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  1. I’m told there’s a pipe/culvert that runs along that side of the locks, which was not known about, till the first hole appeared. Now there’s more holes, who knows what will be needed to really fix this. I predict the planned stoppage will be much longer than planned. Bod
  2. St Bernards are known to serve drinks. Bod
  3. Your last paragraph, is that the same answer, that you would have given, if the late Nigel Moore had created the original post? Bod.
  4. An interesting document, the last date in or on the document is 2012, is there a more up to date version? 14.8 ia another that needs a bit of clarification. What happens inthe event of major breakdown, illness, etc? Well worth a full read. As MtB says, it is possible that 20% of boaters cause 80% of the admin work, how much of that work, if done correctly in the first place, would not have to be revisited? Bod
  5. Will the proposed new engine need electronic control, and exhaust filters, etc? Will it need to be rechipped to give the torque characteristics required? Bod
  6. But what was the question? Bod
  7. Could you put up a link for this please. Bod
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. The moment the boat first goes into the water, it needs to be licensed. Bod
  10. The only way to use 2-pack on a previously bitumened boat is to have the hull grit blasted back to bare metal. All other methods will fail in short order, and be a complete waste of money. Bod
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EXHAUST-WEATHER-RAIN-CAP-Flap-Massey-Ferguson-TE20-35-135-Tractor-45mm-1-3-4-/174459725902?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=CjwKCAjwzOqKBhAWEiwArQGwaCh2LjACIidOPQVTuID5-gsKZX6QlePPuhfzmUsJfCInKR53-1-OtxoCLRQQAvD_BwE Fit one of these. Other suppliers are available. You need to know the diameter of the top of your exhaust pipe. Bod
  12. Keelblack, used it twice, does what it says on the can. Needs a surprising long time to cure hard, before being put back into the water. Would not use this time of year unless heated dock is used. Easy to apply. Be sure to get fresh liquid, delivered from Keelblack, the day before work starts, don't skimp on preparation, all loose previous coating must be removed. Bod
  13. A few photos of your engine will help in your query. Bod
  14. This is what you are looking for. There may be also a serial/part number. Bod
  15. It's failing now. 2nd photo show a small rust stain, chibble at that, there will be a larger rust pocket behind. Bod.
  16. For the sake of domestic harmony, speaking from experience, DO NOT interfere with with a ladies hair arrangements. Other than to say "That looks nice" Bod
  17. When was this survey carried out, and who for? That is a lot of work, and cost will depend on what internal fitting have to be removed, and replaced because of the welding heat. In all for a first boat, best walked away from. 5. £15,000+ any remedial work, for a back to metal professional repaint. (Ball park figure) Bod.
  18. How will this effect older boats or those without RCD/RCR paperwork? Bod
  19. The simple answer is to coppice the woodland, gives the advantage of the roots being in place to stablize the soil, and no great weight of trunks and branches above ground, to catch the wind. Bod
  20. Ah, now we know your plan's. What you are asking is, very very remote from the British inland waterways. Your vessel must be able to make an Atlantic crossing, not to float along a 4 foot deep canal. As you have been advised, there are better forums for your project. Bod
  21. Just remember, that with a narrow/wide boat, there is often only 100-150mm(4-6 inches) between your foot and the fish territory! There is very little space for the necessary insulation, and heating pipes to go, without loosing headroom. Bod
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