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  1. magictime

    Fiamma Tube Pro adjustable 'Desmo' leg

    Thanks. Yeah, that quote is one of the things I can't make sense of - in pictures, the end caps seem to add considerably more than 1cm to each end, so how can the maximum length of the 70cm tube be only 72cm? Unfortunately I can't 'try removing' anything as I don't own one - if I did, I'd be able to read the instructions, measure it etc. and hopefully the mystery would be solved! Maybe I'll try phoning a supplier or two.
  2. Does any have or have experience of these? It's a 70cm Desmo-type leg that's supplied with tapered plastic end caps rather than being tapered itself. It's supposed to be height-adjustable, but a quick Google doesn't turn anything about quite how it's adjusted - I'm not sure if it's a question of cutting down the metal leg itself, tweaking the end caps somehow, or what. I can't even find anything to say what length it is when unadjusted but with the end caps on! All I really need to know is whether it can be tweaked to replace a 30"/76cm Desmo leg that's ended up being maybe 1cm too tall following the installation of our new flooring!
  3. magictime


    So to recap, then: people should be raised to take more responsibility for their own actions and not expect constant coddling, but if you let a growing child walk without holding your hand (say) and they do something silly, it's your fault for not controlling their every action. Makes no sense at all, but hey, at least we all had fun feeling superior to other people. Hope the OP, mother and child all get over the shock soon.
  4. magictime

    CRT adverts

    Yeah... quite a bit of ground to make up, to say the least.
  5. magictime

    CRT adverts

    Obviously that's not sustainable in the long term, but to be fair: surely you'd expect any charitable 'recruitment drive' for regular donors to have a net cost until their number hits a plateau, because the idea would be to invest up-front in recruiting long-term donors. £300 spent recruiting a £100-a-year donor, say, doesn't look great on the accounts in year one, but by year four it's looking like a sound investment. Depends on the recruitment mechanism, surely? What if they aim to sign up 2000 Friends a year at stalls etc., but also to have half of existing Friends introduce a further Friend (on average) once a year? They'd then be looking at 2000 Friends after one year, 5000 after two, 9500 after three, 16,250 after four, 26,375 after five, etc.
  6. magictime

    CRT adverts

    Now that quote about moving the cost of maintenance 'from the public sector to civil society' is interesting. On the one hand, it emphasises CRT's reasons for promoting such a broad view of the waterways' value - i.e. their value not just to boaters, but to walkers, cyclists, commuters, anglers, families, runners, wildlife, etc. They just aren't going to find the sort of funding streams they need (e.g. grants from charitable organisations) by focusing on boaters and navigation, because they're such 'niche' interests; get cycling organisations, arts organisations, educational organisations, community groups etc. on board and that picture changes. On the other hand, the more people have their own reasons for valuing the waterways, the more public support there will be - and the stronger the case will be - for the government continuing to provide financial support in future. So it seems pretty much like the right, and only, approach whichever way you look at it. I just hope CRT will continue to ignore those boaters who think any money not spent directly on their narrow concerns is money wasted.
  7. magictime

    CRT adverts

    Fine by me. CRT must spend about £4 on maintenance etc. for every £1 I pay them via my licence fee, with much of that extra money coming from the public purse, so it seems a bit churlish to protest that CRT should stop encouraging the wider public to enjoy the canals themselves rather than just subsidising boaters' enjoyment of them.
  8. magictime

    Unlicensed boat?

    Blimey, calm down folks! Jim, it's pretty clear that by posting that picture under the title "unlicensed boat?", you have indeed implied that it might be unlicensed. However, Flyboy, what might not have been immediately obvious is that Jim is just joking - ribbing the owner of this forum about his failure to display an up-to-date licence. He doesn't actually think Emily Anne is unlicensed or mean that implication to be taken seriously. Oh, and Jim again: the whole basis of the joke, surely, is that the out-of-date licence in Emily Anne's window implies she might be an "unlicensed boat" as per the thread title. So you can hardly protest that that a photo of that licence in her window doesn't in fact imply anything because it's just a photo.
  9. magictime

    Manchester City Centre scroats

    "Hello, police? I wish to report that I was cruising along the canal minding my own business when I was intimidated by a man cruising along the canal minding his own business." *click* Is this a question about Manchester or about human anatomy?
  10. magictime

    Manchester City Centre scroats

    The mind boggles! What are you, a contortionist?
  11. magictime

    Safe place to leave boat Dewsbury/ Wakefield area

    I'm never sure about those moorings near Fall Ings, although if you moored as close as possible to the residential moorings you'd have a bit of 'safety in numbers' I guess. We've left the boat in the nice grassy spot just beyond the entrance to the Savile Town Arm with no problems in the past, but it is pretty isolated and cruising 15 minutes up the Arm to the Wharf and paying for piece of mind might make sense. Stanley Ferry would probably be my choice; there are visitor moorings there that are pretty much mixed in with, and so just as secure as, the long-term moorings. Some of them might be 48 or 72 hour though, I think - we left the boat there during the default-to-14-day period last winter and so didn't have to worry about it.
  12. It's been a while since I looked into this, but as I recall, holiday lets generally end up being occupied no more than half the year, and obviously you've got the costs of cleaning and laundry in between each booking, plus Council Tax, so I think it's far from certain that one would make you more money than a normal rental property of the same value. But of course you're right that a holiday let might make sense if you wanted the option of staying there yourself during the winter, when you'd expect it to be standing empty anyway. With £200k to spend, you could even be buying a holiday let and a rental property - the latter giving you a steadier income and the former being available for your own use part of the year. For rental properties at least, I think it's probably fair to say you'd expect a better rate of return from two cheaper places than one expensive one. Our rental flat has just been valued at £75000 or £475 a month, so a 7.5% return; a house costing twice as much to buy around here would be worth maybe £625 a month in rent, so a 5% return.
  13. We've decided to keep half our money in property (a cheap flat to rent out for now and give us a way back on to the property ladder later), and put the other half in peer-to-peer lending. At one time I was thinking we'd put a good chunk of it in shares, and I think that would be the right thing to do if we were looking mainly for capital growth rather than income, and if we could be sure of leaving our capital untouched for, say, ten years. But we need a decent, steady income first and foremost, and we can't be sure we won't want to cash in our investments in the next few years (e.g. if living aboard doesn't work out for us). So on balance, we've decided peer-to-peer is the way to go and plan to divide the proceeds of our house sale between several different companies based mainly on their reviews and ratings on 4thway.co.uk. We reckon a return of 6% or so a year should be achievable without getting into the higher-risk end of the market. But your situation, priorities and attitude to risk might all be different from ours, of course.
  14. magictime

    So when were the 'good old days'?

    Oh... I'd rather hoped The Swinging Saucissons were some sort of light jazz ensemble who dropped their clarinets and picked up windlasses at the sound of a boat approaching.
  15. magictime

    So when were the 'good old days'?

    The mind boggles.

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