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  1. Bod

    What do you burn in your stove?

    http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/index.php Status of the national grid as we write. Bod
  2. This is exactly what I've been advised today! It's what I'm going to do. Thanks to all for the replies. Bod
  3. I've been given the idea of using silicone sealant. Fairly thick bead, pushed in. Idea being to fill all the surface voids, making a smooth surface. Good idea or best avoided? Bod
  4. I have to put an Ikea chest of drawers in a boat. What should I put on the raw chipboard edges, to keep any damp at bay? I have, varnish, paint undercoat, paint top coat, Danish Oil, could get PVA solution. Colour doesn't matter, non of the edges are seen. Bod
  5. Bod

    A warning to others...

    We've heard about the pipes, but where did the electric power come from? A convenient local socket, or did a 240v cable have to be run specially? Bod
  6. Bod

    12v appliances when on shore power

    Use trunking, not cable ties to support the wires. Once the wires are covered, by trim / furniture / e.t.c, then any changes will be impossible! In 6 months time when you come to fit the hooter, only to find the planned item is not available, the only one that is, requires bigger cables...... I've got to replace a length of cable tied cable, running under the gunnel, thru galley, bedroom, bathroom, engine room, I can only see the cable in parts of the saloon. When I feel brave/stupid enough, till then I've got a 3/4 volt drop over 200 foot run. Bod
  7. Bod

    Heat from engine

    Hasn't been a problem so far. The exchanger is not 100% efficient, and only the smallest one I could find. It could delay the thermostat opening, but with no engine temp gauge it's difficult to know. I'm plumbed into the return from the calorifier, so once the tank is up to heat, any extra heat not used is dumped into the skin tank. These systems do rely on working thermostats, heat exchangers that do not use all the donor heat, and correctly sized radiators. Nicknorman may have a too big exchanger for the heat source, or too lower rated thermostat, either would cause overcooling, one by taking to much, the other by not allowing enough heat to be created. Bod
  8. Bod

    Heat from engine

    Best thing I've done on our boat, plate heat exchanger fitted into the engine-calorifier circuit, boiler radiators connected to the plate heat exchanger, via a 12volt pump, powered from the engine electrics. Once the engine has warmed up, and the calorifier heated, the pump is switched on, 3 large radiators, piping hot!! The secret is I think the extra pump, engine water pump doesn't have the power for the length of pipe to the furthest rad, and the boiler pump again not powerful enough for the heat exchanger. The way it's wired, is that once the engine is off, the pump cannot run. A valve stops the boiler trying to heat the engine. Bod
  9. Bod

    Know any good castles?

    Look out for special offers. We did Warwick castle this summer, due to a Cadbury offer, we paid less than 1/2 the walk up entry cost. Bod
  10. Bod

    Canal & River Trust data breach

    Yup I've had the same. Bod
  11. Bod

    Noisy drive shaft

    Don't know which is worse, you saying, or me knowing what your talking about! Bod
  12. Bod

    Pressure alarm sounding

    Along the same lines as MtB. I have seen in a car engine, the water pump impeller made of pressed steel. Fine whilst the antifreeze had anti-rust properties. This impeller had rusted away completely! The engine was over heating but had a sound head gasket. Bod
  13. Bod

    Assistance required!

    Those cutters are for electrical cables, with copper cores, and will not cut steel wire. Try compound side cutter/ end cutters. Much more powerful. Bod
  14. I feel that the new alternator needs to be professionally tested, to find out if it has been damaged or not. Only then can questions be asked regarding what wire goes where. Bod
  15. Bod

    Key diesels reconditioned engines.

    I was quoted an interesting figure to replace my K4e with a new alternative, from King's Lock, the Vetus main agents. Might well be worth a chat, the new engine would be a direct replacement, on the same bearers etc. Bod

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