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  1. Yes wooden ladders were always varnished, so any splits or rot could be seen. Having seen a boat pole that was only held together by the paint, the varnishing any wooden object subject to stress makes great sense. Bod.
  2. Bod

    I need ideas.

    Brace and bit. 1, 5/8th bit will give the size, if you can find one! An expansive bit will also do the job driven by a carpenters brace. DO NOT try to use an expansive bit in a power drill, it doesn't work. Power ones are about, but very rare, I've never seen one that size even advertised. Bod.
  3. Which is why I'm asking, when was the "modern" leisure narrow boat first designed. Before or after 1950? Bod
  4. Steel working narrowboats were available before 1950. Had the modern leisure narrow boat been available before 1950? I know Rolt had Cressy before 1950, but that was a wooden hull(?). Bod.
  5. This question was asked regarding caravan sites, the answer in a nutshell, was. It depends on the level of service provided. If the site is just a place to "park" the caravan, with no, or minimal other services, then no reduction. If the site provided other amenities, that you were prevented by the site owners to use, then a reduction might be possible. But this amount would depend on the cost difference between just the "parking" cost and the full use cost. How that could be determined would keep the Courts busy for a long time. Meanwhile you would undoubtedly be required to remove the caravan. Our marina only "advised" that we don't go to the boat, and as no club house, with entertainment laid on as part of the mooring agreement was supplied, I don't expect any reduction. Bod.
  6. Having just been to the boat for the day, I can confidently state that the bottom of the boat is much lusher and greener than the lawn! Bod.
  7. Having work copied, I know your pain. Some years ago, the company I worked for designed, and I built a conveyor system, incorporating a packing station, and build-up area. When done it was a good looking working system. We had made several modifications to get the best performance, some were removed for better ideas. Others just lay hidden, not needed at final result. The customer paid up and the system delivered and commissioned, all happy. Next we heard, the customer had another system that wouldn't work, could we help? Good customer and all that. Service engineer dispatched, upshot nothing could be done on-site. It would have to come into our work shop. Duly lorry arrived. Well as the original builder/assembler, I got the job. All I can say is the same area of floor was needed. The state of what arrived was unbelievable, yes it was a copy, but so poorly made, incorporating all our mods, even the redundant hidden ones! To get it to work was going to be more expensive than making a new one, dismantle, repair/make good/replace, reassemble and test. Customer agreed to remove their "system" before storage charges started. Rumour had it that a factory engineer, said "I can make one cheaper". Bod.
  8. Why do you want to do this change? I ask because my boat had this done(before my ownership) to cure gear change problems. Later investigation, showed the clamp holding the gear change lever was loose.... Much later I sold the "spare" Hurth box, the buyer put it onto a testing machine, which gave it a underload workout, and pronounced it all good. Bod
  9. 4th photo, shows brown staining on side of crank case, below head gasket level, fairly fresh by the colour. Thermostat housing, and alternator show fresh oil splatter, timing cover oil seal damage? Engine in dire need of expert help. DO NOT start till it has been assessed by someone who knows these engines. Bod
  10. Bod

    SmartGauge fuse.

    I fear the only way this will be resolved correctly, will be to wire in the Smart gauge correctly to it's instructions. ie. two wires with small fuse's direct to the battery terminals. With the now defunct 20 amp fuse, and all it's wires removed. Bod
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Do not be surprised if you manage to rip the top of the cylinder off! Fill the cylinder with water, that will make it a bit firmer, search on this site for more information, there have been several topics raised regarding removal of immersion heaters. If the cylinder itself is damaged, there is no way of repairing properly, only replacement. Once the heater is loose, is there room above it to remove it? It will be about a metre long, but thin, so an angle might work. Bod.
  13. I'm having a go at making a side fender. Using the instructions in "The Fender Book" by Colin Jones. I can get to figure 5, page 15. Now which is strand 1, and are the others numbered clock-wise, or anti clock-wise? All I get is muddle of strands, which ever way I go! Thanks Bod
  14. Exactly what we had to do. Returned the offending bulb to the supplier, who wasn't surprised. New supplied by Bedazzled(who also do various adapters for different bulb bases). Bod.
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