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  1. What ever you do, be sure all the steps can be easily taken out, preferably without tools, to allow easy access to the engine, for servicing. Bod
  2. When you do your list, don't forget, glue, screws, tools both power and hand. If using oak fit out, then the cost of brass screws may come as a shock. Talking of power, if your work area doesn't have mains power, then a generator may have to be budgeted for. Bod.
  3. Bod

    Another one

    My question on the Slaithwaite moorings is, are two of those moorings currently being paid for by the two persons in this article? There may be fully paid for, but two residents cannot reach their moorings because of a locked Lock. BSS, licence are separate issues. Bod
  4. Bod

    Another one

    The real questions are "What work needs to be done for the BSS?" The full moorings at Slaithwaite, do they include the two boats discussed? Bod
  5. That looks narrow, for security use metal doors with internal insulation, on hinges fitted with grease nipples. Possibly one door rather than two? Bod
  6. Air cooled engine, are the fins clean or clogged? Bod
  7. Look at Keel Black. I have used it twice, with good results. Easy to apply, but does need time to cure properly. Bod
  8. When you rebuilt the head, you did adjust the tappets? It might be tight tappets giving the low compressions. Bod
  9. Another off the wall idea. Where is the air intake pointing? When an engine is running hard, there is a strong pull of air through the air intake/filter, could the intake be able to suck up water from the bilge? Bod.
  10. Bod

    Tank sensor

    Bathroom scales. Place under tank, note readings when empty, half full and full. Quick glance at weight will tell how full or empty the tank is. Bod
  11. You are at the beginngs of a very steep learning curve, come back to us with any questions, but accept there will be answers that do not agree with what you want to do. There are good reasons why some ideas work and others don't. Regulations may not hamper your rear deck idea, but physically it could upset the balance of the boat, leading to major stability problems, or sinking. You extend by the 1250mm, your 15 stone mate walks to the end, lowering the back of the boat enough to allow water over the transom.....sunk. I don't know the age of the hull, but if it's built after 1999, then a whole raft of regulations, that you have to follow, in order to be able to sell the boat, come in. A tip worth remembering, it will take 4 times longer than you think, and 4 times more expensive than you think. Bod.
  12. @Guy J An off the wall thought. Are you using any form of diesel treatment? Bod
  13. What makes you think it’s failing? Bod
  14. 20+ years old, I'd be looking at wear in the hinge holes and pin. Solution to wear, would be to fix the door in the correct place (duct tape) redrill the worn holes bigger to suit new thicker pins. (remove tape, light fire) Bod
  15. They are almost unknown to be wrong in displaying the percentage of available battery capacity. At least you agree that the the readings during charging may be incorrect, as per the SG manual. Bod
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