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  1. As I understand the story of your missing paperwork, The boat was for sale in foreign waters, (non EU?) and a large jar of coffee came into the story. Bod
  2. It will cost at least 3 times what you budget for, and take 4 times longer than you thought. Beware, boat systems are very different to domestic equivalents, domestic tradesmen, may not have the necessary skills or qualifications, to work on boat systems. The Gas fitter has to be not only Gas-safe qualified, but LPG, and Boat qualified. Electrical work is closer to automotive work than domestic mains, 3 solid core cable is normal in a house, but is not recommended, or allowed under RCD regulations. 12vdc cables have to have "voltage drop" allowed for because of the distances covered. A concept unknown to most 240vac electricians. When costing the job, allow for tools you do not have, and will need, this could include a van, capable of taking 8x4 sheets of ply. Then, where are you going to work on the boat? Be aware that a boat can flex when moved from a hard standing, to floating, meaning doors might not open or close, previous perfect joints, now don't fit and have to be redone. There is a great deal of satisfaction, in saying "I did this". From personal experience, there are some steep learning curves! Bod
  3. Along with Tony, how much oil is showing on the gearbox dip stick and what colour is the oil? Bod
  4. Check mattress and sheet sizes first, then would these sizes fit in the space intended. The chest of drawers is the front support, not the size determiner. Bod
  5. Having read that article, two things really stand out. 1st I see where your ideas have come from. 2nd not one of the boats mentioned was "Road tested". The article authors, have no idea if the boats actually move! Let alone, do they go straight if no hand is on the tiller/wheel, how quickly or not, do they stop, from a normal cruising speed. Nor are any of the systems for heat/light/cooking, tested, either at the permanent mooring, or out for many days cruising. Or the raising and lowering of the wheel houses, a very common job due to the shape of many arched bridges, can one person do this quickly with out mooring up, or are two or more people and a mooring needed. You mention a hire company that does wide beam hire, I really suggest you do a weeks hire on one, between now and Easter, to better understand some of the points raised. The width of the water is normally given in canal dimensions, no allowance is made for over hanging trees, or under water obstructions. A 12 foot wide boat is not going to pass 6 feet of obstructions in a 16 foot wide canal. Canals may have been built to wide beam sizes, 200 years ago, or altered in the 1930s, but the maintenance to keep them that size has not been kept up. Barely to the size for 2 narrow boats to pass, so for a narrow to pass a wide, in a lot of places it may not be easy, one boat to be aground, the other to scrape passed trees/brambles. Two wide beams, one has to reverse...... Bod
  6. Bod

    Car parking

    This is only the 2nd woman hating sheep, I've heard of. We, as kids had a cade lamb, as a pet, but as he grew up (minus his "bits") he turned quite nasty, particularly towards women, we never managed to change him. But mother was very happy when he had to go! Bod
  7. "I checked the oil filler cap this time and it does have grey sludge and water in it... :" You have water in the oil. DO NOT run the engine. That grey sludge has no lubrication properties. Others who know this engine better than I, will suggest steps to be taken. Bod
  8. Most folk believe, the money comes from the Government. But where does any Government get it's money from? Bod
  9. Where does the £2000 actually come from? Bod
  10. I feel you do not understand what the £2000 per head represents, it is what it costs everybody in the country to support the benefits system, NOT a minimum income level. Bod
  11. If after checking the filter, whilst the filter is open, and over a bucket/tray/large cloth, briefly open the shut off valve. How quickly does the water flow? Good flow, is ok, weak dribble, shows the dip pipe in the tank is blocked. Probably with rust if the pipe is steel, best solution is replacement. We had this a couple of years ago, fitted a new dip pipe, along side the old which was sealed off. Bod
  12. You got a stove? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMjpWlgcK-M Disregard the chickens. Bod
  13. Curiosity. It looks to me that at least some of the new houses will be directly over the tunnel. How much soil will there be between the tunnel roof and the building foundations? Bod
  14. There were some American water cooled units, a while a go. Low output, you would need 3 units, but very very expensive. Bod
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