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  1. LPG Generator

    General idea, is to remove the gas cylinder from boat, attach close to generator on bank. Both well chained to an immoveable object! Smaller 11kg cylinders, are easier to carry than the 13kg ones. Forget using the 12v take off, the amp rate is to small to be of any use, use the 240 vac and a decent battery charger. Bod
  2. New Marina at North Kilworth

    I believe some of those berths are for wide beams, which will not be using the locks. Bod
  3. Visitor mooring there are sign posted. Bod
  4. I've explored galvanising, upshot, costs, about the same, tried and trusted for weather proofing outdoor steel. After 2-3 years exposure to elements, it's paintable! Ideas are a changing...... Bod
  5. Safety requirements for waterways license

    No insurance/No Boat Safety Scheme certificate. Bod
  6. Tunnel light

    Or wear sun glasses for 10 mins before entering tunnel, removing only after being at least a boat length into the tunnel. Bod
  7. Kieron, yes this is my concern, having seen rust creeping under powder coating, spreading like spiders web, then sheets of coating falling off. But has the process improved, to the point where weather proofing is realistic. Bod
  8. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    The Duck is a Duck, not a Guinea Pig for loo testing!! Concerned Bod
  9. Does anyone have experience of how Powder Coating lasts, when exposed to weather? I'm having some Solar panels mounted in steel frames, tilting and rotatable, the current thought is to have them powder coated rather than painted. The Powder Coating firm I've approached, is happy, knowing these will be on a boat, to do the work. Thanks Bod
  10. Sailaways & the RCD

    Been done!! Bod
  11. Ultrasound Tank Gauge

    Our polypropylene tank, when a bright torch is held against it, shows a shadow internally where the fluid level is. This works best when lit from above, and the level is more than 1/2 full. Cheap and easy. Bod
  12. Frozen canal Humor

    Alan's boat Sickle, has a sister boat called Tyco(?) which still has it's original ice breaking bow attachment fitted. Sicke's was removed many years ago, but would have been useful recently. Bod
  13. Frozen canal Humor

    Put the "attachment" back on, and it's worth double! Bod
  14. Are hydraulic fittings BSP? https://hydraulicmegastore.com/product/bsp-90-swept-hose-insert/ 0151-20-20 1-1/4″ BSP 90° Swept Female – 1-1/4″ Hose Insert Might work. Bod
  15. CRT RIP OFF ALERT!! :(

    https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/library/5962.pdf Last paragraph of Schedule 4. All is revealed. Bod