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  1. magictime

    PC gaming on a boat?

    Ah yes - pretty much the whole space under one of our dinette seats is full of board games! And some of them do have solo variants, if the OP is living/gaming alone.
  2. magictime

    PC gaming on a boat?

    Talk about one extreme to another! We bought a Nintendo Switch before we moved aboard - uses about 11W of power, I think, and can be recharged while running the engine. I guess other game consoles, or laptops with the settings turned down, will be somewhere in between that and a 'high-spec gaming PC'. Giving up on gaming completely because you can't (easily) have all-singing, all-dancing, high frame rate, high resolution graphics and whatnot seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But then we're VERY casual gamers so I guess I'm not going to 'get it' in terms of why high-spec matters so much. Oh and we never play online; just thought Zelda might kill a few winter afternoons!
  3. magictime

    We're now liveaboards!

    Well, I only said Obviously I realise we still have 'family ties' to our kids and grandkids, but the days of being 'tied' to jobs, schools, houses, home towns etc. are behind us (for now, at least). All going well six weeks in, anyway. We passed Cygnet in Sowerby Bridge last week, in fact, on our way to Hebden Bridge. Here for another couple of days, then heading back towards the Leeds-Liverpool well before the stoppages on the C&H start in November, and before winter really sets in...
  4. magictime

    Please use headphones

    And the song Brian Wilson wrote for him, Guess I'm Dumb, is up there with the best of the Beach Boys' own pre-Pet Sounds material:
  5. magictime

    Ducks in a cage

    The quoted post, to the mods.
  6. magictime

    Ducks in a cage

  7. magictime

    Ducks in a cage

    Just did a bit of Googling and as far as I can tell, we're in 'open season' on mallards and as such it's legal to shoot them (and so presumably to catch and kill them in some other way consistent with the laws on animal welfare). Can't find any info on white ('domesticated'?) ducks but unless they have some sort of protected status (which seems pretty unlikely) I can't see the situation being much different. Call the RSPB maybe for clarification?
  8. magictime

    Still shut on the L&L

    Thankfully we were going the other way! The locks between Bingley and Leeds re-opened within days of us moving on board in Shipley in late August, otherwise we'd have been stuck with no access even to water or an Elsan point. As it is we've managed to escape, to Selby at present, as per our original plans. We were expecting to encounter a backlog of boats waiting to get through Newlay locks when they re-opened, but no - everyone else must have cleared out before the stoppage took effect.
  9. magictime

    We're now liveaboards!

    Thanks all!
  10. magictime

    We're now liveaboards!

    Well, after a few years of leisure boating in a little 24-footer, a bit of a break, a brain haemorrhage and subsequent insurance windfall, and all the business of buying a boat and selling a house... we moved aboard our 55-foot narrowboat on Friday. Being on the L&L, I thought we were going to start this new chapter of our lives stuck ten minutes from our old house with nowhere to empty the loo or fill up the water tank; but no, enough of the locks have re-opened to get us as far as Apperley Bridge. Just waiting for the locks into Leeds to re-open now and we'll be properly on our way CCIng around Yorkshire and beyond. We're pretty seriously stretching a point financially speaking, but after my near-death experience and with my wife's career increasingly taking its toll on her well-being, we've decided to just go for it and see if we can't live on a student-level income generated by the proceeds of our house sale - with a decent savings buffer against unexpected maintenance costs and suchlike. Our youngest child is off to uni in three weeks' time so we're as close to having no ties as we've been since we were eighteen. Wish us luck!
  11. magictime

    Fiamma Tube Pro adjustable 'Desmo' leg

    Thanks. Yeah, that quote is one of the things I can't make sense of - in pictures, the end caps seem to add considerably more than 1cm to each end, so how can the maximum length of the 70cm tube be only 72cm? Unfortunately I can't 'try removing' anything as I don't own one - if I did, I'd be able to read the instructions, measure it etc. and hopefully the mystery would be solved! Maybe I'll try phoning a supplier or two.
  12. Does any have or have experience of these? It's a 70cm Desmo-type leg that's supplied with tapered plastic end caps rather than being tapered itself. It's supposed to be height-adjustable, but a quick Google doesn't turn anything about quite how it's adjusted - I'm not sure if it's a question of cutting down the metal leg itself, tweaking the end caps somehow, or what. I can't even find anything to say what length it is when unadjusted but with the end caps on! All I really need to know is whether it can be tweaked to replace a 30"/76cm Desmo leg that's ended up being maybe 1cm too tall following the installation of our new flooring!
  13. magictime


    So to recap, then: people should be raised to take more responsibility for their own actions and not expect constant coddling, but if you let a growing child walk without holding your hand (say) and they do something silly, it's your fault for not controlling their every action. Makes no sense at all, but hey, at least we all had fun feeling superior to other people. Hope the OP, mother and child all get over the shock soon.
  14. magictime

    CRT adverts

    Yeah... quite a bit of ground to make up, to say the least.
  15. magictime

    CRT adverts

    Obviously that's not sustainable in the long term, but to be fair: surely you'd expect any charitable 'recruitment drive' for regular donors to have a net cost until their number hits a plateau, because the idea would be to invest up-front in recruiting long-term donors. £300 spent recruiting a £100-a-year donor, say, doesn't look great on the accounts in year one, but by year four it's looking like a sound investment. Depends on the recruitment mechanism, surely? What if they aim to sign up 2000 Friends a year at stalls etc., but also to have half of existing Friends introduce a further Friend (on average) once a year? They'd then be looking at 2000 Friends after one year, 5000 after two, 9500 after three, 16,250 after four, 26,375 after five, etc.

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