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  1. To cut to the chase. What is your budget, and which part of the country do you wish to be based? Bod
  2. In principle, the person tasked with securing the moved boat, is the person at fault, for not securing the boat properly, in view of passing traffic. If this person was an employee, then the employer may be libel. Total non professional personal opinion. Bod.
  3. Do not remove the bolts with lock nuts, without first tieing the rudder to the boat, you could end up by losing the rudder completely! If you have a rope tied to the rudder, there is often a hole for this purpose, then if it does fall off, it's a case of pulling it out using the rope. Bod.
  4. Any chance of photos of the 3 bolts? Bod
  5. The first one may work, but only with a very low output bilge pump, and has a very limited storage capacity for separated oil/fuel. The second one will not work, and should not be considered. Neither type are suitable for you purpose. You have been advised of the best way to contain leaking engine oil. Bod.
  6. That looks to be specifically for one make of generator. https://petepowerblog.wordpress.com/lpg-propane-conversion-of-petrol-generators-explained/ Read this article, the guy really does know his generators. Bod
  7. AT LONG LAST we can see the full extent of the problem! IF photos had been available at the beginning, then viable methods of repair could have been given. Non of the upset need have been caused to any party. Both here, and the "other place". Certainly now the parts are all on the bench, it's just a case of removing the Swans neck, from the remains of the rudder shaft. Which will allow correct assembly, without the need for craning out. Bod
  8. Reading Road South, in Fleet. Mooring behind the camera, very good for town centre shopping. Bod.
  9. My K4E, the thermostat is in the top hose. (Vetus M414) It has what looks like a thermostat housing on the front of the cylinder head, but this is empty. The top hose has 3 jubilee clips, one at each end to seal the pipe, the 3rd stops the thermostat falling over in the pipe. Bod.
  10. As a preventive, in future would using distilled/deionised water rather than tap water help to reduce "furring-up"? Bod
  11. Yes, it shows a percentage of the State of Charge remaining in the battery. It does not show how many amps are used, or left in the battery, or the actual capacity. In that respect it could be used as a "petrol gauge" to a tank of unknown capacity. (but it does have accurate volt meters) As for the accuracy whilst charging, this is openly said in the instructions, albeit with out explaining the the reason, the Smartgauge see's the charging voltage, which is higher than the true battery voltage, which it needs to calculate the State of Charge. Using the Smartgauge. If the battery is slow to discharge, and slow to charge, the battery is in good condition. Quick to discharge, quick to charge, battery is worn out, needs changing. Slow to discharge, quick to charge, battery charger has the wrong setting or a fault. Quick to discharge, slow to charge, too heavy load taken from battery. Bod
  12. I'm aware of your saga, and the advice you were given during it. I'm sure that despite your unfortunate experience, many more batteries have been ruined by Amp-hour counting type monitors, than voltage measuring devices. Bod.
  13. Is this during charging? Bod
  14. Why would you not have Smartgauge? Bod
  15. Thanks for coming back to us with this information. Good luck with going forward, and there is a boat out there with your name on it. Bod.
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