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  1. Large pump was put on a work boat at Crick, this morning, leaving in that direction. Bod.
  2. It does. The requirement, is range of travel. If you range over more than 20 miles, a year all is well. Nothing to say that at which times of year that movement has to be, just that you have to do it. Bod.
  3. We have a time limit, need to be back to Crick for 1st of August for Blacking appointment. We do plan next year perhaps to do the trip right through to Harlow and beyond. Bod
  4. On the subject of Dodgems. we are planning a trip to London, Bulls Bridge, being the turning point, returning back up the GU to Crick, is there anything currently below Milton Keynes, we should be aware of? Are we likely to find overnight mooring difficult, and is breasting up accepted? Bod
  5. I'm replacing a rubber aerial, with a another rubber one, as I have seen it win the fight, with trees, and bridges. Their not called "Anti-vandel" for nothing. You are right regarding the quality of reception, I don't expect much from a foot of rubber, but the boat is very quiet without it. Bod.
  6. Yes, I was once told that Narrowboat building was a cottage industry, well if mine is anything to go by, there must be some strange cottages out there. The new aerial is on order, I should have it over the weekend. How much hoping will I have to do, that the old cable will pull the new through? Bod.
  7. Thanks all. I've had another look at this, the old aerial cable is black, the cable into the radio is possibly white! With this I've found an aerial with a 4 metre lead, and will bite the bullet and change the whole thing. Bod.
  8. Trying for FM. Radio 2-4. I didnt like the idea of joining cables, but the new aerial only comes with 1.2 metres of cable, which wouldn't reach the the radio, and being behind the fit-out etc. Bod.
  9. The radio aerial finally gave out, heavy cracking, only stopped by me holding the remains of the Anti-vandel rubber aerial. Lack of "earth" connectivity was diagnosed, remove aerial, clean the rust away, refit, etc. Elderly cast aluminum, doesn't like being disturbed! New aerial, (Flexible black rubber, via Halfords) fitted, old aerial cable joined to new cable, by a Co-ax fitting. No real improvement.... However, holding a small adjustable spanner against the fixing nut, radio clear as a bell... Stripped aerial, cleaned all connecting threads, (with tap and die)
  10. Thanks for the photo, that is a screw-down greaser type. Bod.
  11. It is the type of stern gland that needs a screw-down greaser? There are some that don't. A photo would be of great help. Bod.
  12. Get your hotel booked before leaving home. Previous years there has not been a bed locally to be had on the day. Bod
  13. At which point you apply for a licence, which if you have the licence fee, insurance, and BSC. Plus either a Home mooring, or no home mooring declaration, C&RT cannot refuse. Bod.
  14. How under current statue law can the Trust revoke your licence? Which Act takes precedent? The 1962, or later 1968-1995 Acts. Bod
  15. Even with an electrical diagram, I defie anyone to make sense of this in less than a month of blue sundays! Bod.
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