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  1. Equity release is a very different beast these days. Not for everyone I will agree but for the asset rich, cash poor it can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and one of worry and struggle. The drawdown type, where you only take what you want when you want it up to an agreed level rather than taking a lump sum to sit in your bank earning the square root of diddly squat is very attractive to lots of people.
  2. Well, if it’s avoiding care home fees you want I can help..... its what I do! If you’re thinking of buying one of these retirement homes please read the small print as the developers frequently take a chunk of the fee when you come to sell it.
  3. Congratulations! Wishing you many years of wedded bliss.
  4. I would love to take part but crewing for people I only know from the forum and have no idea if they could cope with my personality and highly competitive nature (and vice versa) does seem a big ask!
  5. I’m exactly where I thought i was
  6. Clique, concentration, crown, rattle or realm. You’re welcome.
  7. Pearsons Guides are also available, I prefer them to Nicholson’s
  8. Owt is better than nowt I suppose
  9. Wear a mask if you’re grinding with a dremel, the glass dust is bad for your lungs.
  10. Yeah, but there will be no leccy left to charge the vehicles so what’s the point.. it’s not so long since the electricity generators has to take into consideration the draw on the National Grid when everyone switched on their kettle for a cuppa when the adverts were on during Coronation Street so how are they going to cope with everyone plugging their cars in after the evening commute? And the divorce rate will rocket when hubby and wifey want to plug their motors in simultaneously.
  11. Just neat really, a little “ brightner”
  12. I had my morning sherry on my cornflakes this morning, well, it is a Sunday
  13. Well isn’t that typical? I’m only going to Coventry TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
  14. In our last house with a smallish garden the previous owners had planted about 20 small Leylandii along a fence. The damn things took off about 18 months after we moved in and we realised we were going to lose about a third of our usable garden if they remained. The garden centre labels were still on some of them, they cost £12.99 each. It cost us about the same to get them removed and disposed of!! Then we planted a solitary bamboo plant. That is another story and partially the reason we moved!!!!!!
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