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  1. Excellent, I have borrowed this but identified the author as a friend. Please let me know if this is not ok.
  2. You are avoiding socialising but want to go shopping every day? The guidelines are to shop as infrequently as possible, I don’t think that means daily.
  3. You don’t have the virus AS FAR AS YOU KNOW. Not the same thing
  4. They were all out climbing Snowdon
  5. The rice aisle is also empty in all the supermarkets I have visited. You may find the larger bags with the in Indian spices as it takes A little lateral thinking to look there
  6. We’ll let’s just hope we’re both wrong, stop criticising those we have elected and try and support them and each other. The time for bitching is when we are the other side of this crisis. In the meantime, is there anything you can do to support your local community?
  7. You have no idea...... do you WANT civil unrest?????
  8. ObvIously, but should we discount their deaths because they are more susceptible?
  9. Well, if they had underlying health issues they deserve to snuff it then don’t they?
  10. Ok, re the boat holiday: if you get taken ill when on this holiday you are adding to the NHS load in an area you are not expected to be in, extra admin for GPs who are on the raggedy edge as it is to say nothing of paramedics who have to locate a boat in the middle of lord knows where should you require their services. It’s not all about what you want. Re rationing: the COBRA meetings include behavioural psychologist who advise on how best to get the message across. Do you think admitting to plans for rationing would increase or decrease panic buying? What about civil unrest? Looting? I could go on. FFS have some common sense peeps, the nation is being informed on a need to know basis because the idiots cannot be relied upon to do the right thing as it is, leave alone with the worst case scenario. When the first reports of this virus in far away China made the news, that’s when I started to buy a few extra tins, pasta, flour so no need to panic buy now. I never considered bog roll though!!
  11. As you say, if you try to do the right thing and buy exactly what you need immediately you risk going without due to the panicking hordes. I have been trying to shop locally and avoid the supermarkets as much as possible and have increased this in the past two weeks. Today I have been to a farm shop and an Asian store (a rarity here in West Wales!) and have bought the best quality veg I have seen in a long time. Had to go to the supermarket for booze though, very little canned beer available there!!
  12. Yeah, but times move on, a Sharpie lasts so much longer!
  13. You are more than welcome. We are coming up with the issue of Care Home lockdown more and more since the middle of last week.
  14. If their boat is their home I doubt bailiffs would be able to seize it.
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