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  1. Thanks Guys - another skin fitting seems sensible - Thanks for the insights.
  2. Hi All, Advise me please, My bathroom sink and shower connections - can they be on a common outflow? I don't want to run the gulper when I am using the sink. I don't want the sink or the shower backing up into the corresponding...I was thinking of joining the sink waste to the waste of the shower - after the gulper, via a Y fitting, but my concern now is that the gulper could potentially pump up to the sink? Any thoughts - or, do I fit separate through hull fittings? Cheers Alistair
  3. Cheers - that looks the business! Just don't be tempted to tighten it back up with that!!
  4. Or, why did you replace the pump at all? What was the old pump's failings? Maybe it's that, and a new pump is amplifying a problem better?
  5. The reason I asked is, I had an old immersion tank the other day, that was built into a cupboard - limited access - to further complicate things the tank was turning whenever I applied force to the spanner - eventually I had it out - a co-worker hugged the tank to prevent it from turning - a long bar - 400mm x 16mm - larger hole drilled through the socket and repeated hammer blows...free'd it off millimetre by millimetre...worst one I've ever come across. So an impact wrench sounds like a solution should I run into a similar job.
  6. Nice one! Any pics of the modified box spanner? For future reference?
  7. Hi all - trying to sort a shower pan during lock down - It got me to thinking - I have space for a bath - so any thoughts on a bath with a shower? Yes no? How much would a bath get used? Cheers Alistair
  8. Hi All Well, thanks for all the advice - I put some vaseline on all the terminals and glued a protective plastic cap over the entire terminal. I put the whole lot back together and using the Aux. post it seems to be okay. I haven't used the bow thruster in anger yet, so I'll be sure to let you know if it fails or blows a fuse - at some imperative point in the future. Thank you again Alistair
  9. Hi All I want to get advice on the aux. terminal of my battery - it is one of two fitted for my bow thruster. The story so far - I have been the owner from new of my barge - around 6 months - fitting out. Recently I decided to open the battery box housing the bow thruster batteries. Not opened before, so due for an inspection and clean. I noticed some build up of the dreaded green "moss" around the positive terminal and removed the battery for a proper clean...that's when I noticed the cracked terminal clamp...then the eroded terminal... I think the cracked clamp was arcing and eroded the terminal...the terminal is now leaking, causing the green moss to "escape"... My idea to resolve this is to move the cables over to the available aux. post - the thread size is the same for nuts. Repair the leaking terminal with either silicone or epoxy and leave be. Question: Can the Aux. post take the current draw? Probably around 600A? If yes, then, is there a better sealant for the damaged battery post? Cheers Alistair
  10. Don't change the oil - how many hours do you reckon the engine would go before getting the right filter?
  11. Well, I don't, but based on what Man 'o Kent has observed and his experience I'd be surprised if he was wrong - easy to test if it's ferrous though, use a magnet? If it is cast iron, you'd still be in for similar repair - but it could be done. As far as the welded fitting is concerned - that is doable, if it does turn out to be cast iron - you could braze the entire lot together? If it is aluminium - no chance...dissimilar metals. I had another look at the pics - there appears to be rust spots where the paint has chipped? So maybe it is cast iron? If so, braze it.
  12. I think you'd have to remove it - it needs to be absolutely clean - free of any oil dirt etc. for a decent weld - also, as it is Aluminium, it would require a AC TIG welder and I don't whether you'd find anyone arsed enough to drag such a machine to your boat... If you contacted a weld shop and sent the part and the fitting to them - even by post, I'm fairly sure you'd get it done - there must be loads of welders looking for business right now?
  13. I agree with Man 'o Kent - that is not repairable, bar welding...good idea to insert the correct size fitting to maintain the thread - A decent TIG welder can sort it.
  14. As long as you had the presence of mind to yank the shorting wires away...some folks would get a fright and let go of the wire, leaving it to start welding...
  15. Thanks again chaps for the concern - yes I have heard of the RCD regulations - I'm pretty sure I can read and follow them. I will be building compliant to RCD regulations. I don't do things half hearted. Cheer up - we got to the moon and back. We can build a boat... Cheers Alistair
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