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  1. This might help. https://web.archive.org/web/20190922190727/http://jim-shead.com/waterways/mwp.php?wpage=Inland-Waterways-of-England.htm Bod
  2. I only get 404 not found, when trying that link. Bod.
  3. Most of those "cheap eBay plastic fuel tanks on the outside" will be header tanks for heating/cooling systems, and contain antifreeze and water mix. Bod.
  4. The check list you refer to, is plain wrong, regarding Renting a boat, there is much much more information required. A lot of special permissions are now needed, from C&RT for a start. The condition check list is ok, certainly better than most I've seen, you are looking for signs of being well cared for, not recently "tarted up". Being shown around by a knowledgable owner, rather than salesman is a great help. Smelling is your greatest asset, damp and loo smells, along with "air fresheners" are danger signs. Bod
  5. Lady G, if you wish to keep passers by from your boat, you need 2 signs. WARNING. This boat has conjunctivitis. Please stay away. Thank you. One placed 2 meters in front an one 2 meters behind the boat. Ignorant, will be scared off. Well informed, will heed the message. Bod
  6. Yes, the towpath is diverted around the marina. Not far after the lock. Bod
  7. If this had gone to Court, would the fact that a "Rivers Only" licence, is actually a "Pleasure Boat Certificate", and as a registration document, rather than a licence, not libel to VAT, have come out? Bod.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Radio 4. A mature ghost with taste. Bod.
  10. It may have gone in, before the roof was fitted.... Get the tape measure out. Bod.
  11. 1. mounted like this, causes the beam to be reflected from the water surface, causing blindness for on-coming steerers. 2. is the better way for all concerned. The light mounting can be either way up, but the beam is aimed above horizontal, and to the right. As a fairly regular user of the Crick tunnel, I've suffered from all types of miss alignment, and had to have strong words in passing to the worst offenders. Bod
  12. Form 16 is not a difficult form to fill. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/866788/n16a-eng.pdf A few hundred might concentrate minds. Bod.
  13. I don't suppose you want to have this question asked. "Where do you expect to keep the Loo contents, whilst they compost down, and how do you propose to use the composted material?" If you haven't thought this over, it might be better to hold on to the pump out system. Bod
  14. Bod


  15. The pin sticking out from the shaft flange, would there be a groove in the propshaft, for that pin to locate into? Sort of sideways "Woodruff". Bod
  16. I make no apologies for quoting the above passage, to ensure we all know exactly what was said. Ask any Fire Brigade, how often are they turned out to house fires, where the occupant has forgotten the chip pan/smoldering fag end, and gone to sleep. "Someone" could well have been himself. Bod.
  17. Have a view of this topic, to see how it should be done. There are contact details in there as well. Bod
  18. An interesting, if old idea, regarding headroom. I expect it's range will be limited by it's length to width ratio. Bod.
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