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  1. just noticed on fb that blisworth tunnel boats are looking to rent out there moorings of 470ft for £600 a month as a buisness oppurtunity... looks a bargain to me.. can be double moored aswell.. just incase anyone is interested i thought i would post here
  2. cheers, its a boatyard thats doing it so hopefully know how thin roofs are... theres no paint on the roof so one less thing to get in the boat.. lucky the wife works as a narrowboat cleaner..lol
  3. thanks for the tips ..... they said they will block off all entry points with ply and tape... boat needs a good clean anyway so a little grit will be ok... fingers crossed it wont be to much... as for rust treatment i gather thats not needed after its been blasted... so just straight on with the red oxide
  4. im having my roof sandblasted next month as quite rusty on the surface... do i still need to put rust converter on the roof before painting the red oxide primer? thanks
  5. can i paint raddle red onto red oxide roof or will i need another primer on top first? thanks
  6. do you have alot of weight in your boat as that waterline looks pretty high to me
  7. candlebridge at braunston do alterations etc and there work is brilliant
  8. thanks paul... it couldnt of happened without you and were so thankful you noticed the oil leak or it could of gone so wrong... were so chuffed and cant wait to get out and use her... oh and i never get bored of that old gardner thumping away... even mandy loves it now, like the boats got a heartbeat... thanks again paul....
  9. that pic is before blacking started.. thats her mascara running from all the crying knowing she had to do it......
  10. had a hull survey on the boat i just brought a few months ago and the surveyor said its amazing for an 1986 boat with no wear,dents or pitting to be seen... to say were chuffed is an understatement... can now spend some pennys on her without worrying if shes got a hull like a teabag.... her indoors has just done 3 coats of blacking so ready to get back in for weekend...
  11. does anyone know where to get a new cratch board made without breaking the bank? im northampton area.... cheers
  12. need a new cratch cover and had a quote from 3elements and much cheaper than other quotes... has anyone here had one made by them ? cheers
  13. the plywood has been on there since it was built, its a one owner boat , still not sure why it was put there but the chaps son said it might of been to keep the roof cool... theres no rot etc...
  14. thanks for all your advice, i think i will go with the filler and paint it and live with it route... i think the hole that was patched was made to get the engine in the boat and the dents are not as bad as i first thought.. will get some pics tomorrow...
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