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  1. +1 from me. Gibbo, who wrote that series of articles, really does know his stuff, both through theory, and practical experience. Bod
  2. Well well, that was a different one. Could have spent hours guessing and never come close! Bod
  3. Yup, works very well, and the colour of the paint in the bottom of the jar, makes no difference. Bod
  4. Same question, with replies. Same question was previously asked in Boat building & maint... but had no replies. Bod
  5. This is why I asked who the broker is. Well known firm, probably ok. Pillings Lock own firm, probably best avoided. Bod
  6. There are some lock-tabs that will have to be knocked open, before the cone will unscrew off. I believe, going by the link in one of your posts. Bod
  7. Dealing with ABNB, you should be ok, boat wise they have a good reputation to keep. But as others say, be very very careful of Pillings Lock. Especially the carpark leases, I would not advise anybody to enter into a long term agreement. Bod
  8. Exactly which Brokerage firm is involved with the sale? Many Marinas do not sell directly, but allow Brokers to do the "deal". Bod
  9. Exactly as Tony says. Bod
  10. Worth removing the starter motor, to view the starter ring on the fly wheel, for wear on the teeth? Bod
  11. Rusted threads. Liberal soaking in "Plus Gas" possibly 3-4 times daily, to allow soaking in. For rusted nuts, a "Nut Splitter" is the final resort. Plus gas is a well known, old fashioned product, that is still available under that name. There are other penetrating fluids, all work much the same, by allowing a thin lubricating fluid to creep along the threads, hence the need on longer threads, for repeated applications. Nut splitters, act by, destroying the nut by splitting the nut with a wedge. Works better than hammer and chisel, or hacksaw. Pipe threads, have 2 Stillson pipe wrenches, one to turn the pipe, the other to support the stationary part. Ensure the teeth are clean and reasonable sharp, less likely to slip, but will mark the pipe. Bod
  12. That explains why mine have lasted so well, considering long enforced idleness. Whilst on shore line, I had a 7 day timer installed, for reasons of economy, 2 days on, 5 days off. Now on solar, the batteries are better charged. Bod
  13. Have you checked/cleaned the water filter? (usually between the tank and pump.) I have had the pick-up pipe inside the tank, rust up, blocking the water flow. The answer for that was to replace the pick-up. Bod
  14. Peterboat, may I ask a question? I understand you have replaced a diesel engine, with an electric motor, and extra batteries. How has this worked space wise, could the volume taken up by a diesel engine and fuel tanks, be enough for an electric motor and batteries? I understand that the whole roof will have to be taken up with solar panels. Bod
  15. https://www.engineersireland.ie/EngineersIreland/media/SiteMedia/groups/Divisions/civil/Historic-Dam-Failures-slides.pdf?ext=.pdf Gives some interesting back ground on this type of dam, and over-topping failures. Bod
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