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  1. Hi All I'm repainting the roof in preparation for mounting solar boxes and due to unforeseen work commitments and recent bad weather I left the cheap masking tape I used on longer than I intended. It has now dried like cement and proving an absolute nightmare to remove. I've tried warm water, razor blades etc but these methods are time consuming, pull the paint off with it and are time consuming. Can anyone suggest any more effective solutions. Feedback from anyone who has experienced such a mistake and found a useful solution themselves would be most welcome.
  2. Thank you cereal tiller. You're absolutely right, this engine is an Excellent Machine!! What a machine it is!!!
  3. Thanks for your input Tony! I understand you are a legend on this forum. But what do you mean by OP? Please explain and help?
  4. Than you for your input Lady G. Unfortunately, I can't glean much advice from it but its constructive all the same. Yes the Perkins is a tractor engine. It was built in 1983 and marinised at 40000 miles in 1990. Its a bit too big for a narrowboat but its great on tidal rivers. And for your curiosity its 72 horse power!
  5. Hi All I'm looking to become more electrically self-sufficient and need some 'expert' advice. I currently have a 3 Kw calorifier which only works when connected to mains power, a Perkins 4236 engine and Morso 4110 stove with no back boiler. I also have an old Eberspacher diesel central heating system powering 4 radiators (which currently does not work) and does not appear to provide domestic hot water only hot water to the radiators. I currently have a mooring and am connected to shoreline but am looking to go continuous cruising giving up the mooring. At
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Yes. I confirm got them. They've downloaded perfectly. The D5W Repair Manual was just what I was after. Thank you so much. You're an absolute gent. Sincerely Russell
  8. Thanks for the feedback fellas. This is really positive and very reassuring indeed. I appreciate the links and anecdotes, the story from Bargemast particularly. Yes, beleive it or not it is in a 57ft Narrowboat. I am disciplined with the speed of it on the canal and never really go above 800 RPM. However, it really comes into its own on the river where I cruise at around 1500 RPM. It was installed by the original owner who I beleive intended to do a lot of river cruising. Once again thanks for the feedback. Russell
  9. Hello Has anyone got this engine on board? We bought our boat with this engine on board, approx 18 months ago, and have now concluded this engine is absolutely fabulous. I'm very new to marine engines but understand this was in Land Rover and possibly also Massey Ferguson tractors. Perkins was a British brand, unsure if it is still, but it certainly has the quality of 'Made in Britain', which is truly a rare feature today. I'd love to hear from any owners of this engine, or passionate enthusiasts, because this is one feature of our boat I am truly in awe of and need to understand i
  10. NMEA Thank you for the kind gesture. I''d certainly be grateful for this info. However, as a newbie I have to make 5 posts to the CW Forums before I can send you a PM so as soon as I've done this I be back in touch. Meantime, your patience is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hello All First post to canalworld. I bought a 57ft boat last year and I've been enjoying boating ever since but the maintenance problems are now starting to appear. I've had the usual to contend with like new starter / leasure batteries to replace, an overhaul of the starter motor, changing the engine filters etc which are easy enough but I now come up against the Eberspacher D5W and in need of some useful advice. A picture of the particular version I have is available below: http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=60105&hl=eberspacher Last summer the D5W h
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