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  1. " Being a few inches wider than than the standard narrowboat makes a noticeable difference" This in the advert for the Springer, is a worry, if the boat is over 6'11" wide there will be the possibility of problems on narrow canals. The route discribed is all wide locks, where this would not show up. All told there are difficulties with this boat. Bod
  2. Would those camping gas stoves pass a BSS check? Bod
  3. Assuming your boat is on C&RT waters, which form do you fill-in for BSS exemption? Bod
  4. In answer, I would ask, what is your Marina's policy about returning to your berth? I know some that have the attitude, once out, stay out. Bod.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. The amount of control you have is directly linked to the number of watchers. No watchers = perfect control. Plenty of watchers = no control. Tiller steering is different to wheel steering, but you will soon get the hang of it. Bod
  7. You do definitely need to do a power audit now, for your proposed electrical use. As Tony says, it's not so much how much you use, but how are you going to replace what you use, today, for tomorrows use. Fridges, are heavy electrical users, freezers are worse, microwaves are worse still(but only for short periods) toasters/electric kettles/hair dryers are all only for use, when connected to a shore line. Much the same is to said about auto washing machines and tumble dryers. Expect to replace the batteries frequently, till you learn to charge them properly, for your useage. (Your first set could be ruined within 72 hrs, if no attempt to recharge them is made.) Smartgauge is one battery monitor, that will tell you when to start recharging, less good at telling when to stop charging. For which you need an Amp meter gauge, that tell how many Amps the batteries are accepting. Amp-hour counters, unless you know how to recalibrate them regularly, will give increasingly bad information. Bod.
  8. Where would you expect to find them, in an emergency? They are required for safety, not ornamentation. Bod.
  9. Thats for next door! Bod
  10. 14 inches per man, how far apart were the slinging points, from end to end? Bod
  11. Hence going to PM, private messages, no need to discuss in open forum. Bod
  12. There is a possibility that I will be in Daventry next week. If it might help I could have a brief look. PM me if interested. Owning to another poster having a bad experience in the past, if the boater is female then a chaperone will be required. Bod
  13. Bod


    Don't Gold licence's only run January to January? Bod.
  14. What are your problems, we (as a forum) may be able to give guidance, for a solution. We will need questions answering, to the best of your ability, and photos really do help. What tools do you have? Bod
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