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  1. Not sure how that is an example of 'protection of people from their own acts' - a girl thrown off a bridge by her father? - but yes, I can see there's a general question about how far these things should be taken. What bothers me, I think, is this: yes, it's stupid to take an unnecessary risk where there's, say, a 1 in 100 chance it'll kill you - crossing a road carelessly, trying to get back on to a boat while drunk, or whatever - but let's face it, for every person who does get killed that way and is immediately filed away under 'idiot, not fit to reproduce', there are 99 other equally idiotic people who get to tell themselves their risk-taking must have been much more calculated and sensible.
  2. I'd hazard a guess that 95% of the people on this forum have been next to water while 'over the limit' or worse - but yes, let's all just reassure ourselves that the only risk is to some anonymous group of worthless, subhuman 'idiots' who deserve to die anyway. Sorry for the snippy tone there Roland, not meant personally, but by God this 'Darwinism'/'Darwin Awards' stuff gets my goat.
  3. Not the same thing, surely? Portugese income tax isn't applicable to me, but you'd hardly say I was 'avoiding' it by choosing to live in the UK rather than Portugal. Council Tax for a CCer is in the 'not applicable' category; I don't pay Council Tax because I don't live in a particular council area and use a particular council's services. In fact I pay CRT for things like my refuse collection through my licence fee.
  4. The 'house vs. boat' question crops up a lot, but personally I find those threads tend to suffer from not pinning down what costs it's actually relevant (for most people) to compare. For instance, some people on here will swear blind it's not cheaper to live on a boat than in a house (because of maintenance costs etc.)... then you realise they're actually comparing the cost of living on a boat you own outright, to the cost of living in a house you own outright. Well, fine, but how many people are actually in a position to be weighing up that choice, as opposed to the choice between (say) buying a boat outright for £40k vs. putting a £40k deposit on a house and taking on a £600-a-month mortgage? Very roughly though, I personally would expect fuel costs to be about the same on a boat as in a house, maintenance costs to be somewhat higher (more work is needed on boats more often, and it's typically more expensive), and beyond that, well, it depends. You could spend £4000 or more in fees for an 'official' residential mooring and keep getting a £1000 Council Tax bill, you could continuously cruise and face neither of those costs, you could CC but pay for a winter mooring, you could pay for a leisure mooring and live there 'under the radar'; you get the idea. Beyond the annual licence fee (say £700-£1000 depending on boat size), it's a question of what your own version of living aboard will be. Oh and incidentally - you can report posts to the moderators if you feel they're inappropriate, so don't feel you have to just laugh along with 'innocent' remarks about your appearance etc.
  5. Yeah, I don't think we have to worry about that one; we probably didn't do much more than 20 miles during stoppage season (basically Leeds to Silsden and back), but over the 12 months of our licence period I'd be surprised if we do much less than 1000.
  6. I believe you basically have to move to a new 'neighbourhood', and CRT acknowledge that in a city one 'neighbourhood' might not be very far from the next. For instance: over this past winter we worked on the assumption that Leeds Dock and Leeds Basin (Granary Wharf), although only about half a mile apart, are in two different 'neighbourhoods'. The former, after all, is on the A&C, in Hunslet, LS11; the latter on the L&L, in Holbeck, LS10. So we spent 14 days in one place and then 14 days in the other, with no argument from CRT, in November and again in February.
  7. On the tangential subject of what the 'typical' boater looks like, I had to titter this morning as we cruised past a boat with two codgers on deck: one sixtysomething, white-haired, with a neatly trimmed balding pate and an equally neat, short beard, a touch of middle-aged spread maybe under a smart-casual fleece; the other sixtysomething, white-haired, with wild unkempt thinning locks, a huge straggly beard and a scruffy T-shirt pulled over a bit of a belly. They looked like the 'before' and 'after' pictures of the same bloke, one taken on the day of his first visit to a broker's and one on the third anniversary of moving on board!
  8. Jeepers, £2000 on gas? Only if you've got gas central heating and at least one pet lizard, surely!
  9. We only pay £18 a month for 40GB of mobile data, plus unlimited Netflix because of Three's 'Go Binge' feature, which works for us. For what it's worth: in our own budgeting, we allow for 'monthly' costs (diesel, gas, broadband etc.) and 'annual' costs (licence, insurance, RCR etc.), but most maintenance costs that might crop up, we hope to cover out of a savings pot ringfenced for that purpose. Given that these things tend to come in unpredictable lumps, that makes more sense to us than budgeting for an average, annualised figure.
  10. Hi Laura. Lots of people will sound notes of caution about the expenses and hassles involved in life afloat, and fair enough, but worth saying: if you're just talking about "a new experience for the next year or so", I think there's every chance you could have a great experience and more or less break even. Boat prices are holding up well at the minute, and house prices aren't. If you were talking about living aboard for five, ten or twenty years, it would be a very different calculation. The value of your boat would almost certainly be falling as house prices rose, which could make it difficult to get back on the housing ladder at a future time. (Confession: I'm not taking my own advice on this one. We've invested a chunk of the money from our house sale for income and moved aboard permanently, so if house prices start racing away we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it, maybe by buying a place to rent out.)
  11. Just came down this lock about an hour ago. Phew! Nottingham here we come.
  12. I'm not one of those who dismisses the idea that living on a boat can be cheaper than living in a house or flat - of course it can. If you were in a position to move out of a small rented place and on to a boat as a continuous cruiser, you might easily save £6k-£8k a year on rent. Now even if you earmarked £2k of that for maintenance and all your other costs balanced out - utilities bills becomes gas & diesel costs, council tax becomes licence fee, etc. - that would still be a significant saving. BUT - as has been pointed out, I don't think it's legally possible to live on a boat in Scotland without paying for a mooring, which is going to significantly eat into that saving. And cruising options are very limited too, so if 'freedom' is what you're after, that tips the cost/benefit scales too. Is there a way you could enjoy some of that freedom without going 'all in' and living aboard? A small GRP cruiser should only cost you a fraction of the £10k you mentioned, would be relatively cheap to licence, moor and maintain on an annual basis, and would give you the freedom to do as much weekend and holiday cruising as you had time for.
  13. Hang on, we've got them scribbled in our Nicholson's Guide. Locks requiring the HS are: Thorne's Bottom Figure of 3 Mill Bank Bottom of Thorn Hill Double Greenwood Shepley Bridge Cooper Bridge Kirklees Low and Top Cromwell Park Nook Elland Middle and Top Salterhebble (+ BW key for Bottom, the guillotine) Flood locks not necessarily included as we won't have worked most of them. Hope that's all correct!
  14. I don't know about that water point but you shouldn't have had to go as far as Niffany - there are two water points between the swing bridges in Skipton, aren't there? Oh sorry, of course, you had to wind. Oops!
  15. Really hoping this gets sorted quickly, as we're at Great Haywood and are supposed to be meeting people in Nottingham at the end of next week... various people have booked train tickets etc. and it'd be a pretty major headache trying to race round via Braunston etc. instead.
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