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  1. Yesterday Cardiff was rammed, not only a rugby International but also Fat Boy Slim was appearing at the Motorpoint Arena. Three have been no reports in the media of any violence. It also has to be remembered that the Principality Stadium is slap, bang in the centre of the city so the possibility of confrontation is immense but almost unheard of. There maybe some argy-bargy at the train station due to the lack of trains at suitable times for getting fans home, it appears that the train operators can’t be bothered to put on extra trains to de3al with the demand at this time.
  2. We have underfloor heating, ours is warmed by gas. It is tricky to control initially but once you’re used to it it works well for all but a handful of day over the year. I would certainly fit it to a house if I were building it.
  3. With pickled onions on the side
  4. Would you class her as incompetent?
  5. Mmmm, I’m not sure she is incompetent, I don’t think a bloke would be doing any better. Her big mistake was her blind ambition to become PM, the clever politicians stepped back and thanked whatever god the worship that it wasn’t them.
  6. But the point being that the males got promoted in preference to the females, and it’s not completely different today. Women will be completely equal to men in the workplace when there is at least one incompetent woman as the CEO of a blue chip company.
  7. I think I could have paid some more NI to get an extra few pence a week if I had wanted to but as I will be a tax payer anyway when I retire it seemed a silly thing to do. I wont receive my state pension until I’m 67 but as i run a business with Im-Indoors who is 8 years younger than me it is probable that I will retire at 66 ish when we sell/close the business. So I will retire about on time and he will retire a little early.
  8. Well, we asked for equality (still asking really) so we’re in a difficult position asking to be treated differently.
  9. I got a statement telling me what I needed to do to get my full state pension. Turned out I had already contributed enough. As now I work in my own business I no longer contribute. I do have a substantial personal pension though. Like others, we have not relied on pensions to completely fund our old age as Im-Indoors has been self employed for 25 years we invested in property etc so we could be the masters of what we have and when to access it. Not a path that is open to all though.
  10. Dice lice mice nice rice vice
  11. Oats There’s no b in it
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