the tank? i can only get access to a small part of the top of the tank? thanks again
  13. anyone know who the cheapest for a new cratch cover is to be made as mine has shrunk... on a tight budget... cheers
  14. paul has moved 2 of our boats and hes superb and well priced... narrowboat mover .... http://narrowboatmover.co.uk/contact
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