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  1. TripAdviser has saved me from many a crashing disappointment, food wise when eating out in somewhere unfamiliar. ignore the top three gushing 5 star reviews and the same with the bottom three and you have a good idea of what you are going to get You pay extra for that privilege though.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. So the moral of this sad tale is........ keep a selection of local takeaway menus in a safe place for emergencies.
  4. So sad. Thoughts are with his family x
  5. Do they have a licence to play the radio in a workplace? If not just dob them in (anonymously of course) and peace will reign! Oops, cross posted! however great minds and all that .....
  6. We have an ambition to become liveaboards for at least a year following our retirement, depending on out health and fitness (husband is at home as I type recovering from hip replacement surgery). Whilst I realise this would be an extended holiday and not our forever home I know our lifestyle would differ greatly from our hiring habits: we would certainly not eat out every night but two to three time a week dependant on where we are and the quality of the restaurants/pubs! We would obviously shop locally to the canal but probably still get supermarket home delivery where possible.
  7. When we set out on our hire boat holidays I am the planner. We do arrange a Tesco/Ocado/Asda/Sainsbury delivery to the boatyard (not all of them you understand, just the one that suits us and the boatyard best). This is so our cars are not filled to overflowing with the food needed for daily living. I pack a ready cooked meal for our first night as we cannot be sure when we will be setting off after loading the boat, wiating for our handover, and occasionally waiting for the food delivery, where we will moor for the night. I get out the Nicholsons/Pearsons guides which I have purchased for the trip and log on to Canal Plan. Then I plan our overnight stops, the criteria for which is usually a canalside pub or restaurant with a good reputation for food. A stroll into the nearest town/ village is not out of the question either. Here, TripAdviser is our friend. We also pack a portable gas BBQ which we have had for many years so that, weather and surroundings permitting we can BBQ an at least one evening. If, at about lunchtime, we come across a nice looking pub with food we will often moor up for a spot of lunch and a pint. I believe many hirers are like us, happy to support local businesses and even more happy for someone else to do the cooking, it is after all our holiday.
  8. We hire, we know what we are doing mostly but have only encountered that sort of snobbery on about two occasions. There are plonkers everywhere, the cut is no exception
  9. Steam. Ive got a new oven at home with a steam facility which is supposed to give a crispier crust. Counterintuitive but it works. in a not steam oven a baking tray or similar Filled with water should do the trick
  10. You could plead you were speaking Welsh, moron is the Welsh for carrot
  11. Today I made a rabbit casserole (Nigel Slater’s recipe using wheat beer and tarragon) served with veg and herb dumplings. It was declared well tasty by hubby and daughter. Lots left as ‘Im Indoors doesn’t have much of an appetite atm as he is just home from hospital following a hip replacement Any chance of the recipe please?
  12. Nope, I was single until the ripe old age of 35 and have now been married for 25 years. When I was single, i was just that, single. (Self partnered sounds like a weird form of masturbation IMHO). Should i find myself without a husband at anytime I will be, once again SINGLE.
  13. They are doing any potential buyer a favour, if thats all the effort you take when trying to sell it gives us all an indication of how much care you have taken of the boat during your ownership.
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