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  1. Milton Keynes to Nantwich

    Hi Adam, I've looked but can't seem to see 'other routes' button
  2. Milton Keynes to Nantwich

    I didn't know that. Thanks I'll have another try.
  3. Milton Keynes to Nantwich

    Thank you so much to both of you. Either route sounds much better than the Canal planner one.
  4. Milton Keynes to Nantwich

    We are hoping to cruise from Milton Keynes to Nantwich next Spring. When I put the route into Canal planner it takes me through Birmingham and Wolverhampton. There are 155 locks en route. I wondered if anyone knew a different route not involving so many locks. I don't mind that it may take us longer.
  5. Engine not starting

    Hi, Didn't manage to get it fixed until yesterday. In the meantime I went to stay with family as I had the flu.The engineer said that the fault was the main fuse on the engine. Thanks for all the advice. It may help someone else at some time. Whenever I have boat related problems I do a google search and invariably it brings up pages from CW forum
  6. Engine not starting

    Hi Its a Beta 50
  7. Engine not starting

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I've tried taking the key out a few times and banging it but no luck. I think I will call someone out tomorrow because I haven't a clue about engines. I've had the boat 7 years now and never had a problem with the starter before
  8. There is no light coming on when I turn the key. I turned it backwards first to warm the engine and there was a click and no light came on. When I turn the key forward to start the engine there is no light coming on. Anyone have any ideas what it Could be. Was fine when I started it and stopped it yesterday
  9. Canal closures?

    Does anyone know why part of the GU at Linslade is being filled it for a month in November to accommodate a 1000t Crane?
  10. CRT Council nominations open

    Searching my emails for electoral reform services I found one that was sent on Sept 11. This email contains the link to the website and codes and is if I wish to nominate myself or another Says that I will be sent another email with different code for voting purposes
  11. Marcus on Ch 4

    The boat is advertised for rent on air Bnb either by the night (2 nights min) or by the month
  12. £20k crowdfund appeal

    Theres a video on FB https://www.facebook.com/1572453269639550/videos/1643993832485493/?pnref=story
  13. £20k crowdfund appeal

    He seems to be a personal friend of the LB admin
  14. £20k crowdfund appeal

    Theres only one comment on the fundraising page now. Its written by his girlfriend
  15. Slow TV Next Tuesday

    We loved it. Can't believe 2 hours went so quickly