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  1. We set off from Silsden today hoping to get to Skipton but turned back at Kildwick after another boater informed us the canal has been intentionally blocked by a CRT work boat to prevent passage under the road bridge at Farnhill, which has been damaged by a road accident. Had to reverse back through the swing bridge and past the moored boats to the winding hole, which was fun! Anyway, if this stops someone else getting caught out.... It is on the stoppages page but so recent we hadn't seen it. CRT are waiting on the council for a timescale on repairs.
  2. magictime

    Oil light warning

    Just to update everyone: the engineer fitted the new sender today and that seems to have done the trick. Cheers!
  3. magictime

    Three Kingfishers

    Between Silsden and Kildwick on the L&L. (We see a lot round here; whoever it was that mentioned seeing 10 in 40 years of boating in a recent thread clearly hasn't spent much time up north! But three in three hours or so is exceptional.)
  4. magictime

    Three Kingfishers

    I know this is two music-related posts from me in one week, but I actually did see three kingfishers while out cruising today (NB these were actual birds, not boats by that name). So... you're welcome.
  5. magictime

    Feeling like a dead duck

    'Rarely' seems a bit of a stretch. He sings lead on an awful lot of my favourites, anyway - Don't Worry Baby, Warmth of the Sun, Please let me Wonder, She Knows Me Too Well, etc. from the early years, most of Pet Sounds (a pretty big deal in itself!), then Busy Doin' Nothin', I Went to Sleep, This Whole World, 'Til I Die etc... and lead or not, that falsetto is so much a part of their sound.
  6. magictime

    Feeling like a dead duck

    Good for you! It's funny, Tull aren't exactly one of my top ten bands, but if I had a time machine that could whisk me back to see bands in their prime, I reckon they'd be near the top of my wishlist based on some of the 60s/70s live footage I've seen. Not sure if 1985 was before or after Ian Anderson started to have real issues with his voice - I think he had throat surgery around that time? It's only when you see more recent footage of him that you realise what a good singer he used to be. (I think I'm more bothered by such things than many people. I love the Beach Boys but could never bring myself to see Brian Wilson live when he started touring in the 00s; his voice is just so far removed from what it used to be, I always suspected I'd find the whole thing a bit depressing.)
  7. magictime

    Feeling like a dead duck

    Is it just me who ends up with this song stuck in his head every time he cruises past a deceased mallard (as I did on Monday)? Oh well. Thankfully I like a bit of prog now and again.
  8. magictime

    Oil light warning

    The engineer showed me the the gauge at several points as it was taking readings. I didn't bother to take note of the reading, since it would have meant absolutely nothing to me; I was relying on him to interpret it for me, which he did. His view, after checking the pressure under various conditions (started from cold, warmed up, under load, on tickover), was that there was no problem with the pressure itself and that it was the sender that was the issue. To be clear, I'm not asking anyone on this forum for a 'second opinion'. Maybe I should, but as you point out, I don't have the details you'd need to offer a properly-informed view.
  9. magictime

    Oil light warning

    Alas, I asked the engineer if I should just ignore the light for now and he gave an arse-covering reply (he couldn't tell me to ignore it, but I'd just seen with my own eyes that the pressure was fine). Only thing he could say, really, I suppose. I hope I haven't done anything to exhaust you patience, have I? Did I miss a question you asked or something? If so, sorry, this thread has been quite fast-moving at times with various similar questions asked, some of which were 'out of date' by the time I saw them (because of further developments with RCR etc.) - I've tried to answer what seemed to be the important points being raised, and keep everyone up to date. I have been running the engine on tickover to charge, yes; I've seen a couple of posts on here to suggest that's less than ideal, but nothing that seemed clear-cut and nothing specific to my engine. If someone (you?) does want to explain why that's wrong and how many revs I should be putting on to charge, and how that affects time taken and fuel consumed, I'd be grateful. I'm sure this is all pretty basic stuff but it's still pretty new to me - up until moving aboard a few months ago, we were cruising every day we were on the boat so the business of running the engine just to charge batteries never really cropped up.
  10. magictime

    Oil light warning

    Still with the old sender.
  11. magictime

    Oil light warning

    Lest you make a fuel of yourself?
  12. magictime

    Oil light warning

    Without trying to reply to everyone individually... I can't tell you what the readings were, as I didn't look. They'd have meant nothing to me and I'm in a position where I really had to trust the RCR engineer's judgement. As for whether things are getting worse... they did yesterday, over a few hours, but today the alarm/light went on as soon as I ran the engine this morning but not at all when I ran it this evening. Go figure. As for all the ominous comments about the engine hours... fair enough I'm sure but the collective wisdom on here when I queried this at the time I bought the boat was that a well-used engine with a good track record might well be a better bet than an under-used engine in a marina-dwelling boat. And yes, maybe I should change the oil for 20W 40... the engineer was kind of implying that I think without quite saying 15W is wrong.
  13. magictime

    Oil light warning

    Don't worry... even if I was comfortable with that risk (which I'm not), I'd happily pay for a new sender just to shut the thing up! It's not so much flickering now as staying on solidly accompanied by an extremely shrill beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, so bad enough when inside the boat charging batteries and pretty much intolerable while on deck cruising.
  14. magictime

    Oil light warning

  15. magictime

    Oil light warning

    Blimey - lots of activity this morning! Anyway, RCR sent someone out and the oil pressure's reading fine, so it does seem to be the sender that's the problem. Just waiting to hear if this is something they cover, but whether it is or not, at least it wasn't a more serious issue. Thanks for all your input everyone!

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