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  1. magictime

    Thinking of a narrowboat

    That budget sounds perfectly realistic. Keeping those hours, you wouldn't have time to run the engine/a generator every day to charge your batteries (has to be between 8am and 8pm), so I guess you'd want to choose a mooring with shoreline power; but as long as you took the opportunity at weekends to do your other 'housekeeping' (filling up water tank, emptying toilet), I don't see any other obvious problems. And you'd be based on the Lancaster? Should make for some easy and pleasant cruising I guess, being lock-free.
  2. magictime

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    Two stoves? Get you! Yeah, I sometimes wonder about a back boiler to feed hot water from the Refleks to the radiators, or running the Mikuni morning and evening, because the bedroom especially does get chilly. But we don't actually find we're cold in bed under the duvet, so it feels like a bit of a waste really.
  3. magictime

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    Speak for yourself. Our boat definitely gets too cold at this time of year if we leave the (Refleks) stove on its lowest setting and just one or two (single-glazed) windows cracked for ventilation; typically that will maintain the temperature at about 12C in the saloon (lower towards the back of the boat). Medium setting, high teens. Highest setting, maybe high twenties (we haven't tried it for long). To get the boat 'too hot' we'd have to make a conscious decision to burn twice as much fuel as necessary. I can only assume you're used to stoves that can't be persuaded not to burn more fuel than is actually needed to maintain a comfortable temperature?
  4. magictime

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Surely that's 'derriere vu'?
  5. magictime

    Wigan locks, Leeds and Liverpool canal

    I can't claim any experience of doing those locks in a longer boat, but on the specific question of 'is it worth doing'?: yes, IMHO much of that stretch (especially around Skipton) is about as good as it gets in terms of scenic cruising. So don't be too quick to talk yourself out of it.
  6. Ebay seem to be running one of their discount offers this week - they're promoting it in my Ebay app as 15% off in the 'motoring' category, which already includes 'motorhome parts and accessories', but actually I think it takes in 'vehicle parts and accessories' including all the 'boat' stuff too. I'm struggling to find the offer on their site rather than the app, so the best I can do for a link is this: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/15-off-motoring-at-ebay-with-code-minimum-spend-20-max-discount-70-3170489 - which has a further link through to the right category on Ebay. The code you need is 'TRYME15'. Valid till Jan 31, £20 minimum spend, £70 maximum discount. Could be a good chance to make a big purchase like a set of batteries or whatnot - in my experience these Ebay discounts are a great way to save some money on items that always seem to be basically full price everywhere you look.
  7. magictime

    Great Canal Journeys - suggestions please

    How about Ripon to Tewitfield - the two northernmost points of the system - via York, the L&L and Lancaster? You could then do a coast-to-coast in the other direction, Liverpool to Hull, avoiding most repetition by taking the Leigh Branch, Bridgewater, either the Rochdale or the HNC, and the C&H, in lieu of the L&L main line. Or extend that a bit to avoid Manchester - so Bridgewater, T&M, Macclesfield, Peak Forest, HNC, C&H. That would be a great trip, actually - the Macc is a lovely canal.
  8. magictime

    We're now liveaboards!

    I can understand that - I tell people myself that the whole thing has been a positive experience, which must sound crazy to a lot of people. I mean, who wants to nearly die and then have their head drilled open and their brain poked about at? But on balance I think it's true.
  9. magictime

    What Is happening To The Wandering Pole ?

    Eh? 30 miles a year would be 300 in 10 years... 'all the way round' would be nearly 25,000.
  10. magictime

    Mooring halfway between York & Bristol

    Not exactly halfway, but Barbridge Marina has always struck me as somewhere with particularly good cruising options: the Four Counties and Cheshire Rings (with detours along the Peak Forest and Caldon), plus out-and-back trips to Chester/Ellesmere Port, Llangollen/the Monty, and the River Weaver. No doubt there are other marinas nearby, but being right on a junction and hence with all these options on your doorstep it's this one that has stuck in my mind.
  11. magictime

    New Kedian side hatch

    Thanks! We ordered and paid a deposit in late October; Martin did a long drive to come and measure up so did ask for fuel costs at the same time. He certainly offers a simple steel option as well as the glazed option we went for (which is double-glazed incidentally) and I think would have been happy to alter the size of opening if required, although in our case it was built to fit an existing window opening. Overall cost was just over £1000.
  12. magictime

    New Kedian side hatch

    Some pics of the new side hatch Martin Kedian fitted for us this morning, open and shut, inside and out, plus the window opposite as a not-quite-'before' picture. Very pleased with it. The colour will be matched in when the boat gets repainted, but for now Martin supplied it with a coat of gloss/primer mix.
  13. magictime

    Big Boat or Small boat? FAO Liveaboards...

    Yes, I went with 57' because (1) that was the figure mrsmelly used and (2) having been through all those locks in a 55-footer, I can't help thinking 60' would be seriously stretching a point. It's when you're going down and the lock is empty the fun really seems to start - having to stay backed right up while some VERY leaky top gates are chucking water on to your back deck, while a poor crew member is trying to open bottom gates with your bow in the way... how you'd do it with two boats I genuinely don't know. I seem to remember we had to sit diagonally with the bow on the left to open the right-hand gate, and then switch by pushing the boat off the wall at the back so it pivoted. Did you go up, down, or both? I'm curious.
  14. magictime

    Big Boat or Small boat? FAO Liveaboards...

    Yeah I get that it's a personal choice as to living space vs cruising options; I just couldn't let the idea that a longer boat has a 'minimal' impact on the latter go unchallenged! And don't worry, unless our centre of gravity shifts several hundred miles south (in terms of where our kids and grandkids live and where we feel our heart is), there is zero danger of us buying a boat that won't allow us to travel freely around the Yorkshire waterways.
  15. magictime

    Big Boat or Small boat? FAO Liveaboards...

    OK, an illustration. We've been on the eastern L&L over the winter. This spring we're heading south to get some work done on the boat and do some exploring before heading back oop north. We're keen to cruise the Huddersfield Narrow and the Macclesfield again - two beautiful canals we've only cruised once before. In our 55-footer, we can do that by heading south via the C&H, Huddersfield Narrow, Macclesfield and T&M, before heading back north with minimal repetition via either the Trent, or the Shroppie and Bridgewater plus either the Rochdale or the L&L. In a 63-footer, sure, we could get where we're going via the Trent and still cruise the Macc and HNC by heading north from there; but then we'd have to turn straight round and head south again to take the Trent back up. Now the HNC is lovely, but not particularly a canal we'd care to make that sort of detour to cruise twice in a row - it's hard work! Ditto the Rochdale. It's really not as simple as 'oh dear, I can't cruise a few miles of the C&H but I can still cruise everywhere else'.

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