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  1. Apart from stripping everything out, there's not a lot can be done, unless you are prepared to start cutting and welding. As has been said, that small tank, might need bringing up to BSS standard, if it's not already. Bod
  2. Bod

    reflek flame

    There is a very firm line between having 2 mother in laws. Bod (with apologies to Les Dawson)
  3. Did try that, worked for a while, but in the end dragged the voltage down too low to work, sub 10v if I remember, the difference was just to great to regulate. Lord knows what horrors there are in that line, but it works the radio/CD, so for now it's left alone. Bod
  4. When considering to use 12 v or 240v, first ensure that the 12v outlet, actually has 12v! Mine because of voltage drop only can supply 11.5v, very poor choice of cable, and long run, mean I have a 240v ac Television, or an horrendous job to replace the 12v cables. Bod (Who didn't do the fitout.)
  5. Read that, it's just a wish list for a perfect world. Trying to frighten Local Authorities into battling C&RT for them. There may be a gem or two in there, but so much that's not thought through, they get lost. Bod
  6. Apologies, I thought Goliath was bring something different to the table. Bod
  7. Could you please put up a link to this. I've tried to find it, but failed. Bod
  8. This tell the tale of the tape! https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/31454-harecastle-tunnel-dimensions.pdf?v=8ab579 Bod
  9. I fear the use of the term "Houseboat" will be the main stumbling block to this. Houseboat has at least 2 different legal definitions, and implies a boat that cannot move. Thus would be a permanent fixture, and would require full planning permission for that berth. Residential boats, that require a berth for 42 days before moving on could be much easier to plan for. How a 42 day limit would work for school age children or working adults, is questionable, unless there are several such mooring close together, and "moving days" are arranged..... A nice idea but needs a lot more thinking. It would cost a huge amount for a Council to provide residential marina type moorings, in any urban environment, which appears to be what's needed. A way forward might be to grant more residential berths in marina's/on-line moorings, etc. Subject to time limits per stay, similar to holiday homes? 3 months/11 months per year stay then move to another area. Bod
  10. Which is why VAT went to Custom and Excise, rather than Inland Revenue. Much greater powers than the Tax man. Bod
  11. Sounds like you got on the same system as Cotswolds Man's overstaying notification. Bod
  12. If you are still at the bottom of the Watford locks, chandlery at Wilton marina is not far, 1/2 day, or even back to Braunston, plenty of chandleries there. As roland says, there's not much on the summit. Beer and food at Crick, little else till Foxton locks. Bod
  13. Do I recall a thread about this boat, & it's eventual recovery? Bod
  14. Whats the engine make & model? I have a vetus, which didn't heat up, the thermostat had fallen over in the hose! allowing cold water from the skin tank to flow around the engine unhindered. Mariniser had moved the thermostat from the normal expected housing, to the top hose to allow calorifier connections to use hot engine coolant, before the thermostat. Bod
  15. Bod


    Being let loose in Banbury happened to us. 6 boats on the museum side, drunken idiots from the working men's club. Did wonder why the boat in front had used goat chains around the bollards, and tight ropes. Bod
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