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  1. As explained to me many years ago, 12 point, works on the tips of the hex, 6 point works on the side of the tips. A much thicker area of the head. Bod
  2. Yes it will turn a head just as effectively as a 6 point, the difference is that a 6 point has bigger contact areas, so is less likely to cause damage, or slip off. Will often work on damaged bolt heads also, at the cost of reduced access, and bigger swing area needed. Bod ( apologies not required, but accepted)
  3. Normal ring spanners have a 12 point ring, each part that contacts the nut/bolt is quite small. A 6 point ring spanner has twice the contact area, hence less likely to round off the bolt. Often referred to as Single Hex spanner, or Flank Drive. Available as combination spanners, ring spanners(both flat or necked) and sockets. You are quite correct in that a ring spanner is preferable to an open end spanner, but a 6 point ring, will transmit more power, with less chance of damage than a 12 point one. Flare nut spanners are a hybrid idea, that allows access around pipes, but has much more strength than a normal open end spanner. Bod
  4. The pick up pipe in the tank, what is it made of? I had a steel pick up pipe, which rusted up totally, had to be replaced with a copper one. Bod
  5. Your barking up the wrong tree. Every boat is required to be "Registered" this is where the boat number is issued. (Tin plates/sticky backed labels. Normally at first entry to the water) Then an annual renewal of the "Certificate of registration" is required. Only HMRC would be able to say for definite whether or not VAT should be paid on either Registration or Certificate costs. Bod
  6. I believe it's a registration fee. But C&RT call it a "Rivers Only Licence" Bod
  7. Could steel bolts threaded into cast aluminium, in a damp atmosphere, have corroded together? Would it be better/possible to split the drive shaft elsewhere? Bod PS Use single hex spanners, ones with only 6 sides, much less likely to round off the bolt head.
  8. Leaks can be, cylinder valve, regulator, low pressure pipe, also the bubble tester. None of these will show in the bubble test, as they are before the tester, which can only show leaks, after the tester. Bod
  9. No. The bubbles are after the regulator. Bod
  10. Should the document have been published, with no dates, just a statement of intent, then yes it would have been valuable. As a dated document, that is now superseded by events, or the lack of, it will have to be rewritten, with who knows what changes. It's a good example of the EU being prepared for us to leave, and the UK dissidence. Bod
  11. The dates in that document have all come and gone with no action being taken by either the UK or EU. The document is nothing but a waste of words, till the Withdrawal date is set and acted upon. As has been said, all EU law has been taken into UK law, so on the date of Withdrawal, nothing in UK law changes. Till our Parliament acts. Whenever that might be! Bod
  12. +1 from me too! Follow the best practise, reduce the problems. Bod
  13. You might have a failing or failed battery/s. Check water levels, and sides for bulging, and temperature. Any bulging or warm-hot batteries need changing, FAST before they cause real problems.... Bod
  14. Yes, it's the old story, of not being able to get behind the lining. Certianly a new build/refit should be fully tidy. Bod
  15. My conduit. Way better than cables lying on the roof, jumping up into mushrooms, or hanging over the side into windows. Not the best photo! Bod
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