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  1. Noddy is due to go into storage for approx 2 years. He's a late 1950's "Bendy Toy", but not the Sorbo type rubber, more a plastic material. Should I use tissue paper, news paper, cloth, or bubble wrap? IMG_1968.jpg (62.64 KiB) Viewed 3 times Calling @Dr Bob we need advice to preserve him, he's Mrs Bods, link to her departed sister. Thanks Bod.
  2. It's the time between the container being full, and the compost being ready for use, approx 6 months. The real question is, where on a boat do you keep this container/contents, whilst the composting process takes place? Bod.
  3. There are very defined reasons, in statute, for the refusal or removal of licences. Unfortunatly personal behaviour is not one. Bod.
  4. Burning wood in London, will make you unpopular!! Wood creates smoke, London is a smokeless zone. There are claims that "smokeless zones" don't apply to boats, but having to prove it almost hourly, will get a bit much. Look into costs for smokeless fuel. Bod
  5. Get the BT batteries' fully charged by an external source, before relying on the alternator charging. This will be much quicker, and enable you to check the condition of the batteries. The combination of large capacity batteries and thin charging cables, and a surprisingly low alternator output, (think 5-10 amp rather than the 50-90 amp alternator rating) then you may require in excess of 60 hours engine run time. Bod.
  6. If you are thinking about fitting a bath, not only do you have to remove the water, (easy with a pump) it also has to be filled, which greatly depends on how big the on-board water storage is. (Main water tank and hot water tank) Bod.
  7. Drill and retap. Wouldn't even try to undo. Bod.
  8. "Brass screws got messy" a difficult question this one, but do you know what size thread they are? I have some spare 5/16 x 18TPI BSW, brass screws, which may help. Bod.
  9. Having read the Data sheet, the spray application is a definite shot blast prep, the brush/roller application is a removal of all loose coatings and feathering of all edges, and gives a standard of prep required. Also lists "Compatable with most aged existing coatings" which will give them an excuse for poor adhesion. Either you did not remove all loose coating, or well it must be incompatible with what you have put on before. Please let us know what you decide, and how the Ballistic epoxy wears if you use it. Bod.
  10. B/F Do you have a link to the product you intend to use? I would be interested in seeing the data sheets for this. Bod
  11. Reading the data sheet, you need to know exactly what you are planning to cover, then ask Jotun if it is compatible with the product you plan to use. Hence the advice to shot blast all the old unknown "blacking" off, to start from a known surface. Bod.
  12. Taper Lock System. There will be 3 holes, 2 will/should have grub screws, to be fully removed with a Allen key. The 3rd (middle hole) is for removal. Screw 1 of the grub screws into the 3rd hole, this will push apart the 2 sections of the Taper Lock. The 3rd removal screw is often hard to screw in, making the whole thing come apart with quite a bang! Reassembly, all 3 holes only line up 1 way, refit the grub screws opposite each other. Leaving the 3rd middle hole empty. Bod.
  13. We have them, and use in tunnels, very handy if the on coming boat has them, you can see exactly where the boat is, far better than guessing from the position of the tunnel light, which could be left, right, or centre. But do agree with the stern white light, is the boat in front, coming or going? A heart felt plea, to all those who have tunnel lights, please, please, adjust then correctly, up and to the right. You also don't need millions of candle power in a tunnel, it only blinds the on coming steerer, into where you are, increasing the chance of collision. Bod.
  14. There are ovens of this type for use on the wood burner stoves were available. https://www.stoveworlduk.co.uk/oven-attachment-Ottawa-5kw-wood-burning-stove Something like this. Bod
  15. Move the controls? Bod
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