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  1. This is what you are looking for. There may be also a serial/part number. Bod
  2. It's failing now. 2nd photo show a small rust stain, chibble at that, there will be a larger rust pocket behind. Bod.
  3. For the sake of domestic harmony, speaking from experience, DO NOT interfere with with a ladies hair arrangements. Other than to say "That looks nice" Bod
  4. When was this survey carried out, and who for? That is a lot of work, and cost will depend on what internal fitting have to be removed, and replaced because of the welding heat. In all for a first boat, best walked away from. 5. £15,000+ any remedial work, for a back to metal professional repaint. (Ball park figure) Bod.
  5. How will this effect older boats or those without RCD/RCR paperwork? Bod
  6. The simple answer is to coppice the woodland, gives the advantage of the roots being in place to stablize the soil, and no great weight of trunks and branches above ground, to catch the wind. Bod
  7. Ah, now we know your plan's. What you are asking is, very very remote from the British inland waterways. Your vessel must be able to make an Atlantic crossing, not to float along a 4 foot deep canal. As you have been advised, there are better forums for your project. Bod
  8. Just remember, that with a narrow/wide boat, there is often only 100-150mm(4-6 inches) between your foot and the fish territory! There is very little space for the necessary insulation, and heating pipes to go, without loosing headroom. Bod
  9. Put "Zero emissions" into the Search Box, there are several topics on this. Bod
  10. Before buying anything, be aware of the forth coming changes to emission regulations, it may be better(more expensive) to specify a Hybrid or all electric propulsion system, that will be saleable in the future, rather than an old diesel-powered system. Bod
  11. What colour is the end of the oil level dip stick? Black = good Gray = bad Is there coolant in the area under the engine? Does the bilge pump run unexpectedly? Bod
  12. What colour is the water coming out of the kitchen hot tap? Bod
  13. At the Crick show there was 3 methods on show to convert a normal set up to hybrid set up. Remove the original engine and gear box, replace with a brand new engine and generator +electric motor. Add an electric motor/generator on a lay shaft above the gearbox driving a toothed belt to the propshaft. This allows the drive to be direct from the engine generating electricity, to the batteries', or disconnect the main engine, allowing the batteries to power the electric motor. Sound proof generator, electric motor. All need much larger battery banks to be added, if an acceptable electric range is to be achieved. Diesel power is still needed to generate electricity, some systems were claiming a short running time 1-2 hrs to recharge the batteries, other were 8-10 hrs, but it really depends on how many batteries you have. The sound proof generator system had 17 batteries, but this system, would start up automatically when the batteries need charging. ( is this using diesel directly for propulsion?) Bod
  14. A year or two back, there was a boat on the Leicester line, with a big sign on the back saying generator running till late at night etc. A small boat 30-35 foot, old, owned by a woman. Wondering if it was her. Bod
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