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  1. Bod

    Mooring or what.....?

    We have 2 of them, one is super and reliable, the other a pain! The 2nd has now been altered to copy the first exactly. But I've not used it enough to be sure if the changes have worked. Bod
  2. Can you bring us back about £20 worth, please. Bod
  3. Bod

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Ah! Now you are getting on to the social society aspects. Beyond my pay scale that one. Bod
  4. Bod

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Whilst I accept there is a possibility that you don't watch nature programmes on television. My question was, how does a lion or wolf capture and dispatch it's prey? The comparison of a running pack to a dog only out for a walk is, there are times when any owner loses control, whether that be 1 dog or 20 hounds. I agree humane treatment is a requirement in commercial situations, however nature in the raw can be very different, and nothing we do can change that. Bod
  5. Bod

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Shooting, A clean shot at a stationary target fine, a moving target is a different matter. Deer shooting is only done at stationary targets, at least twice the size of a fox. Quick end, how do you think a fox dispatches it's victims? I don't wish to upset your beliefs, but Nature is not as warm and cuddly as some would have you believe. Watch any nature television programme, how do lions, or wolves hunt? This conversation is regard the hunting of foxes, unless you wish to bring in the matter of unleashed "pet" dogs being allowed to run in fields with livestock. Yes hounds will chase anything that moves quickly. Watch how many greyhound owners will only walk their dogs with muzzles fitted, these hounds have been bred to chase and will attempt to kill anything they catch. There is an old saying "Never work with children or animals" All animals are at times unpredictable, and have minds of their own, Hounds are trained to obey certain commands, and for the most part do, but as any dog owner knows there are times, when the immortal line "Well they've never done that before" has to be used. Yes the removal of vermin from foxes will never happen, what will happen when the urban fox population has to be seriously controlled remains to be seen. Bod
  6. Bod

    Boxing Day Meet.

    Has anyone thought about this from the fox's point of view? Shooting, ok if a clean shot. Wounded, no medical treatment, slow death. (Much the same as being hit by a car. You only see the dead ones by the road, not the injured ones two fields away.) Gassing, no chance. (Even outlawed in warfare) Poison, slow, probable starvation. Trapping by cage, no chance, get shot after being held captive, possibly for some hours. Hunting, very good chance of escape, definite quick end. Whilst foxes are listed as vermin, then they will be controlled, same as rats, mice etc. Hunting is the most inefficient and expensive method of control. If the Anti hunt organisations wish to help the fox, get it de-listed from vermin. Bod And don't get me going on fishing.
  7. Bod

    Boat scam

    Main agent dealer, no. Arthur Daily, very likely yes. Bod
  8. Bod

    Boat scam

    If you were in the "trade" that would be perfectly normal. Bod
  9. Bod

    Boat scam

    V5 has nothing to do with ownership. Its only a document to tell the DVLA where to send the parking/speeding tickets to. The name on the invoice is the lawful owner. Classic case is a car on finance, owned by the finance company, but registered to the driver/ drivers company. bod
  10. Bod

    Stove Burning / Darkening my steps ?

    My only entrant into the Eco-fan debates! Bod
  11. Bod

    Stove Burning / Darkening my steps ?

    I've done something similar. Mirror finish stainless steel, used to make freestanding reflectors. 2 pieces as high as the stove, each bent at right angles, standing one each side of stove, overlapping at the back. This has reduced the heat absorption by the walls and step, and reflects more heat into the cabin. (and has had no effect on the Eco-fan!!) Bod
  12. Bod

    Fire power

    http://www.instove.org/node/130 Just seen this, 500w max power, would it be any use? Provides hot water as well as electricity. Bod
  13. Is the previous owner contactable? Who put it on hardstanding & why & how long has it been out of the water? Bod
  14. How are the leisure batteries wired? Parallel or series? A photo of them might help. Bod
  15. I compare the boat costs to smoking and drinking. Packet of cigarettes a day, & a pint of beer a day. For us the the boat pleasure far far outweighs the cost. No coughing, no thick head. £13 a day each, is £9490 Bod

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