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  1. Simple answer, is Yes, solar panel's will help. As much as you can fit on the roof, or afford. Avoid "walk on" or "stick on" types, the paint under them will fail eventually. Tiltable panels will increase the amount of electrical power created. We have fitted 2 large panels, which for us on a leisure boat, has meant no winter shoreline used for battery top-up charging, and no non movement, engine or generator use during the summer. Bod
  2. How different is the new propeller, to the old? Both in size and position. Bod
  3. Tony’s biggest problem is to get this matter in front of a Judge, one who is prepared to listen to the little man, not just the big Trust. Wether this is a criminal court or civil court, I don’t think there will be much difference in outcome. Bod
  4. Have your researches, come across mentions of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) requirments, or the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) requirments? If not then the "Search" box at the top of the page will take you to the subject. All the work you do, is governed by these standards, which are not the same as building trade standards. Bod
  5. If the tank is plastic, then placing a powerful torch against the tank, might show the level inside. Bod.
  6. Check the wires in any plug used in that socket as well. Bod
  7. Solution. Make toilet type a BSSC item. Which the BSSC scheme is there to protect the public from coming to harm from your boat. Non flushable toilets get a BSSC fail. (Unless you can show, on your home mooring or home address, effective treatment for both liquid and solid waste.) To take some of the sting out of this, maybe C&RT could offer a discount on a new cassette system. Would take 4-5 years to accomplish. Bod.
  8. It is after 2-3 years composting. It's the lenght of time to compost properly thats the problem. Bod.
  9. Take a look at this map. https://web.archive.org/web/20190922190727/http://jim-shead.com/waterways/mwp.php?wpage=Inland-Waterways-of-England.htm It gives a simple guide to wide and narrow canals. Bod.
  10. Reading the product sheet, you would need to be able to grit/sand blast the area for effective results, and allow to dry in a paint oven, for up to 5-7 days. Looks good, but the devil is in the detail. Bod.
  11. My question would be, who did the current “owner” buy the boat from? The “caretaker” or “ previous owner”. Also can the”previous owner” show they did at some point own the boat? Bod
  12. C&RT are in a tough spot. Their contract with the waste disposal company, does not allow for the removal of a certian waste product, at the contract price. What should they do? Pay more for a contract that will allow removal. (we pay more licence fees) Change contractors. (for the same cost?) Remove the waste product from the collection. Bod Answers on a postcard please.
  13. That's the best Civil Serviersh, I've seen for a long time. Were you a script writer for "Yes Minister"? Bod
  14. Have a look at this. .https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-steel-PLATE-HEAT-EXCHANGER-NORDIC-TEC-25-65kW-INSULATION-BOX-HQ/233481969648?hash=item365c9c1ff0:g:~tIAAOSwSA5eNIvJ Similar to the one I have, which works well. Bod
  15. Try cutting down on the gas use, might run on 1 less ring. Bod
  16. Oven, 2-3 ring hob,+ Alde, would be enough in this weather, for a full cylinder. Bod
  17. Yup it will! Expanding gas cools. you will see a frost line on the side of the cylinder, this is the level of liquid gas, where the gas is changing from liquid to gas, hence the cooling effect. Whats happening is the surface of the liquid is freezing solid, so no gas can form. The answer is to draw less gas off, or increase the gas/liquid surface, by adding cylinders together, via "pig tails". The "rocket" type gas heaters can take 4 x 45kg cylinders, in cold weather to run them fully. Bod
  18. Any serious help from here, and you will get it, will need clear photos of exactly what you have. In order to know how to advise you correctly. There are many different bits of kit, and many different ways of connecting them! Each boat is an individual, and different to the next. Very very few are "production line" made as cars are, which makes photos essential. Bod
  19. Dismissed as a poor quality scam. Not enough up front information. Bod
  20. Those numbers for 2020, must be affected by the non movement due to COVID. Bod
  21. Photos of everything mentioned in the first post, will help greatly. Bod
  22. "Laminate Floor" You say. Has this been laid properly? With a expansion gap at the edges, not glued down, etc. I'm wondering if the flex is in the laminate rather than the actual almost certainly ply base. Only one way to find out..... Bod
  23. This might help. https://web.archive.org/web/20190922190727/http://jim-shead.com/waterways/mwp.php?wpage=Inland-Waterways-of-England.htm Bod
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