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  1. Coasty still on the cut, that’s good. Bod
  2. If you are living "under the radar" don't expect to be found. Bod
  3. That got built at Stansted. Rather than Maplin Sands which would have put the jet noise over the sea. Bod.
  4. When you leave the boat for more than 24 hrs, flush 2 bowls full of clean water. This will flush away any pipe contents, replacing them with clean water, preventing festering sewage sitting in the pipes for days/weeks. Bod
  5. I'm not saying anything, but I can see where this will go. Bod.
  6. Between pump-outs, is the boat left unused for any lenght of time, 1-3+ days? If so I've found that filling the bowl twice with clean water, flushes the pipes and vacuum pump clear of contents, leaving only clean water in any puddles. We do this if the boat is left more than 24 hrs. Bod
  7. "All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance & broadcasting prohibited." Is this not the copyright warning on all music? Being more than 10 yards/metres from the source, and being able to hear clearly, would this be Public Broadcasting, and libel to Legal action? Bod
  8. 1st lock only when I saw it. Group of ladies on board. Bod
  9. The day boat from Saltisford arm Warwick went down the Cape locks on Friday. Bod
  10. I'll go and have a look. Bod
  11. I'm currently moored on blue topped bollards, outside the Roundhouse in Birmingham. Freshly painted too, just beyond the tackly stage, but not yet fully hard. Same blue shade as the signs, is this a sign of "we brought too much blue paint, what can we use it for?" Bod
  12. Know the door size before you buy. Whether or not it's comfortable, it has to go in the boat! Bod
  13. AHH, this being done for electrical reasons!! Why do you need such a big alternator? What electrical loads are you using, there may be a different solution. Bod.
  14. Be aware there are some very low bridges on the Basingstoke particularly at Fleet, all roof cargo will be removed, by you or the bridge! Bod
  15. Came up yesterday, can confirm the water is still that clear. Cleared the weedhatch at the top, and again at John the Lock mooring in Tipton. But had to "blast of reverse" to clear the prop many times. Going slow, 1/2 speed seamed not to attract the weed quite so much. Tipton water is clear enough for the fish to get a sun tan! Weeds clearly visible. Bod.
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