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  1. I ran a busy restaurant in an earlier life ?
  2. But you can do that with the BMV. Mine is above my cooker so it’s very accessible at all times. I now know it’s the volts I should be looking at so I can set the default mode to read volts and not SoC.
  3. Yes I should have replaced the batteries before we set off on our journey. We could then have done the leisurely journey that we planned and not the must get there as soon as possible journey that we did. Now at least I have a better understanding that it’s the volts I should be looking at and not the SoC. I think the 7kw Travel power is not two 3.5. When we had trouble with the TP someone from Leek who specialises in TP came to look and said he couldn’t touch it as he could only do 3.5 TPs. I asked him was it not just a bigger version and he said they were completely different. I know I need new batteries but what I really would like to know is can I replace these Victron 12-200 gel batteries with a cheaper make of the same size. AGM seem to be a cheaper alternative to gel. Could I use those? There are 5 batteries all wired together
  4. No there doesn’t seem to be an alternative way to charge the batteries. When the Travel Power had to go in for repair the only way I could charge the batteries was on shore power. I don’t think there is any space for an alternator. I think we asked advice for that a couple of years ago when the TP was broken. The bow thruster has a separate battery and I have a separate starter battery. Both I assume charged via the inverters.
  5. The inverters act as battery chargers
  6. Not a lot. About an hour on shore power and the % would rise from 92 to 97 and that was enough to start the TP . there are two big blue Victron boxes. The original owner of the boat left some notes. They don’t mean anything to me .He calculated how much power he would use . He says that the 2 Victron multi plus boxes are each capable of supplying 10 amps from the batteries and also act as battery chargers
  7. The battery charger worked fine once it had the required voltage. Just that the battery voltage had dropped too low.
  8. We were travelling every day for 7 or 8 hours so we ran it every day. But overnight if we weren’t able to run the engine late at night,the next morning it had dropped to around 8. Then when we would start off it would slowly rise to just over 10 but then we couldn’t get it to rise anymore until we got shore power
  9. Well they were always on 100% according to the battery monitor and they were permanently on shore power. Ive got a Phoenix Multiplus 12/2500/120 The man from the Marina workshop brought something to test the batteries.the machine he had produced a printout of the state of each battery. Unfortunately he didn’t give me the printout. He tested 4 of them. I only discovered the extra battery this evening. The other 2 batteries.
  10. Yes always. We were always on mains power in a Marina until we left three weeks ago. This was when we discovered that they weren’t holding their charge. Once the travel power was charging the batteries the bolts were over 14
  11. Well it’s relevant insofar as the Travel power needs 12v to charge the batteries. I have no other means of charging the batteries as far as I know. Up until now everything has worked as it should. The travel power has a rocker switch. When it’s working it has a green light. If the green light isn’t lit it isnt charging. According to the manual it says if the voltage is too low the function of the travel power will not work properly and the red Light will be lit. A Good battery will have a voltage above 12v. This is increased to 24v by the converter supplying the Travel power box i think it works in conjunction with the Victron inverter. When the voltage is too low a battery low light comes on and the inverter switches off. Yes that’s what was happening. When I had the batteries tested yesterday a couple of them were reading 87% on the printout but on the others the print out was saying to buy new batteries as they were very low.
  12. When the batteries were Ok we never needed to run the batteriesehen we stopped for the day. It’s just because the batteries are on the way out.
  13. Would AGM batteries work Would I then need to get rid of my existing inverters and buy new ones?
  14. Well we will be spending most of the time in the Marina but would like to go out for trips. But as things are we need to moor in isolated places to keep the battery topped up before we go to bed. It means we can’t moor up outside pubs or on visitor moorings. I was thinking about AGM batteries with 200AH. I’ve seen some advertised for £200 or so. Would they not be suitable? I don’t neccessarily need to do much cooking when away from the marina. Yeah, I realise that now. I focused on the Battery % ☹️
  15. It’s a 7kw travel power. They normally are 3kw I think. Was Fine until the batteries went under 95% charged. We managed most of the time by mooring up in isolated places so that we could keep the batteries over that level. We switched off the fridge and freezer at night. With the batteries over that level it was fine. I could use the washing machine whilst travelling and cook the dinner as long as thevengine was running.
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